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  • jac gell
    jac gell 17 hours ago

    Bud, was wrong, their was a black person name Floyd on the show season 2 episode 2

  • Mark Santiago
    Mark Santiago Day ago

    Professional life of the party.🤣🤣🤣 Amen Wolfman rest in peace.

  • Spyros - Spiz
    Spyros - Spiz Day ago

    Dear videoholicUKTIMATE. You do not have permission to use my film 'The Alien Autopsy' and I hereby ask that you please remove it at once. Failure to do so will result in a RU-clip Strike and other costs relating to ilegal and unauthorised use of my copyrighted materials. Thank you.

  • Mark Sanders
    Mark Sanders Day ago

    The mansion next door to Walt Disney fits the show better as the location of the Drysdale home and the location of the cement pond!

  • Margret Sims
    Margret Sims 2 days ago

    Dareen McGavin looks like a man I am attracted to......mmmm

  • Eric Myers
    Eric Myers 3 days ago

    Maybe I’m naive in saying this, but if we had medical breakthroughs like this, I believe it would help make the world a better place. Not a perfect utopia. Just a more hopeful world.

  • Dr, D
    Dr, D 4 days ago

    I bet she is wetter than a slaughterhouse floor right now

  • Laura Squirrel
    Laura Squirrel 5 days ago

    LMFAO! That's awesome!

  • Dan Maler
    Dan Maler 5 days ago

    O'Reilly was such a hateful man. Just a pure bully until the end.

  • lamebrainiac
    lamebrainiac 5 days ago

    Anybody who believes JFK, Jr was so arrogant as to take a plane he wasn't experienced in flying, along with his wife and sister-in-law is not thinking clearly. All one has to do is listen to his interviews to know that he is/was not a narcissist.

  • ruth bashford
    ruth bashford 6 days ago

    I think Donna Douglas is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

  • Mike Qualio
    Mike Qualio 6 days ago

    This has got to be made by the people at DIC animation in the 1980's

  • RickinFLA07
    RickinFLA07 7 days ago

    Where do I find part 3 ?

  • William Thompson
    William Thompson 9 days ago

    R.I.P. Fred McLeod ='(

  • DJ SZS
    DJ SZS 9 days ago

    Gale Gordon one of my favorite actors. RIP

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 11 days ago

    Ffs, we're still here.

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland 12 days ago

    Die partck fie care

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland 12 days ago

    Good news diePatrick swayze

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland 12 days ago

    Good news Patrick swayze funeral

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland 12 days ago

    Patrick swayze death good news

  • Jammy Jay
    Jammy Jay 13 days ago

    Ummm, here we are damn near 20yrs later.... smart phones, hybrid technology, 5 Presidential terms later. Fuck them “analyst”

  • ChApA 9
    ChApA 9 14 days ago

    Why lie now? We all know that film was authentic and this is the proof of it, you! why is the alien cover and slimmer???

  • Sam Sticka
    Sam Sticka 16 days ago

    Spanky's last TV appearance was on "Cheers" 3 months earlier.

  • Sprite fan 2000
    Sprite fan 2000 17 days ago

    I love this song!

  • Rudy Iraheta
    Rudy Iraheta 17 days ago

    was that independent

  • matt s
    matt s 18 days ago

    whats with those huge waves?

  • yuckydude1127
    yuckydude1127 18 days ago

    Lmao this hilarious. Y2K was 3 days before my 16th birthday. Most people weren't as panicky or paranoid as the tone of this video. This so dramatic, it's hilarious. PAX haha that was some 3rd rate cable tv there.

    CADENCEFAN2019 18 days ago


  • Fck'in NonStick!!!
    Fck'in NonStick!!! 18 days ago

    Ray Santilli released the original video in 1995. But in 2006 he just admit that the video is just hoax. Lots of questions but this one bothers me: Why he keep this for more than 10 years and just said its an hoax after all?

  • joeduece1
    joeduece1 18 days ago

    Hey Ray, have you ever meet sevengoolie or casey kasem ?

    • joeduece1
      joeduece1 17 days ago

      @videoholicULTIMATE wow, That's cool. I was just guessing. Too bad you didn't make a video with him.

    • videoholicULTIMATE
      videoholicULTIMATE 18 days ago

      Yes, I met Casey back in 2010...what a prince!

  • Greyfox 99
    Greyfox 99 19 days ago

    Not only did the get California wrong but also Hawaii which went to Kennedy.

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 22 days ago


  • Mr Krasker
    Mr Krasker 23 days ago

    Chicken man, Mild manner Benton Harbor.

  • Zeke Miller
    Zeke Miller 24 days ago

    That REALLY sucked ass, showing nothing but a gun in the background!

  • Karen Davis
    Karen Davis 24 days ago

    Father Knows Best was one of the best TV Shows in history. It wasn’t bigoted at all. It’s sad that Billy Gray feels this way. He was my favorite character. He should be grateful that he was picked for this show. I’m a woman and I don’t see it as sexist. I believe times were better then before all that sexist crap started..This world would be a better place if woman had continued to stay home with their children. We could take lessons from this show. Sounds to me like he wants to blame the show for his own actions. He got caught with weed? C’mon Bud take responsibility for your own actions! I saw you roll your eyes like it’s FKB fault. Maybe you can blame Hollywood but certainly not Father Knows Best!!

  • cockyhemi
    cockyhemi 26 days ago

    Bill’s a jackass

  • DavesWorld
    DavesWorld 26 days ago

    Maybe this interview was in 1991 since he doesn't mention his reprisal of the role of Kor in Deep Space 9. Colicos died in 2000 after being in 3 episodes of DS9.

  • Marc Ziegenhain
    Marc Ziegenhain 26 days ago

    The only Kirk.

  • Retro Tech Kid
    Retro Tech Kid 26 days ago

    When did you stop using the tr700? Can you please upload more tr700 tapes and more Hi8 tapes in general?

  • d q
    d q 28 days ago

    This was all such a joke.

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales 29 days ago

    dammmm Elvis does his American deed and goes to the ARMY what about the now president? he was a 5 time ranker

  • CJ_CrushingC_R
    CJ_CrushingC_R Month ago

    “& while you’re at it, close down Bea Arthur’s Cantina & give Han Solo a name. We are The Empire!”

  • Al Swearengen
    Al Swearengen Month ago

    Absolutely fucking hilarious!!!

  • Laura Holland
    Laura Holland Month ago

    Sawzy die you hautl

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards Month ago

    He should have got an Oscar for the hitcher.

  • Tessa 77
    Tessa 77 Month ago

    There are way better interviews with Rutger Hauer. I love the interview with Theo van Gogh. And also Rutger's documentary "blonde, blue eyes".

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 Month ago

      Those are great!! I also actually love the one with Max Headroom. Rutger looks Awesome in it. Very tall, healthy and sexy...

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf Month ago

    This robot guy reminds me of the guy who sang the Trollolol song

  • paul mcelligott
    paul mcelligott Month ago

    That Rockwell guy looks and sounds like he has down syndrome.

  • Jeff Scholl
    Jeff Scholl Month ago

    Rest in peace

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park Month ago

    Yvonne Craig said Alan came out in a wheelchair, asked one dumb question, wasn’t aloud to finish because of overcrowding booking of guests

  • Fenway Park
    Fenway Park Month ago

    Damn. Funniest line Frank did as Kirt Douglas, he walks into a McDonald’s, walks up to the counter, and says hey zit face. 😂

  • Davan Mani
    Davan Mani Month ago

    Where is Bob Wallace?

  • Randall Floyd
    Randall Floyd Month ago

    Hey, I have a bunch of TV versions. Would you like to trade?

    • Randall Floyd
      Randall Floyd Month ago

      @videoholicULTIMATE maybe we could work another type of trade out. Send me an email if you have time:

    • videoholicULTIMATE
      videoholicULTIMATE Month ago

      I probably have them all, and to be honest, I really don't trade anymore. Stopped collecting years ago.

  • blackmetal worship

  • DP2050
    DP2050 Month ago

    Letterman is just asshole....

  • Suzanne Willis
    Suzanne Willis Month ago

    I'm afraid I do not remember this at all.this was before my time.but it seems like he had to be well loved.

  • Nick Gerrs
    Nick Gerrs Month ago


  • Sepher Agon
    Sepher Agon Month ago

    Those times were the pinacle of civilization, look at how far we've fallen.

  • Ben Ferraiuolo
    Ben Ferraiuolo Month ago

    My mom was in Yakima, WA (near Selah) when this happened. On May 27, 1980, my grandma also got some ash from the 2nd eruption. Thank you for uploading this!!!

  • Montgomery Mall
    Montgomery Mall Month ago

    According to the Dartmouth College alumni newsletter for the class of 1961, "Wide, Wide, World" David Birney is in the middle stages of Alzheimer's disease at the age of 80.

  • charlene susann owen

    RIP Ben Kenobi

  • Dinah Kyle
    Dinah Kyle Month ago

    Blade Runner!!!

  • Filip Gräsberg
    Filip Gräsberg Month ago


  • Rita Bosico
    Rita Bosico Month ago

    I was in Germany watching the only English TV station on the army base in Gelnhausen when the announcement happened on the evening news. Earlier that day, we marveled that as we walked the narrow cobblestone street, we heard "it's now or never" from a 2nd story window. I was there for 3 weeks and missed the American announcement, responses, and the funeral. I was 12 at the time. I came here to see some of it.

  • bill bixby
    bill bixby Month ago

    He's bald! I didn't know that.

  • Annie Savidge
    Annie Savidge Month ago

    Watching him stuff that turkey made me think of Dan ackroyd’s Julia Child

  • MrSamer83
    MrSamer83 Month ago

    I miss UPN and the WB way before it became the CW in 2006. After the merger, the enjoyment of Television changed a lot.

  • Rags Rocco
    Rags Rocco Month ago

    These old child actors could not get anymore work so they always get mad at the shows that made them rich and famous in the first place

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner Month ago

    1992: SUPERMAN IS DEAD?!? 2019: superman died again ...... i wonder how many issues it takes this time to bring him back.

  • francesco toni
    francesco toni Month ago

    American idiot

    • Walter
      Walter 4 days ago

      @francesco toni Gotcha.

    • francesco toni
      francesco toni 4 days ago

      @Walter no I meant Letterman, he's very rude

    • Walter
      Walter 5 days ago

      @francesco toni Sry. I tought you meant Rutger.

    • francesco toni
      francesco toni 5 days ago

      @Walter Letterman Is american

    • Walter
      Walter 7 days ago

      He is Dutch. Not American.

  • Joe Framo
    Joe Framo Month ago

    I was heartbroken when Johnny Carson Ed McMahon went off man what is show I was in my teens early teens I'm talking about 12-13 years old you still love Johnny Carson he has some great guest doing wow sometimes life is strange how we age it's a strange process thank you for sharing

  • Trzn
    Trzn Month ago

    Rutger Hauer was so awesome. Letterman was such a loser.

  • James Lacerenza
    James Lacerenza Month ago

    Bill says: "I think Carson would've liked "The Factor" - well, gee, O'Reilly, Johnny lived until 2005, I think he would have told you if he did or not! ---- PS - RIP Ed! We miss you and Johnny so much!

    BETO BARRETO Month ago


  • Ford Truck Dude The Fragmentationer 2004

    Wow! That has been 25 years since they even composed it.

  • Chis English
    Chis English Month ago

    It be *Heartbreak Hotel* up in this comments section💔

  • Malacai Washington

    Damn man I actually miss this racially fucking charged channel U Picka Nigga (UPN)

  • Helen Grigsby
    Helen Grigsby Month ago

    Penny Marshall's husband.

  • Joy Gill
    Joy Gill Month ago

    When Anne Rice was writing "Interview With A Vampire", Lestat was thought to be Rutger Hauer. She wrote the character with him in mind. What a treat if they made the movie long ago enough for him to play someone he inspired. I always thought of "Roy" when I read the books.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby Month ago

    There's a "color knob on my television set"? Wtf.

  • ferociousgumby
    ferociousgumby Month ago

    It died a natural death because it was a crappy idea in the first place. All the ones I saw looked like after-dinner mints, pastel pinks and greens. The Cagney song is a good example. It would have been bearable if they'd done a decent job of it, but it was simply terrible and far more artificial than black and white.

  • John Booker's Full spectrum

    I new I had reached a mile stone in my life when my parents started letting me stay up to watch Hoolihan & Big Chuck in early 1976.

  • Lonnie Gibson
    Lonnie Gibson Month ago

    You can get to the great lakes through the Hudson Dave. Go back to Indiana.

  • Philip Defibaugh
    Philip Defibaugh Month ago

    What is the name of the Paul Mccartney sounding song they are playing that sings "Or Have I Stayed Away (or Awake) Too Long"?

  • Literally the worst

    Lightning Fast VCR Repair. This is Mike, how can I help you?

  • Momzilla
    Momzilla Month ago

    So strange watching this Betamax Tape to see President Kennedy tonight. It was reported today; August 2, 2019 that President Kennedy's 22 year old grand daughter was found dead in the family home, due to a drug overdose. So sad!

  • Gaming With Noah
    Gaming With Noah Month ago

    I'm a republican, so I have no problem with this. Fite me.

  • Drew Zuhosky
    Drew Zuhosky Month ago

    _Frannie's Turn_ didn't last very long. CBS canceled the series after five episodes aired. _Brooklyn Bridge_ retained its spot on the Saturday evening lineup through the fall. Effective Jan. 2, 1993, _Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman_ took the 8 p.m. ET hour on Saturday nights and _Brooklyn Bridge_ was moved to 9 p.m. ET in the spring.

  • francisco Choque
    francisco Choque Month ago

    se daba las elecciones en e.e u.u bush

  • DesertRose122
    DesertRose122 Month ago

    The most charismatic man that lived.unique strange, wonderful Rutger. Friday 19 July 2019 was one dark day. I'm literally depressed that he's died.

  • Douwe Bloot
    Douwe Bloot Month ago


  • Jeff H.
    Jeff H. Month ago

    To the poster, ancient. To me, family! When we heard this all the family was together and ready to watch high quality, at that time, movie. I'd give anything to have those days back!

  • Neon Pink Productions

    I'm 16 years old and this show was my childhood! It's funny, I'm probobly the youngest person that knows this show exists! XD

  • geniusfool the irrefutable

    Of course, Roddenberry is "Number One".☺

  • LA Bottles&Coins
    LA Bottles&Coins Month ago

    It was so cool to see the 1994 fanfare being recorded. Wish we could see the 1979 and 81 fanfare being recorded as well.

  • Patrick Langan
    Patrick Langan Month ago

    As someone who enjoys promos of movies and tv series on video and DVD/Blu-ray, I thank you for sharing this.

  • Antonio Romano
    Antonio Romano Month ago

    I grew up here. This is amazing to see...I remember so much of this. We lived just down from the Sun TV on Ward Rd.

  • My YOUTUBE Channel

    I remember I was a scared of this when I was younger. Then went back as a grown man in 2008 I remember I saw a fire and ice theme light show with a lot of girls in it, also I seen the alien show

  • Little Dorrit
    Little Dorrit Month ago

    I can hear nothing of a Dutch accent 😕 Dutch accent is very sexy

    • Little Dorrit
      Little Dorrit Month ago

      @DesertRose122 Not true about Americans.

    • DesertRose122
      DesertRose122 Month ago

      He used to have. Check out the Bobbie Wygant interview, charming Dutch and British accent. America wants everyone to be American!

  • simon marshall
    simon marshall Month ago

    ILC did justices for All In The Family ! Best sketch ever !