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They won’t let him race!!
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He walked away from THIS?
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KING 2JZ - 1100hp RHD Supra
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  • Thomas Ting
    Thomas Ting 5 minutes ago

    10:08 When you bout to sleep and remember you got unfinished homework

  • Michael Livesey
    Michael Livesey 13 minutes ago

    Haha best..how was he breathing..legend

  • KingKyle1
    KingKyle1 15 minutes ago

    Fastest auto supra vs fastest manual supra ?

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 16 minutes ago

    I love how humble this man is

  • Damon Rebel
    Damon Rebel 43 minutes ago

    My dude on that scooter is the real MVP that friction and road burn is no joke, my ass stings just looking at that and remembering when I slid across two lanes on the freeway lol.

  • Corey Ford
    Corey Ford 43 minutes ago

    I think hes going to need wider tires haha

  • wrx2hot4u
    wrx2hot4u 44 minutes ago

    no one cares.

  • koringn
    koringn 55 minutes ago

    With the right suspension down force gearing and all that technical mumbo 450hp is actually potent in a race car

  • Max Bepunkt
    Max Bepunkt Hour ago

    Damn without the stutter this thing would have been under the 6:50.

  • Vernon Spackler
    Vernon Spackler Hour ago

    Fred stay behind the camera, you repeating what someone has already said is a waste of internet.

  • wingedgecko
    wingedgecko Hour ago


  • Obese rotten Ass


  • Carney Supertramp
    Carney Supertramp 2 hours ago

    Sooo Disappointed i didn't hear one OMG

  • Adrian Swierzbinski
    Adrian Swierzbinski 2 hours ago

    That means his blower is the size of a 4th gen Viper V10 engine

  • Mjr Burn
    Mjr Burn 2 hours ago

    Seems like one hell of a nice guy with a damned good team behind him that he acknowledges at every turn. Will definitely be watching this car and crew in future...

  • Shane Tyler
    Shane Tyler 2 hours ago

    Friggin awesome one of the best cars Nissan ever produced right next to the Z and the Silvia or 240sx great video :)

  • David Drescher
    David Drescher 3 hours ago

    Dreem Big Chisel Down To Reality It takes time this can be sped up with a bigger hammer AKA sponsors 300mph at Bonneville that will be the ultimate torture test . It is for every motor that tries it. It's different kind of anmial holding top speed for a FULL mile on salt versus achieving that speed WITHIN a mile on pavement.

  • Soy Yo
    Soy Yo 3 hours ago

    LS swap the world! 😁

  • Brendan Hellyer
    Brendan Hellyer 3 hours ago

    And Americans think they are the best at burnouts

  • jtspiky
    jtspiky 3 hours ago

    Well done rob dumb

  • François Parent
    François Parent 3 hours ago

    Highest legal speed in Canada, 120km/h (75mph) on BC Highway 5

  • large_victorious
    large_victorious 3 hours ago

    Is that a full trim I'd assume steel front clip nomad

  • Ed Reynolds
    Ed Reynolds 3 hours ago

    Someone send this video to Greta Dumberg

  • Halsho Ahmed
    Halsho Ahmed 3 hours ago

    Nice guy and his GTR is fast asf 👌

  • Sabiel167
    Sabiel167 4 hours ago

    22:50 how i act when i’m texting my side chick 😂

  • Steven Witt
    Steven Witt 4 hours ago

    I didn't know it was that hard to count to 3 ....

  • Jose
    Jose 4 hours ago

    Now I see why my friends say I drive like a grandma 👵

  • Nicholas Michael
    Nicholas Michael 4 hours ago

    Italian styling and an american powertrain. Its the gm version of a pantera plus 2 turbos. That is awesome

  • KitKatBarsBGYT
    KitKatBarsBGYT 4 hours ago

    All these mofos can’t even stick a straight line, how they expect to win

  • duhsmersh
    duhsmersh 4 hours ago

    "i did it by myself" there was literally 4 people surrounding him

  • R32RB26A31RB25
    R32RB26A31RB25 4 hours ago

    if only this happend in New Zealand

  • Roman Noris
    Roman Noris 5 hours ago


  • Алмаз Гильмагзамов

    Боже что за ебанутых людей я увидел?

  • Jedediah Smart
    Jedediah Smart 5 hours ago

    That STI has the Driver Mod!

  • LeoD Caribbean
    LeoD Caribbean 5 hours ago

    the lambo owner crying because he knew there was no way he whould beat that gtr

  • Tom
    Tom 5 hours ago

    Needs semi slicks on it those tyres look trash

  • Issa Finessa
    Issa Finessa 5 hours ago

    I’m here for Skylines only Gtr 😂😂😂

  • John Peluso
    John Peluso 5 hours ago

    Camaro dude was funny as fuck

  • Johnny
    Johnny 6 hours ago

    Great guy. No show off. Bless em.

  • Johnny
    Johnny 6 hours ago

    That's called america muscle. Proper. American pride baby.

  • Cam69 ftw
    Cam69 ftw 6 hours ago

    6 years later

  • Michael Simko
    Michael Simko 6 hours ago

    My favorite part of watching videos of this driver is his Joe Pesci-like acting

  • Alek D
    Alek D 6 hours ago

    what year is that TL?

  • Don KiksBiscuits
    Don KiksBiscuits 6 hours ago

    So much boost you could launch in neutral or 5th gear

  • Matt Graham
    Matt Graham 6 hours ago

    It's not a word first😂😂😂

  • Aѕтяιχ
    Aѕтяιχ 6 hours ago

    americans ruin nice japanese cars

  • Paul Scarpa
    Paul Scarpa 6 hours ago

    The crow car looks so sic

  • Vue Xiong
    Vue Xiong 6 hours ago

    Them Toyotas! 👍👍👍

  • Tommy Moore
    Tommy Moore 6 hours ago

    I saw the pass 4 hours after it happened and I congratulate you sir and to your team! But lol coming from a guy with a gtr tuned by Rob Harper himself.. good luck 👍 He doesn’t go down without swinging plus the record was set a year ago. He’s probably went 6.30s without posting and waited for this day to arrive. I could be wrong. Either way, I love watching the battles between you two. Keep it up sir! We love you with or without the record 😍

  • Steve Martinez
    Steve Martinez 6 hours ago

    This car looks like PFI's Bully..

  • hemi marteni
    hemi marteni 6 hours ago

    Hemi thats a bad azzz name ...

  • Dragos 1
    Dragos 1 6 hours ago

    tyler 1s dad

  • Bearded Patriot
    Bearded Patriot 6 hours ago

    I'm surprised her fat butt fit into that suit! My god she is gorgeous!

  • Cristobal Sepulveda
    Cristobal Sepulveda 6 hours ago

    Lol a 1320 vid that doesn't last an hour? Amazing

  • Donny Hooks
    Donny Hooks 6 hours ago

    Humble dude, Good job!

    WQQKIE 7 hours ago

    BMW driver owns a Mustang, so he got confused about what he was driving and steered towards the crowd thinking he was in the Mustang.

  • Flognop
    Flognop 7 hours ago

    The funny part is that the car visibly has more power than he gave it, he even said so. Imagine how fast it would be if you hooked this thing up to an automated system!

  • Flognop
    Flognop 7 hours ago

    Who put vin diesel in the dryer?!?

  • winch racing
    winch racing 7 hours ago

    That is weird the first shot showed the fence all messed up and then Kyle showed where he went thro and the fence was fine ? Crazy wreck tho hope he's okay !!

  • Brennen Jones
    Brennen Jones 7 hours ago

    What is the Tesla’s 0-60??

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams 7 hours ago

    Thats a 6.40s car all day, he got some solid runs but to me it looks and sounds like the perfect run has yet to be made in that car. Super cool tho very well done

  • Owen Rook
    Owen Rook 7 hours ago

    Still need the wheels ?

  • Blue Haze
    Blue Haze 7 hours ago

    I like this guy's reaction.. Full of appreciation with his group

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 7 hours ago

    Anything is possible and rob u definitely r a great example with this and everything takes time its just who will take that time and money to do it and u proved it can be done good for u

  • Mohammed Al-Mahfoudh

    crazy speed and power... how many millions were spent on that Lambo?

  • TexasRepresent
    TexasRepresent 8 hours ago

    Not to sound rude..... but gidi kinda look like smeagal

  • Don O'Bryan
    Don O'Bryan 8 hours ago

    4:37....Damn, those C2 interiors are so cool.

  • steve allam
    steve allam 8 hours ago

    That was dope!

  • JJ Sorenavki
    JJ Sorenavki 8 hours ago

    Great Video as always ETS are the king of R35.. But we all know the Fleet of Aussie R32s are coming for the Record of all time Quickest GTR

  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 8 hours ago

    Would be cooler if it was 6spd

  • memosrt
    memosrt 8 hours ago

    Where's Bobby Ducote when you need him?

  • Ukyio Kun
    Ukyio Kun 8 hours ago

    When this Thing has fwd why has ot a wheelie bar?

  • Edmac12
    Edmac12 8 hours ago

    Tesla has left the chat

  • Alexi Valentin
    Alexi Valentin 8 hours ago


  • serge933
    serge933 8 hours ago

    Its cool and pretty impressive but nothing beats the smell, sound, and feel of an internal combustion engine

  • Adam Parker
    Adam Parker 9 hours ago

    It's all about 1320!

  • 323 ATR
    323 ATR 9 hours ago


  • Embidd
    Embidd 9 hours ago

    Dude, I love this guy's reactions to the quarter times.

  • Z M
    Z M 9 hours ago

    That grey newer mustang...go home. You got taken to gapplebees, yet jumped the gun after 1. Go home dude. Go home.

  • phil current
    phil current 9 hours ago

    Pretty good for a 1600cc banger with datsun glass float 2bbl.

  • phil current
    phil current 9 hours ago


  • Blue Atoms
    Blue Atoms 9 hours ago

    whats with this new pussified rolling start bullshit. time and mph dont count

  • John O'Brien
    John O'Brien 9 hours ago

    Calling it a rx-7 is a joke the body is rx7 the entire car is custom fabricated who gives a shit if you can build a 4 rotor awd chassis

  • james chang
    james chang 9 hours ago

    why blur out there face's we all no who there are just by there voice

  • Mic
    Mic 9 hours ago

    10:00 man that reaction is so heartwarming, gidi is a very humble and cool dude.

  • ben hildebran
    ben hildebran 10 hours ago

    Man thanks his crew says he just drives the car that’s a man that loves his people and dissent say it all him munch respect for this man

  • FasterThanU
    FasterThanU 10 hours ago

    Maaan, i wish 1320 vids were like this again!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 hours ago

    How the hell is this thing funded ?

  • Corey P
    Corey P 10 hours ago

    man that guys reaction made me feel it. super stoked for the guy! hella sick gtr! im astonished. the gtr def has even more to go!

  • J024
    J024 10 hours ago

    Dang, nice.

  • G G
    G G 10 hours ago

    whats the hp on this thing? can dyno's even handle things almost as strong as drag cars

  • Baby-Shark GTO
    Baby-Shark GTO 10 hours ago


  • Loretta Sinz
    Loretta Sinz 10 hours ago

    Modern cars save for a 911 look like robot shit. Can't tell one from the other. I got more trim in 68 C10 Chevy than all the money chasers did in their douche coupes and I'm an ugly trashy welder. Love that Vette.

  • Beloit911
    Beloit911 10 hours ago

    Gidi and the whole team at ETS are living proof that horsepower+speed=happyness

  • idk 2143
    idk 2143 10 hours ago


  • SuperOMARKO
    SuperOMARKO 10 hours ago

    18:17 "usually it kicks me in the chest, but that didn't happen" Holy f@@k!

  • adrian salazar
    adrian salazar 10 hours ago

    if remplazing the tyres was a problem now imagine raplace all parts of the engine just for another burnout show

  • siTTinLo
    siTTinLo 10 hours ago

    Did anybody else notice during the start of the last race (Shane vs Asshole) the guy at the starting line try to false flag and then basically jump in front of Shane's car waiving his arms..... that's some dirty shit right there. Whoever that guy is, needs to be beaten severely.

  • CMDR Boom
    CMDR Boom 10 hours ago

    Calling in advance for a 6.12 for Mr Sparkles. Go get it!

  • VenomIIID
    VenomIIID 10 hours ago

    The fastest and most beautiful car in that track.