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The Samurai Carpenter
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WUW #51 How To Use A Rake
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  • Germain Houde
    Germain Houde 2 hours ago

    You are a master .

    DAK TOE 2 hours ago

    Amazing work piece, just one question Sensei ? Why not use an epoxy at the very end where the wedges where just to fill the gap?

  • chrisclock
    chrisclock 3 hours ago

    Love them

  • Federico Naumow
    Federico Naumow 4 hours ago

    You might not like the bed, you might not like the wood worker, but if you watched the video to the very end and still downvoted it, you truly have no heart. Good job man, from Argentina.

  • dead beat
    dead beat 6 hours ago


  • Reiter Albert
    Reiter Albert 9 hours ago


  • lobo de la estepa
    lobo de la estepa 14 hours ago

    Amazing work. Greeting from Patagonia Argentina

  • Disabler
    Disabler 19 hours ago

    Terrible table when there's that hole in the middle but as long as you get someone to believe it's art they will buy anything. Great handywork though..

  • Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY


  • Roy Campbell
    Roy Campbell 22 hours ago

    Great job Dad.

  • Easy to tips and tricks ect

    Very nice work I admire what you're doing and showing the craft and the process for doing it. I've created a one-of-a-kind custom stump chair you can find it in my playlist look forward to hear from you by 4 now God bless Ken

  • João Maurício Gonçalves

    Wow! Show!

  • jrmintz1
    jrmintz1 Day ago

    Beautiful work!

  • Bernardo Pina
    Bernardo Pina Day ago

    I miss you building wood stuff, man. Aside the timber frame green house, the last one is the Front Door, 6 months ago. Give us more of your art. =)

  • Gary Sutton
    Gary Sutton Day ago

    Samurai, your level of craftsmanship is mind boggling!!!

  • worseto1
    worseto1 Day ago

    I have been looking for a channel like yours excellent work

  • Mark David
    Mark David Day ago

    Good job

  • Christian Francois

    You are an inspiration, all the way down to Tasmania, Australia.

  • winter for ever

    Cin cin bro!!!

  • Anak Yatim campur
    Anak Yatim campur 2 days ago

    Made in japan is the best

  • Pat Pickering
    Pat Pickering 2 days ago

    DA-UM ! Well done brother !

  • Rosana Rios
    Rosana Rios 2 days ago

    ficou linda demais parabéns.

  • Colin053
    Colin053 2 days ago

    wow, seriously amazeballs. inspiring.

  • Bachelor Diary
    Bachelor Diary 2 days ago

    Why American and European People make Wooden Houses only... and then Cry for Global Warming and Save Forrests... Total Hypocrisy..

  • Denis Quenneville
    Denis Quenneville 2 days ago

    Thank you for the walk through. Quick question what are the dimensions of the shop?

  • Mary Gentile
    Mary Gentile 2 days ago

    omg, so incredibly beautiful!, I have ideas for a a table very similar, but I have no woodworking skills, I don't know what kind of tools to use or how to use them.

  • Apentogo
    Apentogo 2 days ago

    Liam looks so tiny, until he takes his jacked off...

  • Paulo Toledo
    Paulo Toledo 2 days ago

    Amazing job !

  • BAC
    BAC 2 days ago

    That Glass ceiling will never be cleaned.

  • Gregory Mosher
    Gregory Mosher 2 days ago

    @samuraicarpenter what type of stone us that? Did you carve out the bowl yourself or buy it and from where?

  • Christopher Trogdon

    Awesome video. What song is that?

  • Two Cent Productions

    Zig says just finished a buildin a bookshelf out of 2.5× 12 doug fir, floor to ceiling 9', carved the sides inlayed some Venetian glass tiles, came out choice no nails or screws, lot of work, you bud😉 do a awesome job 5 stars!!!🤠

  • Soze75
    Soze75 3 days ago

    I'm in awe watching this video. Such a beautiful renovation, can't get enough of the natural wood look. Thanks dudes!

  • Joey BoX0RoX
    Joey BoX0RoX 3 days ago

    Fukushima oxygen makes a man glow.

  • bobbg
    bobbg 3 days ago

    Nice doors, Question?? Why didn't you fill the split with glue and pull it in with a clamp to cure then cut the dutchman in? Was it because that was finished size? Maple I like, but I might have used Ceder on that with a maple viner on the inside. Are they showing any rot? Yes you are making good memories for your kids, Its why I like woodworking, My dad used to build Cedar canoes in the basement when I was a little boy.

  • Chris Gooch
    Chris Gooch 3 days ago

    Dude, congratulations. You talk about how hard it was at times but if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Dont beat yourself up about it! Your skill set is second to none and the quality of finishing and design are fantastic. You have accomplished so much more than many of us ever will with regards to this. I wish we had this kind of thing happening in New Zealand as it would be cool to physically see instead of always video footage. Look forward to continuing watching your content as always. Many thanks!

  • Caelan bales-Howard

    look fantastic good work biggest fan from the uk

  • Altered Existence
    Altered Existence 3 days ago

    I miss your videos!!! I just realized yesterday your videos weren't showing up in my feed! Guess I'm binge watching

  • haighyvshaighy
    haighyvshaighy 3 days ago

    This technique works like a champ! Solid as a rock! I just did this with 6x6 Cumuru posts. Used a wax end grain sealer for my end cuts instead of rubber. It was the fastest post install I’ve done out of three decks. Highly recommend it.

  • Grant Trotter
    Grant Trotter 3 days ago

    5:22 - Immediately came down to check if Matthias was in the comments. Don't see him yet

  • XDMonkey
    XDMonkey 3 days ago

    Seeing guys like you staying that motivated is awesome,wish I had that kind of drive and skill of course

  • PeteNinjaFocus
    PeteNinjaFocus 3 days ago

    Congrats man! Incredible workmanship and a great end result.

  • mian isbah rehman
    mian isbah rehman 3 days ago

    you are a great father. your son is lucky to have a dad like you.

  • catalin ursu
    catalin ursu 3 days ago

    Wow! What wood is that?🤩

  • littleboy437
    littleboy437 4 days ago

    What are You You

  • jack jones
    jack jones 4 days ago

    Love this piece...brilliant craftsmanship 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • TheGLpanda
    TheGLpanda 4 days ago

    Glad to see how much this channel has grown! Thanks for filming all your work and keep up the great content!

  • Robert Lalchhuanmawia

    Can you please share the cost for the reconstruction. In dollar. Just curious .from a small village. Good job

    WROKGODDESS 4 days ago

    Shame on you for not liking cats.. lol.. there the best and keep the MICE away.. I have 5.. 😉🐾🐈

  • charis128
    charis128 4 days ago

    I’ve loved watching every minute of it! Congratulations... phenomenal job.

  • Henry A. Rudy
    Henry A. Rudy 4 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what kind of wood is being used?

  • boo bye
    boo bye 4 days ago

    Pegs a wedges are like totally wooden nails... you lose!

  • Jim Schneider Speaker

    How lolng did this take you to build? How long would it likely take a rank amateur?

  • Kate Tsynaeva
    Kate Tsynaeva 4 days ago

    we say usually: "the shoemaker has no shoes"))))))))). in this channel carpenter had no house

  • Noah Latray
    Noah Latray 4 days ago

    Dude I fricking love you, you have literally taught me more about woodworking in like 3 videos than I have learned in like my whole life

  • Luca Pellegrino
    Luca Pellegrino 4 days ago

    Bravo - OTTIMO Design .-

  • Jim Schneider
    Jim Schneider 4 days ago

    No safety glasses?

  • An Dagda
    An Dagda 4 days ago

    Daddy carved the table? ......kid picks up a knife....lmao

  • Yousee MS
    Yousee MS 4 days ago

    The guy doesn't wear the tool vest or belt just for showing off but really enjoying the work and creativity, like your videos man.

  • Stephen Whittier
    Stephen Whittier 5 days ago


  • John Orabone
    John Orabone 5 days ago


  • EmmaMVZ
    EmmaMVZ 5 days ago


  • Bryon Bertrim
    Bryon Bertrim 5 days ago

    Few questions virtually all other tub builds use a canoe cove on the staves. Seems you use non. Wows i like more surface sealing of flat joints but does that make this tub weaker ? Hmm

  • Judybug NU
    Judybug NU 5 days ago

    Did you factor in the top step? That's a little higher up then usual

  • pigwa genonefa
    pigwa genonefa 5 days ago

    FAKE, FAKE. FAKE. He's not Samurai.

  • pigwa genonefa
    pigwa genonefa 5 days ago

    Wow no nails. Wow AMAZING skills. Could you next time show to us how you building ark? please,please,please????

  • Luis Martin
    Luis Martin 5 days ago

    exelente. mueble masizo , pero esta escaza la madera.

  • Timothy Wilkinson
    Timothy Wilkinson 5 days ago

    What a lovely job. You've made a beautiful home for your family. Well done sir.

  • alaeddine belhouchi

    wonderful work but i dont like when you fixed the top of the table t the legs with metal screws i hope you work it in the same style

  • RamboBear Ron
    RamboBear Ron 5 days ago

    Super awesome you guys worked at YoungLife!

  • Anton.d09
    Anton.d09 5 days ago

    Wanna build me one of those?

  • lendisha liezietsu
    lendisha liezietsu 5 days ago

    Which machine are u using to warm the tub? Please do tell

  • Dean Raynor
    Dean Raynor 6 days ago

    I will make no argument for flawed work but personally, and as a carpenter for 50 years, your rant along with not showing what you did to correct the items mentioned...not the least bit impressed. Oh yes you got skills. I have seen many of your videos and the appearance of superiority is in them all to some degree. And btw, your the skilled guy...why did you sub out these stairs.

  • Şahane bilgiler
    Şahane bilgiler 6 days ago

    watched a fabulous house renovation. Congratulations I'm going to renovate my wooden house this month.

  • 440hsp
    440hsp 6 days ago

    I just found your channel on Instagram. This work is absolutely beautiful man. Keep up the awesome work. You've got another subscriber.

  • Brandon Pauli
    Brandon Pauli 6 days ago

    You should check out the stone cutting chain saw I just saw for the first time on a video. It has a water hook up and a different chain for rock. You seem to incorporate stone in your projects and this is a better way. I just wanted to let you know.

  • Augustin Baudoux
    Augustin Baudoux 6 days ago

    watching from Belgium. Your job is a really inspiration for us. Your house is an amazing wood spirit !

  • Louis Castillo
    Louis Castillo 7 days ago

    I cant imagine how satisfying it must feel to live in a home built with your own hands and the help of good friends. Much more satisfying then just buying it built.

  • Mike Howard
    Mike Howard 7 days ago

    Beautiful work

  • al morris
    al morris 7 days ago

    Just what I need, a $3000 workbench and a $10,000 Snap On Toolbox. They both are much too beautiful to mess up doing real work. :<)

  • Gold grinder
    Gold grinder 7 days ago

    Who doesn't love having a big deck.

  • Joe McMeekin
    Joe McMeekin 7 days ago

    Just stunning!

  • pigwa genonefa
    pigwa genonefa 7 days ago

    Wow AMAZING skills. Could you next time show to us how you building ark? please,please,please????

  • поп вупром


  • Nikita Khalamei
    Nikita Khalamei 7 days ago

    I was crying when i whatching this ! Really Coooollll

  • Andrea Baruffi
    Andrea Baruffi 8 days ago

    Too heavy

  • Gold grinder
    Gold grinder 8 days ago

    There's already hundred of people telling nice job but i want also to say it . Excellent job.

  • Shukin Andjivin
    Shukin Andjivin 8 days ago

    Skip to 5:16 to hear about his Japanese tools. I thought this vid was about Japanese chisels.

  • Bob Kawthun
    Bob Kawthun 8 days ago

    yeah....I just started and I can in no way see my skill being that great. well done sensei.

  • Ryan Allendorf
    Ryan Allendorf 8 days ago

    A lot of people gave you crap for this video, but you are 110% right. The DETAILS matter!!!!! This is a great video.

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    This house would be perfect place near a lake especially with that deck facing the sunrise.

  • Edward Agyekum
    Edward Agyekum 8 days ago

    thats some amazing work.....good job

  • EpsilonAlpha π
    EpsilonAlpha π 8 days ago

    Trump 2020

  • Big Hero
    Big Hero 8 days ago

    Beautiful. Someday if I have a house, I want it to be like that!

  • Yoran
    Yoran 8 days ago

    I still keep wondering after all those hurricanes, why they still build those flimsy wood houses... cool build though

  • Jared Lumbert
    Jared Lumbert 9 days ago

    Amazing job

  • Mojima Channel
    Mojima Channel 9 days ago

    So beauty workbench

  • Tim Laing
    Tim Laing 9 days ago

    8:42 is a hernia in progress

  • Nelson E. Lee Torre New Modern Dimensions LLC


  • Parkway Concepts
    Parkway Concepts 9 days ago

    What the heck kind of saw was that for cutting the circle platform?!

    • Josh Rack
      Josh Rack 6 days ago

      It's a mafell portable bandsaw. They're stupid expensive.