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  • Naomi David
    Naomi David 3 seconds ago

    Only Patricia would buy 3 pairs of the same exact type of boot😂 I love her💀💞

  • Cee Dee
    Cee Dee 33 seconds ago

    You have such a beautiful personality.

  • Charlie Jaduara.x
    Charlie Jaduara.x 51 second ago

    The fact that you used Oatly in ur tea actually makes me so happy, like I was in a mood before not even kidding XD

  • Zana Santos
    Zana Santos 3 minutes ago

    Come thru with the Air Force 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I’m a New Yorker if you couldn’t tell 😬

  • Laura
    Laura 3 minutes ago

    I think pregnancy is so long and ends up being so miserable so that you have less fear of giving birth. You just want it out and your baby in your arms!

  • trishA k
    trishA k 10 minutes ago

    PATRICIA omg you look absolutely gorgeous 😍😍!!!you'r glowing you look so beautiful WOW

  • Rach Hunter
    Rach Hunter 13 minutes ago

    I gave birth at 37 weeks and was SO relieved, imagine going to 42 weeks 😭😭😭

  • Carly Holland
    Carly Holland 21 minute ago

    I’m a size 41 too 😩

  • Paula Keta
    Paula Keta 23 minutes ago

    This was hilarious!!! You’re a gem Patricia

  • eureka312
    eureka312 24 minutes ago

    I need you to do my makeup! I have never worn eye shadow I'm a foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick girl anything more is too complicated. But I'm sooo excited for you, congratulations.

  • Elise S
    Elise S 28 minutes ago

    Hope you sized down in your air forces

  • Tiff Ruff
    Tiff Ruff 38 minutes ago

    Fur lined winter boots at M&S! Plus they cater for big feet! Sizes 8, 8.5 and 9! And I know M&s sounds stuffy but their shoes are popppping !

  • Acer Tree
    Acer Tree 44 minutes ago

    I used to be depressed but I haven't stopped laughing since I found your channel. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I love your family 💝❣️💝❣️💝. Your mum is soooo lovely.

  • Cee_Jay Live
    Cee_Jay Live 59 minutes ago

    "Stuff is nice" I feel you sis 😂

  • Marieme S DIA
    Marieme S DIA Hour ago

    " Big foot lives matter " 🤣🤣🤣

  • Carey Davila
    Carey Davila Hour ago

    #youaregold Love the looks so chic and expensive!!! You are so freakin cute and so dang real!! Thank you for being you..keeps me coming back week after week, year after year!!! Happy Holidays! Xoxoxoxo

  • elupe mano
    elupe mano Hour ago

    Omg the airforce clip doubled

  • Shannon Hoang
    Shannon Hoang 2 hours ago

    What sizes did you get?? Or did I miss it 😭

  • Pretty Amazing 1902
    Pretty Amazing 1902 2 hours ago

    Always beautiful Patricia!! Wow

  • Amayayi Andanje
    Amayayi Andanje 2 hours ago

    PMS & Ma damn

  • Camille HARRISON
    Camille HARRISON 2 hours ago

    The gag is, she might've been pregnant in this video. Lmao

  • Bambi Alexander
    Bambi Alexander 2 hours ago

    Honestly our opinions about relationships couldnt be more in sync

  • Jeffany Figueroa
    Jeffany Figueroa 3 hours ago

    You look so beautiful pregnant. I love the peplum shirt. Very cute

  • Amayayi Andanje
    Amayayi Andanje 3 hours ago

    Guuuuuurl nooo just no....😂😂😂😂 that lipkit isn't universal

  • Jeffany Figueroa
    Jeffany Figueroa 3 hours ago

    We do in America too we love cardigan. You know you should try Venus. It's located in Florida. They have beautiful clothes and beautiful cardigans look very bouje/ expensive. Nice quality. I can't always buy since to me their a bit expensive. I think you would live it.

  • Jeffany Figueroa
    Jeffany Figueroa 3 hours ago

    I love leather too

  • Oskar Held des Tages

  • Deepa Bhandari
    Deepa Bhandari 3 hours ago

    Hi Love from India

  • cher
    cher 3 hours ago

    Is that real fur...??I hope not coz you were one of my favs

  • Jessica Durant
    Jessica Durant 3 hours ago

    Howwwww?!? I’m living in bed with this baby. (Due New Years) I’m so tired and my back is killing me. The holiday rush is stressing me.

  • Choco Reacts
    Choco Reacts 3 hours ago

    I went straight to the comment section 😂❤️

  • Nakita russell
    Nakita russell 3 hours ago

    and 9months later , here comes baby Bright 😂❤️

  • CindySoka
    CindySoka 4 hours ago

    I'm not really into designer stuff and the hype around them. but hey ho each to their own

  • Laura S.
    Laura S. 4 hours ago

    oh my god !!! Those black heels . Im dyinnnng

  • Acer Tree
    Acer Tree 4 hours ago

    Awwww Just beautiful 💖💗💐🙏🏿💖💗

  • aichass
    aichass 4 hours ago

    I used to take the train to school for 9 years (live in Finland). The old trains had steep stairs and there was no way you could get inside with a trolly if someone didn't help you. If a young boy was the only man at the station there was no question.. he would always be the one to help over any woman there. I love that about our culture 💜 shame on the men in london 😒

  • Laya Lopez
    Laya Lopez 4 hours ago

    I've always wanted a pair of those over the knee black boots 😩 eventually I'll have them

  • Trina Penuliar
    Trina Penuliar 4 hours ago

    I really dislike shopping myself, but there's something so joyful about watching you spoiling yourself ❤️ Love it!

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    PMS was fucking gorgeous

  • bananana79
    bananana79 4 hours ago

    looove the video ! i'ma be naughty come black friday. what are the leather leggings in the cut-away please ? xo

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    That drippy design, the one especially on the front of the lip kits Kylie STOLE that image from an artist. Facts

  • Fiona Kyle
    Fiona Kyle 5 hours ago

    The grinch didnt hate Christmas. He hated people and that's deep.

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    Kylie? Lol 💩💩💩💩

  • Raquel Stevens
    Raquel Stevens 5 hours ago

    I wish you could do a clothing haul for your soon coming baby 😏😏

  • Margarither Ambrose
    Margarither Ambrose 5 hours ago

    Not sure I watch this video. 😏😏😏 Ohh I know to feel poor.😂😂😂

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I’m 37 😄 and from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Alonia Lewis
    Alonia Lewis 5 hours ago

    The orange was Nia long all day

  • Kay Fay
    Kay Fay 5 hours ago

    Sell your stuff

  • Z SD
    Z SD 5 hours ago

    She's so beautiful... Does anyonelse think she looks a bit like a black version of Scarlett Johansson, or is it just me?

  • Hicran Tasci
    Hicran Tasci 5 hours ago

    i really need to link to those door handles

  • Jessica P2672
    Jessica P2672 5 hours ago

    Black Friday is crap this year anyone else? 😞

  • Chandra Preston
    Chandra Preston 5 hours ago


  • Kristen The Christian

    Girl you better resale these things and stop playing

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I love that your doing this video 😂💗

  • Sweety Yadav
    Sweety Yadav 8 hours ago

    Loved every single shoe, especially the blue ones! Gorgeousssss

  • Brayleigh Hope
    Brayleigh Hope 8 hours ago

    oof, first world problems

  • Camiri Thomas
    Camiri Thomas 8 hours ago

    the leather and fur jacket is gorgeous!!! where is it from ?

  • Lisa Lee
    Lisa Lee 9 hours ago

    I love you loooool

  • aogcs.21581
    aogcs.21581 9 hours ago

    I love my air force 1s! 💕

  • Michele Davis
    Michele Davis 9 hours ago

    Patricia: “ my budget is not set up that way” GIRL I COULD BARRLY AFFORD TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! 😅

  • Rau
    Rau 10 hours ago

    guys please subscribe to my channel, id really appreciate it.

  • Rau
    Rau 10 hours ago

    cant wait for baby wow ;)

  • Emjae Smith
    Emjae Smith 10 hours ago

    This is amazing. Almost everything you mentioned I can relate to. Thanks Pat ❤️

  • Mg (Meagan)
    Mg (Meagan) 10 hours ago

    Girl I’m 7 weeks in right now and Just clicking on this video. I’m ready to find out what I got to look forward to 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Peninah Atieno
    Peninah Atieno 11 hours ago

    Say hi to Amina

  • laura nawire
    laura nawire 11 hours ago

    😂😂big foot lives matter... Lol Patricia u kill me

  • JenJenSweetness
    JenJenSweetness 11 hours ago

    You look more normal with your gold and braids..i like it

  • GoJhaneGo
    GoJhaneGo 11 hours ago

    I have big boobs so I always have to get creative when they are Poppin out too much... wear a lace bra that covers the area. It looks like part of the dress or you can be extra and choose a color that pops a little while still being covered 😊 -- 9:20 the gold dress

  • Mary Dimarni
    Mary Dimarni 11 hours ago

    Long down to the ground🤣🤣🤣don’t know why I found that funny

  • Isabelle Vonga
    Isabelle Vonga 12 hours ago

    How tall are you Patricia?

  • Isadora Coates
    Isadora Coates 12 hours ago

    Patricia looks great pregnant

  • Emy badaf
    Emy badaf 12 hours ago

    I think Maurines wearing wrong size for her, thats why shapewear fails to do the job

  • Naz Rashid
    Naz Rashid 12 hours ago

    The product colours is quite similar to yeezy line. Bland & boring

  • CarlyUTube
    CarlyUTube 12 hours ago

    Wow! Patrica, all I can say is you are rolling like the BOSS LADY that you are. Baby on the way, home make over, Christmas right around the corner and you go Black Friday shopping that I could only dream about. Love seeing it, thanks for sharing!

  • callyod
    callyod 12 hours ago

    Those blue shoes are ugly!!!

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I’ve been using baby wipes for makeup removal for years! And Vaseline on the lips!

  • Sue Davis
    Sue Davis 12 hours ago

    OMG I did it! Took me a couple of months but I’ve watched from year 9 to year 1!! What a trippy journey! Unreal 🤪

  • Forever Stylish
    Forever Stylish 12 hours ago

    I’ve heard of some women who eat baking soda/powder.🤢

  • Dee Walker
    Dee Walker 13 hours ago

    You've got afterpains to look forward to which you've not experienced yet,be prepared! Good luck gal you'll be fine!Love and light from NZ

  • TheRealLadyMagnus
    TheRealLadyMagnus 13 hours ago

    Pregnancy is balls sometimes.

  • Anna Mellor
    Anna Mellor 14 hours ago

    The sage lows are a straight up gift from god, I just picked up a deep pink pair from ASOS for 60% off, and I am loving them.

  • Anna Mellor
    Anna Mellor 14 hours ago

    Those black pumps are SLAYING ME PATRICIA

  • Grace Deng
    Grace Deng 14 hours ago

    What does she do with all the clothes in her wardrobe after all her videos lmaoo

  • Sati kaur
    Sati kaur 14 hours ago

    Bigfoot lives matter..🤣🤣😂🙈

  • Caroline Cassidy
    Caroline Cassidy 14 hours ago

    I love looking back at her videos and seeing her dance in her closet, just fills me with joy lol

  • TheFancyOne
    TheFancyOne 14 hours ago

    I wish I could love this video, this was an awesome video Pat wishing you a safe delivery

  • Christy Ling
    Christy Ling 14 hours ago

    Love the color of your teddy coat. I just bought the Rachel Zoe version and been wearing it since I got it.

  • Sophia Joseph
    Sophia Joseph 15 hours ago

    Patricia, come on now. I can barely afford just fab 😭

  • High Life
    High Life 15 hours ago

    "Its Not Actually The Eyes Crying, Its The Actual Ears That Are Leaking." That Icecream Jacket 😭

  • Julienne Lekeuneu
    Julienne Lekeuneu 15 hours ago

    I watch it because i like and she inspires me but to be honest i've never purchased a the struggle is real in Buffalo, NY . alternatives: I've found some quality tagged goodies at consignment / thrift shores aka Goodwill aka Amvit. check it out dears...

  • Deborah Olaleye
    Deborah Olaleye 15 hours ago

    We love these luxurious hauls hun! Yasss!💅🏾

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself you bedwench

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    Your still not very pretty patricia

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    You picked the short straw when you chose THAT white guy he’s from handsome

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    Your face makes me wanna vomit

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    You don’t really look good together

  • S
    S 15 hours ago

    At least get a good looking white guy if your gonna be with one