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  • kyleigh cash
    kyleigh cash 3 months ago

    From the movie joyful

  • some stingy on the internet

    range ball

  • Willow’sCreations 28

    this is used as a "pixar" video example project for class. seriously?

  • Kady-ann Stewart
    Kady-ann Stewart 4 months ago


    MAJID SILVESTER 5 months ago

    ممنون و موفق باشید

  • Drawtoonz Studio
    Drawtoonz Studio 5 months ago

    "Property of the Walt Disney Company" Oh right, almost forgot that Disney's behind literally every piece of animation ever made.

  • Craize
    Craize 6 months ago

    This is cute

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago


  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Songs Sam Soccweñl Tim Ed Chris R.V.A.K.S.E. Lee New

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Music Jonah Naito David Pijavol Robert A. Lure

  • Laurie Brown
    Laurie Brown 8 months ago

    Art Brenda Hill Anna Dirtying Jim Maxupolàn

  • Marinela Trifoni
    Marinela Trifoni 10 months ago

    🤩🤩🤩🤩 innamorata di questa canzone

  • Mark Johns
    Mark Johns 10 months ago

    Still in 2018

  • Dahlia Stella
    Dahlia Stella 11 months ago

    I love this song very much💛💛💛

  • Yubi K.
    Yubi K. Year ago

    Aw, cute.

  • Sofía Aliaga
    Sofía Aliaga Year ago

    Esto no puede ser de Pixar... no me lo creo ni por un segundo... Pixar tiene demasiada creatividad y sus cortos te enganchan de una vez que te pones a verlo. Esto me aburrió de una vez.

  • Venom Monster
    Venom Monster Year ago

    Thanks guys it’s from me

  • Basketbomber Slackingson

    Now where’s that god awful comment I left here when I first had a RU-clip account to just comment on random videos? I still do this but my comments aren’t as horrendous as they aren’t just me saying things in horrible intentional misspellings

  • memo
    memo Year ago

    is this a butterfly?

  • ghostboyee
    ghostboyee Year ago

    Sorry not Pixar.

  • Loni Becerra
    Loni Becerra Year ago

    Oh my god she is so cute

  • ali faris
    ali faris Year ago

    شكرا لكم

  • Melissa Claassen

    Why does that sheep remind me so much of Kim Jong Un?

  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan Year ago

    Ha joke’s on you Disney and Pixar measure in pounds. And their animation is totally different

  • syub xd
    syub xd Year ago

    This is creepy

  • Chipettes eat Chips

    *4:20* “a film by...” Obviously Pixar wasn’t listed credited, or any of its animators even listed

  • Catherine Tran
    Catherine Tran Year ago

    Why do you guys have nightmares? It’s just a guy baking a cake for his wife and his wife dressing up sexy for him. It’s not Pixar but it’s not a bad film

  • cupcake sprinkles

    True neon*

  • cupcake sprinkles

    Teprue neon

  • aliyah clarisse salvador

    mann… This is my asmr in my childhood memories (it's not Pixar) and also the fixing woody scene (toy story 2 but Pixar)

  • # GamVlogz #
    # GamVlogz # Year ago


  • Lee Roby
    Lee Roby Year ago

    The sheep is so evil.

  • lauren
    lauren Year ago

    3:16 he has a moustache

  • Petra Kristof
    Petra Kristof Year ago

    This is totally not Pixar

  • i
    i Year ago

    Holy shit. I red those comments of this short movie. By those comments I really thought they were going to bake that dog or something.

  • Swapna Ghorami
    Swapna Ghorami Year ago

    swapna good morning

  • تالين غوشه- Taleen Ghosheh

    This is defenitly not Pixar nor Disney

  • Blackbaccara92
    Blackbaccara92 Year ago

    I was very scare for the cake ^^

  • nikki S
    nikki S Year ago

    pixar??? no no no

  • Anjali Vadakkeveliyil Sugathan

    did anyone notice that burning pot behind while he was cooking?

  • Arianna Pineda
    Arianna Pineda Year ago

    This is the most scariest thing I’ve ever seen ewwww

  • FineSetOfPipes
    FineSetOfPipes Year ago

    Definitely not pixar

  • Skippy Bean
    Skippy Bean Year ago

    Putting Pixar's name on this? This is bad quality, Pixar would never make this. It also has Monster's Inc. music in the background, whatever company made this should be ashamed.

  • Shai Shai
    Shai Shai Year ago

    I laughed really Fucking hard when he kicked the dog in the air.

  • Spottedthistle
    Spottedthistle Year ago


  • Spottedthistle
    Spottedthistle Year ago


  • LM Yushi
    LM Yushi Year ago

    People don't seem to like this because it's not from Pixar and it's not "kid-friendly." But I like it. They seem to be celebrating their love with something literally sweet ☺😊

  • La kk de Jaymed
    La kk de Jaymed Year ago

    #HailGrasa :'v

  • death is near
    death is near Year ago

    ......................why did I watch this?........I'll never know.

  • siva kumar
    siva kumar Year ago

    I loft a lot

  • DJ Unipanda
    DJ Unipanda Year ago

    Damn Pixar gone down hill

  • Hana Hesham
    Hana Hesham Year ago

    what an ugly looking dog honestly the man and his wife are ugly too

  • Zoé 101
    Zoé 101 Year ago

    Estoy 100% segura que disney/Pixal no hizo eso... jamas lo ubiera hecho... NO ES DE PIXAR....🙄😐😣🤔😲

  • Ryan the smart***

    This bootleg version of "For the birds" is idiotic on 1,825,113 levels

    • Ryan the smart***
      Ryan the smart*** Year ago, it disgracefully uses the soundtrack of monsters inc

  • It’s Shadows
    It’s Shadows Year ago

    7:58 rest in pepperonis

  • It’s Shadows
    It’s Shadows Year ago

    WTF stupid sheep

  • It’s Shadows
    It’s Shadows Year ago

    R,I,p frog

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood Year ago

    Pixar does better than that... I don’t believe it’s Pixar

  • BillieEilishFan 02


  • shin yuna is my queen

    *t* *h* *i* *c* *c*

  • Pine Drop Pye AJ

    Okay luckily I scrolled true duh comments before I see to much IM LEAVING! Thank you comment section...

  • Eboni Dickson
    Eboni Dickson Year ago

    That chiahwa looked like a deer!

  • Anjali Singh
    Anjali Singh Year ago

    Couldn't understand few logics. First of all how can a rope/whatever conduct electricity and second one with the meat eating herbivore thing (people already commented).... And yeah the sheep must be made a little bit cute so that we can enjoy... But anyway liked the way the sheep annoys him...

  • Giulie
    Giulie Year ago

    um now i know why walt disney had himself frozen for a long time to hide from your bad animation plus stop fucking saying its from pixar and disney i know disney when i see it and its not disney so just tell the truth cus when you lie you lie to god and it bad what your doig just tell everyone the truth or it will get trust me it will

    • Giulie
      Giulie Year ago

      woops i mean it will worse and doing

  • Pin me
    Pin me Year ago

    This fat ass woman she was 130KG WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUU

    • Pin me
      Pin me Year ago

      And plus this is totally not Disney Pixar Beacuase in the begging it showed a pe pe

  • Jessica Preston
    Jessica Preston Year ago

    What the fuck did I just watch

  • Valaree Sparks
    Valaree Sparks Year ago

    This Animation is REALLY TRULY fucked up ugly!!! I mean Pablo the show ugly

  • Limpo Mulenga
    Limpo Mulenga Year ago

    Dude who cares where it's from it's good....sheesh so if was Disney y'all would be praising this?? Jerks😕

    • Psychodelic Pyromaniac
      Psychodelic Pyromaniac Year ago

      No cause it's just the way it looks doesnt matter if it's pixar anyone can tell it's just bad quality

  • Ash Equestrian
    Ash Equestrian Year ago


  • Linkin Burke
    Linkin Burke Year ago

    I went and liked every comment, doing it mad me cry😢

  • Heather K
    Heather K Year ago


  • Saniya Zan
    Saniya Zan Year ago

    3:25 poor Little doggie

  • Nala
    Nala Year ago

    It's not from Pixar! It doesn't even get close to be

  • San xanaa
    San xanaa Year ago

    Moral =You can bake a cake and decorate it while a woman is getting ready😯

  • Wilwarin26
    Wilwarin26 Year ago

    This is a ESMA film, not a Pixar ! You are a liar !!

  • Air ana Gandee
    Air ana Gandee Year ago

    damn forgot about the cake is the dog alright?

  • I'm Hacker
    I'm Hacker Year ago

    Fucking sheep

  • Alex
    Alex Year ago

    The frog got fucking destroyed

  • Al Kaufa
    Al Kaufa Year ago


  • Mimi 83
    Mimi 83 Year ago

    yeah ok... off brand Pixar

  • Linkin Burke
    Linkin Burke Year ago

    Nobody make this sound wrong but this makes me think of how much i love my mom, Happy Mothers day Mom I love you to the moon and back.

  • Amanda G.
    Amanda G. Year ago

    Cute little movie. I was pleasantly surprised that the woman was treated as a human, and not the subject of endless fat jokes.

  • ElectroGamez
    ElectroGamez Year ago

    She THICC.

  • Ayden Chroeng
    Ayden Chroeng Year ago

    Dat sheep should to hell

  • jana elkheir
    jana elkheir Year ago

    that was WAYYYY too sexual to EVER be Disney! sorry mate

  • Death Mark
    Death Mark Year ago

    Anyone noticed he turned on the wrong burner

    FUZZILE Year ago

    A sheep is a herbivore

  • Sapphire Song
    Sapphire Song Year ago

    how dare you try to sell this as a pixar animation, Pixar would never throw out shallow crap like this.

  • Ava Heilig
    Ava Heilig Year ago

    *The Fuck*

  • Leidiane Alves
    Leidiane Alves Year ago


  • Jose&Mileyni Huertas


  • Andie Silvius
    Andie Silvius Year ago

    Loving the transitions

  • Mirna Aguayo
    Mirna Aguayo Year ago

    Me encanta

  • Roshan Nikhade
    Roshan Nikhade Year ago

    Kya baat hair bro

  • SpeedMatcher
    SpeedMatcher Year ago


  • ZoNeRL
    ZoNeRL Year ago

    This sheep has some damn anger problems. Damn

  • florato
    florato Year ago

    This dude is ugly