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My 17 and pregnant story.
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GIVEAWAY!!!! | FicklinTV
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  • Priscila Cristina
    Priscila Cristina 11 hours ago

    Éla não estava com uma cara de feliz🙀

  • Adrian Regueiro
    Adrian Regueiro 15 hours ago

    El peluquero es una nena o un barón es muy bueno o Buenas 👍👌👏👏

  • Dilki Rashina
    Dilki Rashina 16 hours ago mage chanl ekth sapot ekk dena

  • Mary Miller
    Mary Miller 22 hours ago

    Love the education

  • Dan snow
    Dan snow Day ago

    Not cool! Why would you think it's funny to make your kids cry.

  • Duda Rph
    Duda Rph Day ago

    Como eu vim para aq

  • Happy Brown
    Happy Brown 4 days ago

    hi paris i hope you are doing good me allison phillip and justin miss you so much

  • Renan Souza Lobo
    Renan Souza Lobo 6 days ago

    A menina não gostou não q cortou o cabelo

  • Sandalover11
    Sandalover11 6 days ago

    I dont understand how the flat iron can get so hot without using fire. Can the iron get hot enough to cook bacon?

  • Лапшарыч
    Лапшарыч 10 days ago

    Эххх( А мне даже плойки не помогают

  • Julio & Alysia
    Julio & Alysia 11 days ago

    New subscriber !! & this looks SO FUN... might have to try this out 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elizebeth Rodney
    Elizebeth Rodney 14 days ago

    The front wasn’t straighten good

  • Eve's Legacy
    Eve's Legacy 14 days ago

    Omg that's was too funny.🤣🤣🤣 I wanna try it.

  • iZombie
    iZombie 15 days ago

    I don't know what's wrong with girls who don't want to cut even and inch of their hair🙄

  • Hey Tayo Apa Kabs
    Hey Tayo Apa Kabs 15 days ago

    I'm not lie, but she's beautiful! 💓

  • Jerrell Smart
    Jerrell Smart 15 days ago

    How much did you pay for your SUV?? How many mpg

  • taekook reina
    taekook reina 15 days ago

    KKKKKKKK a mina suuuper feliz

  • Nancy Mari
    Nancy Mari 15 days ago

    Sooo pretty

  • ساارة محمد
    ساارة محمد 16 days ago

    اكو عرب 🤔

  • Sudin Akok
    Sudin Akok 18 days ago

    Big head

  • CosmeticGenie
    CosmeticGenie 18 days ago

    Looks fun. Whoever that was in the background laughing is funny.

  • Just Looking
    Just Looking 18 days ago

    The hairdresser was wonderful!! Wants what’s best for her clients and talks everything through! Where is she located? 🙌😅😅😅

  • Xiomara Minott Grant

    She was right her hair look way much better

  • Ninajuanramirezz •

    4:53 the hell? No need to be rude

  • joicinha santana
    joicinha santana 20 days ago

    Parece que ela nn gostou muito nn kkkkkkk

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee 20 days ago

    That girl is something else ungrateful as

  • Gigi Jones
    Gigi Jones 20 days ago

    Nobody:.. The smoke alarms:ami a joke to you

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele 20 days ago

    Your hair is cute! Like that hair style on you.

    • All Things Nele
      All Things Nele 20 days ago

      I saw them do that on Real Housewives of Atl it looks so fun!!

  • Gh Vibes
    Gh Vibes 20 days ago


  • Clarice Geane Da Silva Dos Santos

    alguém BR?🇧🇷

  • Lucila Torres
    Lucila Torres 20 days ago

    Nice hayrstyle 👍👌💙😍😘

  • lovelivelela
    lovelivelela 21 day ago

    yesss tjmaxx is the skincare/bodycare plug

  • Dilara Teker
    Dilara Teker 21 day ago

    your haır colour ıs so nıce

  • Rahim Dil
    Rahim Dil 21 day ago

    I hate her the salon girl worked so hard for her and this little brat was giving her the look

  • Comfy Saturday
    Comfy Saturday 21 day ago

    The cut it to ticking short but whatever it ain’t my hair

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele 22 days ago

    I love doing a mask on weekends with my feet kicked up. your skin is beautiful !

  • _Jatie vlogs_fan for life _Jatie

    My hair longer. You ugly

  • Michelle Sittre - Eckert

    Lol. Lil girl like...give me numbers.....Lol. I was same way. Tell me how much. Don’t just show me. I want some damn math involved. Lmfao. Smart girl!

  • Zamarian Walker
    Zamarian Walker 22 days ago


  • katlyn griffin
    katlyn griffin 23 days ago

    I like the lady doing her hair voice

  • Jessita Herriott
    Jessita Herriott 23 days ago

    Hey Amber, this is jessita from 360 mommy now (AtlantaMomsCircle) You really broke down some important points concerning our growth process as moms, wives and women in general. We now have a podcast for moms. I would love to hear what you have to say :)

  • zah Ra
    zah Ra 23 days ago


  • Sihan Idrees
    Sihan Idrees 23 days ago

    you should he ashamed of your mom cause if my mom says that to person who is trying to help me I would be really ashamed and embarrassed

  • chimmy stoleit
    chimmy stoleit 24 days ago

    She is cuuuute !!

  • Kaelynn Scales
    Kaelynn Scales 24 days ago

    omg the girl doing her hair is my cousin taylor

  • Raayonne braiding Raayonne

    Good job 👍👏👏

  • Reginald Green
    Reginald Green 24 days ago

    Had nvr heard of this"syndrome" b4. Thx 4 sharing

  • Kenda's Corner
    Kenda's Corner 24 days ago

    Enjoyed watching

  • Kenda's Corner
    Kenda's Corner 24 days ago


  • Kenda's Corner
    Kenda's Corner 24 days ago

    #SupportThursday watching

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele 24 days ago

    Yassssss!!! Great discussion! So glad you talked about this and broke it down. I had my first child at 18 yrs old also. It made me feel like what you described. I now know I have “Super Woman Syndrome” oh my gosh. This just made my head swim.

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele 24 days ago

    Hello you all!! Happy Thursday beautiful people! I love the red outfit!

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      Thanks, love! Hope you're having an amazing week!

  • Dayane !
    Dayane ! 24 days ago

    Brasil alguém

  • Jazmine Whomes
    Jazmine Whomes 24 days ago

    I love your hair l seen you before😀

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids 25 days ago

    She looks so bossy low key 😒

  • シYukino
    シYukino 25 days ago

    shes do that so bad... my little sis' cant do better

  • candy k
    candy k 25 days ago

    It may need cut, but yall be wanting a very straight cut. And sometimes that may require cutting off 5 inches when its not necessary. I trim my own ends. And its doing just fine. She don't like that. 😂

  • love0240
    love0240 25 days ago

    Ficklin is my last name

    • love0240
      love0240 24 days ago

      Your hair is so beautiful

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      wow! Hi! Not many of us ;-)

  • Arianny Vasquez
    Arianny Vasquez 25 days ago

    Ella tiene la cara cm un toto

  • Urban Era
    Urban Era 26 days ago

    She looks mad asf ☠️

  • Hazel Laos
    Hazel Laos 27 days ago

    Idk why I hate when people fixing my hair grab my head and turn my neck a certain way

  • Stoopid Azhoe
    Stoopid Azhoe 27 days ago

    4:52 sis u probably wearing a cheap weave so don’t even start

  • Stoopid Azhoe
    Stoopid Azhoe 27 days ago

    What a bad mother

  • عزوف المسرحي


  • Hunter Madsen
    Hunter Madsen 28 days ago

    Didn't Country Crock switch to an all-natural recipe the year you made this? Margarine is made from vegetable oil, meaning it ultimately comes from vegetables, and the Country Crock tub has added calcium because the dairy sector criticize margarine for not having enough nutrients. No wonder it breaks down like something that didn't start its life as a liquid

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      This video was made over 3 years ago

  • Moneymaker Marie
    Moneymaker Marie 28 days ago

    Curtain attitudes start and or comes from home

  • It's Your Girl Audrina

    Her hair is so beautiful

  • Awa Divine
    Awa Divine 29 days ago

    Hello, I hope you are well, my name is Divine, I'm 22 years old and I live in France! I would like to know if you train people in the field of hairdressing? If yes, I would like to have the modalities (the price of training), I have the heart to open a hair salon in Cameroon, I already have experience in hairdressing but I want to deepen in the trade ... I beg you, I do not know who to ask, I come to you by faith, for everything is possible for him who believes and God will do the rest! if not, tell me who can help me! I greatly appreciate your work, be blessed! I leave you my e-mail address here: Jesus loves you ❤️

  • Micah May Inc.
    Micah May Inc. 29 days ago

    Thank you Amber I feel motivated

  • Coco Cam
    Coco Cam 29 days ago

    The little girl is not happy???!!!!

  • Heloiza Ruffo
    Heloiza Ruffo Month ago

    Ameii!! Ficou muito linda!! 👍😘


    She got a hangting


    Y’all go and follow my page ALEXANDRIA’S HAIR PERIOD.And that doesn’t look that bad


    Were is that salon at

  • ranea ranea
    ranea ranea Month ago

    العربي يحط لايك

  • Natalia Lindsey
    Natalia Lindsey Month ago

    "You Don't Want Her To Have Hair Because You Don't Have No Hair" Um The Mother Of The Child You Chose To Get Her Hair Done Like That So Don't Get Mad Because She Tryna Make Her Hair Even

    • sandra rose
      sandra rose 27 days ago

      Natalia Lindsey that’s her sister, that’s why she can easily talk to her like that

  • Coon-Ty investments

    did anyone just notice that she looks like Madison from haschak sisters

  • Janise Green
    Janise Green Month ago

    I use to stay like that little girl if someone told me my hair need to cut i would say your crazy i aint cutting my hair i would literally die.i love her hair tho its beautiful 🌹🌷🌺

  • Bnizzofashizzo
    Bnizzofashizzo Month ago

    This was cringy... the mother is heinous

  • Pamela Mejia
    Pamela Mejia Month ago

    She’s so cute 😍😍🥺

  • Itz FreeGame
    Itz FreeGame Month ago

    What’s the stylist @??

  • Anisah Nazario
    Anisah Nazario Month ago

    that little girl was startin to piss me off

  • Pranks Vevo
    Pranks Vevo Month ago

    Pretty girl 😍

  • Kendra luanna Asmat tafur

    She dont like his new look


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  • Chamena Weinlich
    Chamena Weinlich Month ago


  • Frank B
    Frank B Month ago

    just goes to show that just because you see it on the internet doesn't mean that they have a clue what they are talking about.

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      oh, lol thanks for watching

  • Ayana Davober
    Ayana Davober Month ago

    I wanna dye my hair the color of Paris hair

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      I'm sure your hair color is beautiful!

  • Lori Williams
    Lori Williams Month ago

    She's just a baby, she doesn't quite understand, but she will when it grows back all healthy and pretty.

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV 24 days ago

      She didn't initially but you're right! She does now

  • Nicola Barber
    Nicola Barber Month ago

    She lookes happy not

  • Vinicius Moreira
    Vinicius Moreira Month ago


  • Reginald Green
    Reginald Green Month ago

    👍🏾 #taylorcameo i rmbr when #ficklinTV 1st started & omg!!!! How old was P when vlog started? All the kids r growing up rt in front of us for that matter #LOVE

  • Layy Danae
    Layy Danae Month ago

    This looks amazing 😍, i loved the way she talked to her and explained what she was doing. baby wasn’t feeling it tho😭😭

    • Layy Danae
      Layy Danae Month ago

      Brandy C lol you’re fine, sorry if i came off to strong

    • Brandy C
      Brandy C Month ago

      @Layy Danae I was just commenting that she did an amazing job. I probably just put it in a weird order. I wrote that half asleep. Lol

    • Layy Danae
      Layy Danae Month ago

      Brandy C lol ight

    • Brandy C
      Brandy C Month ago

      @Layy Danae never said you did.

    • Layy Danae
      Layy Danae Month ago

      Brandy C yeah i never said she didn’t do good or that the little girl didn’t like it...her hair was beautiful and looked more healthier..i said she wasn’t feeling it because when she heard she had to get her hair cut she felt some type of the end she loved it!

  • All Things Nele
    All Things Nele Month ago

    Hello beautiful family!!!

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV Month ago

      Hey hey!!! Thank you 😊

    • All Things Nele
      All Things Nele Month ago

      I love when someone else’s gives me a a good wash and conditioning. Your is beautiful !! You look gorgeous like your mom! #HairForDays Yassssss!!! I love a hot comb through my natural hair.

  • Tea All Shade badxh0mied

    If she gave me that face I would off popped her in ha mouth

  • tracy hernandez
    tracy hernandez Month ago

    The little girl said at the end to comment if we like her hair, so this is for you sweetheart if you ever see this... I do like your hair!! It's very pretty, long and healthy looking! You are beautiful!! 😘☺️

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV Month ago

      tracy hernandez thank you so much, Tracy ♥️

  • Theylove XxxBriixxX

    The stylest did a amazing job doing what she was supposed to do,love how she cared about her hair,even tho she didn't look to happy I have would've let her do what she wanted to do to make my hair healthy. But she did a awesome job. And the mother was very rude to her,my mom would never talk to any stylest like that. Treat people you wanted to be treated . :)

  • z-Cloudz
    z-Cloudz Month ago

    I'm late to the vid but that's funny as heck 😂 and she ain't mean to her children it was a joke

    • FicklinTV
      FicklinTV Month ago

      z-Cloudz lol thank you 😂

  • Rosana Cristina
    Rosana Cristina Month ago


  • Rosana Cristina
    Rosana Cristina Month ago

    O que é isso gostaria de saber dou do brasil