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  • watch
    watch 15 minutes ago

    I don’t mind the bezel at all I like a decent bezel around the phone as long as the features are worth it and it has rounded corners

  • Peter Wong
    Peter Wong 16 minutes ago

    a really comprehensive review. thanks.

  • Dark VadeR
    Dark VadeR 55 minutes ago

    Sticking to my firestick


    Any idea how to get Filelinked on this box?

  • citra prima
    citra prima Hour ago

    Great,..?! Can it just connected to the gaming stick?

  • Suresh Bhoi
    Suresh Bhoi Hour ago


  • James Log
    James Log 2 hours ago

    Great Audio. Thanks Chigz!

  • patrick cadette
    patrick cadette 3 hours ago

    Disappointed with h96 when it comes to this u dear say false advertising..😁😁😁👍👍👍.

  • Marisol Avocado
    Marisol Avocado 4 hours ago

    I got this but whenever I insert the sd card and try to record it says insert sd card even though I already did plz reply and help me out!?

  • Giovani Valerio Martins

    Hey how's going? Can I to see my gallery?

  • Schalk Smit09
    Schalk Smit09 5 hours ago

    Nice video i subbed

  • Myles Collins-Wooley

    What? It looks pretty good to me! It would be good if it had a flashlight but it's still way better than those other watches! This is the kind of thing that should be replacing desktop computers, especially if it has a usb input for controls.

  • king messi
    king messi 5 hours ago

    Streaming and video quality would obviously be better on the XL since it has QHD+ but would it be that big of a difference or no ? Wondering because I want to get this phone. Just the FHD+ and QHD+ is making me indecisive as to which to get. I am not a big fan of the huge one. But yeah if someone could clarify for me if it makes a big difference or not. Especially since i do not get phones every year only when my phone starts being trash. Have a phone for over 2 years now.

  • md waqas
    md waqas 6 hours ago

    Please beelink gt king pro reviews

  • izri1
    izri1 6 hours ago

    What's inches?

  • PeanutButter Jelly
    PeanutButter Jelly 6 hours ago

    Why would someone want to buy this if the max resolution on Netflix is 480p?

  • PainAndMurphy
    PainAndMurphy 6 hours ago

    On these *full* Android TV boxes, can you install as many languages as there are on tablets & smartphones?

    MEGA NZ 6 hours ago

    love the home screen layout.. but does not do anything else very well

  • PainAndMurphy
    PainAndMurphy 7 hours ago

    They should've made bigger storage versions to choose from

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy 7 hours ago

    I think you should read some more reviews it gets rubbished.

  • Johnix motovlog
    Johnix motovlog 7 hours ago

    Bro pasipa naman jan

  • Herman Lenana
    Herman Lenana 7 hours ago

    Quick question...after reviewing, where do you take these TV boxes? You must have at least 1 dozen lying around..

  • Mete TURHAN
    Mete TURHAN 7 hours ago

    My sjcam carbon has fish eye effect, but it takes 90 degree videos or photos. Although manufacturer says it's 170 degree action cam??

  • cros temptera
    cros temptera 7 hours ago

    nice one

  • everythingcomputer
    everythingcomputer 7 hours ago

    So sad... They don't care anymore it seems...

  • David TheBoss2018
    David TheBoss2018 7 hours ago

    can i attach to moped?

  • Don Benoit
    Don Benoit 9 hours ago

    Bought this Honor Band 5 and it would connect to Bluetooth after installing the app.

  • Mat Jones
    Mat Jones 9 hours ago

    Leaves my old s10 in the dark

  • Dj Demon Mixes/Free Hardstyle

    Fck I have 9.0 Android

  • rajdeep
    rajdeep 10 hours ago

    Excellent ,, your way of talking is so good, very clear and very fluent,, you are one of the best demonstrator and best reviewer.. 👍👍👍👍

  • Brad Michaud
    Brad Michaud 10 hours ago

    Can I reply to messages?? With this

  • Scarboro Sasquatch Station

    Chigz Tech Reviews: Thanks for October 2019 Coolest Tech of the Month.....Simply love ❤️ the Moshi Avanti C Headphones 🎧 superior quality build with premium materials ..!!! Thanks Scarboro 🇨🇦💚

  • 煙ZAINX
    煙ZAINX 11 hours ago

    This is great for kids who parents say get off or if ure tv is living room and u stil wana play

  • Eggy Patrick
    Eggy Patrick 11 hours ago

    Im having trouble with the darkness, everything is to dark and no matter how much i mess with settings its still there

  • chungus man
    chungus man 12 hours ago

    I have the white one

  • Geordi La Forge
    Geordi La Forge 12 hours ago

    So you can turn off Alexa with a button, but you can turn it on again with your voice? That makes no sense, in other words it's always on?

  • RickJason
    RickJason 12 hours ago

    No. I’ll wait a couple of months for the Qualcomm 865 with a 5G modem on the chip. This way I can keep the phone I buy for 3 years.

  • Jordi Lopez Vazquez
    Jordi Lopez Vazquez 12 hours ago


  • Dash Sihombing
    Dash Sihombing 12 hours ago

    Thanks for the information Chigz.

  • rocky dennis
    rocky dennis 12 hours ago

    How big is the image from a 9 feet away distance?

  • Scarboro Sasquatch Station

    Chigz Tech Reviews : Thanks Chigz for your honest review on the budget priced H96 Mini Full Android T.V. Box ....Now do our expectations for performance outweigh the price point , shiny colours and untrustworthy advertising....?/? Thanks Scarboro 🇨🇦🦉💚

  • Jeet Asrani
    Jeet Asrani 13 hours ago

    Yea smartwatch with no option to replies to msgs or emails or WhatsApp.. Not such a smartwatch after all..

  • Mustafa Batihan
    Mustafa Batihan 14 hours ago

    Please stop reviewing h6 boxes and take this box off your chart it dont deserve to b there. Realistically a man of your caliber allready knew the box was a rip off scam before it even shipped to your door. Otherwise great videos and channel looking forward to another 905x2 or newer faster boxes coming out soon.

  • PREECH Avangelist
    PREECH Avangelist 14 hours ago

    I don't know who you are but this was a truly great review you did a great job! Good work ;)

  • Qubik
    Qubik 14 hours ago

    Allwinner is trash

  • Murugesh sr
    Murugesh sr 15 hours ago

    Sir please review.. X96h.. Android TV box... 🤔🤔😍😍😁

  • Shaina Amiirah
    Shaina Amiirah 15 hours ago

    The only things nice about the box is the colourfull aspect of it...As usual great review...🌈🌈🌈

  • Sagara Kun
    Sagara Kun 15 hours ago

    try it out on a flagship Samsung phone with Dex mode.... that would be damn interesting to see how this plays out ....

  • mr karma
    mr karma 15 hours ago

    Leave well alone

  • Kenny Khoo
    Kenny Khoo 15 hours ago

    what's the protection on the screen? any gorilla glass protection?

  • Begbie
    Begbie 15 hours ago

    Can I install Android Smartwatch-compatible apps on these watches? I'm looking for a watch that can run the JEFIT workout app for Android.

  • Paul Nunez
    Paul Nunez 15 hours ago

    Great review. Such a scam out of this box. Very disappointed to be a “ 6k box” 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • T3CHGY007
    T3CHGY007 15 hours ago

    It looks like a toy!

  • Knihkupectví Štěstíčko

    Antutu results are mess and even Antutut warns from comparing them. So your table is useless.

  • asri azmi
    asri azmi 16 hours ago

    Looks funky

  • SPIDEY Gaming
    SPIDEY Gaming 16 hours ago

    Can I record iPad screen using this game capture?

    225 WORLDSTARZ BIZ 16 hours ago

    Cool cable box

  • Umar Abid
    Umar Abid 16 hours ago

    very cool review thank you.

  • Dr Gaurav Suneja
    Dr Gaurav Suneja 16 hours ago

    Ugly interface and can you install Android on it. Not android tv. I want to play games

  • Shaun R
    Shaun R 17 hours ago

    Great review..another one to avoid : )

  • Muhd Fitri
    Muhd Fitri 18 hours ago

    it’s actually not at all as i don’t record video anyway

  • Edmond Gurguri
    Edmond Gurguri 18 hours ago

    Could you even review a TV Box whoch costs like : 20£?

  • bigambientdeath
    bigambientdeath 18 hours ago

    like you say, spend an extra tenner and get the HK1 PLAY, 905x2, got the 64gb version for 40 quid.

  • StreamTech
    StreamTech 19 hours ago

    Why U Don't Check Software Updates In Setting ??

    • Richard Gabriel
      Richard Gabriel 18 hours ago

      StreamTech because very few TvBox manufacturers even offer OTA updates, H96 is not one that does, but for other reviews Chigz' does inform if the device had an available software update.

  • Paul Hill
    Paul Hill 19 hours ago

    Good review,not a great performing TV Box.👍👍👍

  • Anuj Malik
    Anuj Malik 19 hours ago

    Definitely best review Thank you sir

  • AdeWarrior
    AdeWarrior 19 hours ago

    Guess will put this in the kids'

  • Ian2773
    Ian2773 19 hours ago

    Disappointing from H96... they really seem to have dropped their game following the original H96+ and H96 Max boxes of a year or so ago.

  • Geordi La Forge
    Geordi La Forge 19 hours ago

    Obviously it can't do 4k, it can only do 6k like it says on the box 😂😂😂

    JOKO PRASETIO 19 hours ago

    I am already order sir... one week ago... just wait till arrived

  • Michael Katz
    Michael Katz 19 hours ago

    Great Review but does it come with a Can of Black Spray Paint? lol

  • kaza12345678
    kaza12345678 19 hours ago

    At you your own editor or you hire someone to edit?

  • Barry Satar
    Barry Satar 20 hours ago

    Thanks for the review. Poor performer

    SAHIL 20 hours ago

    Read speed 295,write speed 92 does it mean it has Emmc storage??? Answer if you know

  • Yassin Badr Al-Den Omar

    Great specs

  • Sumit Ram
    Sumit Ram 20 hours ago

    Another great review Sir! 👌👍

  • dale burnsred
    dale burnsred 20 hours ago

    *For android users* Gonna have to wait for android 10 to roll out on your device. Easy work around is to turn on your ps4 make a secondary account and switch to it before you start remote play because you can't switch between user accounts whilst using remote play and you can use your controller to play your games. Only downsides are you can't use data from your primary account so starting a game on your secondary account is going to be a "from scratch" start up and you'll need to get a secondary account to use online features. Can't use your original username and password from your primary account. So it's good if you wanna get down on some story driven single player games and things like that. Another downside is it only works within range of your ps4 so you can't leave the house and shit like that

  • Dutchboy 2019
    Dutchboy 2019 20 hours ago

    Chigz, I know you like to review hardware but have you heard of the DEX app on Samsung 10 and NOTE 10? all you have to do is download the DEX app for windows on PC and then DEX app for the phone. Exact same as having a TV BOX but the power of your S10 phone. Give it a shot if you have an S10 or NOTE 10.

  • jay stream
    jay stream 20 hours ago

    crap Chinese box, dont waste your money, just get a shield, this box is not 6k

    • Stephen G
      Stephen G 19 hours ago

      Oh you shield fanboys every time, why would you even try to compare a £29 box to one?

  • Tawfiq Free1
    Tawfiq Free1 20 hours ago


  • Sumit Ram
    Sumit Ram 20 hours ago

    1st here

  • DKRecords
    DKRecords 20 hours ago

    Does not capture 4k60....

  • GaMer XVR
    GaMer XVR 21 hour ago

    Man al worked but i cant connect my controller ihave a p30 lite pls help

  • Brian Irizarry
    Brian Irizarry 21 hour ago

    Android 10 is required for controller support

  • shefin jose
    shefin jose 22 hours ago

    Does this need a screen guard?

  • Zihang Peng
    Zihang Peng 22 hours ago

    looks like you really like call of duty and actually good at it.

  • Wednesday
    Wednesday 22 hours ago

    Mine just shows white without any ui display anyone knows what to do?

  • just for fun
    just for fun 23 hours ago

    such a useless device

  • Abam Long
    Abam Long 23 hours ago

    You got attention from youtuber because make review flagship phone...i smell you will get silver button youtube medal

  • Joshua Immanuel

    Did you say 18 minutes for a full charge? 😳😳

  • Sriparno Baksi

    Nice Unboxing. Good Phone.

  • Zando Zan
    Zando Zan Day ago

    480p??? LOLOLOLOLOL

  • keyb0at
    keyb0at Day ago

    Doesnt seem to work with data anymore. Many years ago, i was able to remoteplay from work with my data. Anyone found a fix for this?

  • Hafiz Majid
    Hafiz Majid Day ago

    Hi, please confirm me HUAWEI watch allow make a call after paring with iPhone ????

  • rofy anaz 040766

    Whats The Different With Pixel 3? 🤣 Chipset Camera And Battery? Like Not Worth It. Not At All

    • Dachie
      Dachie Hour ago

      @ch908737 exactly.

    • ch908737
      ch908737 23 hours ago

      Isn't that how all phones are these days? What's the difference between an iPhone x and iPhone 11? Or the Galaxy s9 and s10?

  • Shauni Gothic TV

    Excellent test sir!

  • Virus 21
    Virus 21 Day ago

    I can’t find the app on iPhone and I don’t know what to do

  • Muhammad Luqman

    I suggest u make a cpu throttling test to see how its performance consistency

  • Chandra Raj Anil

    Battery life?

  • Rubén Rodríguez

    If the 4,5 - 5 hours screen on time is reliable, then Google made a good job with only 2.800 mAh... But is the info correct? By the way, great video and new sub for you