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  • Mary Sutherland
    Mary Sutherland 7 days ago

    That two year old needs medical help.

  • Lace Camp
    Lace Camp 12 days ago

    They need is to screen each new tod for at least 2-3 days b4 leaving them alone. They should learn something from this. Question the parents as to the behaviour of the child, it might still happen but at least they would have tried to avoid this from happening again.

  • Liz B
    Liz B 14 days ago

    I am not satisfied with this explanation! yes, children do bite things to try out their strength etc, but a 2 year old is not usually SO strong that even a couple of bites, would cause the extensive damage seen in this photo. I wonder if she could have fallen aswell as the bite marks, or some other incident occured which the nursery/ day care facility are not owning up to. ALSO, who in the world leaves such tiny children so very young, TOTALLY unattended even for 2 minutes, that set up MUST have been dangerously short of staff. I personally would have this place closed untill such time as they overhaul their system, and take on staff who are bettter trained and knowledgeable and really understand their responibilities, AND more importantly, till the full and complete truth about this disgracefull episode has been thoroughly investigated, the relevant staff member suitably chastised and if necessary fired, and it has been thoroughly inspected, and tested as to it's suitability for the care of children below primary/ elementary school age.

  • Sherry Hodges
    Sherry Hodges 15 days ago

    Poor baby. That was totally the caregivers fault.

  • linda daulby
    linda daulby 18 days ago

    This breaks my heart how on earth could that happen to a little toddler, it's just like i watched on Extreme Trends at another day care.. i can't get my head round it how it happened.. i have not been able to have children but i do have 67 nieces and nephews that's with great ones.. i looked after them while either my sisters or brothers were either at work or gone shopping.. not once where they put in a day care.. so glad they didn't in a way.. hope they sue the asses off of them..

  • Barbara Underwood
    Barbara Underwood 22 days ago

    Wonder if they told the parents of the child that their child bit someone. At Bellevue Baptist Church here n MEMPHIS if a child is a biter than than child can’t come back to the nursery until that child stops biting. Same thing should be there. Baby’s parents should pursue legal action.

  • donna george
    donna george Month ago

    Not all teen parents are bad fairplay to them

  • Robyn Boreland
    Robyn Boreland Month ago

    Children bite, it has something to do with teething,when you are paid to take care of children dont leave them alone for a second,retraining needed.

    • linda daulby
      linda daulby 18 days ago

      Yeah they teeth and have to bite something but not a baby..

  • Lesley Allinson
    Lesley Allinson Month ago

    It's a disgrace they should be shut down

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace Month ago

    This is why mothers should stay at home and raise their own children. Yes they may have to do without the second car, the holidays, the fancy toys , the meals out etc etc but young children need the one to one care of their mother. Mother is a verb as well as a noun.

  • anthonymarcus48
    anthonymarcus48 Month ago

    Bro, no hate intended just constructive critisism. Your talky intro makes one skip ahead and even then your still talking. Just get to the cuts man

  • j jacobsen
    j jacobsen Month ago

    Bullying has been a part of humanity since the beginning. Its completely normal behavior. There's always gonna be a bully. Public schools waste time and money on preventative programs. This whole world is full of retarded snowflakes.

  • kian dhyr-cheung
    kian dhyr-cheung 2 months ago

    I'm from nz

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane 2 months ago

    Ghee whats wrong with the baby that attacked Iliana???? They are pathetic daycarers!!! SAD story is that so many helpless children go through something simmilar on a daily bases!!!! VERY SAD THAT SO MANY DISGUSTING THINGS HAPPEN TO POOR LITTLE KIDS!!! 💔

    • Mary Hider
      Mary Hider Day ago


  • Carolyn Tainter
    Carolyn Tainter 2 months ago

    Had that been my child, I would have shut the place down !

  • Catherine A Clarke
    Catherine A Clarke 2 months ago

    Yes, it's HORRIFIC! I am thankful that the baby didn't get, Tetanus or blood poisoning from the bits, they had to use Dettol and Antibiotics for her care. The parents of the child, MUST be held responsible for not DISCLOSING their child's problem. Also, the School must be held responsible. All parties, must be held responsible, for what happened to the child, they Owe that child and her Parents a Duty of Care, to take care of her, while she was in the school's care.

  • Katherine Torrence
    Katherine Torrence 2 months ago

    That's devastating. Poor baby.

  • Donna Koval
    Donna Koval 2 months ago

    Omg that poor baby. That is HORRIFYING. Just HORRIFYING that this could be allowed to happen. That baby had to be screaming at the top of his lungs.

  • Aggy Nancy
    Aggy Nancy 2 months ago

    I'm so sorry you hAd to go through this if I lived were you lived I would have gone and said some thing and it would not have been nice and I would have asked you if l could take care of her so you could do what you needed to do that made me sick

  • ohwhatelse
    ohwhatelse 2 months ago

    that parents of the biter SHOULD have warned the daycare that their child had bitten whoever... But basically, the daycare is at fault, I suppose! They should ASK Qs like that AND they should have heard her 1st scream & been right on the scene in 2 secs. they should lose their license. what a frightening thing for that poor baby! A nightmare for all concerned, actually.

  • Lesa Williams
    Lesa Williams 2 months ago

    I would sue this daycare because this should NEVER EVER be allowed to happen to a child that was place in the care of a facility

  • Cindy Brackett
    Cindy Brackett 2 months ago

    I am so glad I do not have children I got that mean my baby it would not going well for the caregivers

  • Cindy Brackett
    Cindy Brackett 2 months ago

    That poor precious little girl I'll be suing that place up and out I take over everything I had I try anyway

  • susan allen
    susan allen 2 months ago

    The carers were obviously doing something else. Get her to court.

  • Magdalene Bowler
    Magdalene Bowler 3 months ago

    I would sue the place When my son was in grade 3 I got a call from the school about him fighting. So my neighbors and I went to the school and found out that three boys had been pushing him around and hitting him. Well there my neighbors watch as these 3 grade six students pushed him into the outside wall. So he hit back and hit all three and walked away.The other boys left him alone. But the school never did anything..

  • Hannah's prayer 1 Samuel 2

    the acting is so poor I had to switch the video off.

  • BIG E
    BIG E 3 months ago

    When my son began high school he used to come home crying that he was being bullied constantly which included assaults. I was naive and advised him to tell his teachers big mistake it made things worse and the teachers did nothing. I decided it was time for my son to learn boxing I taught him as I was once a state champion light heavy weight. I also made sure my son was to inform the bullies that if they continued he would defend himself they ignored the warning so my son defended himself and broke one of the bullies nose and knocked another one unconcious. My son was expelled for 6 weeks. He was also interviewed by the police for possible assault charges this never happened due to so many students providing statements that the 3 bullies had been assaulting and intimidating many students without the schoold doing anything to stop it. My son never had any problems with being bullied again. Some times you have to fight to stop bullies because in mine and my sons experience the school will do nothing except throw rhetoric at the problem.

  • Kathryn Boyle
    Kathryn Boyle 3 months ago

    Where were the caretakers????? Weren't they supposed to be watching the children??????

    • susan allen
      susan allen 2 months ago

      Kathryn Boyle outside with a cigarette.

  • Wanda Via
    Wanda Via 3 months ago


  • Jackie Husein
    Jackie Husein 3 months ago

    Aww poor little sweetie. It doesn't appear the center staff was doing their job at all. There's no excuse for that level of neglect and abuse.

  • SharonLismanBaxter12
    SharonLismanBaxter12 3 months ago

    That poor baby girl. Sue the business, the caregivers, and the 2 year old’s. Parents.

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey 3 months ago

    Very bad at the day care they pay to care for the children not to beat them up the day are need to shut down not good staffs thank you for sharing your bad day care ,

  • Debbie E
    Debbie E 3 months ago

    I left my daughter for 2 hours at a day care, this is the LAST time I left her at a day center. They acted like it was not inportant. Ya right, never did that again.

  • wayne johnson
    wayne johnson 3 months ago

    go after who done this to your baby

  • Hey Princeruu
    Hey Princeruu 3 months ago

    I am a breastfeeding mother and breastfeeding cover (a very very thin sheet you can carry in your tiny purse) never hurts. Idk why people are so into encouraging uncovered breastfeeding. There are little children too outside who may or may not receive the act like a responsible adult would. If a mother could prepare the best for her child, then why not prepare a cover when she goes out.

  • A-J Hartung
    A-J Hartung 3 months ago

    Sorry to NOT j enjoy watching babies spit up whilst I I am having a. restaurant meal. Many mammals OTHER than those that move in herds feed their offspring away from. others which allows them to bond & offspring to nurse without distraction . If you feel a bathroom is unsuitable & it is the only option ( which. is probably not the case ) then maybe you should not be there .Chikdren ate a choice as is thinking of BOTH advantages. & the negatives ..Also if you can afford restaurants ecpress the milk & get a baby sitter .Child will be in knoen environment. & digest the milk better . Not everyone is as besotted with other peoples children. as the. parents . You can hold the Hate. responses just know MANY others who agree are too scared to say so ........

  • Tara  Sinclair
    Tara Sinclair 3 months ago

    Omg!!!! If u don’t like it then u go eat in the washroom. I loved breastfeeding my son 2 yr old and I loved every look and discussed looks I got. GO BREASTFEED

  • rita pita
    rita pita 4 months ago

    It's so lovely when people encourage one another. And most certainly about breastfeeding. It's one of the best things you can do for your children's health. The formula obviously is good but breast milk cannot be duplicated in any lab.

  • Anna Rodriguez
    Anna Rodriguez 4 months ago

    No one want to see THE GIRLS while eating !

  • Sourashna Candaye
    Sourashna Candaye 4 months ago

    The people who think its disguised or whatever don't forget you too when you was a baby your mother was breastfeeding you that way maybe in public also we don't know its normal to breastfed a baby in public bcoz the baby is hungry the people who think the mother should breastfed the baby in toilet they have short minded if someone tell you go eat in the toilet will you go it's noo.. same like the baby ( NOT FOR ALL PEOPLE DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY) that's my opinion

  • Jennifer Ponton
    Jennifer Ponton 4 months ago

    There are ways to breastfeed in public discreetly

  • evi evi
    evi evi 4 months ago

    I am breastfeeding in public!!it is legal and i don't care about what the other will say!!!if my baby is hungry i wiill never breastfeeding in toilet,never!!!like if u agree😊👍

  • itzlarathequeen mobzy
    itzlarathequeen mobzy 4 months ago

    In Australia I always had woman give Me a little or big knowing smile while feeding any one of My three children.

  • Becky Barns
    Becky Barns 4 months ago

    All she has to do is lay a blanket, towel, napkin, anything will do - over her shoulder to make it a little more discreet. It's just not what people are used to seeing in public. Stop testing the boundaries of our society. It makes it seem like you're doing it for attention but then you get mad if people are looking.

  • truths of knowledge
    truths of knowledge 4 months ago

    A woman should NVR NVR do that in public! I mean really!

  • donna george
    donna george 4 months ago

    I wud ave gone off my head, + i wud ave sued the daycare center

    • donna george
      donna george Month ago


    • Tehari Patene
      Tehari Patene 3 months ago

      @icecreamlady driver ...Exactly, who knows what her parents do ...beat up on each other or even their kids

    • icecreamlady driver
      icecreamlady driver 3 months ago

      I would have gone after the parents of the attacking child for abusing their child so badly that she was filled with such rage and a need to vent it. The rest of the story was carefully left out. The attacking child was a family from some country like Belize. I don't remember exactly. When confronted, the mother said it was no big deal what her child had done to this baby. I saw this story a few months back and heard the rest of it that didn't get talked about. BTW, excessive biting is a deep seeded emotional expression.

    • wayne johnson
      wayne johnson 3 months ago

      too damm right

  • Jelma Mahusay Ventura
    Jelma Mahusay Ventura 4 months ago

    Me too I'm breastfeeding my baby when I'm market or everywhere my baby hes crying and crying I think hes hungry so I give breastfeeding it's more safe the breastfeeding more than formula milk ...

  • Edwina Limbiiurg
    Edwina Limbiiurg 4 months ago

    It's goof to breastfed but the breast should be covered in public!!!!?

    • kitty qeen
      kitty qeen 4 months ago

      No it should not do you cover yourself when you are eating no right It is completely good to do it just STOP STARING AND YOU WON'T NOTICE

  • Philo P
    Philo P 4 months ago

    Drape a saree....then can breastfeed anywhere anytime...saree also covers the baby, the

  • Jacks Wilson
    Jacks Wilson 4 months ago

    My feelings are she should have done it in private

    • evi evi
      evi evi 4 months ago

      Why???do you eat innprivate when you are inna restaurant??were will she go??in the toilet??come on!!this is so natural

    • Jacks Wilson
      Jacks Wilson 4 months ago

      Yes and there are many who do it in the woods right by my home I feel young girl sitting on the grass in the woods get real

    • Grace and mercy of God by Thulile Moyo
      Grace and mercy of God by Thulile Moyo 4 months ago

      Some restuarent hev no private place to do that other than a toilet so wat she should done

    • kitty qeen
      kitty qeen 4 months ago

      You should eat in private

    • kitty qeen
      kitty qeen 4 months ago

      It not that big of a deal

  • Camilla Barclay
    Camilla Barclay 4 months ago

    a woman has to wear a brah menstual is dirty dont show your body . When in reality a woman body is a conduit for life giving forces and that should be respected by all. In somalia if the wife even cooks the food wrong her face is shoved in cowshit.

  • Blaine Doan
    Blaine Doan 4 months ago

    That’s what you do at a restaurant eat

  • im allowed my opinion ok

    From a 2x dad here. Bub is hungry... feed bub, anytime anywhere i say👍

  • Phidis Kings
    Phidis Kings 4 months ago

    I will breastfeed my baby anytime and I never give my baby anything to eat for the first 6months just breast milk so anyone want to stare it doesn't bother me.

  • silvia mcdaniel
    silvia mcdaniel 4 months ago

    Why do most people look at breastfeeding as a sexual act ???? Women have been breastfeeding for thousands of years . It actually is the most natural thing in the world to provide sustenance for a baby . Actually it provides a lot of nutrients , vitamins , and immunities to certain illnesses and diseases . Stop being so judgmental and uptight people . Breastfeeding is the most natural way for a woman to feed her baby . With proper draping a woman can be feeding her baby and no one even be aware of what's going on . So , stop being so nosey people , judgemental , embarrassed , or just another person who needs to complain about something all the time . Oh , and good luck to the breastfeeding mom's out there because it can be very difficult , but hang in there , you and your baby will find your way .

    • Karen Allen
      Karen Allen 4 months ago

      Jacks Wilson that’s the most ignorant simpleminded statement I’ve ever read. Breastfeeding is natural and people like you thinking its a naughty or sexual act are the sick twisted minded people that should be isolated.

    • Karen Allen
      Karen Allen 4 months ago

      silvia mcdaniel very well said. If anyone is offended it’s because they have issues, not mom or baby.

    • Jacks Wilson
      Jacks Wilson 4 months ago

      Do it in private have a bit of respect for other people

  • Rose Xo
    Rose Xo 4 months ago

    Id tell neone to get fkd. BF is natural. Perfect baby food. Anyone that has a problem wiv it can get fkd and look away if it offend them. Their face offends me.

    ANONYMOUSCRACKER 4 months ago


  • PJ Kamekona
    PJ Kamekona 4 months ago

    Correction: it's pronounced "TWO-sohn", not "Tuckson"

  • James Pittman
    James Pittman 4 months ago

    Like for real I never understood why people get offended by a baby eating.

  • Kid Destroyer
    Kid Destroyer 4 months ago


    • Kid Destroyer
      Kid Destroyer 4 months ago

      @nollyvines I did

    • nollyvines
      nollyvines 4 months ago

      Thanks my friend. Pls check Nollygrio's 'THANK YOU' video

  • Gerald Tumbleson
    Gerald Tumbleson 4 months ago

    I learned at a very young age it is better to walk away and be the bigger man but sometimes you do not have a choice self defense is your only option I have taught all my nieces nephews and my kids how to defend themselves and if somebody wants to come up and Bully them it's their own fault if something happens bad to them because we will not be victims anymore! And the message Katie bullies out there it's a little quiet ones that you have to worry about where the ones watching out for the ones that you're terrifying and bullying we will not put up with it I never have.

  • Madyguindin7 Guindin
    Madyguindin7 Guindin 4 months ago

    I despise bullys and Wil stand up to them.So you can call me a bully who bullies those fuckers

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson 4 months ago

    Sadly zero tolerance bullying policy’s in schools are nothing more than a sick joke. There’s very little that is done to stop the bullying until it reaches a boiling point. More often than not by that point it’s too late. The victim either kills themself or worse turns on others by causing a school shooting or some other form of dark revenge. And what’s worse most of the time teachers don’t even bother to step in or don’t believe that there’s a problem. This in turn causes the the same dark revenge as a result of clearly ineffective methods. I’ve seen only one person in my class that killed her self from being bullied but one was one too many. I didn’t even know her but I still feel guilty about not being aware of it and actually helping her before it was too late. So in a unique form of punishment the entire school was called to an emergency assembly and the bullies were publicly shamed and expelled but the damage was done, an innocent girl is dead because of them. The school’s methods of dealing with bullying is ineffective and needs to be redone to better deal with this problem once and for all. Bullying is unacceptable and must be eliminated if people are to progress.

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez 4 months ago

    Check Galen Windsor and the atomic scam. Dr. Rebecca Carly, Dr. Lorraine Day and the medical scam. Roland Bernard

  • Sassy 208
    Sassy 208 4 months ago

    Pictures are too random and overused in other stories!

  • Crystal Smith
    Crystal Smith 4 months ago

    Schools do not help bullying. It's the parents that need to stop it. You go to that school and demand to see that bullies parents. And if a kid needs to fight that kid needs to fight back hard. Adults are not always around to stop bullying. I truly believe it is a right of a child to fight back!!!

    • Parker Thomsen
      Parker Thomsen Month ago

      I agree completely, in many schools (including mine) the do all the assembles or make the class watch some anti-bullying video, most/all of which do nothing for the cause, with most bully personalities they will just laugh and carry on, as for the schools advice for a verbal fight, they say that you just walk away and tell an adult, however, if this does or doesn't work, it makes you a target of further bullying, in a physical fight they tell you not to fight back, and if you do than you will be suspended and punished as much as the aggressor, what they suggest in all there wisdom, is to curl up into a ball on the ground, you heard me right, literately let them kick the everliving christ out of you for however long they like, my best advice is to run if there are too many, if you have a bike or skateboard that is, or get to a place where as many people (witnesses) are, whether they are students or adults, if you either have a group with you or if there is only one assailant, continue to email the school with your account of the events and show up early to school the next day to meet at the office, schools tend to lean towards whoever contacted them and met with them first, after simply try to avoid them, don't go out of your way to do so, but try to do so. Sorry that was a bit long, this is just one of those topics I want to get out there and that I want to be heard.

    • Jennifer Kimble
      Jennifer Kimble 4 months ago

      Schools will never help the victim. The schools are quite often the aggressor. Or encourage it. I've witnessed teachers ignoring bullying and or blaming the victim.

  • Marvin Cooper
    Marvin Cooper 4 months ago

    'Grotesquely unfair'??? Not at all. It is aversion therapy. The 'victim' should have put the bully in hospital and then presented the bully with a bill. It might save him more pain in the future.

  • Sue Burke
    Sue Burke 4 months ago

    I really don't like bullying it's so cruel but well done to the young lad who defend him self its about time he got is mach will teach him not too bully again

  • cheshire 12345
    cheshire 12345 4 months ago

    It doesn't count if she eats food I've heard of people going on water fasts for weeks to detox what was her purpose?

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez 4 months ago

    Hate the whole point of bullying just trying to make themselves feel better

  • wormy dirt
    wormy dirt 4 months ago

    Ahahahahahahah first and rip

  • Hillary Hamm
    Hillary Hamm 4 months ago

    Even IF you weren't mature before, You will be getting more mature now. Congratulations. Our children have an amazing ability to grow our intelligence. With three, you've been given an incredible opportunity. I like your solution for telling them apart. Smart. See?

  • Margaret Ramirez
    Margaret Ramirez 4 months ago

    *How long ago did this happen because she is married to someone else now*

  • Pamela Gregson
    Pamela Gregson 4 months ago

    Make his bullies pay for his teeth to be fixed! There the ones that are bothered by his looks!

  • Romelo Wright
    Romelo Wright 4 months ago

    6 months? 😃😃😃😃😃🤣🤣🤣🤣😃😃😃 #Unfair

  • Jenna Taylor
    Jenna Taylor 4 months ago

    I am so sorry for your loss. Our family also lost a daughter to a drunk driver. I love your message and I often find myself saying “if you want drink, stay home”.

    ANONYMOUSCRACKER 4 months ago


  • cheshire 12345
    cheshire 12345 4 months ago

    Whoops oh that could have happened to any body.

  • Becky Walters
    Becky Walters 4 months ago

    death can happen to anyone anywhere anytime. race has nothing to do with devon james. moron

  • David Murillo
    David Murillo 4 months ago


  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 4 months ago

    What a waste of life

  • sandy lynn
    sandy lynn 4 months ago

    Everyone dies..we all need to be is still hard to see a lloved one suffer its very painful

    ANONYMOUSCRACKER 4 months ago


    • nollygrio
      nollygrio 4 months ago

      Thank my friend

    • nollyvines
      nollyvines 4 months ago

      Yo Little Gibby. Thanks for watching

  • Aaliyah Jean Baptiste
    Aaliyah Jean Baptiste 4 months ago

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

  • XSolar SunX
    XSolar SunX 4 months ago

    Why do all the good people die 😭

  • Judith Boltz
    Judith Boltz 4 months ago

    She went straight to heaven. So sorry for your loss

  • Ulla Ekeroth
    Ulla Ekeroth 4 months ago

    They are lovely, I wish you all the best

  • dark choklit
    dark choklit 4 months ago

    This is absurd. Do you have any idea how many black kids I know with bucked teeth?!! I was one of them. We are raising children to he obsessed with outer appearance. To be jelly backs and wimps! Teach your children strength in adversity...grace under fire... so that they can brave the obstacles and trials sure to be encountered in adulthood! This boy will become a man and get a job and have his teeth fixed even as I did. I'm sick of the way many parents are rearing kids and how other jump in with so called help. We have kids with serious medical needs!! I was a black child bullied about my dark one raised a dime to lighten my skin...and now I'm a strong woman because strength is strengthened with challenge!! Teach your kids to respect themselves and others accept themselves and others...big teeth and all!!❤🙏🏽

  • Amy Brock
    Amy Brock 4 months ago

    Congratulations on your babies . Thank you so for giving them life ! So many teenagers turn to abortion . I applaud you both for being a real man and woman . May God bless you both .

  • Sarah Rayton
    Sarah Rayton 4 months ago

    How wonderful is that. It isn't easy to get dental treatment when your wages go out to keep a roof over your head I know as a single parents, and my son had an over bite and large teeth when he was young and yes he got bullied which was hard, I explained to him that people who bully they have the problem not him, and to make things worse he also had to wear a patch over his eye, so I know how it feels as a parent, and thank God for generous people who help this boy, now he will grow up not being bullied and he will be a happy boy, and hopefully he might help someone who needs his help one day

  • Aquilla Brits
    Aquilla Brits 4 months ago

    Sy ouers moes ingetree het. Pot stront alweer.

  • lowkey 4life
    lowkey 4life 4 months ago

    nah cheif

  • Dawn Long
    Dawn Long 4 months ago

    everyone has there own believes. people worship different religons and theres nothing wrong with that. people can say the universe as well. everyone calls whoever they choose to worship a god. believes are believes. but we should always acknowledge when something good happens it is a blessing from above.

  • Sara Brant
    Sara Brant 4 months ago

    How sad that little boy went thru all that bad stuff...I hope he's doing alot better now! His community really cared about him once they found out! I hope he's happy healthy and healing from all the bullying!

  • Janet Janet
    Janet Janet 4 months ago

    Ah that's wonderful news he would have grown up with a complex so now he has help. And a nice set of teeth

  • John Gear
    John Gear 4 months ago

    American dollars in NZ I doubt it

  • jeanthree
    jeanthree 4 months ago

    That why you turn to GoFundMe

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams 4 months ago

    You are both incredible! Lots of love xxxxx

  • Ashnee Owthar
    Ashnee Owthar 4 months ago

    Law of karma, u tease and laugh, u get it back some day.

  • Netty Gengaro
    Netty Gengaro 4 months ago

    God bless him and his family🙏🏼 glad he got the help he needed.