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  • Abdulla Nooradeen
    Abdulla Nooradeen 4 minutes ago

    The real thing is the switch vs ps4 pro

  • Jmsetyawan Fps
    Jmsetyawan Fps 12 minutes ago

    1:04 you sure about that?

  • Leon1c
    Leon1c Hour ago

    T Wolf

  • hanhsui
    hanhsui 2 hours ago

    Watched the entire video, still don't know what your best recommended motherboards are.....

  • Marckus Terre Sumbi
    Marckus Terre Sumbi 2 hours ago

    Hmm.. i think all of them?

  • Aaron Faraz
    Aaron Faraz 3 hours ago

    I've been using 18.5'' monitor for about 10 years.

  • Kenneith Cortez
    Kenneith Cortez 3 hours ago

    battle of the year

  • Negan Himself
    Negan Himself 8 hours ago

    My fucking laptop literally heats up so fast

  • Harrison Cheyne
    Harrison Cheyne 9 hours ago

    I went from 7700k to 3600 was worth it. only problem is the cooler it came with hard to install and run a little hotter than I like.

  • Enea Dosti
    Enea Dosti 10 hours ago

    Logitech sucks

  • legendary device
    legendary device 13 hours ago

    It is nice to see your channel go this far. I subscribed when you had around 10k. You are really underrated. Goodluck.

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat 14 hours ago

    If u wanna build your own laptop, wait for The Verge's $2000 laptop build

  • Givin Natanlie
    Givin Natanlie 14 hours ago

    1:59 i9-9600k? *confused pikachu face* I think you mean i5-9600k 3:35 8 core and 12 threads *wut* 6:26 ryzen 5 2400G and ryzen 3 2200G while showing ryzen 5 3400G and ryzen 3 3200G *...*

  • uzi_dylz
    uzi_dylz 14 hours ago

    Apple is just better, but Samsung is good too Who agrees👇🏼

  • Derek Dean
    Derek Dean 16 hours ago

    Western Digital Black died after 17,000 hours. Which, is a lot. But my Western Digital Green is fine and dandy after 30,000 hours. Spinning at 7,200 rpm for 17,000 is a lot more wear and tear than 5,400 for 30,000. True, overtime the black has done more rotations, one drive is 6-8 years old, the other is 3-4. Either one is great, but if your buying for bulk storage, go with blue/green. If your looking for active storage, using it for games, lightroom etc, go black. And for your system, and for stuff you need a lot, go ssd. Samsung is the best, but any will do.

  • Iwan_Aizakku
    Iwan_Aizakku 16 hours ago

    Both ios and android are fine. It's just a matter of preferences depending on your current lives. For me, I prefer android, not because of the extra features that ios does not have, but because Im able to save more money by buying phones that's affordable, and allows me to survive my college days. What's the point of buying expensive phones where you could just save more money by buying affordable phones that does all things that you wanted it to do. (Xiaomi branded phones as an example). Also, forget about ios vs android. It's ios vs other phone brands' based on android os. You'll have to research more deep to decide which is best for you. Sorry for this long post. Have a 🥔.

  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 17 hours ago

    8 core 12 thread's? Da fk are you smoking.

  • Skull killers
    Skull killers 19 hours ago

    Hi very gd and well explained video,can you make a video about the best mechanical keyboards or best headsets for gaming

  • Tome4kkkk
    Tome4kkkk 20 hours ago

    The vast majority of ASUS xonar soundcards are no longer supported. For those that supposedly are take a look at the driver release dates. 2015 release date means that the driver has been pushed out the door just to be able to state "it's Windows 10 compatible". IF you're lucky it's going to function but at each Windows update you're going to draw - will it still work after. If any problems arise it's GUARANTEED they won't be solved by neither ASUS nor Microsoft. The history repeats itself. It used to be Creative that ripped off consumers by cutting out driver support short and then dragging to court a poor bastard that was delivering unofficial drivers. Now it's ASUS. Minus the court.

  • Whiting
    Whiting 20 hours ago

    monitors are capped at 27"... Say again, what? Did I hear you right? Did I hear that out of context or something?

  • Kyle's Gaming World
    Kyle's Gaming World 20 hours ago

    Android is trash, maybe its harder than iPhone but iPhone is more soft, and i have better feeling in holding phones on iPhone, and android has got google assistant instead of siri but google assistant sucks too much my frend got android and he got google assistant, btw android emojis are sooooo ugly i havent saw something uglyer, iPhone has the nicest emojis in my optinion

  • G Man
    G Man 20 hours ago

    You can get a custom PC retailer to build one for you but that can cost a lot more you can find them online, but in the end if you want to go the custom route do-it-yourself.

  • G Man
    G Man 20 hours ago

    I have looked into this just to see if it can be done and so I can completely agree with this video, it's not impossible just a complete pain in the ass. I wouldn't mind doing it though for a bit of fun and just to say I did it as I built my Desktop PC and am planing to upgrade my CPU as soon as I can.

    ÇYBÈR ÊMPÉRØR 21 hour ago

    Can anyone tell me what I can choose for my laptop proccesor AMD OR INTEL..?

    • teetehi
      teetehi 21 hour ago

      ÇYBÈR ÊMPÉRØR try Also try to tell them ur budget and what your gona use it for and other things like that

  • Tolu Adeyemo
    Tolu Adeyemo 22 hours ago

    love your channel

  • Quiet One Gaming
    Quiet One Gaming 22 hours ago

    Very informative video.. Can you make a video about desktop vs laptop for 2019? Thanks.

  • oldmansouthside
    oldmansouthside 22 hours ago

    I disagree on the price point. I think in the long run PC is more cost effective

  • Vikki Claydon
    Vikki Claydon Day ago

    Yeah they are both great buy a phone two months later both companies fuck you up your arse and destroy your phone so you have to buy a new one that doesn't work that goes for android more than apple

  • Skip ad
    Skip ad Day ago

    3800x has the best silicone. is been selected to be perfect. cuz if it wasnt, was to become 3700x.

  • Daxter69
    Daxter69 Day ago

    Ryzen is possibly better due to all processors being able to be overclocked where as you need to search for unlocked of intel

  • Mr. Muffin
    Mr. Muffin Day ago

    Get gaming pc. Then your work station can run faster with nvme ssd so your stuff loads faster. Like loading.. ok kids. Or get a work station. And add gpu

  • Just Nick
    Just Nick Day ago

    I don’t even understand the reason to use a gaming laptop... When you’re playing at home you will be using your desktop, and you won’t be doing any heavy gaming when you’re not home anyways. So just get a good productivity laptop and play on that when you’re not home.

    • teetehi
      teetehi 21 hour ago

      Just Nick to play where you want want to play in you’re bed grab you’re laptop done wana sit down at a desk done got a plane trip bring a charger and done got to go somewhere like a friends house and wana play games with them easy

  • Bork Lesnar
    Bork Lesnar Day ago

    No u cant

  • OPE Epic_Rat_Gaming

    Is 10mbps good?

  • Anirudh Diwakar

    Great video as usual. But I think the voice quality was lacking somehow. Though not an issue. Great video!

  • Stoynov666
    Stoynov666 Day ago

    the sticks of ps4 controller are more resoponsive, but the xbox one is more comfortable so i am 50/50

  • abc def
    abc def Day ago

    adobe after effects plugins : PUBLIC NOTICE VIDEO COPILOT elements 3d VFX SOFTWARE HATES INTEL CARDS - chips !!!!! OPEN GL ???? HOW `S THAT FOR LAPTOP OWNERS ?? THIS IS AN ON GOING PROBLEM ! beware !

  • ᴄʜᴇʏ TM
    ᴄʜᴇʏ TM Day ago

    Yeah i'll stick with my mcdonalds ice cream machine.

  • WRO
    WRO Day ago

    Gaming laptops have heating issues. High performance machines generate too much heat to cool in a small laptop case. And gaming is 20-40 minutes using the battery.

  • ChacónG
    ChacónG Day ago

    Do you need a pc to play games on a laptop or just with a laptop you are chilling

  • Alex Kagan
    Alex Kagan Day ago

    After last after last after last


    After last after last🤣

  • Nahum King
    Nahum King Day ago

    After Last

  • Slinky TV
    Slinky TV Day ago


  • Jake Borsuk
    Jake Borsuk Day ago


  • Lee Shunmugam
    Lee Shunmugam Day ago


  • Abeltensor
    Abeltensor Day ago

    Xbox controllers have the worst dpads in the business

  • Z3t487
    Z3t487 Day ago

    96" 8K is the sweet spot for me.

  • Abdullah Masood

    7:53 game name please?

  • rian nair
    rian nair Day ago

    Best for me is gsync compatibile! (work so great with my MSI Optix MAG341cq).

  • Alphonse Faure

    8:15 in the 2019 day and age 802.11ax is the standard

  • Alphonse Faure

    none of these are 802.11ax

  • Mister Albert
    Mister Albert Day ago

    For Headphone I would use wireless , For Mobile I would use wire

  • Uhuuhuu
    Uhuuhuu Day ago

    MSI 144HZ monitor with Nividia gtx gpu works fine,freesync

  • My Stock
    My Stock Day ago

    I bought TV bc it's cheaper than monitor... monitor is too expensive...I got a SONY 4k FOR only 200 bucks at COSTCO.... I don't see any problem at all..also, the image is super good than a monitor...just buy 4k TV and hook into a PC..u willl be good... also, it's cheaper than monitor..I don't know why they sell 4k monitor is 300-400 and it's too expensive....just get a TV..u save more money...

  • TheAgent 897
    TheAgent 897 Day ago

    Fyi the S does run 4k as well

  • Ulvis Barkāns
    Ulvis Barkāns 2 days ago

    Holly hell I got Asus mg279q for 250 euro refurbished and basicly all Thanks to this video, can't wait for it to arrive in 2 days

  • Devastator 21
    Devastator 21 2 days ago

    Do I have to get a gaming monitor or can I use a regular monitor just got in pc gaming

    • My Stock
      My Stock Day ago

      they sell it at Best Buy.... 220 bucks for 4k tv Sony

    • My Stock
      My Stock Day ago

      just buy SONY 4K TV for 200 bucks..u will be good... cheaper and good quality than a monitor....

  • Rob Peters
    Rob Peters 2 days ago

    You need atleast an I7

  • Intimidqtion Prod.
    Intimidqtion Prod. 2 days ago

    Now I've found reasons for me friends to stop bullying me for having an android

    • Intimidqtion Prod.
      Intimidqtion Prod. 9 hours ago

      @Sir Ferlicious lol it's just teasing calm

    • Sir Ferlicious
      Sir Ferlicious 9 hours ago

      Intimidqtion Prod. Hate to break it to you but those aren’t friends

  • Sovan Ghosh
    Sovan Ghosh 2 days ago

    If you love your kidneys then android for you but if you don't like your kidneys the go for apple

  • Sovan Ghosh
    Sovan Ghosh 2 days ago

    but the fact is apple users uses google product like search, map, youtube, gmail. So who is the ultimate winner?

    CHANDU S GOWDA 2 days ago

    Ips can't go below 14hz Lenovo: 2k19

  • Candiy Love
    Candiy Love 2 days ago

    To me I like ds4 the most because of the pressing buttons and the triggers are feel so good for me...but when it compares to handle xbox one s has it... I just didn't like the clicky sounds on xbox one controller but the analogs compared to both man it's just same comfy!

  • Tyran Cox-Bey
    Tyran Cox-Bey 2 days ago

    what are the glasses at 1:18?

  • Starchy Productions the baked potatoe

    Why Is it that they used old pictures of the old models and not new ones

  • Tay Babyy
    Tay Babyy 2 days ago

    Just got the intel i9 9900k and the rtx 2060 super gg

  • Legend Gaming
    Legend Gaming 2 days ago

    Gaming Pc=More Single Core Score Workstation=More Multi Core Score

  • Den .D
    Den .D 2 days ago

    Simple answer.. want something mobile and good with games: Laptop or Want something with more customizable option AND good with games : PC Either way both option still allows you to play games.

    • Den .D
      Den .D 2 days ago

      @Bertt Antonio for computers you can almost change anything to almost everything inside the CPU itself compare to laptops which when it comes to graphic cards in laptops it's a fix graphic card and you can't change it .as for the lag and overheat problem it depends on the laptops itself some gaming laptop can handle heavy performance and most of it can handle them pretty decently. but that's where the problem comes with better specs on a gaming laptop , they're insanely expensive. so in conclusion desktop would be a better option if you're fine with playing only at a certain place because of it's customization option and as for laptops if you're really worried about overheat and lag issue you just have to find a decent machine such ones with either gtx 1050,1050ti ,Gtx 1060 or Gtx the end you still could play games with both option. So i hope this helps you in a way because i'm currently looking to buy a gaming laptop too.

    • Bertt Antonio
      Bertt Antonio 2 days ago

      can you tell the disadvantages with laptops compared to desktops when it comes to gaming? like does it overheat more easily or like lag more often?

  • ano nymous
    ano nymous 2 days ago

    ... my Logitech HD Pro C920 broke only after 2 years ...

  • JeongJeong
    JeongJeong 2 days ago

    I got 1440 monitor..... 1440x900...

    • JeongJeong
      JeongJeong Day ago

      @Z3t487 2200g, welp...

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 Day ago

      :) at least you don't need a powerful GPU to run your games, just a good CPU.

  • dyneol
    dyneol 2 days ago

    AMD is better by principle. Whoever still buys nvidia GPU's in 2019 *wants* to be scammed and does not mind to support pure evil.

  • ur mom
    ur mom 2 days ago

    Ur mom at 27 inches is the sweet spot to me

  • The assassin who cheated death

    Can you use one fo these out in the countryside.

  • David Nishan
    David Nishan 2 days ago

    19" is the sweet spot for me.

  • Break Flash
    Break Flash 2 days ago

    Would more ram help me run my game better when streaming?

    SHARPSH00T2R TEAM 3 days ago

    I Am Speed If you know what I mean

  • Yash Kapoor
    Yash Kapoor 3 days ago

    Dude I literally made grilled cheese on my fucking laptop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andrew Benson
    Andrew Benson 3 days ago

    video actually starts at 0:44

  • TheMultiHub
    TheMultiHub 3 days ago

    Android! Android! Android! ...

  • Lee Brooke
    Lee Brooke 3 days ago

    Did i hear correctly? @ 1:55 seconds, "The ryzen 5 3600 performs on par with the intel i9 9600k"............ surely this is an error?

  • Beasts 0011
    Beasts 0011 3 days ago

    Ios is the best

  • Tomson King
    Tomson King 3 days ago

    do not shake screen when switch between different senes.

  • mah boy nuckles
    mah boy nuckles 3 days ago

    Samsung is still better

  • Aon Lazio
    Aon Lazio 3 days ago


  • vlad
    vlad 3 days ago

    I was expecting some fps increase up to 30-60 but it was just 2-3 fps coz I'm planning to buy m.2 SSD for my laptop.

  • Stefan Nedomlel
    Stefan Nedomlel 3 days ago

    Bought a Gamesir G3W just to find out that it has a problem with the analog stick by design which means that the movement on the analog stick is translated into just 2 positions, 0 and 1. This makes the controller unusable for me because i'm mainly using it for racing games but also in Tomb raider some tasks could not be done precicley when it comes to aming. Hope they take it back. Here is a site which shows the problem.

  • Führer des Benutzers

    Will using a hairdryer instead of compressed air make too much of a difference?

  • ninja force
    ninja force 3 days ago

    yeah xbox is better but the console

  • Karan kots
    Karan kots 4 days ago

    I have tried using both and I feel xbox controller is far better because the playstation controller just feels very tiny and uncomfortable to use.

  • Rex On 60
    Rex On 60 4 days ago

    If I get a 144hz monitor and hook it up to my ps4 do I get a higher fps

    • My Stock
      My Stock 4 hours ago

      @iSINIGANG why u need to buy a monitor for 400 bucks..u can buy a TV for 200 bucks and it works the same...4k TV...

    • My Stock
      My Stock 4 hours ago

      @iSINIGANG it works for me okay... save money works like a charmmmm

      iSINIGANG 4 hours ago

      My Stock boy shut up with you’re Sony 4K tv. Not much games support 4K

    • My Stock
      My Stock Day ago

      for GAMING, u need a TV, not monitor... go buy A SONY 4k TV for only 200 bucks at Best Buy, u will be happy with the quality.... for gaming u need 4k TV.....

  • Diego Carenzo
    Diego Carenzo 4 days ago

    Excelente explicación muchas gracias!

  • Mason Farrow
    Mason Farrow 4 days ago

    nah, free ear buds is where it's at.

  • Primal Spongebob
    Primal Spongebob 4 days ago

    I got a 75in tv for my Xbox one x it’s pretty great

  • TheKb117
    TheKb117 4 days ago

    CRT: Am I a joke to you? watching this on my 17" Dell crt monitor.... :D

  • Alexj2003
    Alexj2003 4 days ago

    I’m getting a laptop just to introduce myself to pc gaming and then when I have more money I’ll make an actual pc

  • Judo155 _
    Judo155 _ 4 days ago

    Would there be tearing if I get rtx 2070 with a 240hz monitor with G-sync

    • Judo155 _
      Judo155 _ 3 days ago

      GamingScan thanks for the help

    • Judo155 _
      Judo155 _ 3 days ago

      Edwin_Bro thanks for the help

    • GamingScan
      GamingScan 3 days ago

      No, you won't if you enable G-Sync.

    • Edwin_Bro
      Edwin_Bro 4 days ago

      Judo155 _ thats perfectly fine, for 240hz, you would need to get at least a RTX 2060.

  • Jose Vargas
    Jose Vargas 4 days ago

    I need help can you please help me I play ps4 console (fifa20), I’m looking for a good monitor? Which of this two would you recommend me Samsung - CHG9 Series C49HG90DMN 49" LED Curved FHD FreeSync Monitor with HDR - Matte dark blue black Or Alienware - AW3418DW 34.14" IPS LED UltraWide HD G-SYNC Monitor - Epic silver

  • Dylan Singers
    Dylan Singers 4 days ago

    Both are just down to personal Opinion

  • ViciousSummoner
    ViciousSummoner 4 days ago

    I have a new pc or my first pc. All my games are set to lock 60fps and vsync on. I always have to adjust them, turning off max fps and turning off vsync. Is that normal? I have a 144hz, 1080p and 1ms monitor using hdmi cord.

    • Omar Ali
      Omar Ali 2 days ago

      Use the displayport cable