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  • Steve Lu
    Steve Lu Hour ago

    Hi Pavlin, For what you want to do, you have outlined 3 reasons: 1st. Cost, 2nd Weight, 3rd Spare parts availability, You have also stated your next bike will be the Tenere 700. Having said that, this bike cost around 8699, weighing around 204 (Wet) with 16L tank (Is this sufficient for long trips?). I assume you can find the spare parts around the world?. What is your comment on this?

  • Rantny
    Rantny 7 hours ago

    The price is hard refuse ! Might just be my new ride !

  • oknevals
    oknevals 7 hours ago

    Did you try Super Tenere and how would you compare with the GS? I was looking at GS's but, when I put all things on the paper S10 made so much more sense. GS was also too big for me and felt like it was kicking me in the balls just by sitting on it in the dealership. They are good looking bikes though.

  • Foduro
    Foduro 9 hours ago

    You just sold 10 000 bikes. Great video

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 12 hours ago

    Pavlin, can I get your email/whatsapp? If it's OK please let me know

    • shamir shakir
      shamir shakir 3 hours ago

      @Motorcycle Adventures ok, did it , thank you

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 10 hours ago

      You can send me an email through my website:

  • satyen mistry
    satyen mistry 14 hours ago

    2015 KTM 1290 super adventure vs triumph 1200. Which one do you suggest?

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 13 hours ago

      What I will suggest it doesn't matter, because I am not going to ride it. The best advice I can give you is to test them both and you will know.

  • Lamonier
    Lamonier 15 hours ago

    Thanks for the video Pavlin! Very clarifying! I just subscribed to your channel. Not sure if you're aware, but there's a strong rumor in Brazil that Yamaha might release a Ténéré 321cc (same engine used on the MT-03/R3) locally. We'll have the biggest motorcycle trade show of Latin America next month in Brazi. It's called Salão Duas Rodas. Hopefully we'll get to see the new Ténéré 321cc there.

  • Murray Dupley
    Murray Dupley 15 hours ago

    your lady can't have any saddle bags. haha

  • Santini Delamuta
    Santini Delamuta 16 hours ago

    My Honda is an NC 750X.

  • Ickehier Ickehier
    Ickehier Ickehier 18 hours ago

    Well done!

  • Emmerich August
    Emmerich August 20 hours ago

    That bike is made for shorter riders, not tall ones. Every point you made is just a vector of your height. Plenty of other bikes for taller people.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 15 hours ago

      The point of the video is to show the pros and cons if the model, not to say for who is made.

  • tazzzxcsd
    tazzzxcsd 22 hours ago

    thanks for the video Pavlin, it's always nice to get back to civilisation after being in the outback for a while.

  • Y. Lou
    Y. Lou 22 hours ago

    How is this bike compared to BMW GS850 adventure?

  • rune vetland
    rune vetland Day ago

    I stayed one night in Halls gap motel , in end of Mars 2010 , had a rental bike,a green KLR .from Garners .Melbourn ,nice place,and i see a lot of white parrots ,and kengurus there ,Remeber the breakfast was served in the motel room there - Nice to see again - Love your videos !

  • ratsamee cunningham

    Good review

  • Djowl D C
    Djowl D C Day ago

    I travel with a r1200gs for 15000km. It was a amazing trip, and the bike is very safe to breaking, to pass another car and in the end of the day you are not very tired. In the sand and gravel is not too good, but i did the Carreteira Austral with that bike. With a small bike, this part of the trip it was be better because you can enter every place with not concern. I still has a yamaha tenere 250, and did a 3000km. It was a very nice trip, but in the fast ways, with trucks and a lot of cars, it was not very good, and i stay concern all the time. But in small roads, it was a very good bike and i could enter in small gravel ways in the mountains ....

  • Blase Ceasar
    Blase Ceasar Day ago

    Great video. I also ridie a dirt bike in Andalusia. If you come next time, let us know! Could be great to meet up.

  • Jove Stojanovski

    Hello Pavle.Can I ask you in wich city or town you test this motorcikl? Thank you.

  • pepperthepep
    pepperthepep Day ago

    The price is 13.500€ and not 15.000€. Theyve upgraded the suspension on this one which makes the price difference.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures Day ago

      Because this is the price they told me from the shop.

    • pepperthepep
      pepperthepep Day ago

      @Motorcycle Adventures The common retail price is 13.399€. Im just mentioning that bc the price had a big weight in your video.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures Day ago

      The model I tried was 15,000 euro. I also saw number of bikes int he shop for 13,990 euro + 300 euro delivery.

  • bakabezzraka
    bakabezzraka Day ago

    1st balkan trip because im from croatia 2nd mongolia 3rd pakistan trip but all trips are amazing

  • DCCLo
    DCCLo Day ago

    Got any tips for wet boots, gloves and motorcycle clothes? Is the portable Shoefresh system worth it? I know the complete Shoefresh system for commuting is useful to clean get rid of helmet and boots with moisture plus bacteria.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures Day ago

      Newspapers inside of the wet boots helps a lot, but cannot really dry it, unless you have enough time. What I usually do in the cases like this is to find a hotel with good heating.

  • Ivan Jeliazkov

    Няма значение дали аудиото е добро или перфектно, важно е приключението и хората които срещаш. Благодаря, че споделяш това преживяване с нас.

  • Tenere Traveller

    Never know what you will find, and that includes the food. All part of the adventure.. Happy travels

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen Day ago

    Feet are nowt. THE THUMB

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen Day ago

    Did lots of trips from Osnabruck To Manchester in the winter. Best was from Hull to Hamburg. Fell off three times in snow

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir Day ago

    My best guess is that, you were a lady killer at your teen!!

  • Zachary Spence

    A few big washes a year and spray the bike down with ACF50. Display, lights, and windshield usually get a wipe down after every few rides to keep them visible. Keep the license plate dirty haha

  • Philemon
    Philemon Day ago

    I take it that's a reminder witch side of the road to ride on (Windshield). Cool.

  • the Russians
    the Russians Day ago

    Random question, where was petrol the cheapest per litre on all of your travels? Where is it the most$$?

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures Day ago

      The cheapest was in Turkmenistan 0.35$ per litter. The most expensive in Norway, almost 3 euro per litter.

  • Frank Layton
    Frank Layton Day ago

    Loved the vid.. I drove 15,000 km from Perth to Sydney and along the way arrived in Halls Gap. I stayed at a campsite up in the mountains which was a lot cheaper. I was told about the best times to watch out for the wild life in the best Aussie terms... "If you was wearing a fur coat mate, you would only go exploring just as it got light and just before it got dark"

    • Frank Layton
      Frank Layton Day ago

      @Motorcycle Adventures Always got time for your vlogs Pav, straight talking, no messing and great adventures to make me want to get on my bike and ride again.. if only I was 30 years younger... meanwhile sharing your travels with us will have to do. Thanks.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures Day ago

      Thanks for taking the time!

  • R W
    R W Day ago

    Nice Video! 😎

  • Shahir Showkath Ali

    I wish 2020 gs will have DCT automatic transmission..

  • Viktor Nikolov

    Hi Pavel, Amazing work as always ! I think it would be much more entertaining and functional to ad a map from time to time and drawing the tracks you are passing between the different stops. Because now I'm so interested in where you are going, that I"m checking google for all those places.

  • nosherz
    nosherz Day ago

    Great video & the perfect terrain to have fun on a pukka dirt bike. Parts of this trail looks like they would be a real pain in the ass on a 700, 790, etc, with another 50kg (plus) to deal with.

  • Gorgeous Smile

    hi good trip but not good audio resolve it next video

    BEJ NAGLICI 2 days ago

    Well done, my friend! The places are awesome, the landscapes are beautiful, people are nice .... But, the most important thing in your videos is that we can learn a lot from your experiences and from your tips ! And this is (I believe) why everyone who's riding a motorcycle and who wants to travell on twoo wheels, should be interested in watching your videos! Thanks a lot man!

      BEJ NAGLICI 2 days ago

      @Motorcycle Adventures And this what you are successfully doing! Keep up the good work! P.S. Sorry for the misspelling!

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 2 days ago

      Thanks! This is the main idea, to provide information.

  • Godfrey Tomlinson
    Godfrey Tomlinson 2 days ago

    That's actually a wallaby. I hope you enjoyed your time here in 'Straya'

  • kamal saeed
    kamal saeed 2 days ago

    السلام عليكم اول تعليق

  • stew tube
    stew tube 2 days ago

    Well done !

  • adno1965
    adno1965 2 days ago

    Say what you want but it's the best-selling motorcycle in the world. I personally don't have it because of the price, but I'd love to hug it

  • The Axe Man
    The Axe Man 2 days ago

    I agree - engine on these does sound Terrible.......

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 2 days ago

    When you describe the silk road, it feels like I'm already there, watching the sunset from a balcony of the guest house, after a long ride!

  • materna
    materna 2 days ago

    XT660Z is a good traveling companion . Cheers!

    • materna
      materna 2 days ago

      @Motorcycle Adventures By the way...Greetings from Poland:) You are great guy, keep it up.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 2 days ago


  • Rodolfo Miqueloni
    Rodolfo Miqueloni 2 days ago

    These dirt bikes are capable of almost everything, there is no obstacle if you are brave enought. Its a shame these bikes are not street legal in Brazil. But we have a lot of single trails in the woods here. its the definition of fun with a bit of suffering. If you come to South america more specically in Brazil, I strongly recommend you to try it.

  • Ano Meka
    Ano Meka 2 days ago

    guys guys guys, 1- more than 40 TYPES OF DEFECTS (some very dangerous) where found on 1st model. Indians went to court to sue R.E. 2- R.E. had a carburetor and not compliant with new laws. They bribed the Govt to get on road. Himalayan went too early on road because Bajaj had the Dominar 400 model ready to launch. 3- Himalayan and new direction of R.E. (Mr Lal) is no more a motorcycle.Cie it's a niche market, made for a tribe concept of middle aged, upper class citizens. Royal Enfield is not a motorcycle Cie it's a brand to sell after market parts, T-shirts and pants, jackets. 4- Mr Lal closed more than 20 Cies his father left him. He worked with english design and modern american marketing. 5- Himalayan 400 is not interesting R.E Cie. It was a model to launch before the more interesting 650cc and soon 900cc. They also promised a 600cc Himalayan. 6- Royal Enfield is a sub Triumph look and a copy of Harley tribe concept. People are deceived by the quality and speed of Royal Enfield motorcycles. Maybe Mr Lal will listen to you when he'll stop taking drugs and will be back to reality. When Indians complained on 1st Himalayan models they just ignore them. If you are stupid enough to buy this bike why should they listen to you ? They sold a special card service and transform the defects into "final adjustments"

  • Bruce Kendall
    Bruce Kendall 2 days ago

    Your advice for new riders is excellent.Good honest info,thks.

  • Aston's Papa!
    Aston's Papa! 2 days ago

    GREAT VIDEO!! Loved the camera angles and editing during the riding part. Look forward to showing my son (7) , he loves "Husk arr vahnas" as he calls them and loves watching the off-road riding. Thanks for uploading!!!

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    I was Army Dispatch Rider For many years in the 80s. Standard was the Canam 2 stroke. Then we got the 500 Armstrong... Once a year Did 2 weeks plus every night on sheet ice Mainly on Otterburn ranges

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Off road MPG please

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Bloody hell they hvy. My ZZR11 is Kg243. Imagine them in the mud

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Don't want to rid a computer thanks. Don't twist yer hand out. As for tyres...Let the pressure down with a stick lol. There you go..muscle power and nature

    VISORHEAD 2 days ago

    I would have been happy to say I love the new Tenere more, I really would, but... Even though I truly understand that regarding the power, speed and dynamics the new Tenere should be well ahead. It looks really strange. Unbalanced speaking of design. The front end looks too short yet heavy compare to that tiny back end. The old face looks interesting and unique for its time in my opinion, especially with a tall screen. Those weird bolts sticking out, absolutely stupid fuel tank cap design, and even matt black exhaust make it looks like cheap unfinished product with only fresh face screen/lights design and a good engine I believe. I hope the frame will show its best on a long run just like oldie one so happy owners won't ever regret their long-awaited purchase. I've been waiting for it to come out for years, but unfortunately for me, it didn't touch my soul in its final version.

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    OK the Bridge, it's nice to see. Why not wild camp by the lake for a few days ? I could live there perm

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    This one of your best. My type of country

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Bastards with the wire. Guy I know lost his head to it in Bournemouth, between 2 lamp posts

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Looks like the old tank ranges at Sennelager

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Where is the place in E Germany has 1 lake after another?

  • olaf jensen
    olaf jensen 2 days ago

    Seelow Heights

  • Партизан
    Партизан 2 days ago


  • Leonardo S.
    Leonardo S. 3 days ago

    Less is more !

  • Klaus I
    Klaus I 3 days ago

    glory talking... perfekt, amazing, ...bla, bla...when reading about gs owners it is not so glory anymore.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 3 days ago

      The long term owners review are something different. In this video I share my experience to ride, not to own the bike.

  • Brown Iverson
    Brown Iverson 3 days ago

    Waiting for Africa twin 850

  • Pedro Fernadez
    Pedro Fernadez 3 days ago

    Saludos desde México amigo

  • Kentucky Justice
    Kentucky Justice 3 days ago

    Me, I like the modular helmet, but I often use the enduro helmet... especially in the summer time.

  • Akbar
    Akbar 3 days ago

    Great advice! I ride an MT07 (and love it), been thinking lately that my next bike would probably be a large ADV like the 1200GS (now 1250) or Multistrada, but I'm pretty sure this video has convinced me to stay in the sub-1000cc range.

  • gereg ivan
    gereg ivan 3 days ago

    just great

  • Devraj Goswami
    Devraj Goswami 3 days ago often u clean the chain? And lube w/o cleaning

  • doloritax65
    doloritax65 3 days ago

    Australians are born lucky. The rest we have to strive. Best place in planet

  • victor agudo
    victor agudo 3 days ago

    yamaha tenere 700 or husqi 701?

  • gromit
    gromit 3 days ago

    Hello Paval: I plan to visit India and Bangladesh next Feb. Did you rent or buy a used Himalayan in India? thank you

  • Joe Noname
    Joe Noname 3 days ago

    Those mirrors are really ugly but they don't actually change the fact that this is a superb model. I've watched this video because I'm planning to buy a 650 (2002 model and around that year). Funny thing is that these beauties are in the same price in the same condition in Hungary (1500 Euro and up). 17 l fuel tank not that much but its still okay, 190 kg weight is also fair enough. I'm 187 cm so seems like a comfortable ride. Thanks for this useful video.

  • Stu Revelle
    Stu Revelle 3 days ago

    Today I rode to Zahara. The place where you had lunch on your tour was closed ... maybe for the winter, but after my ride, sitting in the sun there was beautiful. What a lovely village and setting and so popular with tourists from Russia, Portugal, USA, UK and more. Bike parking no problem but car parking less easy. For a lunch stop Zahara is a glorious place to ride to for anyone passing through the area. Thanks for discovering it for me! I live near Malaga and I'll go there again .... and again!

  • Jove Stojanovski
    Jove Stojanovski 3 days ago

    Bravo majstore!

  • Filipe Morais
    Filipe Morais 3 days ago

    Hi! Good video, good talk. What do you think about this being a first bike? Thank you

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 3 days ago

    Pavlin, how did you become so optimist? Is that what you achieved through riding and meeting so many places and people? Or something else?

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 3 days ago

    My mentor always use to tell this. And now I'm getting it, in my way... From the experience of yours.. God surely loves you!

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 3 days ago

    Respect for the rider with broken leg

  • shamir shakir
    shamir shakir 3 days ago

    I see many people acting calm in good environment and get crazy when things go bad, sometimes including myself. Let's consider the Kirgistan for example. What are odds of happening something good, if someone stays positive? Because when I'm going to start the long tour, these situations are surely going to happen

  • Levi A
    Levi A 3 days ago

    Super nice video :)

  • Giuseppe Carlomagno

    Ktm 790 r?

  • C Mosca
    C Mosca 3 days ago

    Nice real world review 👍🏻

  • Rocking Rodders
    Rocking Rodders 3 days ago

    “Lyndon”what a Sweet fella..!! bikes aren’t too bad either..I’d Love a Go & Spain sure is the place to be on a motorcycle..Big Up Toro Adventure/Toro Trails..!!! 🤟🏻✌🏻

  • Wave Dancer
    Wave Dancer 3 days ago

    LOL what else he could say if he want's to sell the bikes every 12 months. For a dirtbike I still go with Honda CRF 250 or 450. 11'000 US-$ is ridiculous and the service intervalls for the Husqvarna insane!

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 3 days ago

      He is not selling the bikes. Every 12 months they renew it from the shop. The shop take the old and sell it second hand. Lyndon has zero interest to lie you.

  • holee phuk
    holee phuk 3 days ago

    What a great day we had,it was wet but we made it👊👊🍻🍻

  • geoff newman
    geoff newman 4 days ago

    Great video, Pavlin. Way beyond my skill level, but something to aim for. Also, what a great bike. Wow! they can take some punishment.

  • holee phuk
    holee phuk 4 days ago

    F... the bike the most important is that you are good 👍👍👍

  • Daniel Prinsloo
    Daniel Prinsloo 4 days ago

    Pavlin - thank you for yet another great video - you ride very well for a senior citizen. I think that Husqvarna should concentrate on their chain saw's and leave bike manufacturing to the professionals like YAMAHA - HONDA - KTM - thank you again for the time you spend sending us these great videos.

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 4 days ago

      Stickers you can order from here:

    • Daniel Prinsloo
      Daniel Prinsloo 4 days ago

      Hi Palin - well then it is a good bike - :) please send me some stickers - PO BOX 2534 RICHARDS BAY SOUTH AFRICA 3900 - be blessed

    • Motorcycle Adventures
      Motorcycle Adventures 4 days ago

      Thanks for taking the time Daniel! Husqvarna is own by KTM now.

  • Leroy B
    Leroy B 4 days ago

    I am a white British guy, backpacked around Pakistan four times in the 90s in my early 20s. The Pakistanis of all provinces were always the nicest people and I'll never forget that place. So glad it is mostly peaceful there now after years of troubles. Sadly the extreme hierarchy is as it always has been and the poor are still extremely poor and suffer exponentially as a result. Aside from that Pakistan is an amazing country.

  • zdenek marek
    zdenek marek 4 days ago

    New Yama has a longer wheelbase than your older model,does it not?

  • Gloss Black
    Gloss Black 4 days ago

    Excellent video. Thanks a lot. I am considering this bike as an "upgrade" from my WR250R, but I don't like the recommended 15 hour oil change intervals. It was interesting to hear that Toro do oil changes about every 20 to 30 hours. I reckon with normal trail riding like you did, 20 to 30 hours is probably fine.

  • tillybilly0
    tillybilly0 4 days ago

    Great advice!

  • Rick Watson
    Rick Watson 4 days ago

    Great job and video about the GSA's

  • Rick Simpson
    Rick Simpson 4 days ago

    A fool and his money soon part,,,. !!! When BMW first came out with a Dakar 750,,, I instantly knew it was a piece of junk and a money pit,,,. !!! Within 5 minutes of riding it,,, and a hours worth of research,,,. !!! And they've continued to get worse,,,. !!!

  • pgarpgar
    pgarpgar 4 days ago

    great review! thanks

  • Eric Viss
    Eric Viss 4 days ago

    Watched your r1250gs review and liked it

  • tazzzxcsd
    tazzzxcsd 4 days ago

    thanks for the video. You ride dirt bikes pretty well for a young bloke Pavlin :)

  • Peter Wrench
    Peter Wrench 4 days ago

    I bet you slept well that night! Nothing like a day on the tracks for a good workout.

  • dry509
    dry509 4 days ago

    What bike do you own?

  • Angelo Marim
    Angelo Marim 4 days ago

    Another wonderful video from Pavlin. What a amazing places, Paquistan have a lot of beautiful views. Thanks to all for showing us this wonderful country and people!!!

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