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  • opus
    opus 37 minutes ago

    Please juggle a Inhaled corticosteroid

  • City Rocker
    City Rocker Hour ago

    And the rainbow flick?

  • Faduma Abdi
    Faduma Abdi 2 hours ago

    thank you all attack I have improved my football when I watched many video in all attack

  • Shaikh Jasem
    Shaikh Jasem 2 hours ago

    Lol I have no ball control

  • Aysha Mahir
    Aysha Mahir 4 hours ago

    What do i do if some idiot is catching on my shirt, pulling my hair until he has the ball from me, plz answer, i see one idiot every single monday😫😫😫😫

  • Eevee
    Eevee 4 hours ago

    this our the only skills you really need

  • Eevee
    Eevee 5 hours ago

    pull behind the leg is the most effective and simplest move if you haven’t learned it when you were young you need to start doing this

  • iͣbͥq̾aͣlͬ
    iͣbͥq̾aͣlͬ 5 hours ago

    is it easier to wear shoes while juggling?

  • Karrot K1ng
    Karrot K1ng 6 hours ago

    I remember in a soccer game the ball was in the air and I kept heading it like 8 times lol

    SAURABH YADAV 7 hours ago

    Thank you bro

  • nocyam 380
    nocyam 380 8 hours ago

    Eu msm sem entender nada de inglês assistindo kkk

  • César Millán
    César Millán 9 hours ago

    A Messi no le gusta esto xd

  • Perla Hurtado
    Perla Hurtado 10 hours ago

    Por que le titulo es en español y el video en ingles !!?!?!!!

  • Dylan Cox
    Dylan Cox 13 hours ago

    plz do this again i liked it

  • pikachu
    pikachu 13 hours ago

    A 3 mil defensas no les gusto esto

  • BrownHole Recordings
    BrownHole Recordings 14 hours ago

    any defender with a brain cell can defend most of these

    • joaquin
      joaquin 5 hours ago

      Obviously it comes down to the speed and accuracy of both the defender and the dribbler

  • Juan Sebastián Suárez Castañeda

    Those skills would work against a good defender.

  • Laurens
    Laurens 15 hours ago

    New suscriptor, good video

  • hatem kings
    hatem kings 17 hours ago

    .thank you for your videos .from(mohamed) ☺☺


    Parece um mongolóide jogando kkk


    Na moral msm

  • Johna Mijar
    Johna Mijar 18 hours ago

    It's helpful for me sir n it's working too.tq sir

  • tdreamgmail
    tdreamgmail 19 hours ago

    Kick the ball and run after it

  • Anam Tudu
    Anam Tudu 20 hours ago

    Thank you 4 osm teachnice

  • curco vein
    curco vein 20 hours ago

    Sibson gringos no lea hagan caso pero si son ingleses sip

  • MoshaHaven
    MoshaHaven 20 hours ago

    Thats cool man

  • Rajveer Singh
    Rajveer Singh 22 hours ago

    Thanks very much but please put a video to counter this skills

  • Preetish Majumdar
    Preetish Majumdar 22 hours ago

    Feelin bad for the guy in white

  • Denzel labonne
    Denzel labonne 23 hours ago

    and me 11-year-old kid who thought he made up roll to heel, turns out it was made before I was born......

  • Vinh Nguyễn
    Vinh Nguyễn 23 hours ago

    Hay wa ad. Godd

  • صبري محمد
    صبري محمد 23 hours ago

    يا اخي ممكن تعليم التسدد مثل كوتينهو

  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar 23 hours ago


  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar 23 hours ago

    who like all attack 1 like = 1 like for ALL ATTACK

  • Federico Andrada

    Tutoriales típicos de Yankees..

  • Kunal Bhardwaj

    10 great ways to control a ball in the air _"use the underside of your foot when it hits the ground"_ *What?*

    • Kunal Bhardwaj
      Kunal Bhardwaj 17 hours ago

      @AllAttack lol didn't expect you to reply. No hate guys I love your channel

    • AllAttack
      AllAttack 18 hours ago

      Sometimes a ball coming out of the air hits the ground before you can get to it. If you get there just after it hits the ground, you can put your foot on top of it to keep it down.

  • AAR Gamer
    AAR Gamer Day ago

    Where do you from? bro pls reply

  • Earth Walker
    Earth Walker Day ago

    Step over never works

  • Natalia Facundo

    Hey, I loved this video. I am a woman and I play soccer. Excellent skill move! New subscriber. Greetings from Colombia.

    • danigato2111
      danigato2111 3 hours ago

      No rompas muchas cinturas jaja 🇨🇷

  • Okokok Okokok
    Okokok Okokok Day ago

    My uncoordinated feet could never

  • Pintukumar Pintukumar

    Sir height can problem? Please help me

  • Sandip Paswan
    Sandip Paswan Day ago

    I am your new subscriber from India

  • Sandip Paswan
    Sandip Paswan Day ago

    OMG sir it's really hard how can i do 😱 😱...

  • Shahid hussain hussain

    very beautifull video

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    Raju Kumar Day ago


  • aysha afiya
    aysha afiya Day ago

    deffense prectice

  • Juan Lang
    Juan Lang Day ago

    Jajajajajja que mierda

  • Jakob Schmid
    Jakob Schmid Day ago

    Wow graet video and thanks for your help

  • Naman Verma
    Naman Verma Day ago

    I have seen many how to curve videos but your is best

  • Ivan Castillo
    Ivan Castillo Day ago

    Speed elastic is VERY difficult to pull off...

  • Oscar Castillo


  • Beanface Baby
    Beanface Baby Day ago

    This really improved my skills you have no idea

  • ANTONIO Monado

    Can I see your foot?

  • InfinityALJ ML

    *3k Dislikes?* _Was from the defenders_

  • Cody Grizenko
    Cody Grizenko Day ago

    1:52 great defense...

  • Andrew
    Andrew Day ago

    4:49 Fifa mobile in a nutshell

  • Bardy 78
    Bardy 78 Day ago

    Pour fafa le mec qui vole les buts

    • KAA 78
      KAA 78 Day ago

      Bardy 78 je suis le meilleur buteur de la ligue grâce à toi mon p'tit fan

  • Misael Ventth
    Misael Ventth Day ago

    Buen video 💪⚽

  • Jhon RG
    Jhon RG Day ago

    whao. I always want to know how to play thanks.

  • Mel G
    Mel G Day ago

    Just a cb/lb watching this so I’ll understand how to stop it ahahahahahah *evil laugh continues*

  • Gustavo Schuch

    Every one knows these tricks!! There so easy

  • Angus John 69
    Angus John 69 Day ago

    What's the music called in the video

  • Seqyi
    Seqyi Day ago

    Okay i need to have high-funcioning autism like Messi has 😀

  • íԵ's ժícksօղ

    I'm gonna share this to defenders


    Very nice

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    Los voy a aplicar

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    I am tryingg for your skill

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  • Aman Maithani
    Aman Maithani Day ago

    How to take long shot

  • Manas Singhal Mr Marvellous

    Show us shoulder drop

  • Manas Singhal Mr Marvellous

    Nice skills

  • rajesh kumar
    rajesh kumar Day ago

    Thanks for showing the different techniques if you have a small or big foot.

  • SaacAW - PS3
    SaacAW - PS3 Day ago

    Was doing these at the age of 8. No cap

  • 이창한
    이창한 Day ago

    Brain : lets get it Foot : ?

  • ThePurpleTape1

    Great video! Very clear and to the point. I'll definitely share this with my kids. Thank you.

  • The Silent Observer

    U really helped me ☀️

  • layla dahir
    layla dahir Day ago

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  • Gia Bảo Trần Lê

    Elastic is so hard to master


    1:14 nike foot adidas short

  • Gopi Somani
    Gopi Somani Day ago

    It is helping me

  • Gopi Somani
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  • Dipak bayan
    Dipak bayan Day ago

    Why don,t join a football team

  • Warrior Assassin
    Warrior Assassin 2 days ago

    can u make a video of skills useful for low speed players

  • roberto arias pino
    roberto arias pino 2 days ago

    En Sudamérica nacemos con eso en los genes.

  • _PRO_ SEDI_
    _PRO_ SEDI_ 2 days ago

    4:45 hey this is zidane spin

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    Dhanya Dl 2 days ago

    How to shoot knuckleball

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    Lion Sas 2 days ago

    Best video

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    You are mini Ronaldo

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    Nice skill i use this skill and it also work thanks

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    Congratulations You have Been Reach to Old Town Road!

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    great channel..

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    i think a computer would be less monotone than this.



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