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  • aldonco
    aldonco 7 minutes ago

    Hey Brian we had around 11 inches of snow here in Buffalo and handle it with no problem. As for the picky customers you tell them why don't you save the money do it yourself get your Toro out. A customer like that are going to go through different guys every single year not worth it.

  • Cesar Solis
    Cesar Solis 11 minutes ago

    We always scrape all the way to the pavement on all our driveways. I would have no clients if we didn’t do that lol.

  • Carlo Florio C.F. Contracting Services llc

    sometimes you have get out and shovel a little. I charge extra for that. or if it's not to bad I don't. but I tell the customer what the plow cant do. yep . newbies you have to teach them. driveway are wired when you can't come in a push off somewhere. back plowing hard. if lucky plow in push off to side turn. then when back plowing angle and turn you can swaff upto garage with out running over you tire path. .. I learned that last year. .

  • Alex Lobaito
    Alex Lobaito 20 minutes ago

    Do you think this snow will dry up for fall clean ups?

  • Romanofilms
    Romanofilms 30 minutes ago

    Yuppp and that’s when I don’t continue them for the next year

  • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
    Brian's Lawn Maintenance 32 minutes ago

    Have you guys had to deal with any “difficult” or “nitpicky” customers before? Love to hear how you guys handle them!

    • Hector Torres
      Hector Torres 5 minutes ago

      Brian's Lawn Maintenance I usually give my picky customers and option I’ll keep doing it to the best of my ability or they can look for a new company. Of course they complain about price and everything else too. 99% of the time they stick with my service😂😂😂

  • Taffy Den
    Taffy Den 33 minutes ago

    I hate people, when it comes to snow! Where are you? Why is there a half inch in my driveway?🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Doug Lauf
    Doug Lauf 34 minutes ago

    Brian are awesome...i have been in business 15 years and i have seen lots of to just part ways...and if they say no i want you to do the job then just say thank you and dont go back. That simple

    • Doug Lauf
      Doug Lauf 20 minutes ago

      @Brian's Lawn Maintenance yes and stubborn customers need not apply ....but theres always that one that thinks they rule the world and your there slave. When i was younger just starting i would be there slave but now 15 completed years i dont put up with it. I am very nice and talk to them nicely but there are times you just have to walk away. I like your business and the way you run it. Very intellegent man... What kind of camera do you use for your vids? .im thinking of starting a vlog on my channel next year. Lawn and landscaping business. I need a camera to start.

    • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
      Brian's Lawn Maintenance 30 minutes ago

      Doug Lauf totally. We left it at pretty neutral positive terms. Meaning, I told her on the next snow event if what we offer isn’t what she’s expecting, it’s probably smart to part ways and look for a different contractor.

  • Brian Herron
    Brian Herron 37 minutes ago

    People want something for nothing.

  • Donald Loos
    Donald Loos 38 minutes ago

    Picky fn people !. I don't know how there husband's live with that crazy . I always imagine them bitchn while eating the kitty lol

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson 40 minutes ago

    Nice and courteous reply, you did your best.Some people expect perfection, which is not live in this world.

  • Colton Brown
    Colton Brown 43 minutes ago

    The people who want the most often pay the least

  • Grumpy 1
    Grumpy 1 44 minutes ago

    Good topic Brian. We have this happen every now and then with new plow customers. I institute a 3 strikes policy, right , wrong, or indifferent. The first strike could be our fault, or perhaps the customer's unrealistic expectation. But if it gets to a "3rd strike" with like issues, at that point we usually decline further service for that site. As another person commented, a Salting service would be the PERFECT upsell to a client as you described. If you can incorporate a salting service into your business, you can easily double your income per weather event. Hands down. Even if it was only offered for the smaller residential properties to start , it could even be done with a drop spreader. Not sure if a full sized Salter hopper would fit in the dump insert , but I am positive there is significant money being left on the table!

  • ABC LawnWorks
    ABC LawnWorks 55 minutes ago

    Gen-X "Older generation" LOL I'm a 43 yo Gen-X'er.... Sound like you are describing baby boomers that are still fully independent

    • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
      Brian's Lawn Maintenance 30 minutes ago

      ABC LawnWorks She’s a millennial hone owner 😉 with Gen X neighbors. Oh Lordy.

  • Amy B
    Amy B 59 minutes ago

    I think it would have been a good time to try to upsell salt if you would salted everytime after you were done plowing it would look the way she wanted it I know most people do not want to pay for the salt but definitely one option

  • ABC LawnWorks
    ABC LawnWorks Hour ago

    9" of snow this early might put a complete ka-bosh on the entire fall clean up season. We lost a couple of weeks of service due to a few inches of snow. Hopefully we can get to some clean ups next week....

  • Connors Lawn Service

    We go snow on Halloween

  • DonnaSean
    DonnaSean Hour ago

    I'm thinking about adding salt as an upsell for customers like that.

    • DonnaSean
      DonnaSean 16 minutes ago

      @Brian's Lawn Maintenance I'm gonna try it... But gonna charge $30 / bag... Not alot will go for it... But some will 🤔

    • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
      Brian's Lawn Maintenance 27 minutes ago

      DonnaSean it could work, sure! But I don’t think my clients will pay for salt as well as snow. Never know though!

    • Grumpy 1
      Grumpy 1 53 minutes ago


  • Vicki's outdoors

    It’s always hard to please all customers and your right if there a customer who is always nit picking not worth servicing them.we have a few of them makes your blood boil 😡

  • Dale Nienow
    Dale Nienow Hour ago

    Great video Brain, my clients with me hey have two complaints and then bye, a true client is happy and very pleased when you are done!

  • Brian Gallant
    Brian Gallant Hour ago

    Good video!

    TODD EBERLEIN Hour ago

    Brian I had this same exact situation this season with a client that I was subcontracted for. The job was never good enough and their biggest complaint was my edging around a rock landscape border. Almost impossible to trim around without getting too low. But they also were over watering the yard and had irrigation system issues and wouldn’t listen to. Me or the owner of the landscape company I subbed for. Couldn’t get the lazer z in the side yard without rutting and couldn’t even walk it with out leaving footprints. So finally I tried to talk directly to the customer and they were cool then they went behind my back and I just simply never showed back up (we fired them) cause they wanted to talk trash about us. Lesson learned and very applicable to your video. Side note what blade are you using on ol red??

  • Andy Sisk
    Andy Sisk Hour ago

    Some people are unsatisfied no matter what you do and what the best thing to do is keep the customers that appreciate your service and get rid of the picky customers

  • Brandon Siberts
    Brandon Siberts Hour ago



    Definitely. Always seem get 1 or 2 new lawn care customers each year that we have to have these conversations with.

  • Mark Schmaus
    Mark Schmaus Hour ago

    I can echo ALL the same comments!

  • RandomRed
    RandomRed Hour ago

    Shoot if they dont like your work... then they can do the job themselves.

    • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
      Brian's Lawn Maintenance 28 minutes ago

      RandomRed It’s hard for the younger generation to let someone else do it. Especially home ownership stuff, like lawn and snow. They’re geeked to get out there, but in reality, they generally know absolutely nothing about what they need or how to maintain it ha

  • Shun Stewart
    Shun Stewart Hour ago


  • matt a
    matt a Hour ago

    Second. yeah don't worry about problem clients a lot of people have varying degrees of expectations, usually based on mental illness and obsessive compulsive behaviour, so you got to factor that in.. they are out there for sure so try and avoid them at all cost and screen your customers. Or just charge your sane clients a little bit more to cover these weirdos

    • Brian Gallant
      Brian Gallant Hour ago

      No! Don’t charge your good customers more. Get rid of the bad ones.

  • Mark Schmaus
    Mark Schmaus Hour ago


  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 3 hours ago

    Really needed to watch this video. Thanks man!

  • M C
    M C 4 hours ago


  • Ahdam Ramraj
    Ahdam Ramraj 4 hours ago

    Thanks Keith

  • Jersey Paul
    Jersey Paul 4 hours ago

    They run like a Mustang. Do I need one? No, but they are more fun than a gas truck. You heard it here first. The reason to buy a diesel is the fun factor.BTW....I do have an engineering degree, and agree that the gas makes more sense. The kid in me bought the diesel.

  • JC'sLawnTips
    JC'sLawnTips 8 hours ago

    We got 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow on Halloween, 10/31/2019

  • Steve Webb
    Steve Webb 9 hours ago

    I've been using the AmeriDeck insert now for about 7 years, love it. So much easier than hand shovelling stuff off.

  • HB Landscaping
    HB Landscaping 9 hours ago

    The earliest i started was end of October about 4 years ago. We get anywhere from 1 to 6in per Storm here in Nevada

  • akmarksman
    akmarksman 9 hours ago

    99 Ranger 3.0 XL Sport.

  • Curtis Hermanson
    Curtis Hermanson 10 hours ago

    We have had measurable snow up here in NW Wisconsin yet.

  • The Lawn Care Life in Mowssouri

    Brian, did you just say that you have to be clean shaven to succeed in the lawn care industry?! 🤣 🧔 😆

  • Donald Loos
    Donald Loos 10 hours ago

    You ain't hitn that right dog 😒, lol

  • kodiak wild
    kodiak wild 10 hours ago

    so, did you decide on something? i'm looking to go dogital for cc payments....and i also want something that hasn't been hacked....

  • jamesnm21
    jamesnm21 10 hours ago

    Push broom for cleaning snow off cars. Best tool I've found. Edit: get the lightest weight broom head you can find and put a wood handle on it. You should be able to effortlessly twirl it in one hand.

  • Jared Jones
    Jared Jones 11 hours ago

    why don't you have a heavier duty snow blower

  • Jamie Wawrzonek
    Jamie Wawrzonek 11 hours ago

    That’s crazy but I’m ready for it here in Pa. I hope we get a storm before Christmas

  • Rodney Rathbun
    Rodney Rathbun 11 hours ago

    I plow and live in an Anchorage Alaska no snow only rain lots of sanding and freezing rain WTH you got all the snow.

  • Norjg
    Norjg 11 hours ago

    The snowplow guy with the articulated plow is pulling snow off the car with his arm. All the money is spent for the business and none for personal stuff. That's why the carpenter is sitting at his table on a chair that wobbles.

    • Norjg
      Norjg 11 hours ago

      @Brian's Lawn Maintenance It's always a race to find my scrapers for the first snow, and I haven't moved. This is the one I settled on. The head pivots for storage and the handle extends out to 60". Limite stock remains at Menards.

    • Brian's Lawn Maintenance
      Brian's Lawn Maintenance 11 hours ago

      Or I just forgot where I put my scrapers since we moved ha!

  • Chad Isett
    Chad Isett 12 hours ago

    The best snow tires I have found are the Goodyear duratrac they are sooo great in the snow but they come with a price but well worth it!!

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade 12 hours ago

    Can you give an example of how to tell customer that your changing the billing I always have a hard time with communication skills Thanks!

  • Don Hanson
    Don Hanson 12 hours ago

    Back in the early 90s late 80s I can remember Snow storms as early as September in sweet home Chicago NW suburbs.

  • Mad Dog 24-7
    Mad Dog 24-7 12 hours ago

    We got just over 10" of snow with Monday's storm.... and I loved every second of it lol

  • thewhiteknight02
    thewhiteknight02 12 hours ago

    We have had 4 storms so far in WI. Ready enough. And already getting salt bin topped off. I feel a long busy winter.

  • kelly kutzura
    kelly kutzura 12 hours ago

    Great to see the 2 of you out there together. Love seeing the snow videos. Tell Liz to watch where she stands next time ... LOL

  • The Moose
    The Moose 12 hours ago

    November 18 was earliest I was in the tractor plowing.

  • matthew sutliff
    matthew sutliff 12 hours ago

    Don't mess around with tires just get BFG KO2's I have seen and driven on so many tires. The BFGs are always the best

  • Jeremy Shanks
    Jeremy Shanks 13 hours ago

    I work for a landscaper and I mow lawn and do leave pickups I picked up leaves one day I plowed snow in Wisconsin

  • Chris Finney
    Chris Finney 13 hours ago

    Brian please don't be slinging snow all over Liz! :)

  • Chris Finney
    Chris Finney 13 hours ago

    Heavy and moist.. Just the way I like it!

  • William Russomano
    William Russomano 13 hours ago

    Oct 27 was the earliest for me

  • John Nemecek
    John Nemecek 13 hours ago

    U don't know anything about mowing u just mess with equipment.

  • Wayne Jonker
    Wayne Jonker 14 hours ago

    Great customer service guys Enjoy cruise I plowed 20 plus years , just down size to 13 from 150 locations no stress anymore making absolutely more money with less headaches because more properties more equipment and breakdowns love the plow do you guys salt ?

  • Jesse Crawford
    Jesse Crawford 14 hours ago

    Few years ago had to plow about 2 foot on Halloween

  • Bryan Blood
    Bryan Blood 14 hours ago

    I'm in genesee county Michigan we received 7.5 the snow was a softer snow falling and because of the concrete or ash fault not being frozen made it worse all my places I plowed there was an inch of water plus 2in of slush it was worse plowing this snow than 13in of fluffy snow. Best tires bf Goodrich ko2 I put 40000 miles a year on my truck and can almost get 2 in a half years out of them with rotating every oil change.

  • Wardor 1992
    Wardor 1992 14 hours ago

    My story isn't from the GIE but last year had some foodbthat didn't sit well. About a hour goes by after eating lunch and I'm at Vanity Fair with my wife and I have to go instantly but the men's bathroom was full. I had no choice but to go into the women's bathroom no one was in there Thank God! A few minutes go by and a woman comes in and sits down in the stall next to me! Most awkward situation I have ever been in. I had to wait for her to leave and called my wife to make sure no one was near the bathrooms and once it was clear I got out of the bathroom. But it was so embarrassing having to use the women's bathroom but if I didn't I would have had to new boxers and possibly pants for sure! Not a good time. But i feel the pain Brian. Being in the Women's Bathroom is the DANGER FORBIDDEN ZONE! 😂

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 14 hours ago

    Tuesday November 12 we got 1" in Portland,Maine

  • Caden Knox
    Caden Knox 14 hours ago

    November 3rd

  • Tyler's farm sim Channel

    We’ve had snow before Halloween before

  • Jonathan_1234 Brown
    Jonathan_1234 Brown 15 hours ago

    I live in the tip of the family and I got to 11 inches of snow

  • #StephenCurry30
    #StephenCurry30 15 hours ago

    We got snow as early as October 20

  • e. tracii
    e. tracii 15 hours ago

    Need it out here in Az

  • Julie Burns
    Julie Burns 15 hours ago


  • Viktor Juncaj
    Viktor Juncaj 16 hours ago

    I’m snow plowing in Warren Michigan. We measures each commercial lot we plowed and we got 10 inches to 12 inches. They were totally wrong reporting it. They excepted 3 to 4 inches. Not even close

  • Griffin Kline
    Griffin Kline 16 hours ago

    Here in Carribasset valley maine we got 3 inches

  • David Dobry
    David Dobry 16 hours ago

    Brian you should look into Z-Flash OBD it plugs into your OBD port and flashes your headlights and tail lights for added warning without any wiring.

  • dirtrulz112
    dirtrulz112 16 hours ago

    behind those cars when you first open the lot you should have made a pass then came back and brought it all the the left you threw alot under the cars by tossing it to the right and inbetween them thats just asking for a slip and fall.

  • Declan kot
    Declan kot 16 hours ago

    i wish, cold as hell and just a dusting

  • Fence Armor
    Fence Armor 16 hours ago

    Always enjoy the videos when you two film together!!

  • Videos Just For You
    Videos Just For You 16 hours ago

    October 29th 2011 in New Jersey we got a decent snow I was in school at the time and we got a early dismissal

  • southaussiegarbo games and more 2000

    Where i live we dont get sno ws sadly 😭

  • Money Making Mike G.
    Money Making Mike G. 16 hours ago

    Leaves or snow who cares... Makin money either way right Bud!!! I get so happy watching you 2 out there together man!! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Hope all is well, Dirty Jersey out!!!

  • oklahomiesMX
    oklahomiesMX 17 hours ago

    swear to you that echo takes the win! we had two of them when they first came out and they are 💪🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Kyle Woelfel
    Kyle Woelfel 17 hours ago

    1 inch in Wisconsin

  • Midwest Monster
    Midwest Monster 17 hours ago

    We got 15 to 18 inches where I'm at in michigan

  • Brett Harrison
    Brett Harrison 17 hours ago

    Watch out pushing snow up behind cars in a windrow like in the first plow clip. Good way to have some frustrated folks.

  • BBC Services & Lawn Care

    To funny

  • Team_1j_Jont -
    Team_1j_Jont - 17 hours ago

    Windrowing it directly into parked cars as the opening scene... lol epic

  • Ed Havard
    Ed Havard 17 hours ago

    hey brother new to videos what's the location ... NJ checkin in

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham 17 hours ago

    I know I have already posted, but I have read some of the post below and I am blown away at the clean up prices that you all get on here. Even you Brian. People here where I live seem to think a leaf job for $70 is a steep price, or cutting a yard for $30 is too much. I just don't know what to make of this business with people thinking this way. Maybe you all could help me out with understanding the thought process here so that I can better understand what I am doing wrong and can move more towards charging the prices I know I should be charging and quit underselling myself. Thanks for reading.

  • John Cunningham
    John Cunningham 17 hours ago

    Thanks for the video. I have been interested in a dump bin since I saw yours. I don't have the business yet to warrant me buying one and I have some questions as to a Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab truck being enough for my trailer with two mowers and then adding a dump bin. Will it be able to handle this much weight and how badly will it affect the gas mileage.

  • E Fraitz
    E Fraitz 17 hours ago

    Couple years back we canceled Halloween for a snow storm in NH

  • zach baugh
    zach baugh 18 hours ago

    You know you found a keeper when your wife rides along and helps you plow and runs the camera for you. My girlfriend is my favorite plow parter. She will shovel and even run the blade while I drive when I start getting tired after hours and hours.

  • Gregg VanEe
    Gregg VanEe 18 hours ago

    How do you change the sparkplug ? Do it for me !

    V1P3RGAM1NG 18 hours ago

    February 10 because I’m in Nova Scotia in Canada

  • Christopher Wegrocki
    Christopher Wegrocki 18 hours ago

    with salting you could make more money is what I meant

  • Christopher Wegrocki
    Christopher Wegrocki 18 hours ago

    i would say I would eventually get into salting cause then you would be able to raise your prices a little bit and make your money

  • Eric
    Eric 19 hours ago

    10” in Ontario. Got out twice.

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez 19 hours ago

    We got about three inches from same storm. I’m in IL. Liz needs her own plow truck and hazard pay. 😂 Lost 4 x 4 in the middle of storm. In the shop now. It was wet and heavy. Oh well! Good warm up storm. Great video!

  • Dean Swift
    Dean Swift 19 hours ago

    Dude either smokes a lot of pot or just needs a nap😂

  • Shayne
    Shayne 20 hours ago

    What do you think about the new 7.3 l gasser ford came out with

  • Christopher Wegrocki

    unfortunately no i don't have a 2017 , i have a 2014 f150 and wanting to upgrade at one point but looking for either a 250 or 350 , just not sure which one i want of the style either a single rear or dually any comments on that