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Making Floating Shelves
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Making Wooden Cam Clamps
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  • George B. Wolffsohn

    A little Kate Bush in the background music ?

  • richard culverhouse

    What a beautiful work of art, sturdy and strong too. But the bench it was clamped to was moving, it didn't seem to bother you as you worked. It would absolutely drive me bonkers ! I'm lucky my benched is fixed to wall. So I'm going to have a go at making this one Best one I've seen, (of many). Thanks for sharing your inspirational tips and skills. Subbed !!

    • Adrian Preda
      Adrian Preda 2 days ago

      Thank you! Meanwhile I have made a new version of this mini workbench, and also a more sturdy big bench underneath :) You can check them in my recent videos.

  • Ron Miller
    Ron Miller 3 days ago

    Truly painful to watch. I think I'll watch my grass grow next.

  • Stephen Bryan
    Stephen Bryan 8 days ago


  • rich _jg
    rich _jg 14 days ago

    How are these holding up? If you had made them with metal, would they have seen more use?

  • 엄태영
    엄태영 17 days ago

    Japanese NO!!! It's KOREAN~!!!

  • Victor
    Victor 18 days ago

    класс!!! хочу научиться)

  • yit kim lee
    yit kim lee 19 days ago

    N. N. N.

  • Richard Hengst
    Richard Hengst 22 days ago

    A lot of good techniques for preparing my new, inexpensive Kanna plane. Flattening the chip breaker worked really well. Thanks

  • MacTech007
    MacTech007 25 days ago

    Excellent build video. Beautiful boxes. I'm planning on making some like you did. Do you have a link for these small auger type drill bits you used? Cheers from Ontario Canada

  • Florin Balasa
    Florin Balasa 27 days ago

    Indemanare, video clip foarte bine editat, muzica si prezentare EXCELLENT!

  • Big Ray
    Big Ray 27 days ago

    Excellent video in every way! By comparison my work is so crude it makes me want to sell my tools! :-)

  • Florin Balasa
    Florin Balasa 27 days ago


  • Thomas von Welt
    Thomas von Welt 28 days ago


  • Linzie Rogers
    Linzie Rogers 28 days ago

    Another name for this is fulcrum lids. I've been making them for years.

  • Сергей Фролов

    Интересно откуда дровишки?А всякую херню мы и сами смогем.

  • Florin Balasa
    Florin Balasa 28 days ago

    We all going through this dust nightmare!

  • Florin Balasa
    Florin Balasa 28 days ago


  • Florin Balasa
    Florin Balasa 28 days ago

    Asta inseamna sa fi "Meserias"! Felicitari, foarte frumos lucrat si filmuletul farte bine facut!

  • D. H.
    D. H. 28 days ago

    I found the precision of this work so very relaxing. I can't believe how precise and perfect these cuts are, it is amazing. Thank you for uploading this and sharing your talents with us.

  • Kong Mao168
    Kong Mao168 28 days ago

    So beautiful working,...

  • Stephen Jeffreys
    Stephen Jeffreys 28 days ago

    sheer poetry - lovely vid

  • Eliseo Pereira
    Eliseo Pereira 29 days ago

    Hola te felicito muy lindo voy a tratar de hace uno saludos desde argentina que Dios te bendiga

  • Rick Hickman
    Rick Hickman Month ago

    When you rip a board with a ryoba, do you mark both faces, rip on one side, and then flip the board rip some more, continuing to flip until the board is totally ripped?

  • MacTech007
    MacTech007 Month ago

    Excellent craftsmanship! Do you have dimensions for these mini Japanese Toolboxes? Metric measurements are fine with me. I'd like to build a few that same size. Cheers from Ontario Canada.

  • TheBearGrylz
    TheBearGrylz Month ago

    The best woodworking style in all of RU-clip right here.

  • Bill Rogers
    Bill Rogers Month ago

    Thats AMAZING! What made you think of that?

  • ya. Saygon
    ya. Saygon Month ago

    отличная работа!!!

  • William Weatherall

    Hey man, someone is taking credit for your work here: @3:40 ish I'm going to try to report it, but you may need to.

    • Adrian Preda
      Adrian Preda Month ago

      Jesus 😀😀😀 Thanks for noticing me

    NICK LARA Month ago


  • Animator Grafik
    Animator Grafik Month ago

    Bagus sekali idenya

  • james paxton
    james paxton Month ago

    What tools do you use

  • Jonny Caccola
    Jonny Caccola Month ago


  • Ab Thom
    Ab Thom Month ago

    Makinjg this as I am making other Japanese joints inspired by my recent visit to Japan, Also built a Japanese style tool box to house my Japanese chisels. You site waas some of the inspriation TNX

  • cyaneo7
    cyaneo7 Month ago

    Respect! What wood is it?

  • Michael Morrow
    Michael Morrow Month ago

    WOW !!!!! I’m googling to see how to fit out my (crafting) shed and stumbled across this. That is s work of art, chapeau.

  • CW Radio
    CW Radio Month ago

    Do you have plans or dimensions to build one? Thanks

  • J Shysterr
    J Shysterr Month ago

    I have a small apartment workshop. I've been planning on creating a tent system that I can set up to enclose myself when I work to prevent dust getting around my apartment and loud noice from disturbing my neighbors. I thought of buying a pop up tent and covering it with acoustic foam. Any suggestions?

  • Gta 500
    Gta 500 Month ago

    today on how it's made toilet paper in Japan

  • Ray Tillman
    Ray Tillman Month ago

    Hi Adrian, Good Video, very thought provoking, I live in a small 1st floor flat(2nd floor for Yanks) and am looking for solutions for restricted space woodworking, so your projects are very helpful. I have subscribed and given you a like, am looking forward to future projects you are sharing, {^_^}

  • bwillan
    bwillan Month ago

    With all of those draw bore mortice and tenon joints, I think using glue was rather unnecessary. Great demonstration of precision and craftsman ship with your hand tools.

  • matt curtis
    matt curtis Month ago

    Now that's craftsmanship 👍

  • Konstruktive Kritik

    Hi, really enjoy the videos! great job, I'm potentially looking to use some japanese woodwork in my final apprenticeship projekt. Just have one question though, can you suggest a brand of good longliving japanese tools such as handplanes and saw's? thank you in advance. greetings from germany :)

  • mjgayle52
    mjgayle52 Month ago

    I know almost nothing about woodworking, yet i see this as an artistic blend of old and new, domestic and exotic....very nice!

  • Vladimir Enescu
    Vladimir Enescu Month ago

    Excellent, as usual ! Love it as well as the way you are editing your movies ! Congrats !

  • erfut
    erfut Month ago

    Do you paint/stain the kumiko patterns please?

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor Month ago

    Some of the most beautiful work I've seen.

  • Ray Tillman
    Ray Tillman Month ago

    Hi Adrian, A bit of Nit Picking now Lol, You used Power tools, admittingly, Both the sander and skillsaw parts could have easily been done by hand, A bit and brace could have been used for the drilling but maybe I'm being a bit purest, To be honest I would have used the cordless drill mainly because it makes for better accuracy. I quite enjoyed the simplicity of the piece, and it was well executed, The waney edged top was magnificent and must have been expensive, really finished the job off, and in keeping with the Japanese theme. Small Question now, How do you intend to hold your workpiece when working on your new workbench, do you intend fitting bench dogs? A moxen vice could be used without spoiling the theme for dovetails and end grain preparation as its a non permanent clamp on vice, I would really like an answer because although i am a retired carpenter/joiner(55yrs) I only have a small space in my bedroom to work in, and although all my tools are western I think I am adaptable enough to learn to use some Japanese tools although i couldn't work seated on the floor as my body isn't flexable enough what with age catching up to me. I Will take a look at your plans, although its easy enough straight forward joinery, but I dont mind buying them as i am keen to support your efforts. Anyways Keep up the good work, its really nice for an old man like me to see someone taking pride in their work and doing a good job with limited space, makes a nice change from the American videos with fully equipped workshops bigger than most professional joiners shops that i have worked for in the past.

    • Adrian Preda
      Adrian Preda Month ago

      Hi Ray, thanks for your comment! I did use some power tools because this project was taking forever to make :) But mainly because that top and the whole ash actually was a pain to prepare it from rough lumber. I had to go to a local workshop to plane the top cause my planer is only 200 mm wide, and they did it very clumsy, a lot of tearout, severe snipe etc I actually used the belt sander first, but didn't show it in the clip :) At sawing...I didn't dared to use the japanese saws cutting a 50 mm piece of ash that long, I would have better bought a crapy 5$ saw from the hardware store to do just this, just not to consume the jp blades :) The wood was not so expensive, at least compared to others like oak, walnut etc. The top is actually 2nd quality ash, about 700 euro per cubic meter, and I remember the lady from the deposit did called me to tell that that board is crooked and if I still want it. I initially planned to make a laminated top, so I didn't cared, I would have size it eventually in smaller strips, but when it arrived and saw that split I immediately had the idea to use it like so. Also the feet and the trestle are made from the same board. The legs are from top quality ash by their standards, that was around 900 euro/m3. About vices, for now I only use my mini low workbench on top of this, that has a front vice and about 60cm range of bench dogs. I do intend in the future to add benchdogs this big wb and a Veritas inset vice at one end, and probably a normal vice on the long side, making a recess in that bark. I will have some "longer" projects in the future and the mini tabletop bench will not be sufficient so I might add these very soon :)

  • Mitch Peacock - WOmadeOD

    Very nice!

  • Bijoy Saraf
    Bijoy Saraf Month ago

    Simply outstanding! Your craftsmanship is a pleasure to watch. Thanks for sharing.

  • Der Mate
    Der Mate Month ago

    Arent Japanese Planes curved on the bottom ?

    MIRKO ROTONDI Month ago

    Finally I feel more relaxing...I am a product designer which loves woodworking...but I have a small studio which I've felt as limitation to work on with wood...but now, after I've seen your wonderful projects, talent and lots of things made only with hand tools, I can say that if You want and you're talented, the space is a limits only for big things but for all the rest, if You're (of course) talented, You can do everything. Very good Adrian, all the best from Italy:-)

  • Luis Lira
    Luis Lira Month ago

    That’s one fancy work bench

  • Davender Kumar
    Davender Kumar Month ago

    Hye Adrian, is it feasible to me to purchase said plainer. If so kindly intimate further course of action please. Regards.

  • Woodworking Complex

    When you switched to the second pattern and said "and a tiny one on the inside" I thought you meant a tiny asa-no-ha pattern on the inside and that was about to blow my mind haha - Amazing work as always!

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson Month ago

    This is insanely well made. I watched it in Japan with my neighbour who is a professional traditional carpenter and he was even more in owe than me. Adrian, you should consider working in Japan. Your attention to detail is phenomenal and the end result is simply exquisite. The only thing my neighbour had to say is "he uses the Kanna (planer) like a Gaijin, but everything else is perfect.

  • Eric Barton
    Eric Barton Month ago

    Thank God!!! You Have Way Better Music Selection Then Most, thank you. Great Build Also!

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy Month ago

    It's just Feet! Lol Feets 😂

  • Henry Siegertsz
    Henry Siegertsz Month ago

    Brilliant Adrian! love the filming style.

  • kimchee94112
    kimchee94112 Month ago

    Sholi screens are great as window coverings. No maintenance and will outlast both mini blinds and vertical blinds.

    MIRKO ROTONDI Month ago

    Great work! I wonder why those 46 thumbs down...haters with a squalid life?

  • Ricardo Matta
    Ricardo Matta Month ago

    Simplemente excelente!! Bravo!!

  • Heru- deshet
    Heru- deshet Month ago

    Beautiful, but I would either need to build a very large version or six of these for my tools.

  • JP Makes
    JP Makes Month ago

    Thanks, very thorough video. I just bought a relatively cheap one and will have to tune it.

  • Vladimir Andryuchenko

    Отличная работа!

  • Zhiqiang Huang
    Zhiqiang Huang Month ago

    Great video. Where do you get the eye bolt? I want to build one myself.

  • Holz Jani
    Holz Jani Month ago

    You are so Nice It is incredible that you can build such beautiful things in such a small place. I love it

  • dj red hare aus
    dj red hare aus Month ago

    Mate get some autosol and put it on some flat wood don't need a 10000 grit stone

    SEVERINO SILVA Month ago


  • Khalid Tarawneh
    Khalid Tarawneh Month ago

    been watching your work, very interesting and inspirational, where did you get your Kanna from plz shed some light on a good kanna to buy with links if possible thnx

  • Alexey Malev
    Alexey Malev Month ago

    Hi Adrian! How do you manage to move router plane straight (0:52-0.60 in video) without any kind of a guide?

  • Дмитрий Юнтиков

    Спасибо, самоудовлетворился

  • Najmi Laila Andini


  • richard culverhouse
    richard culverhouse 2 months ago

    Mate, if I could make a bench like that. I wouldn't have given it to the missus that's fer sure ;) I would have given her loads of chocolates instead !!! Gonna try and make it. Thanks for yer time.

  • William Mueller
    William Mueller 2 months ago

    Love the ingenuity of thinking outside the box

  • Alibaba Sibir
    Alibaba Sibir 2 months ago

    супер, как бы мне научится ?

  • Greg Bungard
    Greg Bungard 2 months ago

    Beautiful, I am in love with beauty!

  • Valter Leão
    Valter Leão 2 months ago

    PARABÉNS, quanta habilidade e carinho, me impressiona ver o tamanho da dedicação em fazer o trabalho! Abraço aqui do Brasil 🇧🇷

  • Top Comments
    Top Comments 2 months ago

    The drill ruined it. I was having a nice meditation till it showed up.

  • Andys Holzkiste
    Andys Holzkiste 2 months ago

    A wonderful lamp and a great inspiration. Many hi from Andy

  • Mutu Stefan
    Mutu Stefan 2 months ago

    Hi everybody! Who knows, what type of tool is in 00:45 ?

  • MYA
    MYA 2 months ago

    Great those tools😍

  • jadekayak01
    jadekayak01 2 months ago

    So thats what iroko looks like-very beautiful grain

  • Ray Tillman
    Ray Tillman 2 months ago

    Where's the Vice?

    • Adrian Preda
      Adrian Preda 2 months ago

      I use my mini tabletop workbench which has a vice

  • E Caff
    E Caff 2 months ago

    Excellent video and process Thank you very much for sharing and inspiring

  • Craig Keller
    Craig Keller 2 months ago

    Very nice!

  • Javier Pacheco
    Javier Pacheco 2 months ago

    Extraordinario! el carpintero elegante.

  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez
    Miguel Angel Gonzalez 2 months ago


  • sanderelo
    sanderelo 2 months ago

    Geil, vielen Dank!

  • Mer le
    Mer le 2 months ago

    I can't belive... so beautyfull...i love your work... greetings from germany😍❤❤❤

  • 각원
    각원 2 months ago

    와우 잘만드신다

  • Chebbah Djamel
    Chebbah Djamel 2 months ago

    C’est un très bel outils et en plus, réalisé avec beaucoup de rigueur.

  • AlisonWheeler
    AlisonWheeler 2 months ago

    Beautiful work indeed.

  • Gerardo Antonio Barrantes Zamora

    Excelente diseño, magnífica herramienta.

  • Adrian Preda
    Adrian Preda 2 months ago

    I have added the plans of this workbench on my Etsy shop , you can check it out here

    • Jim Korman
      Jim Korman Month ago

      Well as a means of support and a sincere pat on the back - I purchased these plans as well as Workbench 2.0. Keep up the good work.

    • Юрий Нефедов
      Юрий Нефедов 2 months ago

      чем бы дитя не тешилось

  • Miguel Angel Gonzalez
    Miguel Angel Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Impresionante. Una maravilla de banco y de trabajo. Da gusto ver a la gente hábil en el trabajo, y tu sin duda lo eres. Suscrito! Un saludo

  • Mohammed Zakaria
    Mohammed Zakaria 2 months ago

    wow... genius...

  • Marcelo da Costa Cremonezi


  • Jorge Ramos
    Jorge Ramos 2 months ago

    Gracias.esta genial!