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Lee Sin Special Interactions
Views 313K2 months ago
2019 Arcade Ward Skin
Views 104K2 months ago
Qiyana Special Interactions
Views 644K3 months ago


  • Osno Fla
    Osno Fla Hour ago

    This champion is just irrelevant. So bland and nothing special...

  • Alice Auditore
    Alice Auditore Hour ago

    Rakan with all that “nerd” thing reminds me of Bakugou lmao

  • Jesi Oni
    Jesi Oni 2 hours ago

    He should go SSJ after activating (yellow) melee mode ;)

  • Ivyn Carvalho
    Ivyn Carvalho 2 hours ago

    This Star Guardian lore sounds like a Mix of Sailor Moon and Madoka

  • Slick Guy
    Slick Guy 2 hours ago

    got this for 208 rp worth :D

  • FairyTail Natsu
    FairyTail Natsu 2 hours ago

    1350 rp or 1820 rp?

  • Kaveh Maguire
    Kaveh Maguire 2 hours ago

    I have 21 fucking gems and they keep releasing these skins for champions I don't play. :(

  • Jordan Whitehurst
    Jordan Whitehurst 3 hours ago

    It's one of the better legendary skins, it's just sad for a champ that Riot gives no love to. Like, his kit and look are really nice (actually Skarner's model is pretty outdated if we aren't talking about this skin)... just some good ideas would be to change his passive and make his ult more unique, so he isn't just stuck in a dive-pull niche that other tanks can already do better. I don't mind playing another tanky damage dealer, but his CC-pull ult is useless when he isn't nearly as tanky as someone like Rammus, for example.

  • SaraSong2653
    SaraSong2653 3 hours ago

    Kat and Garen sitting in a tree IM DEAD

  • Anh Tuấn
    Anh Tuấn 3 hours ago

    Như cưt

  • Viva Cant CS
    Viva Cant CS 3 hours ago

    I hated these skins at first and was apart of the "ThEsE dOnT lOoK lIkE sTaR gUaRdIaNs" gang, but after seeing more videos/the cinematic and how it looks in game myself....yea they are amazing lol.

  • Ahuri
    Ahuri 3 hours ago

    This skin looks good !

  • Defaultskin
    Defaultskin 3 hours ago

    Star guardian Zoe? More like dark star zoe

  • Snowy Collar
    Snowy Collar 3 hours ago

    I love the two, but i suck at playing them, lol

  • Flynn Smith
    Flynn Smith 3 hours ago


  • Hoang Lam
    Hoang Lam 4 hours ago

    So Ahri’s original guardian team was formed up with animal-like champions

  • Daniel Galimba
    Daniel Galimba 4 hours ago

    Neeko copies pool party graves Neeko: 1:17 Graves: really??

  • ahmed abdelghani
    ahmed abdelghani 4 hours ago

    Wait does this skins trying to make me hate xayah and rakan or even the old star gaurdians ... What is going on

  • Esteban Canomaler
    Esteban Canomaler 4 hours ago

    damn this song is so good what is it ?

  • Rifai Rafly
    Rifai Rafly 4 hours ago

    LoL Community : who is ornn

  • Law
    Law 4 hours ago

    looks like a sack of shit

  • 多啦發夢
    多啦發夢 4 hours ago

    when to give a immortal journey skin for yasuo = =

  • avik mahfuz
    avik mahfuz 4 hours ago

    Deku is that you?

  • SpaceClown404
    SpaceClown404 4 hours ago

    The first one is so gimmicy and lame

  • Mai Chu
    Mai Chu 4 hours ago

    Damn ... I love this skin .. But :( 10 gemstones :((

  • Néstor Nicolás Huerta Parra

    This champ have the better skins

  • LanceLyde
    LanceLyde 5 hours ago

    i'm a zyra main but this skin is so outdated looking and ugly (same as the wildfire one)

  • huy vo
    huy vo 5 hours ago

    Become 1 with the jungle

  • jeramahia123
    jeramahia123 5 hours ago

    They insulted Ahri... now they must die!

  • DünyayıGuşlarYönetsin

    How blood magic can be worse then elemental magic

  • Achunais
    Achunais 5 hours ago

    Miss fortune’s name is Sarah “SARAH??? WHERES MY SANDWICH”

  • djinn
    djinn 5 hours ago

    I only like this skin because SG MF is now more orange instead of being red just like Ahri. I wish they actually made MF an orange SG.

  • Frankford Cloresss
    Frankford Cloresss 5 hours ago

    Shes a lost star guardian

  • Sigismund
    Sigismund 5 hours ago

    I main Urgot... F this video...

  • Ebony Jackson
    Ebony Jackson 5 hours ago

    Oh look its Wall-e

  • Sheila Daiana Sosa
    Sheila Daiana Sosa 6 hours ago

    Tiene los mismos colores q rakan Star guardian esta preciosissima la skin. De mi main main main. Asique algún día la tendre.

  • Zladnyl
    Zladnyl 6 hours ago

    This, God King Darius, and Swain's default look go so well together, it looks like a trio of Noxian Warmongers or something.

  • A normal platypus
    A normal platypus 6 hours ago

    I have a weird thing for over the top, crazy people and this skin put a smile to my face

  • Seigen Awakama
    Seigen Awakama 6 hours ago

    I really love how salty rakan is😂😂

  • Waddles Waffles
    Waddles Waffles 6 hours ago

    Still disappointed yall didn't pick star guardian yuumi. Could have been kyubey

  • Waddles Waffles
    Waddles Waffles 6 hours ago


  • Geek3mr
    Geek3mr 6 hours ago

    You seem happy let's fix that, LOL

  • Yeet
    Yeet 6 hours ago

    This skin sucks with her current voice

  • Ellektrikk
    Ellektrikk 7 hours ago

    Where chromas

  • Zach Zachary
    Zach Zachary 7 hours ago

    100 prestige points?

  • Denise Javier
    Denise Javier 7 hours ago

    huh jesse and james look different

  • Vinicius Martins
    Vinicius Martins 7 hours ago

    cabo o lol

  • Zach Zachary
    Zach Zachary 7 hours ago


  • Zach Zachary
    Zach Zachary 7 hours ago


  • Jhonatan Tamondong
    Jhonatan Tamondong 7 hours ago

    Guys try watch the trailer of new league of legend star guardian

    KEEP WARD 7 hours ago

    i guess another reason to always ban riven in rank

  • XP-PEN LoliPk
    XP-PEN LoliPk 7 hours ago

    This is why I love Rakan... haha.. nerd

  • JM Rojas
    JM Rojas 7 hours ago

    They should add another feature where they do something when he and Xayah dies near eachother

  • Rock Creature
    Rock Creature 8 hours ago

    The abilities look ominiously similar to hextech Amumu's abilities, like thee Q

  • Yurokun
    Yurokun 8 hours ago


  • jew chao
    jew chao 8 hours ago

    Cool skin but you cant even see his face

  • John Crocker
    John Crocker 8 hours ago

    Seriously how many skins is Riven going to get...

  • S1sky
    S1sky 8 hours ago

    que puta mierda es esta

  • John Crocker
    John Crocker 8 hours ago

    Why did I waste my gems on rammus...

  • FluffyMuffs
    FluffyMuffs 8 hours ago

    i wish they make a fancy lissandra skin too, feelsbadman

  • ArC4n3Sh1F7
    ArC4n3Sh1F7 9 hours ago

    0:03 calm down m8

  • Hommoniia StepByStep

    I was happy that i got 2 legendary skins for corki in shard(red baron and tobbogan)*even not playin corki*, the best is they are worst than 100% skins i have quality/value, skins that cost me 520 rp are better than this

  • Hommoniia StepByStep

    Well ive got tobogan corki and red baron corki in shard...happy disenchants everyone

  • El Boufo
    El Boufo 9 hours ago


  • Cristhian Arnez
    Cristhian Arnez 9 hours ago

    No vale la pena llegar a oro

  • Julia Alexis
    Julia Alexis 9 hours ago

    Smh they sound REALLLLY bitchy and I kinda hate it

  • Solohym Bloodborne
    Solohym Bloodborne 10 hours ago

    Love the sounds 😍😍

  • Drakkon
    Drakkon 10 hours ago

    8:42 Rakan just dabbed

  • Echo Ryu
    Echo Ryu 10 hours ago

    I'm waiting for April fools reverse Nami skin Legs but fish head

  • staLker1202hu
    staLker1202hu 10 hours ago

    WOW! Nami's bubbles never looked so damn fine before. If you know what I mean :D

  • Myra Fulkerson
    Myra Fulkerson 10 hours ago

    Holy shit she got legs

  • MageCarry FTW
    MageCarry FTW 11 hours ago

    So if dark matter corrupted Xayah and Rakan, how and where did Zoe get it? Wait did Zoe did steal Veigar's dark matter in this lol universe?

  • Star Shards
    Star Shards 11 hours ago

    So that means Xayah and Rakan was betrayed by Zoe they can be friends with the Star Gaurdians.

  • Alex Darum
    Alex Darum 11 hours ago

    Those noble knight words that end in s talk 😂😂 I CANTS

  • Robot Dog
    Robot Dog 11 hours ago

    2:13 is prolly the cutest one ^D^

  • Peniche94
    Peniche94 11 hours ago

    So... this is why she get a buff.

  • Aljon Dagsa-an
    Aljon Dagsa-an 11 hours ago

    what happen between of them? why xayah and rakan turned into an evil? and why they hate star guardians? can someone tell me please? sorry im kinda slowpoke ^^

    • Eeelanur
      Eeelanur 7 hours ago

      The original star guardian team with Ahri was with miss fortune as their leader, tagging along Xayah, rakan, neeko and ahri. Xayah and rakan got killed in action by Zoe, while Neeko hid herself, leaving ahri and miss fortune to escape. Xayah and Rakan get resurrected as corrupt versions of themselves, mostly Xayah because she feels betrayed, being left to die. Rakan died with her because he couldnt live without her. Neeko eventually escapes in Zoe's grasp and returns to Ahri's new group

  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 11 hours ago

    Best skin by far in human form, but dragon form is kind of ugly

  • Robot Dog
    Robot Dog 11 hours ago

    am i the only one who felt sad reading Yuumi's description? :< i mean that doesnt stop me from banning her but...still

  • Phan Nguyen
    Phan Nguyen 11 hours ago

    come here just to give a dislike :/

  • The Lord of Avernus
    The Lord of Avernus 11 hours ago

    Nice Irelia's gold chromo

  • Niak1514
    Niak1514 11 hours ago

    At this point Riot makes skin only for Weebs and E-girls. But i guess those are who still playing their dead game.

  • Ebony Jackson
    Ebony Jackson 11 hours ago

    We don't deserve Rakan.

  • Abraão Barros
    Abraão Barros 11 hours ago

    What a grand and intoxicating innocence.

  • Rahmadhan Rama
    Rahmadhan Rama 12 hours ago

    Can you slow-motion that ult?

  • Aesthetically Aniya
    Aesthetically Aniya 12 hours ago

    which one is neeko’s ):

  • Matthew Willis
    Matthew Willis 12 hours ago

    The way Rakan’s voice actor delivers his lines is amazing... Xayah’s is great too but Rakan roasting everyone is amazing

  • A. Bilge A.
    A. Bilge A. 12 hours ago

    royal broadsword from botw? riven? how did u get that??

  • Zinou Houssoum
    Zinou Houssoum 12 hours ago

    8:24 the voice actor naaaailed it omg I love this

  • Cinder
    Cinder 12 hours ago

    Camon guys, he looks cool and all but he still needs a visual update at least

  • Stepsen
    Stepsen 12 hours ago

    she looks lika azula in the splash art

  • Tessa Armstrong
    Tessa Armstrong 12 hours ago

    so the dango turns into a mokona

  • Tessa Armstrong
    Tessa Armstrong 12 hours ago

    so the dango turns into a mokona

  • Dennis F.
    Dennis F. 12 hours ago

    Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me?! Another Riven Skin? You know how long I wait for a new Taric skin? 3 fucking years...

  • h3ll0gudbye
    h3ll0gudbye 12 hours ago

    The eyeball looking pattern on the back of her skirt has put me off the whole skin. That's all I can see.

  • Litde
    Litde 13 hours ago

    05:00 "Mr.Stark I don't feel so good..."

  • The Exile
    The Exile 13 hours ago


  • Bryan Tan
    Bryan Tan 13 hours ago

    Wait so Morgana’s wings are unbound and she’s basically angelic, yet she still says things like “My wings are bound”

  • Kachow
    Kachow 13 hours ago

    Took me a bit but Aatrox is like Dio

  • Anime Kid
    Anime Kid 13 hours ago

    Stop with the chromas plz