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  • VG CC
    VG CC 3 days ago

    seconds 29 to 35 are gold.

  • kaaajeee
    kaaajeee 5 days ago

    so whats up. is she too good to be popular? am i getting the point?

  • Dani Zelikman
    Dani Zelikman 5 days ago

    "shes aloser" what are they 12?

  • The Truth
    The Truth 7 days ago

    Weird show

  • tyler drama
    tyler drama 10 days ago

    bloomingdale’s executive training program lmao

  • Penguin Pie
    Penguin Pie 11 days ago

    it's funny that this woman is ben stiller's wife and george's dad was played by ben stiller's dad.

  • Misan tropo
    Misan tropo 12 days ago

    that little jingle in the transitions is cringe worthy

  • William Allen
    William Allen 14 days ago

    lost me at “looser”, just can’t waste time

  • Jedidah Fire
    Jedidah Fire 14 days ago

    All the Real Losers DUMPING on the Real Winner!

  • Jeffrey Salvador
    Jeffrey Salvador 15 days ago

    That yellow honda crx though ❤

  • Jeff A
    Jeff A 17 days ago

    Stick-well! Did ya stick it to her, eh Jerry?

  • Juan Vasquez
    Juan Vasquez 18 days ago

    if anything i thought this was an indictment of cultural appropriation

  • Chaplin
    Chaplin 19 days ago

    haha. Your spelling of "LOOSER" can't be edited in the thumbnail even though it seems you've edited it in the title after someone told you. Ah words. How they confuse thee

  • Renaissance Light
    Renaissance Light 19 days ago

    The real reason that Jerry lost interest in her is that instinctively we are not attracted to people our parents approve. For some reason we rebel and go for the exact opposite.

  • Chu Chulainn
    Chu Chulainn 19 days ago

    He's an angry elf!

  • Eric Bay-Andersen
    Eric Bay-Andersen 22 days ago

    Being "ready to settle" is "looser town"? is that what they're saying?

  • radiohead tv
    radiohead tv 23 days ago

    0:32-0:36 love his “never mind just let it go”😂

  • Khalil
    Khalil 24 days ago

    bonnie from friends

  • Joe
    Joe 25 days ago

    “And smart, like a computer” 🤖

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 28 days ago

    There was a huge hole in the sense of the George story in this episode. He spends the bulk of the episode trying to get something to eat, but is thwarted by people, machinery and currency. Unable to get his hands on a Twix from a vending machine, his anger is reinforced by people's apparent ignorance when it comes to naming specific candy bars. This prompts George to hold a "candy bar lineup", which begs a couple of questions, not least of which is "If George had access to candy bars for a lineup, why didn't he eat them?"

  • Kim Rodriguez
    Kim Rodriguez Month ago

    The Bloomingdales Executive Training Program

  • Here I Go Again
    Here I Go Again Month ago

    There’s a big difference between describing a girl as looser girlfriend v. loser girlfriend. Grammar & spelling matter.

  • Carter McAfee
    Carter McAfee Month ago

    That's pronounced I-laine

  • Gavin Bonser
    Gavin Bonser Month ago

    Isnt he meant to be from Manchester? Why has he got a very bad London accent?

  • Da Mao
    Da Mao Month ago

    I am Taiwanese and my ancestors are Chinese. I find this episode hilarious. Come on, people, have a sense of humor!

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Month ago

    If you're the loser of your group hit the like button.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Month ago

    Like a computer LMAO

  • Daniel McZilla
    Daniel McZilla Month ago

    Just like the nice guy fails with women, the nice woman fails with men.

  • Jay Esta Fayza
    Jay Esta Fayza Month ago

    Can an attractive girl even be a loser? Impossible.

  • Why So Serious
    Why So Serious Month ago

    loser or not, I'll take her, she hot

  • Brian de Riancho
    Brian de Riancho Month ago

    Somehow you'd think Tighter would be more preferable....

  • Rob Jackson
    Rob Jackson Month ago

    The guy comes off as an asshole, he did deserve Kramer's insults.

  • Matej
    Matej Month ago

    This scene just kills.. in a good way :D

  • Madingse
    Madingse 2 months ago

    "he went from Salmon to Bass". "It's not salmon it Salman you idiot!"

  • David Whitby
    David Whitby 2 months ago

    More importantly, she was on Hey Dude, shout out to my 90s kids.

  • Junaid Hashmi
    Junaid Hashmi 2 months ago

    Is n't she Ross's bald girl friend?

  • Ali Shiraz
    Ali Shiraz 2 months ago

    Thats Bonnie from Friends. She is HOT

  • 뿡뿡! ^__^
    뿡뿡! ^__^ 2 months ago

    Loser or Looser??? Your thumbnail doesn’t agree with your title. Is the girlfriend bad at winning or does she have a large vagina?

  • A F
    A F 2 months ago

    Aaaa look who it is!!! Its Brie Larson! Well how ironic she is a Looser now! Nobody like her

    • Scott Matheson
      Scott Matheson 2 months ago

      Only incels dislike brie larson, and they barely qualify as human.

  • Simply The Best
    Simply The Best 2 months ago

    My single friends with my current girlfriend

  • whatthe
    whatthe 2 months ago

    I wish I could find a girl like Ellen.

  • Heather Feather
    Heather Feather 2 months ago

    "You emit a foul and unpleasant odor."

  • 1fes
    1fes 2 months ago

    She is perfect wtf

  • John Eley
    John Eley 2 months ago

    Worst Manc (or Manchester) accent I've ever heard!

  • Noname
    Noname 2 months ago

    Even Amber that enjoys Vegas seems to be a better choice than a flawless now kinda girl.

  • Arthur Aguirre
    Arthur Aguirre 2 months ago

    I'm just here for the comments about the thumbnail.

  • KrossoverGod
    KrossoverGod 2 months ago

    Based on the thumbnail I thought this was gonna be a misunderstanding because of somebody saying "looser" and somebody else understanding "loser". Instead it was just a wrong thumbnail.

  • Lidija Cullen
    Lidija Cullen 2 months ago

    Lincoln and Queen lizzy

  • Travis B
    Travis B 2 months ago

    "Make us! Make us... make us..." (as Newman's trembling in fear, he continues anyway) 😂

  • GanonGhidorah
    GanonGhidorah 2 months ago

    "That's the best way to get some place you've never been." I love that line...it perfectly sums up Peterman's adventurous personality and also his kind-hearted willingness to philosophize - turning bad situations into optimistic ones...

  • pressrolls
    pressrolls 2 months ago

    "Looser" speller

  • DinnerBells
    DinnerBells 2 months ago

    Weave your web, Liarman.

  • Night Fox
    Night Fox 2 months ago

    ...wow ... subliminal messaging...

  • Nyuk Chew Lai
    Nyuk Chew Lai 2 months ago

    I like Tiny Toon

    • oscar g
      oscar g Month ago

      Tiny Toon or it is Tiny Toons?

  • Joe McKim
    Joe McKim 2 months ago

    Christine Taylor is so hot, not sure how she could ever be considered a loser.

  • carole james
    carole james 2 months ago

    I didn't get this years ago but now I do. She's a doormat, codependent pain in the ass.

  • Ed Findlay
    Ed Findlay 2 months ago

    Sucking helium video again lol.

  • Dave
    Dave 2 months ago

    All I saw was the “loser girlfriend”, still waiting for the looser one to show up. Clickbait.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 2 months ago

    All these issues are interrelated!

  • 青鬼TV
    青鬼TV 2 months ago

    Oh it’s the girl from “The wedding singer”

  • Menard Soliven
    Menard Soliven 2 months ago

    Absolutely FAKE

  • SuperSaiyan Broly
    SuperSaiyan Broly 3 months ago

    Seinfeld is so boring that it becomes funny. 😂 The only real funny Character is Kramer. He look like just jumped out of a Comic.

  • PeterHonline
    PeterHonline 3 months ago

    I only watched this because the person who put the video up doesn't know how to spell "loser".

  • Bobo Hacker
    Bobo Hacker 3 months ago

    I still like the old Marcia better.

  • Chev Chelios
    Chev Chelios 3 months ago

    Bonnie from friends.

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick 3 months ago

    Seinfeld Intervention

  • tvmania2
    tvmania2 3 months ago

    The Liquor Store Owner is a jerk

  • agirlwithnoname
    agirlwithnoname 3 months ago

    oh my god.. I am the loser of my group

  • Roc
    Roc 3 months ago

    This is the only episode that i didn't get the psychology behind. Why is that woman a loser? She’s nice & good looking?? So why did they accuse her of being a loser?

  • Giancarlo Torres
    Giancarlo Torres 3 months ago

    Christine Taylor!!

  • Donald Ashtray
    Donald Ashtray 3 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks that Marcelino is an old version of Pedro from Napoelon Dinamite!??

  • RumiThePurr
    RumiThePurr 3 months ago


  • Pussy PaTroll
    Pussy PaTroll 3 months ago

    I'm a loser too.

  • Paul Serna
    Paul Serna 3 months ago

    Hes apoplectic

  • Odin_NtR
    Odin_NtR 3 months ago


  • Cheryl Dahl
    Cheryl Dahl 3 months ago

    The irony is that Jerry is the loser because he can't stay with one person for longer than one episode...

  • ad ona
    ad ona 3 months ago

    Synopsis: as soon as someone gets approval from family and friends, dump that mainstream entity asap.

  • Element EL
    Element EL 3 months ago

    The irony of this, is that Jerry is always getting girls and finding reasons to get rid of them. So when he finds someone he's really feeling everyone else puts doubts in his head.

  • thegr8rambino
    thegr8rambino 4 months ago

    ahhahaah emily = dumped

  • inutero10
    inutero10 4 months ago

    .85 is outrageous for juicy fruit

  • Christopher Andreas
    Christopher Andreas 4 months ago

    Wait a second! Is that the fork that fell on the floor?!? Are you using the fork that fell on the floor!?!?!?!!!

  • Janet Alvarado
    Janet Alvarado 4 months ago

    It’s LOSER not LOOSER.

  • Fred RM
    Fred RM 4 months ago

    I don't get it what made her a loser? She seemed caring, jerry enjoyed her company but when the parents approve of her thats the realization that she's a loser? Whats the underlining logic, if Jerry brought her to them and they hated her guts that'd give him reason to break up with her?

  • David Michaels
    David Michaels 4 months ago

    But I guess I was wrong!

  • çÈrj Charlebois
    çÈrj Charlebois 4 months ago

    What woman today would look at her watch with the intent of checking up on her bf's parking meter expiration and goes "Oh it's about to expire, don't get up I have change". She wasn't being sarcastic, she was actually being nice on purpose. My thinking in today's world would be "Uh oh... something's not right here..."

  • UK Medic
    UK Medic 4 months ago

    Lol @ looser girlfriend. Your trousers are loose Youre a loser ( not anyone specific, just an example ).

  • BDParadigm
    BDParadigm 4 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with this girl at all

  • Totally Kyle
    Totally Kyle 4 months ago

    Fun fact: "Yellow Edition" Saabs are rare and considered collectable.

  • Matthew Barry
    Matthew Barry 4 months ago

    Loser* Are you 9 years old?

  • sliat1981
    sliat1981 4 months ago

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my mother saying my girlfriend had a great body either

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri 5 months ago

    She hates me

  • tinaloveseddie
    tinaloveseddie 5 months ago

    All of Jerry’s girlfriends were losers🤨

  • Deborah Díaz
    Deborah Díaz 5 months ago

    "like us with elaine" LOOOOL

  • CrushingRock
    CrushingRock 5 months ago

    Jigsaw wants to play a game

  • JMan 127
    JMan 127 5 months ago

    Jerry always finds a way to sabotage his relationships. Haha

  • Dane Du Plessis
    Dane Du Plessis 5 months ago

    How about a version 8?

  • Dylan Cannon
    Dylan Cannon 5 months ago

    Went to my local Ford dealership, and felt the same way lol

  • aman bhal
    aman bhal 5 months ago

    George is the best actor. He should get Oscar every year.

  • Tiago Campos
    Tiago Campos 5 months ago

    Maybe George and Kramer were seeing something here. There's no way she's that hot and smart and good without something terrible behind

  • Nadia Shireen Siddiqi
    Nadia Shireen Siddiqi 5 months ago

    So f the family likes her, she’s not cool