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Surprise vs Surprise
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  • Luis games
    Luis games Month ago

    And the drone videos?

  • The Baldone
    The Baldone 2 months ago

    I don't know who has more time on their hands. You for making the video or me for watching it.

  • ZEG
    ZEG 2 months ago


  • TsPitfire
    TsPitfire 2 months ago

    Can we see the plane and drone videos??? I like the plane compilations

  • Leo Ricci
    Leo Ricci 3 months ago

    EXTRAÑO LOS DRONES (perdon si hablo español

  • U Got scammed
    U Got scammed 3 months ago

    Wow that is cool to look at!

  • Markezi94
    Markezi94 4 months ago

    Poor little drone 😢

    CPTGANZ 4 months ago

    cant say that was satisfying to watch at all. not a worthy waste.

  • Steeven Flament
    Steeven Flament 4 months ago

    Je me désabonne 👌

  • Malkhan Yadav
    Malkhan Yadav 4 months ago


  • Infarlock 159
    Infarlock 159 4 months ago

    They deleted all drone videos and perhaps sold their channel Unsubbed, thank you for your time of making all fail videos though, it was great while it lasted, good luck everyone

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise 4 months ago

      Channel was not sold, we are lose monetization from RU-clip, and we are trying to get back and remonetized, this is our content that we make early before drone crash compilations. 😕

  • RC Flo
    RC Flo 4 months ago

    No drone crash vid?

  • RC Flo
    RC Flo 4 months ago

    Lol so much dislikes

  • Jonciusss
    Jonciusss 4 months ago

    Where's drone content?

  • Steeven Flament
    Steeven Flament 4 months ago

    C'est nul

  • Tom Tomate
    Tom Tomate 7 months ago

    The 3rd last plane gives in relive as a radio controlled plane and I got it in each and I can fly it 😁

  • CNCmachiningisfun

    You are so lucky that your heat gun has an *UNDO* button on it ;) . I wish mine did.

  • Armaggedrone
    Armaggedrone Year ago

    Hi, I like your crash compilations and i want to send you my crash with my old drone if you want to use this on a video :) Have a nice weekend :D

    YTP AND GAMES Year ago

    Can you please make a vidoe of rc helicopter crash compition

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise Year ago

      We are working on that last few months, and we can tell you that will be soon! Thanks for asking 😊

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind Year ago

    These burning things are really satisfive to watch

  • Calmin Jarris
    Calmin Jarris Year ago

    Im sure that lighter will explode

  • Shelby Seelbach
    Shelby Seelbach Year ago

    How is this an experiment? What was the hypothesis, where are the control groups, what were the results in relation to the expected outcome as stated in hypothesis? This is just an idiot with a hot air gun burning shit. That should be the title: Idiot With Hot Air Gun Burning Shit. Thumbs down.

  • Arsyl FPV
    Arsyl FPV Year ago

    Rip milka Oreo cookie!

  • Arsyl FPV
    Arsyl FPV Year ago

    0:36 WOW😱

  • Arsyl FPV
    Arsyl FPV Year ago

    Very nice video! Really cool!

  • Canal joao loke
    Canal joao loke Year ago

    Bque do dos drones e dos pilotos

  • Alex Drone
    Alex Drone Year ago

    Че за фигня блин!!!

  • John Surprise
    John Surprise Year ago

    Thanks to all of you who participate with your videos, without you nothing would be same ❤️🥂

  • Calmin Jarris
    Calmin Jarris Year ago

    Love your heat gun videos, but drone crashes are best on RU-clip, everyone repeating same videos but here not! This channel desereve much more subs, like if you agree! Cheers people

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise Year ago

      Thanks, apriciate your comment, we are improving every single day and trying our best! Cheers 😉

  • Asriel Is Dad
    Asriel Is Dad Year ago

    YES!!!! 3K! In no WAY is 3K small. Three thousand people have subscribed to this channel, and that’s amazing. Keep it up. Next stop 5K!

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise Year ago

      We are happy with every single one of subscriber, 3000 is amazing number, thanks, best wishes! 😊

  • Surprise vs Surprise

    If you have any suggestions for us, be free to leave in comment! Thank You all again! 😊

  • Zanet Bilic
    Zanet Bilic Year ago

    Congrats dude, you owned it!


    Congrat. You deserve it. You have cool videos. Maybe some day I reach the 100 😅

  • elsmeghead
    elsmeghead Year ago

    Just read the description. No worries. I'm sure each and every person that watches your videos and is a subscriber is here for just one thing.... to enjoy complete numpties crashing their drones lol You do an excellent job of compiling all the BEST videos. Please don't stop!!

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise Year ago

      Thank you, really apriciate your comment! 😊 We are continue working, this week one Heat Gun experiment, and next week new Epic Drone Crash compilation! Thanks! 😉

  • AJ Alvarez
    AJ Alvarez Year ago

    Awesome man yes love watching your videos😎👌👍

  • tjalexforever
    tjalexforever Year ago

    Nice science

  • BigDroneFlyer1964

    I saw that coming as soon as I saw the thumbnail. :-) Last Thanksgiving, somebody had put a can of Diet Pepsi on the stovetop while the Thanksgiving bird was in the oven. Around 6:00pm, I heard a muffled explosion in the kitchen (I was out of the room at the time), and when I went back to the kitchen I noted at once that there was pop all over the stovetop! :-O

    FARDEEN Year ago

    Do you have drone

    • BigDroneFlyer1964
      BigDroneFlyer1964 Year ago

      I saw a, "Heat Gun vs. Drone" on RU-clip not all that long ago. Needless to say, the drone lost bigtime! :-(

    • John Surprise
      John Surprise Year ago

      here it is with drone:

    FARDEEN Year ago

    Nice video

  • Surprise vs Surprise

    Hello guys! Write in comment what do you want in next Heat Gun Experiments? Thank You! :)

  • capdu38
    capdu38 Year ago

    Tu vas finir en justice,, les grandes marque peuvent ce retourner contre toi

  • Zanet Bilic
    Zanet Bilic Year ago

    Hahaha so satisfying 😍

  • Surprise vs Surprise

    Hello guys! Write what would you like to see in next heat gun experiment video? Thank you!

  • Costel Cheptene
    Costel Cheptene Year ago


    LV PRODUCTION Year ago


  • M. K.
    M. K. 3 years ago

    Hello, friends!!! Cool Video. LIKED!!! I hope you'll have fun, watching the scene Kinder Surprise unwrapping, PLAY DOH - is the channel for you! Thank you very much for watching and don't forget to subscribe! :)))

    • Surprise vs Surprise
      Surprise vs Surprise 3 years ago

      Thanks! Liked your video of unwarping, nice! Cheers my happy friend! :)