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Balloon Brain Teaser
Views 589K4 months ago
Pouring lava in my pool!
Views 37M9 months ago
40 Watt Laser Blaster!
Views 1.4MYear ago
Giant Mousetrap powered Car
Views 2.6M2 years ago
Molten Metal Squirtgun!
Views 4.9M2 years ago
Bouncy Liquid Metal
Views 999K2 years ago
150 mph Rocket Knife
Views 6M2 years ago
Pop Champagne with SCIENCE
Views 1.6M3 years ago
Mercury Bottle Flip
Views 7M3 years ago
DIY Rocket Powered Plane!
Views 10M3 years ago
Molten Aluminum vs Bullets
Views 1.5M3 years ago
How strong is Oobleck?
Views 41M3 years ago
Molten Aluminum Vs Steak
Views 13M3 years ago
Steel Wool on a DRONE
Views 2.2M4 years ago
Casting a Sword From Pewter
Views 1.8M4 years ago
Propane Rifle
Views 4.7M4 years ago
Fire Vortex Cannon
Views 2.1M4 years ago
Aluminum Vs. Toaster teaser
Views 159K4 years ago


  • Granny !
    Granny ! 15 seconds ago

    That balloon remind me of something.

  • Jake Bucks
    Jake Bucks 7 minutes ago

    "Dont do this at home" Well, now I just want to do it even more

  • whoawhoapop1984
    whoawhoapop1984 Hour ago

    You forgot to put a link to buy gallium in the description....awesome video !

  • Noobizas Productions

    nobody: TBYS (the backyard scientist): Oh yeah, its big explosion time.

  • Candy Derpz
    Candy Derpz Hour ago

    7:55 Let fire some cheese *fires* Me: THAT IS A F***ING FLAMETHROWER NOW

  • xReece2010
    xReece2010 Hour ago

    2 much maths 4 me just show sh00t plz 🥴🤪

  • Austin Rosmus
    Austin Rosmus 2 hours ago

    Aesthetic asf great video!

  • Singing Monster meme songs and more

    Adults: don’t play with fire This guy:

  • NICK
    NICK 2 hours ago

    Molten aluminium and gallium.....that would be interesting to see....

  • Dan R. Hansen
    Dan R. Hansen 2 hours ago

    Florida men.

  • Sebastian Gomez
    Sebastian Gomez 2 hours ago

    Dude I saw your other video and you said if you have a great idea to help the world and I think stickers that cover car windows because ,have you ever broke a bottle and the part with the label is broken but still intact yeah this idea will do just that so if you get in a car crash there will be no more severe cuts

  • Joni raiwalui
    Joni raiwalui 3 hours ago

    ,spin 4 infinity

  • Brandon W.
    Brandon W. 3 hours ago

    6:11 PRAISE THE SUN GOD \[T]/

  • writerconsidered
    writerconsidered 4 hours ago

    You could make thousands of dollars for each one in an art studio New York City.

  • Rene Lopez
    Rene Lopez 4 hours ago

    You should’ve done a taste test

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 4 hours ago

    It looks like coral

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 4 hours ago

    Turn the safe into a forge

  • Raj H
    Raj H 5 hours ago

    *sees chicken getting cooked* Poor Anakin

  • Brossel FN
    Brossel FN 5 hours ago

    Obsidian achievied, now try to get an diamond pickaxe

  • Ginger Gaming
    Ginger Gaming 5 hours ago

    4:01 “you’re retarted”

  • Eugene_the Airsoft
    Eugene_the Airsoft 5 hours ago

    Imagine getting shot from this.

  • Dev odden
    Dev odden 5 hours ago

    The luck of this guy is amazing 🤣

  • dad of the dads
    dad of the dads 5 hours ago

    5:20 me taking a shid

  • Blueberry Juice
    Blueberry Juice 5 hours ago

    This shlurp is gonna get hurt

  • Thomas Kemp
    Thomas Kemp 5 hours ago

    i see that ruger 10/22

  • shmmoon
    shmmoon 5 hours ago

    Molten metal, no gloves, no pants, and a t-shirt. What could go wrong?

  • Micah Mcdowell
    Micah Mcdowell 6 hours ago

    She had booty shorts to the point where you can see the bottom of her cheeks that’s why it’s eight restricted

  • Amir King
    Amir King 6 hours ago

    Please go to 3:35 and just look at the GoPro

  • Friendly Neighborhood Gamer

    If cooking is chemistry and chemistry is science aren't you always cooking with science?

  • Amazing Joe36
    Amazing Joe36 6 hours ago

    You should do this video again for people who missed it

  • bonkshirt
    bonkshirt 6 hours ago

    Reactor overload on sector fish tank

  • Elizabeth Singer
    Elizabeth Singer 6 hours ago

    Ur mom

  • Mr Wood
    Mr Wood 6 hours ago

    7:49 lying on the mattress after watching porn.

  • Mike Hart
    Mike Hart 7 hours ago

    try mixing gallium with molten aluminum

  • Ali Jabr
    Ali Jabr 7 hours ago

    The fire scared me lol

  • B&Z Photography
    B&Z Photography 7 hours ago

    U could have use the 3 law of Newton

  • the yeet boy
    the yeet boy 7 hours ago

    He took an off at the end

  • Dagan Ramos
    Dagan Ramos 8 hours ago

    Cook skrimps cook

  • whalecroissant
    whalecroissant 8 hours ago

    Kermit the frog

  • Cringe Worthy
    Cringe Worthy 8 hours ago

    I feel bad for that filter

  • Camden V
    Camden V 8 hours ago

    Hey hi I was master chief on parlov it was fun to play with you.

  • No U
    No U 8 hours ago

    4:37 😂😂

  • Calvin Wood
    Calvin Wood 8 hours ago

    Idea : Elephant Toothpaste Squirt Gun

  • A Rock.
    A Rock. 8 hours ago

    How to make it snow in florida:

  • ElektrikOkapi
    ElektrikOkapi 8 hours ago

    When you are a nerd but you are rich so you can do stuff

  • A Rock.
    A Rock. 8 hours ago

    When you bass boost the bass boost...

  • Random Man
    Random Man 8 hours ago

    At the end he almost puts his had on the cord Don’t worry totally not dangerous

  • revenevan11
    revenevan11 8 hours ago

    I use the same gloves whenever I do my backyard experiments!

  • Tanner Campbell
    Tanner Campbell 8 hours ago


  • I
    I 8 hours ago

    For the first time, clickbait isn’t just clickbait

  • Clayton Stuart
    Clayton Stuart 8 hours ago

    Nice stranger things intro

  • Shadow Ninja Wolves
    Shadow Ninja Wolves 9 hours ago

    2:15 so satisfying

  • Blue Leader
    Blue Leader 9 hours ago

    Guy at the pet store must be so confused as to why he is buying so many fish tanks lol

  • James Jrs
    James Jrs 9 hours ago

    Who’s joe?

  • Nappy
    Nappy 9 hours ago

    Make a nerf sniper with that

  • Max Whittier
    Max Whittier 9 hours ago

    Congrats you invented one of the most inefficient ways to cook a hotdog with MORE POWER! Tim Taylor would be proud.

  • Zerowing 321
    Zerowing 321 9 hours ago

    3:10 is what your here for

  • Steven Settlemire
    Steven Settlemire 9 hours ago

    It was 15 megaphones

  • shadow creeper08
    shadow creeper08 9 hours ago

    Actually be your only immune to the electricity when you're standing because of the rubber soles on your or at least what their made of

    • shadow creeper08
      shadow creeper08 9 hours ago

      Shoes have rubber soles to protect you from electricity from the ground. I'm good at science even for a sixth grader

  • Brain Sauce
    Brain Sauce 9 hours ago

    Making things go boom. I like.

  • ThatOneBuilderGuy
    ThatOneBuilderGuy 10 hours ago

    How to win a super soaker fight: 1. build this

  • William Pearson
    William Pearson 10 hours ago

    7:40 this is why you use a tube sock 😂😂😂

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 10 hours ago

    what about liquid carbon dioxide.

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 10 hours ago

    UUhhgg. Why do ads come at the worrrrrst timing.

  • cRicKnO x
    cRicKnO x 10 hours ago

    Burning in water now I've seen everything

  • Sid Savage
    Sid Savage 10 hours ago

    Great demonstration of safety leaving that live wire on the ground and stepping over it haphazardly /s. I love your content but I really hope you upload the video of when you finally mess up and brutally injure someone

  • Generic
    Generic 10 hours ago

    I can understand if you don't have very much time to make a website but just learn HTML and CSS it's not very hard it only took me a few weeks to learn both and I've made multiple websites. The 2010's are lazy asf.

  • David Wootton
    David Wootton 10 hours ago

    This is not very clever.

  • Matias Debon
    Matias Debon 10 hours ago

    estas mal de la cabeza hermano.

  • David Wootton
    David Wootton 10 hours ago

    Someone who is very close to a Darwin moment I think!

    HERMITA PURPURR 10 hours ago

    "wow this cooks the chicken so well!" *Chicken is literally ashes*

  • Ed Cox
    Ed Cox 11 hours ago

    sandras kinda nerdy joy

  • Ninjaslash52 _
    Ninjaslash52 _ 11 hours ago

    I expected an explosion

  • GmcChampion X
    GmcChampion X 11 hours ago

    2:51 Plane:Ight imma head out

  • A V
    A V 11 hours ago

    6:57 nice camera work HAHA

  • B&C Hornung
    B&C Hornung 11 hours ago

    where do you get those airplanes? I want one!

  • Arcane Atri
    Arcane Atri 11 hours ago

    My god!! You just made a DIY post-apocalyptic weapon!

  • ItsRusevDay
    ItsRusevDay 11 hours ago

    This isn't how you make a cobblestone generator

  • Starzy
    Starzy 11 hours ago

    Was there ever a video that doesn’t have fire?

  • Isaiah Greene
    Isaiah Greene 11 hours ago


  • Woodedlime 29126
    Woodedlime 29126 11 hours ago

    Y E S

  • Amy Marhefka
    Amy Marhefka 12 hours ago

    This video made me really want pickles

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 12 hours ago

    Can you make a wither makewaves on a make

    COOKII KING 12 hours ago

    New zombie 🧟‍♀️ apocalypse weapon right here. 😂

  • Shinoa
    Shinoa 12 hours ago

    Is that real lava

  • Da Bird
    Da Bird 12 hours ago

    Well my thumb lost the knot on the string and it cut me

  • boneslice
    boneslice 12 hours ago



    Can't believe he cursed

  • Kbizzle82
    Kbizzle82 12 hours ago

    I can imagine that getting stuck on one 4 or 5 times that size may be harder just because you would probably be too exhausted to get completely free.. I'd give out, lol

  • super rinas
    super rinas 12 hours ago

    Imagine 50 shades of grey with that whip

  • cool and relevant
    cool and relevant 13 hours ago

    Todds stuff has a handheld crossbow with a higher draw weight

  • Shadow Coyote
    Shadow Coyote 13 hours ago

    2018: Supersonic Rubber Band 2050: _Supersonic Human Launcher_

  • cgwworldministries
    cgwworldministries 13 hours ago

    I asked Santa for the gun. Santa is my wife lol. Get your girlfriend a new phone meanie. ;)

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 13 hours ago

    You are partial to mercury.

  • Saayan Rao
    Saayan Rao 13 hours ago

    Some mercury fell out. 1:32. See that drop.

  • popnerd7375
    popnerd7375 13 hours ago


  • jason bishop
    jason bishop 13 hours ago

    %? FUTURE. Invention....snow flake...%

  • David Thibodeaux
    David Thibodeaux 13 hours ago

    But you used rifle she used pistal

  • Sambo Wilde
    Sambo Wilde 13 hours ago

    Where is rocket knife? Do you hate us?

  • nemesis games
    nemesis games 13 hours ago

    That intro was S M O O T H