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  • D md
    D md 2 days ago

    I like playing this game. It is one of my favorites.

  • A lavar los Platos
    A lavar los Platos 2 days ago

    I don't have 3-5 tron xD

  • Sumit Das
    Sumit Das 7 days ago

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  • Bitcoin Up
    Bitcoin Up 7 days ago

    Great game! Probably the best ROI and stable game out there. You just buy bees and you get the amount you've invested in return at the end of the month based on the % ROI the different tiers of bees give.

  • Maurine Boyle
    Maurine Boyle 7 days ago

    Congrats for 17000 views

  • Leif Boyle
    Leif Boyle 7 days ago

    Nice dApp please record more.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 7 days ago

      Leif Boyle I will, new video popping today⚡️

  • Jose Parisian
    Jose Parisian 7 days ago

    Just made 2300 trx on book of egypt, thank you for showing this dapp ALEX!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 7 days ago

      Jose Parisian Yooo congrats!

  • Louisa Balistreri
    Louisa Balistreri 7 days ago

    Please check your telegram dm, thank you.

  • Rosie Harvey
    Rosie Harvey 7 days ago

    Yo this video just gone wild with the views!

  • Edward VonRueden
    Edward VonRueden 7 days ago

    Nice video as always

  • Porter Champlin
    Porter Champlin 7 days ago

    I will test it

  • Davin Hyatt
    Davin Hyatt 7 days ago

    Keep up making amazing content dude.

  • Enola Schaefer
    Enola Schaefer 7 days ago

    I lost 700 coins :(

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly 8 days ago

    Amazing dude!

  • Harold Harold J. Myrick

    nice video

  • Shakira Hegmann
    Shakira Hegmann 8 days ago

    You just gained new viewer alexandrus, i love your channel!

  • Myrl Ruecker
    Myrl Ruecker 8 days ago

    You are going viral friend, it popped up on my main page and i wasnt subscribed to you earlier on, now of course i changed it😎

  • Toni Dooley
    Toni Dooley 8 days ago

    Nice video and even better dapp, they will be huge after some months especially if they will add EOS here.

  • Alivia Von
    Alivia Von 8 days ago

    What do you mean by the comparsaion?? Im interested can you explain please?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Comparing dividend gains from 5 dapps.

  • Trever Jenkins
    Trever Jenkins 8 days ago

    What will be the comparsion video exactly about???

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Comparing dividend gains from 5 dapps

  • Elisabeth Graham
    Elisabeth Graham 8 days ago

    i love this dapp

  • Lourdes Gottlieb
    Lourdes Gottlieb 8 days ago

    keep it up, looking forward to comparsion video!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Coming out soon, in about 10 days ;)!

  • Claudine Ernser
    Claudine Ernser 8 days ago

    great platform dapp

  • Jethro Pelamonia
    Jethro Pelamonia 8 days ago

    for how long will this game at least to exist?

    • Sandro Horvat
      Sandro Horvat Day ago

      its done now ... will everybody loose their bees and progress?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Honestly it's hard to predict, you can monitor their smart contract everyday and just quit when you think the budget is ending or something

  • Gabriela Ferrari
    Gabriela Ferrari 8 days ago

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    • Pucios21
      Pucios21 8 days ago

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    • Ducati125
      Ducati125 8 days ago

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  • Cream
    Cream 8 days ago

    Lool xD, i made some money, thanks buddy

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Really happy to hear that from you, You’re welcome tho :)

  • frayus
    frayus 8 days ago


  • SatoshiPL
    SatoshiPL 8 days ago

    Cześć, czy Polacy tez mogą tutaj grać?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Oczywiście, bez problemu najmniejszego.

  • Sebastian Krypto
    Sebastian Krypto 8 days ago

    Nice video, left a like and shared on my twitter as always ;)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Thank you! Great subscriber :)

  • Glen Douglas
    Glen Douglas 8 days ago

    I just ran across this video because it was recommended to me by youtube but overall Im happy that it did recommend it to me, really nice content. I will watch more from you.

  • Felicity Cameron
    Felicity Cameron 8 days ago

    Dude! Your video is on recommended for you page, nice job!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      No way, Thank you for letting me know!

  • Lessie Weimann
    Lessie Weimann 8 days ago

    These were some fat wins, gj

  • Raoul Kilback
    Raoul Kilback 8 days ago

    It seems that you are going Viral Alexandrus

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      I still can't believe it's happening lol

  • Diamond Haley
    Diamond Haley 8 days ago

    Just clicked on the video because of this thumbnail, but actually im glad that i did. I used to play on rocketgame but i really need to test this moolah out.

  • Bradley Zimmerman
    Bradley Zimmerman 8 days ago

    Lovely dapp and even better video, i will test it with some tron leftovers, thanks for sharing.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      You're most welcome, I'm looking forward to seeing you on my other videos too :)

  • Brian Campa
    Brian Campa 8 days ago

    Amazing video, good job with the bonuses

  • Patricia Fuller
    Patricia Fuller 8 days ago

    Nice bets, you could do better but overall i think that it wasn't that bad, was it 😂?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Thanks, of course it was good enough haha

  • Brooke Gardner
    Brooke Gardner 8 days ago

    Congrats with profit.

  • Lawrence Harbin
    Lawrence Harbin 8 days ago

    nice vid

  • Alexandrus
    Alexandrus 8 days ago

    No way this video is going viral😲😲

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 7 days ago

      17000 VIEWS!?!?!?! WHAT IS GOING ON

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      @Kocham Crypto! Thanks for your trust!

    • Kocham Crypto!
      Kocham Crypto! 8 days ago

      It is dude. It just popped up on my main page and guess what, you are getting new subscriber

  • yes
    yes 8 days ago

    nice casino

  • Marekk CryptoHunter

    Just managed to pull 1000 TRX out of just 80, I'm so happy :)

    • Sebastian Krypto
      Sebastian Krypto 8 days ago

      Good job my friend

    • SleamLex
      SleamLex 8 days ago

      Yo, I'm 5000 on profit im soooooooo happy tooo

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Nice Marekk, I'm happy that you won!

  • Maxine Wolfe
    Maxine Wolfe 9 days ago

    Best casino ever, really!

  • Rosie Atkins
    Rosie Atkins 9 days ago

    I just watched the whole video, I'm really looking forward to video comparing the casinos, it might help us choosing which is the best one to play.

  • Cameron Woodward
    Cameron Woodward 9 days ago

    I will deposit few coins, wish me luck😂

  • John Matthews
    John Matthews 9 days ago

    I was really about to drop you a message if you are planning on to record tron dapps too since i liked your last video about beehive where i invested 100 bucks and now you are showing great casino again, unfortunately im out of tron right now.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      John Matthews lol, I’m glad that you liked the beehive tho i guess😂

  • Miguel Hurst
    Miguel Hurst 9 days ago

    They will grow big, Im pretty sure

  • Josh Perry
    Josh Perry 9 days ago

    So far so good, i won 5000 trx on the same game as you

  • Joel Blake
    Joel Blake 9 days ago

    Any date when the roulette game is going to be released?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      Unfortunately i don't have exact date so we both need to be patient, I'm waiting for it too :)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Joel Blake I will ask them

  • Michael Sheets
    Michael Sheets 9 days ago

    I think it's a good casino, it's doing things well, it's expanding and it will have more and more users, it's not like other DAPps, there are really gamblers here. Of course that's just my opinion.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Michael Sheets Exactly, you are right Michael!

  • Dominic Kirk
    Dominic Kirk 9 days ago


  • Eleanor Hill
    Eleanor Hill 9 days ago

    Seems like a good competition for Wink

  • Francesca Mistry
    Francesca Mistry 9 days ago

    I really recommend you checking out the neon classic slots, they are hella entertaining

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Francesca Mistry I will, thanks for suggestiom

  • Sebastian Macdonald

    Yes i think that they have a lot of potential!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Sebastian Macdonald oh yeah they do

  • James Delacruz
    James Delacruz 9 days ago

    Nice dapp, i will play here for sure

  • Herbert Jones
    Herbert Jones 9 days ago

    I used to play on wink lately but i will check out the moolah, nice video Alex.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Herbert Jones Thanks! I’m glad to hear that you will test them

  • Ted Smith
    Ted Smith 9 days ago

    I wish they add poker here

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Ted Smith Oh yeah, that would be cool

  • George Krug
    George Krug 9 days ago

    I use Moolah from the start along with upstake platform and i must say i am grateful that i came across this project.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      George Krug Great to hear that

  • John Conner
    John Conner 9 days ago

    Hi alex, have you been thinking about update video for Upstake?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      John Conner Honestly no, but maybe i can work something out about this

  • Myrtle Bandy
    Myrtle Bandy 9 days ago

    Looking forward to video where you will be comparing the dapps, i shared and liked

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Myrtle Bandy Thank you Myrtle, I will see what i can do😌

  • Billie McCord
    Billie McCord 9 days ago

    Wow, you have a lot of this upstake, over 100k man?!!!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Billie McCord ahah, yes sir😅

  • DJ Johnny
    DJ Johnny 9 days ago


    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      DJ Johnny About 7k TRX, then lost few😢

  • David Sauce
    David Sauce 9 days ago

    Great Video… Bitcoin hasn’t had the best time since topping at $14,000 in late June. Since then, its price has bled out by some 42% over a three-month period, leading many to believe that it is only a matter of time before we see an unfortunate redux of 2018’s Crypto Winter. But, Josh Rager, a prominent analyst, recently came out to reassure bulls. Rager noted that in 2013’s bull market, BTC “pulled back 75% over 89 days” prior to a 1,600 run-up later in that same year. What he is saying is that Bitcoin’s current downtrend does not put BTC decidedly out of a bull market, and that investors can expect the uptrend to resume in the coming years. So his advice for investors and newbies is to take advantage of the Wes Harris program, a professional trader who is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin with his trading strategy, with Wes program I went from having *5btc to *12btc in just 3 weeks. Feel free to contact Mr. Wes Harris on his ( *Telegram @ Wesharris11 *Whatsapp + 1 516 259 2418 ) for trade consultations

    • Stephan Leilani
      Stephan Leilani 7 days ago

      @cohen Sonia scam scam scam

    • cohen Sonia
      cohen Sonia 8 days ago

      @Rahul Kumar this is not scam, there are still good ones out there

    • Marcos Dias Correia
      Marcos Dias Correia 8 days ago

      His trading skills are beyond words. Wes is a trading God !

  • Alexandrus
    Alexandrus 9 days ago


    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      @Kocham Crypto! ​ yes I will compare daily dividends beetween top 5 casinos, video will be out in about 10-11 days :)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      ​@yes I will compare daily dividends beetween top 5 casinos, video will be out in about 10-11 days :)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      @SatoshiPL I agree! :)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      @Kocham Crypto! Nice to hear that you found it by my video, when it comes to comparsion I have an Idea but if I will realise it then you will know more :)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 8 days ago

      @SleamLex Congrats SleamLex!

    GROW WITH US 9 days ago

    Great gambling site

  • The Mountarian
    The Mountarian 9 days ago

    this one goin to be the best gambling site very soon

    • Jean Didier Dupont
      Jean Didier Dupont 9 days ago

      @Alexandrus They will add a lot more, and sports betting too ! It's gonna be huge bro !

    • Ktoś
      Ktoś 9 days ago


    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      I think the same, especially if they will add more games tho.

  • Ninjunarpavy Narpavy

    Moolah gambling great

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      Ninjunarpavy Narpavy Yes it is :)

  • molla noni
    molla noni 9 days ago

    nice l love updc

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 9 days ago

      molla noni UPDC is super nice coin, im with it from the beggining :)

  • Ricardo Palmeri
    Ricardo Palmeri 12 days ago

    Amazing game, I'm just wondering if it's legit.

  • Salvador Hickle
    Salvador Hickle 12 days ago

    I am already at beetcoin bee, looking forward to get superbee by this year

  • Seth White
    Seth White 12 days ago

    Thanks for showing this, I saw a lot of videos from smaller youtubers but i never trust them as much as you Alexandrus, thanks for being here with us!!!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      Thats why im still here, because of such amazing people like you!

  • Javier Goyette
    Javier Goyette 12 days ago

    Best youtuber, best video nothing new, about the BeeHive I actually quite like it, please update me about withdrawals in 1 week, if everything is smooth then i'll be in too ;)

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      I will update you, sure thing

  • Rylan Considine
    Rylan Considine 12 days ago

    Good video my g

  • Lulu Olson
    Lulu Olson 12 days ago

    Hey Alexandrus! Are you planning on to record any casino soon?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      We will see, but i think so ;)

  • Kimberly Mayer
    Kimberly Mayer 12 days ago

    I'm already with them for 1,5 month. ROI already here

  • Jane Hessel
    Jane Hessel 12 days ago

    great video alex!

  • Rosanna hegman
    Rosanna hegman 12 days ago

    will check it out soon

  • Shakira Hegmann
    Shakira Hegmann 12 days ago

    In my opinion it's just another investment platform, just with a little bit better design, but if it works for 2 months already it might be actually good one.

  • Katlyn Smitham
    Katlyn Smitham 12 days ago

    Are you planning on any update videos in future?

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      It depends if BeeHive will be down for more videos, but i might make some in near future

  • Sally DuBuque
    Sally DuBuque 12 days ago

    Im investing next week, thanks for the video!

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      Nice, you can share your experiences! :)

  • Nellie Bronk
    Nellie Bronk 12 days ago

    Good G

  • Tommy Warren
    Tommy Warren 12 days ago

    great video ! !

  • Jerrel Kulas
    Jerrel Kulas 12 days ago

    Check your mail, I want to get in with 70 bucks but not sure if i should do it.

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      Just checked it and replied to you Jerrel

  • Carolyn Begay
    Carolyn Begay 12 days ago

    check your telegram, i have few questions according to beehive.

  • Allison Whitten
    Allison Whitten 12 days ago

    I might invest, you actually made me interested in this game lol

  • Harold Harold J. Myrick

    looks cool, they definitely have great graphic designer

  • Walter Rape
    Walter Rape 12 days ago

    Can i basically deposit a lot of tron and buy all tiers all in once???

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      If you have enough money then why not

  • Scott Gipson
    Scott Gipson 12 days ago

    You definitely deserve more subscribers for showing us such projects and games.

  • Beulah Moore
    Beulah Moore 12 days ago

    I love this game. the best video on your channel in my opinion at least!

  • Katelynn Mertz
    Katelynn Mertz 12 days ago


  • Janiya Renner
    Janiya Renner 12 days ago

    Cool review Alex, I love this game, i will become beekepeer too i guess

  • Augustine Crooks
    Augustine Crooks 12 days ago

    Very Informative and nice review sir

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      Thanks Augustine! I really appreciate your opinion

  • Leif Boyle
    Leif Boyle 12 days ago


  • Aliyah Cantrell
    Aliyah Cantrell 12 days ago

    Lovely one, I'm in with 5000 TRON, withdrawn 1500 so far


    Top project 📣

  • Aron Jaro
    Aron Jaro 12 days ago


  • pavel antonov
    pavel antonov 12 days ago


  • MajeranekTV
    MajeranekTV 12 days ago

    Super fajnie ze sie cieszysz

  • антон антонов

    came in late but already honored fought off

    • Alexandrus
      Alexandrus 12 days ago

      антон антонов Thanks!

  • Maks Bujor
    Maks Bujor 12 days ago

    Good review!