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I MET THE MAN ~ Shawn Lane
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Blue Highway ~ Lazarus
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Moonshine :)
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One Day I Will
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Heart of Appalachia
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  • First Presbyterian Church Sioux Falls

    Lazarus by Blue Highway Intro - Hmmm yeah (G) (C) (G) (C) (D (G) (G) Hey Lazarus you fell to the ground, Lazarus died (C) Right there in the heart of town, Lazarus (G) died People gathered all around, Lazarus (C) died (G) Lazarus, Lazarus, where did you (C) go, when (D) you left this mortal (G) world We wrapped you up in your death clothes, everyone cried We (C) said goodbye and the tomb was closed, everyone (G) cried Then Jesus spoke and you arose, everyone (C) cried Cryin' (G) Lazarus, Lazarus, how did it (C) feel when (D) you left this mortal (G) world Instrumental - (G) (C) (G) (C) (D (G) Chorus (C) Lazarus oh Lazarus, (G) have you heard the news (C) They nailed Jesus to the cross is there (G) something you can (D) do (G) Lazarus can you bring him back like he did for (C) you For he has (D) left this mortal (G) world Instrumental - (G) (C) (G)hmmm (C) (D) (G) (G) Will you pray the prayer you know how, Lazarus prayed (C) Bring him back to life somehow, Lazarus (G) prayed But Jesus is in gods hands now, Lazarus (C) prayed Well (G) Lazarus I do believe that Jesus still (C) lives be-(D)-yond this mortal (D) world Instrumental - (G) (C) (G)hmmm (C) (D) (G) Repeat Chorus and end by playing out in (G)

  • Passion Roxx The Future!

    Just jamming baby! Jammin! Right on! Attitude is essential! And this is essentially - ATTITUDE! Bill Monroe himself is smiling baby!

  • Eliminator
    Eliminator 4 months ago

    My favorite version by far.

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins 6 months ago

    Mrs. Sherri, who's playing bass?

    • Sherri George
      Sherri George 5 months ago

      Hi Michael! The bass player is a good friend of Shawn's ~ Marcus Smith. When Shawn does family shows, he'll usually bring either Marcus Smith on bass, or Gaven Largent of Dailey & Vincent on Dobro. Thanks for asking!!

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins 6 months ago

    Grayson sounds like a young Shawn. Very talented young man. Well taught as well. Same humble attitude as Shawn. I'm glad to know them.

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins 6 months ago

    Hometown boy Shawn Lane and his talented sons. Awesome job. I love to hear the anthem sang right. Thanks for posting Sherri. Hope to see Shawn sometime this year.

    • Sherri George
      Sherri George 6 months ago

      Thanks so much, Michael! Shawn appreciates it very much!

  • Jared Sweet
    Jared Sweet 7 months ago

    The Lane's are so talented and just a fantastic family, keep it up

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins 8 months ago

    Very good Mrs Sherrie. You're not just a talent manager.

    • Sherri George
      Sherri George 8 months ago

      You're very kind, Michael! Thank you so much!

  • McKinley Keith
    McKinley Keith 9 months ago

    I miss you guys!

  • Donna Schmidt
    Donna Schmidt 9 months ago

    Wonderful playing by someone who has a great feel for the music. Enjoy her playing each week.

    • Sherri George
      Sherri George 9 months ago

      You're sweet, Donna! Thank you so much! :)

  • Jerry Powers
    Jerry Powers 10 months ago


  • Mack Kline
    Mack Kline 10 months ago

    Wow he is pretty close to Stapleton at times I have been hunting this version I heard this on the radio driving through West Virginia

  • Bo Darville
    Bo Darville Year ago

    This ought to make kaepperfink and the rest of the overenabled idiot kneelers stand up!

  • Jessie Phipps
    Jessie Phipps Year ago

    Dave Adkins this is Jessie lee. .I would like to have the song something like rambling letters ,I f its on a cd I will pay you for it.Its you and Larry Sparks singing it.I love you.

  • Randy Mcguire
    Randy Mcguire Year ago

    This was the first time that I every heard this song and like all the other Gospel helm it speak to my heart the Lord is the best thing that every happen to me and I pray that those in my Family will be with me in heaven thank you Lord for the songs that are sung in the spirit the best sing t hat have been is those that know t he spirit of the Lord and those that God gave testimony to these song I can relate to because I remember where he brought me from thank you Jesus for good singing and hard preaching we need strengthen it those service that we get it

  • Bluegrasshack
    Bluegrasshack Year ago

    Happy to publicize the new single in my newsletter. Come back to see us in the Memphis area. Pick away!

    • Sherri George
      Sherri George 9 months ago

      Thanks so much, Bluegrasshack! Shawn truly appreciates it very much!

  • Fred Taylor
    Fred Taylor Year ago

    One of the best versions I’ve heard of this classic.

  • Sam Artist
    Sam Artist 2 years ago

    I was there! Fabulous! (and I stood up!! .. Just saying.. A former Military Honor guard..

  • Bridgette Hillard
    Bridgette Hillard 2 years ago

    love hearing tbese guys especially Matt kirby jes a neighborhood kid grown into.a fine young man

  • Clifton Painter
    Clifton Painter 2 years ago

    Why does this sound so sick? Poor choice of tune to demo with.

  • Linda Russ
    Linda Russ 2 years ago

    Wonderful. Doesn't get any better

  • Shinnosuke Kawabe
    Shinnosuke Kawabe 3 years ago

    I've been using 55inch wegen bluegrass pick and I wondered is I-tone 41 enough thick to play bluegrass strongly?

    • Shinnosuke Kawabe
      Shinnosuke Kawabe 3 years ago

      thanks for reply. i don't prefer too bright tone in fact, so i still couldn't make my up mind. it's really attractive item though :)

    • LPayton
      LPayton 3 years ago

      I've been using a 1.5 mm Wegen Mando on guitar for a couple of years. Got an I-Tone "Grey Chip" last week and I'm digging it. Thin but rigid. Very bright. Same tactile feel as a Blue Chip. Gotta use it for a few more weeks before I'm sure, but I think it's a keeper.

  • Linda Russ
    Linda Russ 3 years ago

    You go Corey, You were great

  • Linda Russ
    Linda Russ 3 years ago

    we miss you Corey, but at least you live near me. I will get to see you again soon.

  • mlcantrell4
    mlcantrell4 3 years ago

    Your awesome Dave

  • magnumpi475
    magnumpi475 4 years ago

    What an awesome song!! Thank God for precious memories!!! These guys do an awesome job.....smooooooth!!!!!

  • Corey Hensley
    Corey Hensley 4 years ago

    5wd...whatever...I happen to like the national anthem as is, and particularity our version here. Oh and that confederate flag you see, is actually the Tennessee state flag. Maybe a little research would do you some good!

  • Jay Hodges
    Jay Hodges 4 years ago

    this is awesome me and my wife love this sng

  • seektruthandwisdom
    seektruthandwisdom 5 years ago

    Many people have attempted this song including some big names but aside from Dave Mason himself this is easily the best I've heard. Well done guys, you've captured the heart and soul of this great song!

  • Allen Benge
    Allen Benge 5 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful close harmony. God Bless You and God Bless America.

  • Richard Poulin Jr
    Richard Poulin Jr 5 years ago

    Beautifully done; God Bless American!

  • carol biggs
    carol biggs 5 years ago


  • Richard Shuford
    Richard Shuford 5 years ago

    wow Wow WOW what a great group singing an awesome song good job D L &Q

  • NOLA soulchild
    NOLA soulchild 5 years ago

    You guys are awesome

  • emailkarr
    emailkarr 5 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Heather THAT was GRAND ... MISS hearing you Kiddo. THANKS for the post ((( <3 )))

  • PEAK
    PEAK 6 years ago

    That.......was awesome.

  • Teresa Saunders
    Teresa Saunders 6 years ago

    ❤🎶 this is the real deal!

  • 5wd5f8ggr9yj52
    5wd5f8ggr9yj52 6 years ago

    Is that the Confederate flag I see? What a joke.

    • Chris Brown
      Chris Brown Year ago

      5wd5f8ggr9yj52 lol that's the Tennessee state flag

  • 5wd5f8ggr9yj52
    5wd5f8ggr9yj52 6 years ago

    The Star Spangled Banner is an old British tune. But few Americans know this. Does anyone really like this melody? Many highly educated musicians (not cheap pop artists) have said the national anthem should be changed. I agree. Horrible tune. "America" is a much more beautiful tune. Why sing this crap?

    • Amber Stroh
      Amber Stroh Year ago

      5wd5f8ggr9yj52 The confederate flag you see is not a confederate flag, that would be the Tennessee flag. The god they are talking about is the god you will have to face one day. And i think OUR National Anthem is fine how it is, although i will respect your opinion . If you have any opinions i would like you to keep them to your self. Thank You

  • Dianne Porter
    Dianne Porter 6 years ago

    I live in Australia so I appreciate you sharing this clip - it enables me to share this wonderful singing. I am wondering if Doyle is a shape note singer in the past as this sound has some great harmony work that can come when people sing from The Sacred Harp Hymnal. I am a shape not singer so love this kind of inspiration.

  • Danny Adams
    Danny Adams 6 years ago

    great song there is precious memories made everyday in heaven

  • levi jones
    levi jones 6 years ago

    This song makes me think of both of my parents who have both passed away and the many times we sang this lovely song together looking forward to the day when we will be together again

  • Eddie Wright
    Eddie Wright 6 years ago

    It will never be done better regardless of the style of music .And Cory blows it away with his Amazing voice

  • Eddie Wright
    Eddie Wright 6 years ago

    The high notes are coming from a Young man named Cory Hensely he is from a little town near me called Sod WV .He sang in our Church a few years back ,what a Blessing he is .He is the best thing to happen to Doyle in a long time .

    • Amber Stroh
      Amber Stroh Year ago

      I didnt know he was from wv! I live in summersville.

  • Armin Ginschel
    Armin Ginschel 6 years ago

    I love it

  • Aaron Foster
    Aaron Foster 6 years ago

    Josh would say the same thing! lol

  • TheFamilyharmony
    TheFamilyharmony 6 years ago

    AWESOME ~ ladies !!!!!

  • PEAK
    PEAK 6 years ago

    I LOVE this video. I love the singing. I love the playing. I love the setting in a hospital. I love hearing the baby crying (precious). I love the woman singing along. I love hearing this was Grandpa's favorite song. Thank you for this. It was a blessing.

  • chevythecat2
    chevythecat2 6 years ago

    Banjo player in a tie! Wtf

  • grassliker
    grassliker 6 years ago

    I met Gary a number of years ago when he was a youngster, just learning the Dobro. I am so happy for him and proud to call him a friend. Great job Gary!

  • Eaglemanmm400
    Eaglemanmm400 6 years ago

    Just beautiful girls , Bob in Pa

  • TheFamilyharmony
    TheFamilyharmony 6 years ago

    yeeeeehaaa GREAT JOB !!!!

  • DimesGotWings
    DimesGotWings 6 years ago

    i loved this song as a kid and i love the way y'all sing it awesome job

  • Sherri George
    Sherri George 6 years ago

    You're welcome!! Joe's our big little bass man!

  • Andrew McKee
    Andrew McKee 6 years ago

    I LOVE this!! GREAT job on this great old song!!!!

  • BluegrassisLife90
    BluegrassisLife90 6 years ago

    Joe singing bass!!! YES! Thank you Doyle!

  • JoJo EarthGirl
    JoJo EarthGirl 6 years ago

    Wow...this is awesome...

  • Frank Braddock
    Frank Braddock 6 years ago


  • Michael Garner
    Michael Garner 6 years ago


  • CatfishCounts
    CatfishCounts 6 years ago

    THanks so much for posting this. The Lord used this song when He sought me and saved me in 2001. PTL for DL&Q!

  • Tanya Chewning
    Tanya Chewning 7 years ago

    Love your sound

  • twgrimes
    twgrimes 7 years ago

    They. Are. Amazing!

  • Jennie McClure
    Jennie McClure 7 years ago

    Love this song, it's brought me through many trials!

  • Tyler Kirkpatrick
    Tyler Kirkpatrick 7 years ago

    Son I don't think anywhere on this earth does it get any better

  • thorny82much
    thorny82much 7 years ago

    I was there, I had a serious MVA when I was 17 ending in traumatic brain injury and fractured skull and several more injuries. They were great! my papaw started dancin and nobody had a clue what he was doing because it looked almost like he was walkin in circles.

  • Ron Lawrence
    Ron Lawrence 7 years ago

    What a great place to spread the word of God in song.God Bless.

  • Lisa Gaines
    Lisa Gaines 7 years ago

    If you know someone is recording around you have the decency to be quiet

  • 68gitix
    68gitix 7 years ago

    the best gospel group today!!!!!!

  • dlquicksilvertenor
    dlquicksilvertenor 8 years ago

    @pgtipschimp1 Buddy that is Quicksilver! minus the banjo and fiddle player who don't sing on accapell numbers...maybe you should come see us sometime that way you can be up to date!

  • k michaels
    k michaels 8 years ago

    wow great job

  • hsvkidusa
    hsvkidusa 8 years ago

    awesome two minutes

  • Tracy Henry
    Tracy Henry 8 years ago

    Great song! Would love to hear Jamie Dailey and Barry Scott do this song with Doyle!

  • Wouter Klein
    Wouter Klein 8 years ago

    The ending is spectacular!

  • Wouter Klein
    Wouter Klein 8 years ago

    The drums go well with this song.

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 8 years ago

    This is BEAUTIFUL!!! God bless you for posting it.

  • 5XChamps2
    5XChamps2 8 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks for the post.

  • Cass Kidwell
    Cass Kidwell 8 years ago

    im relatated to doyle lawson, its so cool

  • Tyler Kirkpatrick
    Tyler Kirkpatrick 8 years ago

    Yes sir! That is a classic

  • nasty5oh
    nasty5oh 8 years ago

    Nice post

  • Rob Lawson
    Rob Lawson 8 years ago

    Love the addition of the drums. Awesome! Great singing Mike. Love the hat Carl.

  • Rob Lawson
    Rob Lawson 8 years ago

    Love the addition of the drums. Awesome!

    MrKKLSR 8 years ago

    @Bluegrassboy49 Better then Christina Aguilera, that's for sure :)

  • Bryce
    Bryce 8 years ago

    It dosen't get any better now does it?

  • Bryce
    Bryce 8 years ago

    DLQ gives honor to the National Anthem. That would be great at the Super Bowl.

  • Rob Lawson
    Rob Lawson 8 years ago

    Awesome. The best version that I have ever heard.

  • jared L
    jared L 8 years ago

    i was at the alabama/kentucky game tuesday night. one of the best national anthems i've ever heard

  • carseyblood
    carseyblood 8 years ago

    Definitely need them to sing this for the Super Bowl...

  • Clark Ard
    Clark Ard 8 years ago

    Chill bumps and a tear...