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CHO - Live at 3voor12 Radio
Views 3.5K2 months ago
Hef - Live at WOO HAH! 2019
Views 118K2 months ago
Mani - Live at 3voor12 Radio
Views 2.2K3 months ago
SYML - Live at Pinkpop 2019
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  • Jack Murray
    Jack Murray 51 minute ago

    I found this last week and I've watched this at least 5 times daily since... can't wait to see you guys next week in Manchester!!

  • antonio tom
    antonio tom Hour ago

    Great song. Great band


    Nice song!!

  • Royal Power
    Royal Power 3 hours ago

    Young people of today Rap is good But believe me This is The Cute... Timeless style.. That Ruled the world.. So those That were Cured and are still here Give the Cure a Likes -again an again an agaaaaaaaaain ..

  • Terrza Bingo
    Terrza Bingo 3 hours ago

    Gay nana, gay nana, gay nana.

  • Nidia Flores
    Nidia Flores 3 hours ago

    Canta... igual

  • Aleksandr Istomov
    Aleksandr Istomov 4 hours ago

    Мля! На сколько старые дядьки! Респект

  • Benny Hana
    Benny Hana 4 hours ago

    Is dit wat mensen tegenwoordig als een goed live optreden noemen? Jezus wat is er met de muziek gebeurt

  • seedee
    seedee 5 hours ago

    tripping like a bitch

  • thecholguan
    thecholguan 6 hours ago

    Y este año produce parte del disco de duranduran 2020

  • arthur paul
    arthur paul 7 hours ago


  • Daniele Damico
    Daniele Damico 8 hours ago

    The best now.

  • Dirk De Bruyne
    Dirk De Bruyne 8 hours ago

    SUPER !!!

  • Kees van der Wal
    Kees van der Wal 9 hours ago

    Bloody briliant...👍

  • Marcus U.
    Marcus U. 9 hours ago

    41:15 girl having the time of her life😂

  • The Funny Grandma Show

    Imagine fainting from Hydration there. 💀💀

  • Eric Müller
    Eric Müller 9 hours ago

    Und wem gefällt mein Kommentar

  • Khalsa Raj
    Khalsa Raj 10 hours ago

    Blast 🎶 music.. 👌👌👌👌.. in car👌👌👌

  • Ryan Schwager
    Ryan Schwager 10 hours ago

    Paule, great piece of music. Great acoustics...

  • cabre4
    cabre4 10 hours ago

    The old age isn't a problem for legends, songs and more. From Italy

  • Qwert Asdef
    Qwert Asdef 11 hours ago


  • Tim Hill
    Tim Hill 11 hours ago

    Music in its purest form...


    Все таки Цоя нам не хватает 😞

  • soundly's banana cam
    soundly's banana cam 11 hours ago

    One thumbs down left by one Gallagher no doubt .... pure jealousy .

  • soundly's banana cam
    soundly's banana cam 11 hours ago

    Fabulous . Stop and listen

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia 12 hours ago

    The drummer is so hot!!!

  • Anthony Haller
    Anthony Haller 14 hours ago

    The fuckers voice aged really well.

  • Sinantrop 1
    Sinantrop 1 14 hours ago

    I love them, but Rob looks like Joker

  • Ann Marie F.
    Ann Marie F. 15 hours ago

    Why no one talkin about how sexy Denzel looks all sweaty ugh hahah

  • isra79751
    isra79751 17 hours ago

    Hace 30 años me revolcaba con esas rolas Lo haré en 2019 otra vez !!!!!

  • isra79751
    isra79751 17 hours ago


  • Randall Flagg
    Randall Flagg 19 hours ago

    MASTERS OF THRASH www.radionomy.com/en/radio/mastersofthrash/index

  • Chrisgigi 67
    Chrisgigi 67 19 hours ago

    une icone, une référence respect

  • Rob F
    Rob F 21 hour ago


  • Mike Graham
    Mike Graham 21 hour ago

    why does it look like a funeral?

  • Snake Derek
    Snake Derek 23 hours ago

    Seriously muddy water live is DEADLY.

  • Steven chill
    Steven chill Day ago


  • AndrewDippe
    AndrewDippe Day ago

    He’s the man. He’s gonna be the biggest in the world just wait and see.

  • Maurice Zacchi

    How can he keep 12 guitar in tune???

  • Jazz Feeling
    Jazz Feeling Day ago

    29:51 But Calm down We're Pro~ i love your 뮤직

  • Producer/Dj Live Jasmin

    I mean , listen THE PROGRESSION

  • marco lattanzio

    De la merde!!!

  • Lemon skunk
    Lemon skunk Day ago

    Awesome song

  • Lemon skunk
    Lemon skunk Day ago

    Somebody in 1961?

  • Daniel carlos
    Daniel carlos Day ago

    Caralho que show fudido the cure e foda

  • Padraigh
    Padraigh Day ago

    Reflex is such a great track

  • Marckee21
    Marckee21 Day ago

    Always on top ...

  • Padraigh
    Padraigh Day ago

    The Dutch understand grime very well. awesome start for praise the lord.

  • Matus Jacek
    Matus Jacek Day ago

    Me 3th best intro + magnifique song!

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D Day ago

    Yep, he looks older, but Robert's still got it! I love seeing all ages rocking to this timeless tune...

  • Luis Him
    Luis Him Day ago

    from where the music was good and life was sweet

  • виктор васильев

    плохо работает звукооператор

  • Janaina Almeida

    Olha meu marido tocando é cantando porra!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😎😎😜😜😜😛😛😛😛😍😍

  • Keijo Kauranen


  • Halconbit
    Halconbit Day ago

    18:45 mas dura que la puerta pentagono

  • esm cuevas
    esm cuevas Day ago

    Fue una de las más esperadas de la noche ,valla que la disfrute mucho gire y gire y giré ..... Robert Smith es un fregon 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Martin Wood
    Martin Wood Day ago

    I'm cured. It's a miracle!

  • i don't even know.

    Watching this in preparation of the concert tonihhy

  • Berend Visser
    Berend Visser Day ago

    Magnificent, tears in y eyes

  • buzzardneckseahag

    I will always love the Cure and Robert Smith In the hugest fan since 1980

  • Omar Rafael Tarifa Mendez

    cuando la musica trasiende mas alla del tienpo asia el futuro

  • Sebastián Posadas

    Qué temazo por favor

  • insig27486 szz

    Muito bom

  • Imperial Entertainment

    Thumps FOR your DJ

  • A A Koch
    A A Koch Day ago

    10:05 -10:10 real fun :-)

  • Makochild The Destined

    48:00. Yes

  • Twisted Sister

    Бессмертная музыка....

  • Ma. Ku.
    Ma. Ku. Day ago

    Timeless!!!! It is important for the younger generation to witness such legends. So they learn to value great music.

  • RJ Metal On
    RJ Metal On Day ago

    Don't take it serious. It is Music!! If you know music. Listen how heavy it really is. Bands do it all the time. They sing about Satan. Does not mean you are a Satan worshiper. It means you understand the music. PERIOD!!! THANK YOU.

  • 4711Frankie
    4711Frankie Day ago

    Was für ein Genie....

  • Chamber 98
    Chamber 98 Day ago


  • Don Manion
    Don Manion Day ago

    WOW...Sounding AMAZING after all these years. Hat's off, guys. I'm impressed, and I'm not even a very big Cure fan. Awesome to see so many young folks enjoying this classic band. RS is looking pretty rough, though.

  • Zach Litchman
    Zach Litchman Day ago

    Fuck I love this song.

  • acido-sulfurico


  • acido-sulfurico

    hola cabros

  • josh Chileshe
    josh Chileshe Day ago

    😂😂😂😂ASAP was like he need some milk 🥛

  • Codigo Rec.
    Codigo Rec. Day ago

    Esto es lo unico malo de esto.... Que no tienen el mismo lvl al botarlo en tarima Solo efectos !!!!!

  • Murat Aydın
    Murat Aydın 2 days ago

    Sizi yeni keşfettim herşey mükemmel ama grupta bir fazlalık var o da bu müziği yaşayamayan o kadın . bir çok videoda antipatik davranışlar ve saçma sapan yerlerde kıvırmalar falan filanlar ve ağzında yuvarladığı o ingilizcesi grubu bence mahvediyor

  • Ian Toonice
    Ian Toonice 2 days ago

    Rich a legend

  • Monica
    Monica 2 days ago

    God these songs are so fucking good. I would be fucking dancing 💃

  • Benjamin Lewis
    Benjamin Lewis 2 days ago

    Colin, i love what you do with the eurorack. I cant wait to get there with it. Cheers!

  • edu pinheiro
    edu pinheiro 2 days ago

    banda boa do krl

  • Emanuel Kings Jr
    Emanuel Kings Jr 2 days ago

    Instagram: @abraaokings 0:00 - A$AP Ferg - Shabba 0:16 - A$AP Rocky - Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (Lpfj2) 3:00 - A$AP Ferg - Shabba 6:37 - A$AP Ferg - Work Remix 8:16 - A$AP Ferg - New Level

  • Jeffrey Ocaya
    Jeffrey Ocaya 2 days ago

    My ❤️ has melted before when I listened to this song countless of times, and now it's melting again.

  • Baatır Damatsson
    Baatır Damatsson 2 days ago

    Sümmani babanın sözlerin anlıyor mudur ecnebi kardeşler?

  • Sparky Today
    Sparky Today 2 days ago

    My number one road trip song, cranked up. Gets me faster to my destination!

    MARTIN VELAZQUEZ 2 days ago

    OMG....La buena. verdadera y espectacular Música aaun Vive, y de que forma, Bravoo....gracias a estos grandes Artistas, por ofrecernos su talento en vivo

  • Jay Meltzer
    Jay Meltzer 2 days ago


  • Rachel Hunth
    Rachel Hunth 2 days ago

    Wooooww😍😍😍 this is visual quality 🤩🤩👍👍👍 a night of true musical nostalgia

  • Егор Соколов

    His "just for fun" rapping sounds more solid than, well, shit, you know all of this guys

  • fuzzy pickles
    fuzzy pickles 2 days ago

    What’s this garbage lol

    • ŞPØØК
      ŞPØØК Day ago

      Your was the first english comment, yeah i don't get it either.

  • BICI espacio creativo

    increiblee su musica. saludos desde argentinaaa

  • jeanmarie collet
    jeanmarie collet 2 days ago

    pixies similaire c'est bon !

  • Sinteriya
    Sinteriya 2 days ago

    yung voice

  • JO Andersson
    JO Andersson 2 days ago

    God bless The Cure. :)

  • Jaime Gianola
    Jaime Gianola 2 days ago

    Holy fuck! he sounds the same as back in 1980!!!! WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!


    Grappig detail.. ik als muziek liefhebber en verzamelaar wou dit persee hebben. dus ripte online naar een mp3 bestand. en plots duurde het 42 minuten! en daar was die dan eindelijk. de live versie van The Most. Verder nergens te vinden online! écht vlammen gewoon.. POMPEN MET DlE SUBWOOFERT! 😏 ghehe

  • Daniel Midi
    Daniel Midi 2 days ago

    Plus j'écoute cette version mythique, plus j'ai envie de l'écouter. Ca tourne en boucle dans la voiture. Bob est un génie!

  • seán callaghan
    seán callaghan 2 days ago

    do any of these people skate

  • Richard Johnson
    Richard Johnson 2 days ago

    Mick Jagger wannabe, cool though