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    please sub to me i jut subbed u

  • Chris Bland
    Chris Bland Year ago

    What's music called:

  • Team AIB
    Team AIB 2 years ago

    Nice.. Check it out also Everything is Shown About Blue Whale

  • P Jagdish Devasi
    P Jagdish Devasi 2 years ago


  • Bobert Singhja
    Bobert Singhja 3 years ago

    Omfg a camel spider at the end? Are you stupid? Untold thousands of people believe myths that these arachnids are big.

  • Xxdope TylerxX
    Xxdope TylerxX 3 years ago

  • Xxdope TylerxX
    Xxdope TylerxX 3 years ago


  • Aysen
    Aysen 3 years ago

    How does this shit video have so many views?

  • Vincent Yu
    Vincent Yu 3 years ago

    Why kill it/hur ttit?

  • Laura Załęska
    Laura Załęska 3 years ago


  • D D
    D D 3 years ago

    سبحان الله

  • Ram prakash chauhan
    Ram prakash chauhan 3 years ago

    Ravi Kumar

  • علي الصيعر
    علي الصيعر 3 years ago

    الجانب مسيطرين على التعليقات

  • علي الصيعر
    علي الصيعر 3 years ago

    سبحا الله

  • Zoe Lang
    Zoe Lang 3 years ago

    this is the stupidest shit

  • Trane Crowley
    Trane Crowley 4 years ago

    Are you dumb?

  • Tamille Johnson
    Tamille Johnson 4 years ago

    A liger is a lion and tigers name mixed dumbie ask einstine for ur brain back

  • Half Hours
    Half Hours 4 years ago

    Number 2 is a dragon lol

  • BlaqF0x17 Septiceye
    BlaqF0x17 Septiceye 4 years ago

    hey im back im studing chuba that beast i think i seen it it killed my 10 cattle it real

  • sonu kumar
    sonu kumar 4 years ago

  • benjawan sangpitak
    benjawan sangpitak 4 years ago

  • Life with Emilie
    Life with Emilie 4 years ago

    Wow that cooooooooool

  • Brad Welch
    Brad Welch 4 years ago

    One time, I ate ribs, and right after, I attempted to make the rib bones into a necklace to freak out this vegan bitch I hate. Also, it would have looked pretty awesome. Imagine what you could do with the bones of these dead whales! I'd totally build a fort. I don't know if you can tell, but I've been Black Metaling all day long.

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment 5 years ago

    That is freaky but cool!

  • Fran Azofeifa
    Fran Azofeifa 5 years ago

    mas grande los gran daneses

  • stephanie frances
    stephanie frances 5 years ago

    Im Mexican growing up i heard this story a lot and ur an idiot to believe that was the chupacabre... I am more offended that u guys thought this was real its a dumb legend like the slender man .... Besides if it was real it would not look like a hairless dog if you knew what it really looks like u would know thats not it ..

    • R3B00T
      R3B00T 4 years ago

      Slenderman.... Might be real no one knows so this could

    • Sarah Stanley
      Sarah Stanley 4 years ago

      I miss you

  • Southmead Lad
    Southmead Lad 5 years ago

    Sad thing is their life expectancy is low (5-7yrs) as heart doesn't grow to match body.

  • Dare Clan
    Dare Clan 5 years ago

    i have seen it and its scary

  • Wilma Alblas
    Wilma Alblas 5 years ago

    te biggest whale is the blue fin whale

  • Mezenir .H
    Mezenir .H 5 years ago

    The music is fixing my brain remix

  • Im A Bush
    Im A Bush 5 years ago

    These aren't real :1st and last some are real, some are fake live wit it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brooklyn Pollard
    Brooklyn Pollard 5 years ago

    First one is 100% fake. Who would do such a stupid thing like that? 🐮🐮

  • The Haunter
    The Haunter 5 years ago

    A mosasaur and megalodon is the biggest animal Mr.Smarty pants

    • The Haunter
      The Haunter 4 years ago

      Yeah ok actually the largest animal is the Amphicoelias

    • Phillip Pesuelo
      Phillip Pesuelo 4 years ago

      Terraria guy

    • Phillip Pesuelo
      Phillip Pesuelo 4 years ago

      Off course not dumdums even if u search the biggest animal in the world 90-99% are blue whale mosasaur is just 20m max dummie

  • Jennifer Lopez Castillo

    Rude peaople are killing them

  • Holli Griffith
    Holli Griffith 5 years ago

    Poor thing

  • annabelle faccini
    annabelle faccini 5 years ago

    Why would you post pictures of people that can't help the fact that they were born differently. These people probably dont even want the whole world to see how there different.

  • JennaDaBest
    JennaDaBest 5 years ago

    I mean sa weet

  • JennaDaBest
    JennaDaBest 5 years ago

    As weet

  • Armando Villalobos
    Armando Villalobos 5 years ago

    That shit is no chupacabra its just a cayote

  • Zoid Berg
    Zoid Berg 5 years ago

    ▄██████████████▄▐█▄▄▄▄█▌ ██████▌▄▌▄▐▐▌███▌▀▀██▀▀ ████▄█▌▄▌▄▐▐▌▀███▄▄█▌ ▄▄▄▄▄██████████████▀

  • Matthew Lay
    Matthew Lay 5 years ago

    01:17 thats a sperm whale not a blue whale

  • block wolf
    block wolf 5 years ago

    as i correct you it is larger every body likes larger i drink it for breakfast,dinner,tea I EVEN DRINK IT FOR BRUNCH AND DITEA

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 5 years ago

    this is mean

  • Ghanem Alhameli
    Ghanem Alhameli 5 years ago

    Nope Its just photo shop =)

  • FenrirPrime
    FenrirPrime 5 years ago


  • Jonny Welford
    Jonny Welford 6 years ago

    This makes me feel sick they were all of dead whales you disgust me

  • Megan Marie Lewis
    Megan Marie Lewis 6 years ago

    is it real?

  • Brad Heater
    Brad Heater 6 years ago

    Hey Billy! Get in there and smile next to that dead whale so mamma can take a pic!

  • Caluzi Greed
    Caluzi Greed 6 years ago

    Hea Hea Sperm Whale Hea Hea

  • Kizzykeats
    Kizzykeats 6 years ago

    Looks like a giant slug

  • Felipe Teodósio
    Felipe Teodósio 6 years ago

    So sad to see this titan dead... Those who kills this kind of animal are monsters, dude.

  • Becke S
    Becke S 6 years ago

    Mammal not animal

  • RareAbyss
    RareAbyss 6 years ago

    uhh 44 million views to be precise. '

  • TropicalAnimalLover
    TropicalAnimalLover 6 years ago

    Anyone who likes Bugs check out my channel the name seas it all :)

  • Abbenxena
    Abbenxena 6 years ago

    1:09 isn't a blue whale either, it's a humpback

  • woznicka ewa
    woznicka ewa 6 years ago

    amazing keep up the good work

  • Dfdfdis Ejidcireld
    Dfdfdis Ejidcireld 6 years ago

    1:22 it's a sperm whale

  • Player72
    Player72 6 years ago

    He's having a whale of a time.

  • SinaSeelenfeuer
    SinaSeelenfeuer 6 years ago

    1:18 NOT a blue whale.

  • Kyle Churchill
    Kyle Churchill 6 years ago

    am i on the strange part of youtube again

  • crocuta
    crocuta 6 years ago

    if i am correctly informed the megalodon (18m) shark wasnt bigger then the blue whale... yes there were older assumtions that megalodon was up to 30m but these claims were dismissed in 1994. and for other mammales not even basilosaurus the biggest tertiary age whale only got 18m!

  • Andres Jimenez
    Andres Jimenez 6 years ago

    poor whale

  • Critz Xtremus
    Critz Xtremus 6 years ago

    It's hard to see a blue whale live pic on RU-clip because they are so heavy and massive that its impossible to move them

  • Msya Galicia Camacho

    Grouse ass looking people

  • Truelobo79
    Truelobo79 6 years ago

    hey! there´s one whale jumping around happily! it´s a humpback, not a blue whale, but at least it´s alive (and i don´t think the maker of this masterpiece gave a shit about what he pictured ...) about 24 million people hate him for that.

  • Rlfa84
    Rlfa84 6 years ago

    Abartig,ok weiss nicht was da jetzt noch kommt,weil ich abgeschaltet hab als der Junge neben dem Wal stand.Wie abgrundtief wiederlich.Wir Menschen habens echt nicht verdient auf diesem Planeten zu leben.Und dann noch diese Musik dabei ich kotz gleich

  • راللا لرلاا

    سبحان الله

  • erosionhead420
    erosionhead420 6 years ago

    What a buzz kill

  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 6 years ago

    There are Wolf Dog Hybrids and Russian Bear Hunting dogs that are the same height and are heavier. I couldn't believe it myself until I did some digging... The Wolfhound breed do not live a long time sadly.

  • BennyS
    BennyS 6 years ago

    The Spammer Evolves

  • Ezgamers
    Ezgamers 6 years ago

    Anybody watch whale wars what they r doing is greast

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  • ~Whitewolf
    ~Whitewolf 6 years ago

    JAPAN obviously, everybody just goes on business as usual, I figured with all they had on their "plate" recently, they would called off the hunt- they trap and kill whales, dolphins and porpoises- it's horrific. Apparently they decided to go ahead- and BAM ANOTHER EARTHQUAKE- which of course, screws us all. Very sad. Whales are so important to us in ways most people can't yet feel.

  • Thatonekidwholaughs
    Thatonekidwholaughs 6 years ago

    Oh fuck no for the spiders

  • RomanticStyle98
    RomanticStyle98 6 years ago

    The poor dead whale is a sperm whale.

  • Southpawstinger
    Southpawstinger 6 years ago

    And the one before that is a humpback whale

  • Axelon Daylen
    Axelon Daylen 6 years ago

    That is in Japan. The sperm whale you see is already dead and because of the gasses inside its body, it caused to explode.

  • Demaree Medina
    Demaree Medina 6 years ago

    The ending is sad:(

  • Carlos Hnf
    Carlos Hnf 6 years ago

    muito bom very well!!! video, brasil !!!!

  • Alexios Katopodis
    Alexios Katopodis 6 years ago

    its not the biggest thing that ever swam in the ocean.

  • maverick kiyonaga
    maverick kiyonaga 6 years ago

    Poor whales

  • AngelMezzanotte
    AngelMezzanotte 6 years ago

    its a leech

  • sjne26
    sjne26 6 years ago

    It makes me sad when i see a dead whale :( beautiful animals.

  • bjmusel
    bjmusel 6 years ago

    hoooooowwww aboouuut noooooooooo.....

  • rakkfatha
    rakkfatha 6 years ago

    if I walk into someone's house and see a dog that big I'd probably shit on myself

  • Daniel Geron
    Daniel Geron 6 years ago

    ukinam sir

  • Daniel Geron
    Daniel Geron 6 years ago

    putang ina moh haup kah fuck u panuntok hehehehehehehehehehehehe

  • WachdByBigBrother
    WachdByBigBrother 6 years ago

    click here for part 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1000000

  • Mark Huett
    Mark Huett 6 years ago

    Chuck Norris' pet guppies.

  • Chelsea Haebich
    Chelsea Haebich 6 years ago

    really? the Blue Whale is the biggest aniaml to have EVER lived. Check your facts mate....

  • oliver gonzalez
    oliver gonzalez 6 years ago

    como que la ballena es el animal mas grade que onda

  • Kimeegee
    Kimeegee 6 years ago

    If this is about the Blue Whale why do you show at least 3 other types of whale? Blue, Grey, Sperm and Humpback???

  • Steve Hosang
    Steve Hosang 6 years ago


  • Devin Webb
    Devin Webb 6 years ago

    1st one is fake

  • march09
    march09 6 years ago

    why do they show the killing of a whale? it's so sad and depressing. why havent they saved them?

  • TheBluePanda
    TheBluePanda 6 years ago

    I think that shit is real måste!

  • Lilz.MonkeyBoy
    Lilz.MonkeyBoy 6 years ago

    dead whale !

  • Carl 90
    Carl 90 6 years ago

    What so mammals are not animals? Is that what you're saying?. Wow, just wow.

  • he lo
    he lo 6 years ago

    The biggest animal is an onix...

  • what am i doing with life?

    Actually, there are bigger,longer,taller animals than the blue whale. Its just that those animals are extinct.