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  • Friggin America

    A police shouting orders and giving more than a millisecond to comply before they empty the magazine. Oh how times have changed!

  • Darkasknightfall
    Darkasknightfall 2 days ago

    I wonder how Brandon鈥檚 laugh was? If it was good, he probably could have played the Joker back then. 馃憤馃徏

  • BIGWORM 510
    BIGWORM 510 3 days ago

    The BEST Crow movie. The should have stopped here instead of making 馃挬馃憥馃槶 sequels.

  • Zaebaniy Underground

    Shahmen - The Crow (Pt. 2)

  • Doctor Teef
    Doctor Teef 6 days ago

    It鈥檚 amazing how much of his dad came out in his voice and facial expressions.

  • pkk78104
    pkk78104 6 days ago

    At first glance, I thought he was John Romero.

  • allen3a
    allen3a 8 days ago

    Crane her eyes are not that low 馃槀

  • MrYouBeTheMan
    MrYouBeTheMan 8 days ago

    Great Match!! Ramos Awful.

  • Wulfman317
    Wulfman317 9 days ago

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate that Michael Wincott has the best villain voice ever?

    • T - 800
      T - 800 5 days ago

      Have you ever played Darksiders 2? He does the voice of Death and a dam fine job of it too.

  • J MART
    J MART 11 days ago

    Fiona and mysterio....

  • Cross 41790
    Cross 41790 11 days ago

    For a small part in the beginning of the film, it feels so much more. Love Sir Christopher Lee.

    • Brenda Forster
      Brenda Forster 10 days ago

      He truly set the mood for this awesome movie with his chilling cameo. One of the greatest actors with one of the greatest voices of all time.

  • Robin Schicha
    Robin Schicha 11 days ago

    They remind me on Angelus and Drusilla. The Boss is not really insane, he has a Vision...

  • kennykhaosmusic
    kennykhaosmusic 13 days ago

    "What the fucks the matter with you? Stupid ass hair!! You hit my car!"

  • Baires Calling
    Baires Calling 13 days ago


  • Megan Perreault
    Megan Perreault 14 days ago

    Well now I like the movie,

    #KEVIN FEIGE 14 days ago

    LOL! Mysterio's afraid of flying. Wait till Spidey look at this video馃ぃ

  • Mario Borkowski
    Mario Borkowski 14 days ago

    Such a sad movie..

  • Thorn Age
    Thorn Age 14 days ago

    You hit my car, stupid ass hair!

  • Outlaw
    Outlaw 16 days ago

    Abashed the Devil stood and felt how awful goodness is

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia 16 days ago

    So don't be eating them or Roadkill!!! Ok?

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia 16 days ago

    Proper Hygeine and nutriotion thats why Im here. Ring around the Rosey, and Crow eggs are not part of a well balanced meal. Hobo!!!!!!

    • Ago Contealia
      Ago Contealia 9 days ago

      @Anna Vajda Green eggs and ham. Nobody wants them Sam I Am.

    • Anna Vajda
      Anna Vajda 13 days ago

      His sister eats eyeballs. What are you on about?

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia 16 days ago

    See Cause If I have to deleaver easter eggs t im going to have to get them from somewhere and The crow loves his babies! 馃憖馃悋

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia 16 days ago

    Reserection? You got eggs?

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia 16 days ago

    Going to pay more than a Jack off bunny is worth, but hey if you got the money to blow, Crow? Then tell them where they can go? 馃憖馃悋

  • Sharon Haya ALee - V

    "讛讻谉 讙砖诐 拽讬谉 讗讬讬专 讬'/10". "讛砖讗讬讘讛 谞专 讗讜专谉 注讘讛". + 讜'/6 - 讻专诪诇讛, 砖专讜谉, 讙讚讬, 诪讜讟讬, 拽讜讘讬, 讗砖专, 谞讗讙'讬. - 讛讞转讬诪讛 砖诇讬 讘拽谞讬讜谉 讗讜专-注拽讬讘讗 讘讘讬拽讜专 讛讗讞专讜谉. -

  • Mr. Strange
    Mr. Strange 22 days ago

    They probably rammed into a micro-burst

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 22 days ago

    The crow is the greatest film of all time.

    • obvious owl
      obvious owl 19 days ago

      @Varric you dosen't? You mean haven't* ive seen all of them this was the best one

    • Varric
      Varric 19 days ago

      You doesn't see many movies, then.

  • thatonedrewguy
    thatonedrewguy 22 days ago

    I love how the normally unflappable T-Bird just breaks down and finally shows fear -- accepting that the embodiment of Death is standing before him, and all he can do is express disbelief and shock -- knowing that if the Dead can return to seek vengeance, then there is most certainly a Hell, and T-Bird is literally speeding right to it.

    • Jane Terri
      Jane Terri 4 days ago

      Thatonedrewguy, I believe that would be pretty much any bodies reaction if they see somebody that they knew was dead come back to life, whether they killed the person or not. If T-bird would have put the situation together beforehand pretty sure he would have reacted in a different way.

  • Salsylex Hagen
    Salsylex Hagen 23 days ago

    Ann Widecombe is a swivel eyed lunatic. No wonder she'll be returned unopened.

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 23 days ago

    Remember T-bird when I promised to kill you last?

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 23 days ago

    Joney deep

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 24 days ago


  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 24 days ago


  • Kaeble
    Kaeble 24 days ago

    Amazing film,

  • Rob B.
    Rob B. 25 days ago

    It's funny how many folks compare Lee's Crow with Ledger's Joker because at the end of this scene, Eric actually pulls off a move that's more reminiscent of Batman! I'd like to think that the Crow would be what Batman and Joker would be like if they merged into one person.

  • Robeon Mew
    Robeon Mew 25 days ago

    The original Heath Ledger

  • Kenneth Sloan
    Kenneth Sloan 27 days ago

    This looks like weird.

  • Travis Cummings
    Travis Cummings 27 days ago

    Watching him now, I really wish this actor had the chance to be the Joker. He would've kicked ass in that role.

  • Voice Of The Firmament

    This is great gangster acting! Iconic, classic.

  • HanShot _First-
    HanShot _First- 29 days ago

    Nice gameplay, you earned a new subscriber 馃憤

  • okeithmartin /Badd kittin

    ...馃懣馃槳馃樉!!! ... Soooh Long T-bird...馃枙!!!

  • okeithmartin /Badd kittin


  • okeithmartin /Badd kittin

    ...馃懣馃樉馃憤!!! 馃挀馃挀Luv that coat...

  • Xanderss102
    Xanderss102 Month ago

    Superb Stuff

  • mentalpatientMp
    mentalpatientMp Month ago

    Anyone have any idea how much of the film's scenes are with a replacement actor?

  • Eric Kruckenberg
    Eric Kruckenberg Month ago

    Crow's dark humor is so damned good I almost feel bad for laughing. Almost.

  • C S
    C S Month ago

    Remember Sully, when I promised to kill you last?

  • B Ogletree
    B Ogletree Month ago

    That poor car had to suffer馃槯

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    they鈥檙e all dead, they just don鈥檛 know it yet

  • Suzie Tworm
    Suzie Tworm Month ago

    鈥淚 like the pretty lice...鈥

  • zerocool gonna hack u


  • zerocool gonna hack u


  • zerocool gonna hack u

    He just talked to death but hey man DONT MOVE OR U DEAD.... AND I SAY IM DEAD AND I LIVE.....

  • willjohnboy
    willjohnboy Month ago

    And a pro wrestler will use this character for the next 20 plus years.

  • thespiderwebbs1
    thespiderwebbs1 Month ago

    some men users of women deserves t birds fate and boy i could name one you piece of lying shit

  • N8one _
    N8one _ Month ago

    Duct tape is wonderful

  • Christopher Chuauhang

    Thought he was sting for a minute there.

  • kings list
    kings list Month ago

    I know why it's so religious, because the crow looks like from darksiders 2,with being death and I think the crow is infused with the Horseman death 馃憤,that's just my opinion,and he can't die , that's a other thing馃憤馃檪

    • kings list
      kings list 13 days ago

      Timed Revolver thanks for that 馃槀馃憤 but I meant to say that the craw could be based off the actual Horseman of death not the video game version but the one in the Bible because if you see a lot of craws flying around,then it is said that it is a sigh that death is coming,but thanks again 馃檪馃憤 馃槑

    • Timed Revolver
      Timed Revolver 14 days ago

      Fun fact: Top Dollar's actor in this (Michael Wincott) voiced Death in Darksiders 2. Other than that, it has nothing to do with Darksiders. The Crow (bird, not the person) are basically like Charon, they carry souls to and from the afterlife. In this, if a soul carries too much pain, then sometimes the Crow brings them back to set it right.

  • AcidRooster
    AcidRooster Month ago

    they look like babies

  • Geraldine Maxwell Michelle Kelly Davie Busch

    There all dead they just don鈥檛 know it.

  • Edster III
    Edster III Month ago

    This was eerie. A scene of things to come. Sad. He was a great actor. This was and is a great movie although it's really tough to watch knowing what happened to him.

  • Alex Prieto
    Alex Prieto Month ago

    Waiting for a compilation of all the kills to "dont go cryin to yo momma cause yyoure all alone in the real real world"

  • Taj Campbell
    Taj Campbell Month ago


  • N-8
    N-8 Month ago

    It鈥檚 a real shame what happened to Brandon Lee. I bet he鈥檇 have been proud of this film

  • Albert Nash
    Albert Nash Month ago

    If you鈥檙e wondering what city this is, from what I read online, 鈥淭he Crow鈥 is supposed to take place in Detroit, Michigan. However, I don鈥檛 see any recognizable buildings here. For example, where in the movie is the Renaissance Center (General Motor鈥檚 headquarters and Detroit鈥檚 tallest building)?

  • Ildiko J.F.
    Ildiko J.F. Month ago

    One of my favourite movie...I love Brandon Lee

  • Experiment Master

    first ghost he ever tried to bust

  • Izain Martinez
    Izain Martinez Month ago

    Cinema Gold

  • Scott Boyer
    Scott Boyer Month ago

    Its a 1972 or 1973 Ford Thunderbird.

  • paco gonzalez
    paco gonzalez Month ago

    I don't play heroes v villains because it's broken, I'm waiting for the next update. We have to play some games soon ! :)

  • Ulfric Stormcloak

    This scene is way deeper than most people watching ever notice. Truly haunting

  • Haunted Driver
    Haunted Driver Month ago

    In german 鈥瀏o to hell鈥 would translate to 鈥瀌rive to hell鈥

  • Arsenal 15
    Arsenal 15 Month ago

    God I love this movie. It鈥檚 so underrated

  • Meon Krishnanan
    Meon Krishnanan Month ago

    This is the exact sense of humour someone would have if they died and came back for retribution

  • Ronald Maker
    Ronald Maker Month ago

    Why again is this movie cursed

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri Month ago

    Awesome movie, classic.

  • Alice Lu
    Alice Lu Month ago

    these thugs are scary...

  • acegrafik
    acegrafik Month ago

    3:39 "But you ain't you,you can't be you..." This is REALLY creepy,because this scene was filmed after Brandon died and this is his stand in - Chad Stahelski. No wonder the Crow had so few lines in the whole scene,and the car chase was unnecessary to the whole narrative of the movie,most of it is just filler.

    • DMTdaydream
      DMTdaydream Month ago

      Yeah, the thing woth the spilled coffee seemed so out of place. Like something you'd see in an action comedy.

  • U should RUN
    U should RUN Month ago

    I always imagined that this scene was the the last Brandon Lee actually filmed before the accident and the stunt double and CGI finished the film. Not 100 percent sure but because of the slow motion focus on him smiling made me think that

  • Carlos Galindo
    Carlos Galindo Month ago

    A very creepy and haunting vibe the Crow鈥檚 character puts out. Brandon Lee really nailed that role RIP

  • Joseph Dolman
    Joseph Dolman Month ago

    Brandon was a great actor can't believe that I was born the same day that he died 31st of march 93 I would have loved to have met the guy and his dad bruce.

  • MrCctvtech
    MrCctvtech Month ago

    This is back in the day when a movie's soundtrack was just as important as the movie. The soundtrack to this movie is one of the best.

  • Michael Fisher
    Michael Fisher Month ago

    Henry Rollins hits scag with a compact car... right.

  • Jon Ericson
    Jon Ericson Month ago

    Fun fact: The stunt double for Brandon Lee is one of the John Wick directors, that's in part why David Patrick Kelly aka T-Bird appears in the first one.

  • MrBenny10101
    MrBenny10101 Month ago

    He hit that guy's car What an Ass Hair!

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Month ago

    It turns out that my niece is behind every horror my children and I have ever been through, her name is Danielle Lee, for some reason she hates me and my children, she said once, I will steal all of your children and put them in the pedophile ring, I just couldn't understand it, we were so close til then,

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Month ago

    You and I know what's real.huh

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Month ago

    They stole my children, they are all dead, They just don't know it yet,

  • Karen Lee
    Karen Lee Month ago

    Hey brother, I see your with me, I like your presence, gives me a sense of security

  • PS1 TO PC
    PS1 TO PC Month ago


  • Arnold Stollar
    Arnold Stollar Month ago

    Great film.

  • MN Irwin
    MN Irwin Month ago

    Part of what makes this movie so great is the background music. In this scene we don't get the usual crashing symbols and blaring whatevers, only the soft background of what sounds almost like a religious and/or funeral dirge.

    • ShotokanEditor
      ShotokanEditor 29 days ago

      It sounds like its like natural catastrophe or smth. Just tragic and very big

  • The HuskynatorMAN

    5:20 The police commissioner: Unacceptable! Now I don't care of it's ramble gangs, guardian angels or god damn salvation army. Get 'em off the streets and behind bars! Officer: The thug said it was one guy.....or a creature

  • traveller4life123

    Anyone who has their love taken from them has the right to come back as The Crow for their revenge.

  • Josh D
    Josh D Month ago

    When did he change guns? Magnum at the beginning and a semi automatic a minute later

  • America
    America Month ago

    His balls went bye bye

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell Month ago

    The crow is the greatest film of all time.

  • Egobyte83
    Egobyte83 Month ago

    "I know you" ... imo the best death in the movie because revenge awards the best and purest payoff when the victims make the connections on their own and realize that they are going to die solely because of what they themselves did. Eric's return from the dead just adds a little supernatural flavor to the scene, but for me, the emotional music is so perfect because of T-Bird's own realization. The terror in his eyes betrays a hint of regret and the chorus puts that feel of self-inflicted doom on it. And Skank's genuine feeling of loss as the car blows up.. it is just so tragically delicious in every way.

    • simonbaker95
      simonbaker95 Month ago

      Emille in Robocop is better a realisation.

    • Jon Ericson
      Jon Ericson Month ago

      Oh yeah, that's my favorite piece of music in the entire film.

  • only one Mr X Only one Mr y

    I gotta see this movie

  • JR Reed
    JR Reed Month ago

    The thing that鈥檚 most satisfying about this kill over all the rest is the absolute DESTRUCTION of T-Birds world, philosophy, and religion... he鈥檚 the only one that has that 鈥渙h shit鈥 moment, at least that we get to see! 鈥淭here ain鈥檛 no coming back!鈥 Aka I don鈥檛 have to answer for all the terrible things I鈥檝e done! Yes! Yes you do. I鈥檇 love to see this dude play a scene where he鈥檚 in a room where he鈥檚 slowly surrounded by all his resurrected victims as they all taunt him...