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  • Patricio Torun
    Patricio Torun Month ago

    Beautibul ❤️❤️

  • mrwilljones3015
    mrwilljones3015 Month ago

    Nice bike but I guess I’m a HD Road Glide man.

  • robert fisher
    robert fisher Month ago


  • Jordan Henry
    Jordan Henry Month ago

    What is the rear tire size please? Thankyou

  • Dewan SAYEM RAJA
    Dewan SAYEM RAJA 2 months ago

    insaallah i will buy one of them.pray for me.

  • M odeh
    M odeh 2 months ago

    hi, could tell the name of music used in your clip thx

  • Shen Feng
    Shen Feng 2 months ago

    What is the size of the rear tire? Pro

  • herm Williams
    herm Williams 2 months ago

    hey what tires are those?

  • Carl Rivera
    Carl Rivera 3 months ago

    Completely waist of your effort.. and my time..!!!

  • FrenchCrow
    FrenchCrow 3 months ago

    The closest to a real scrambler is the SR500 based.

  • Carlos Google Maps
    Carlos Google Maps 4 months ago

    5 best amazing cafe racers??, only 2 of them are cafe, are you stupid? or you think we (viewers) are?

  • Samer Almarry
    Samer Almarry 4 months ago

    nombre 1 😎 Indiana

  • julian rose
    julian rose 4 months ago

    Would you like to know a little more? TEC Bike Parts>DE-restrict the Triumph Street Twin.;-)

  • Gman
    Gman 4 months ago

    This might be the sexiest bike I've ever seen.

  • Haran Banjo
    Haran Banjo 4 months ago


  • Haran Banjo
    Haran Banjo 4 months ago


  • ray 1
    ray 1 5 months ago

    is this. bike for sale please.

  • Juan Peres
    Juan Peres 5 months ago

    The only thing that I do not like are the rubber bellows of the front suspension, I think it would gain an entire if the front shock absorbers had the traditional look of a tube tucked into another and in sight

  • Scahoni
    Scahoni 5 months ago

    I'll take the lot.

  • T's Gaming Channel
    T's Gaming Channel 5 months ago

    Looks so good in white, Really stands out

  • falange65
    falange65 5 months ago

    40000 euro?

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 5 months ago

    this bike is not for the prairies. so for about 2000 miles across this country , the Fatboy is not designed for. today for example we have a 135 mph wind make that a cross wind ...them solid wheels will be forced into the ditch. we were riding the dirt lane till the wind got up to speed and we made it home before being blown away. even a light 80 mph wind will see adverse effects on this bike. time for a 200 series rear and maybe a 130 front???? thats FAT enuff . with some good tyres that dont have a 6 inch footprint .

    • El Kanemi
      El Kanemi 20 hours ago

      its your riding skills. has nothing to do with the bike. learn to ride properly before getting on a bike like this.

    • robocoe
      robocoe 17 days ago

      That's category 3 hurricane wind force ,and your riding in it ????

  • Jeff Tilghman
    Jeff Tilghman 5 months ago

    Gorgeous bike. Music sux.

  • Roo M
    Roo M 5 months ago

    Love it.

  • 2amFilms
    2amFilms 5 months ago

    Too bad its slow as balls

    • tatoo99999
      tatoo99999 3 months ago

      More than enough fast..this is not an sport bike,people who buy this kind of motorcycle felt more than happy with the performance..this is about enjoying the riding about racing. You dont ask a rolls Royce to perform like a ferrari..just two different purposes

  • GodfatherMaxi
    GodfatherMaxi 5 months ago


  • jose luis bello mallo
    jose luis bello mallo 5 months ago

    Puta mierda!!!

    NASRAM 6 months ago

    Where to get this?

  • Xande Barroco
    Xande Barroco 6 months ago

    Muito linda. Pena que a Indian partiu do Brasil....

  • ray 1
    ray 1 6 months ago

    is this a stock bike or a full custom bike.... only asking as know f/all about bikes but I do know I like it and would buy one.

    • Paul Oketch
      Paul Oketch 3 months ago

      no its not stock though the stock scout bobber is super cool

  • Dan Hornaday
    Dan Hornaday 6 months ago

    Too bad it's so underpowered

    • Walter Savage
      Walter Savage 23 days ago

      Dan Hornaday lol good one....WRONG

    • Dan Hornaday
      Dan Hornaday 4 months ago

      @Gman in Jamaica I rode scooters. I'd ride it too. I just wouldn't own it. This is basically a sportster.

    • Gman
      Gman 4 months ago

      @Dan Hornaday I think it looks awesome. I'd ride it and I'm far from a chick.

    • Dan Hornaday
      Dan Hornaday 4 months ago

      @Gman I wouldn't say any of these are fast. I said under powered. It's a low torque motor. Would have been nice if they made a big twin version. But it would be a nice bike for a chick.

  • nathan foster
    nathan foster 6 months ago

    the bear jew!!!

  • Harry Phillips
    Harry Phillips 6 months ago

    why don't you describe the Bike. if I want music I will go to a disco.

    • Carl Rivera
      Carl Rivera 3 months ago

      Harry Phillips If you went to a disco and heard music like this.. you would undoubtedly walk out..!! Just as I am doing to this video..!!

  • richard casey
    richard casey 6 months ago

    Beautiful. Now if they= could only eliminate the weld seam on the gas tank... Isn’t the word “Motorcycle” actually upside down on the primary cover?

    • David Hamilton
      David Hamilton 3 months ago

      Yes it is Richard. Of course it wouldn't be if you held the disc in your hands and rotated it to read it. But, no one buyer will be doing that, so it should have been the right way up as we'd view it on the bike...

  • Bayram Celik
    Bayram Celik 7 months ago

    MSRP $ 83000

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 8 months ago

    Them tyres too wide fir cornering.... 200 rear 130 front max for handling....otherwise its mean looking

  • Mr.Nice
    Mr.Nice 8 months ago

    Do you have any exhaust sounds?

  • lakshmi kaanth
    lakshmi kaanth 8 months ago

    how much price sir

  • Carlos Google Maps
    Carlos Google Maps 8 months ago

    Da cafe racer à solamente il siedile, tutto l' altro è da Scrambler, per questo penso che non sei capace da diferenziarli

  • Moyra Bell
    Moyra Bell 8 months ago

    Hi this is just beautiful, how much would this cost ??£????? ,Also were in SCOTLAND would I find a dealer ,for dimensions sizes etc,

  • Carol Bucholtz
    Carol Bucholtz 8 months ago

    That's a 2019 himalayan? Ug-lay.

  • Apenas Alguém
    Apenas Alguém 9 months ago

    Parece a MT 01

  • Connoisseur of Cannabis Cars&Pussy


  • Roberto Acosta
    Roberto Acosta 10 months ago

    Looks good. Nice job

  • Hardtail Suicidaljockey

    Seems like skirtsters are the most modified bikes out there .....

  • Carlos Google Maps
    Carlos Google Maps 10 months ago

    Are you stupid?, have you a pale idea of what a cafe racer is?, none of the bikes featured here gets even close to a cafe racer; MORON!!

  • Marco Zuffada
    Marco Zuffada 10 months ago

  • saif chaudri
    saif chaudri 11 months ago


  • Saxon Engles
    Saxon Engles 11 months ago

    The worst bike i have ever had the displeasure of buying, the first one was back in the shop as it would not start, they gave me a new replacement, then that was back in the shop for oil leak issues..

    • David Saada
      David Saada 3 months ago

      man, so sad that a dream bike became a nightmare ....i want one but afraid of probs like carbon belt failure etc etc ... no rear break

    DONT TREAD ON ME !!! 11 months ago


  • D'Arcy Jousset
    D'Arcy Jousset 11 months ago

    It’s not the real Indian so it’s not the oldest motorcycle company in America. Indian has change hands and closed its doors so many times over the years. There were many years where they didn’t even make bikes.

    • Aussie 1
      Aussie 1 11 months ago

      Many motorcycle companies, stopped production for while, until reorganized. Indian license was bought by Polaris and requires same standards as old Indians. Nothing changed except owner ship. Indian brand is owned by Polaris. It still one of the greatest bikes today. It is just way of future..... Another example is RayBan. They are still greatest glasses, but they owned and manufactured in Italy by Luxotica. Still same standards and quality requirements

  • M D
    M D 11 months ago

    I want that rear fender

  • Dean Cory
    Dean Cory Year ago

    There is nothing amazing nor appealing about the Indian chief glide. Next they will scrap the Thunderstroke 111 for a HD Twin cam 106 and a Genuine Vinyl seat and plastic grips.

    SKRUF SLIM Year ago


  • grayboo212
    grayboo212 Year ago

    I'm never one to preach or tell others what to do, but it sucks people keep complaining about this guy's voice. He probably can't help that he sounds like a robot. He's probably been made fun of his entire life.

  • Khắc cảnh lê

    Nice pictures, I just had to turn the sound off completely to enjoy it.

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain Year ago

    What's with the robot voice?!

  • jean pierre stevens

    Wunderlich show bike ?

  • Peter Alvarez
    Peter Alvarez Year ago

    computer voice is annoying...too bad...great bikes.

  • Eric TenEyck
    Eric TenEyck Year ago

    Might have had some good info, but I won't watch a video that uses the computer voice.

  • KlingonCaptain
    KlingonCaptain Year ago

    Why the robot voice?

    • j v
      j v 8 months ago

      It's very annoying, isn't it?!!! You don't expect that from Motorcycle TV, unless they are produced in a non-English speaking country (hence the "cool" British accent.😋).

    • al l
      al l 11 months ago


  • shelbythekid1
    shelbythekid1 Year ago

    Why would you ruin such a decent video with that crappy computer voice. It cant even pronounce some of the words. Why to mess this up, lazy lazy lazy

  • emond67
    emond67 Year ago


  • Rodolfo Rasse
    Rodolfo Rasse Year ago

    Una gran motocicleta pero una mierda de vídeo

  • Raymun Chieftain

    Radical Sweet !!!

  • sassulusmagnus
    sassulusmagnus Year ago

    Great looking bike. Gotta change that artwork on the tank.

  • Snake Bite
    Snake Bite Year ago

    There is only 5 model, dumb video

  • rocco antonelli
    rocco antonelli Year ago

    Where can I buy the Indian skull decal? Where can I get the headlight cover?

  • Diego Rubiolo
    Diego Rubiolo Year ago

    Córdoba Argentina

  • Tan Cakar
    Tan Cakar Year ago

    This is called moding or making it visually to your taste, customizin or TUNING is more to the with performance and ride quality. learn these things if you are doing youtube videos.

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago


  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago

    Beleza nice Want1

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago


  • 67 cuda
    67 cuda Year ago

    I'm seriously thinking of buying one. My thoughts we're on an Indian dark horse, but I'm being drawn to the lighter Triumph. Of course I'd have to modify it, lol !!!

  • Gery Revandra
    Gery Revandra Year ago

    exactly what i need to do for my scout ... 😄👍🏻👌🏻

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago

    Indian kustom

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago

    Indian nice

  • Zef Lorenz
    Zef Lorenz Year ago

    Parts list please.

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago


  • Craig Kunz
    Craig Kunz Year ago

    Wonder what it costs to customize your bike like this?

    • Elliott Feaster
      Elliott Feaster 4 days ago

      @Tiger Scott not always

    • Tiger Scott
      Tiger Scott Year ago

      If you have to ask you can’t afford it😁

    • Conrad Sitompul
      Conrad Sitompul Year ago

      Craig Kunz Yes same thing that I though man...How much if I wanted that indians in my gerage....does Anyone know?....

  • indie 00
    indie 00 Year ago

    Gostei original Scrambler Valeu Ducati Icon

  • jean luc Garcia
    jean luc Garcia Year ago

    TOP 5 MOTO excellent👍👍

  • FreeRageChicken
    FreeRageChicken Year ago

    Computer voice is super annoying

  • Jay Schtulmann
    Jay Schtulmann Year ago

    maker of that tail tidy?

  • Robbie Dunbar
    Robbie Dunbar Year ago

    wat aint stock ?

  • Robbie Dunbar
    Robbie Dunbar Year ago

    can you list the mods done to it ?

  • Jay Schtulmann
    Jay Schtulmann Year ago

    What led tail lights are those?

    • A Bouss
      A Bouss 6 months ago

      Jay Schtulmann rizoma club s

  • Craig Dykstra
    Craig Dykstra Year ago

    Sick bike...tricked out to the T's! However....I would rat it out just a little bit by adding some exhaust insulation tape to it.

  • Helsfyr
    Helsfyr Year ago

    Hey Guy´s! Awesome Bike. I´m driving a Scout my self and would like to know if it is possible to install a Hypercharger istead of the Air filter? And would you be so kind to tell/show me how to get it on? Both, the filter and the hypercharger?

  • Turk Shalhoub
    Turk Shalhoub Year ago

    Could anyone list all mods made on the bike? PLEASE!!!!

    • Hugo Costa
      Hugo Costa Year ago

      go to the configurator and most of the parts you find there if you dont find them you can ask on your ducati local dealer, they usualy have aftermarket parts that you can install that are not on the configurator that usually are for other bikes and fit the xdiavel Hope i helped :)

    • Turk Shalhoub
      Turk Shalhoub Year ago

      These are Rizoma parts (aftermarket). But, please explain. Thanks Hugo!

    • Hugo Costa
      Hugo Costa Year ago

      no mods at all... you can do this from factory

  • MissMan666
    MissMan666 Year ago

    rip off video + robot voice = thumbs down.

  • tonepalma
    tonepalma Year ago

    looks great! I want to hear it and see it perform.

    ERI SILVA Year ago


  • Casey Roskwitalski

    Where did you get the tank graffics?

    • B P
      B P 6 months ago

      the graphics on the tank resembles the Hell's Angels scull and wings.

    • Craig Kunz
      Craig Kunz Year ago

      Casey Roskwitalski. I know those tank graphics are sweet.

  • Sanket Waghole
    Sanket Waghole Year ago

    Bike looks great and powerful thanks for making video the KTM bikes great powerful and good looking great video thanks for giving information about the bike its very helpful