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  • Igor Fernandes
    Igor Fernandes 2 hours ago

    Faz um vídeo sobre Port Elizabeth?

  • Igor Fernandes
    Igor Fernandes 2 hours ago

    Very good

  • 88Leehom
    88Leehom 8 hours ago

    Thank you for the informational video. I will go on the the same route with Viking next year in April. I am all excited about it after watching your video.

  • Ben Holbrook
    Ben Holbrook 11 hours ago

    Man, that's a pretty damn sexy setup Brian! Definitely made me excited for the spring/summer and getting back in the saddle!

  • Tomáš Dittrich
    Tomáš Dittrich 12 hours ago

    Proč nenastavíte ČR titulky

  • Eduardo MG
    Eduardo MG 15 hours ago

    Avoid the up talk on some of your phrases. It gives the video a touch of immaturity. No up talk!

  • Ruediger Berlich
    Ruediger Berlich 15 hours ago

    Hi Brian, I seem to remember that you did the Camino del Norte recently on foot. I'd just like to comment that, if you are now getting into cycling, doing the "del Norte" by bicycle is possible and fun -- mostly even on the official paths (with a few exceptions). So maybe one day we'll see a video here with a long cycling trip through spain. Have fun, Ruediger

  • Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    tks :)

  • Javier Bañón Izu
    Javier Bañón Izu 18 hours ago

    Great video! If anyone needs info about bikepacking in spanish... Just check my YT channel:ñonIzu I think van life and bikepacking are just great friends ;D Cheers, jbi

  • Melanie Londono

    What time of year did you go? Noticed a lot of rain

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  • Melanie Londono
    Melanie Londono 3 days ago

    Thank you for sharing. Would you mind sharing the itinerary in detail?

  • 〇
     4 days ago

    The best place to visit in Czech is the civil registry👰🏼

    • Milokoj Jones
      Milokoj Jones 3 days ago

      Best place to visit in czechia is D1 - it's thruthly unforgettable experience :D

  • Timmy S
    Timmy S 8 days ago

    the pronunciation of words and places.. ugh!

  • shivangi gupta
    shivangi gupta 8 days ago

    Hi! I am planning to visit Czech next year. I can speak only English. Is it a good choice for a person who can't speak the native language? Please suggest.

  • Danny Vázquez
    Danny Vázquez 9 days ago

    good job 😃

  • Jean-François Georges

    Good after noon.Its a very good vidéo. Do you think it is possible to use camping along this Way ?

  • Christine Lozada
    Christine Lozada 9 days ago

    I love love looooved visiting Corfu. You captured it so well! I went to an olive mill and did a super fun (and tasty) olive oil tasting. I captured it in my 1 minute vlog!

  • James J
    James J 9 days ago

    Real pilgrims don't take ferry; they row it themselves.

  • Vesela Morova
    Vesela Morova 9 days ago

    Awesome stuff! Hitting the gym so I can do this one lovely summer day:))

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 5 days ago

      It was a awesome! No need to hit the gym...just hit the bike instead :)

  • N Garcia
    N Garcia 10 days ago

    Everybody who goes falls in love with sLOVEnia

  • Bike Spain Tours
    Bike Spain Tours 10 days ago

    I´m sorry, but please, NOTE THAT OVIEDO IS NOT the starting point of Camino de Santiago.

  • imperator parva
    imperator parva 11 days ago

    The only way I will "do" the Camino is in a Chevrolet El Camino.

  • Mary McReynolds
    Mary McReynolds 12 days ago

    Haha...nothing wrong with being over 55, young reviewer. :)

  • runNride
    runNride 12 days ago

    What a GREAT series of videos on the Camino!!! Thank you!!! If you had only about a week or so and wanted to do the most scenic part of the route on a bicycle. What would you advise on being the best section? We would probably by able to cover 50-70KM per day.

  • Your Conscience
    Your Conscience 12 days ago

    Whats wrong with Plzen?

  • Prokletý Básník
    Prokletý Básník 13 days ago

    i was waiting for this here in Brno.

  • Bike Touring Mike
    Bike Touring Mike 13 days ago

    I did the Prague-Vienna Greenway last summer with Bicycle Touring Pro. We did in in about 6,5 days, so when I heard you thinking about doing it in 4 I thought you were in for a brutal awakening. Man, those first two days were really tough as I remembered it. Glad you decided to change your plans to do it in six days. Otherwise you might have killed poor Tomas. :-)

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 11 days ago

      Hey Mike! When i did all my research online it said the trial was 385km...that must have been just the Czech side. I had been riding +100km days regularly, but had not taken into account the extra weight and we did quite a bit of riding off pavement. It was a great trip! Let me know when you are back near Prague and maybe we can do ride. Safe Travels!

    • Tomáš Kadlec
      Tomáš Kadlec 12 days ago

      I am hard as rock. But I won´t lie. It was pretty challening. But a lot fun too. As always with Brina

  • Mike's Road Trip
    Mike's Road Trip 13 days ago

    Hey're really getting into biking, eh? What a journey...great job! Nice to see Tomas in the video.

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 11 days ago

      Hey Mike! Ya loving biking lately. So much fun and the best way to travel. Not sure where I will bike next...possibly Prague to Dresden. What is new with you?

  • Nathan Dolenc
    Nathan Dolenc 15 days ago

    Great series! Going in 2020 ! The cider house in Naves (in a previous video) looked like a "must stop and eat" restaurant.

  • Gabriela Pavon
    Gabriela Pavon 16 days ago

    How much is in dollars?

  • Eric Douce
    Eric Douce 16 days ago

    Loved loved loved your series on the Norte. Having just returned from walking the Invierno through Galicia I can relate to walking in the rain. The Norte is on my list, many many thanks and looking forward to those thick steaks Chuleton.

  • Lawrance Ovarabia
    Lawrance Ovarabia 16 days ago

    Ugh! 5 cliches? Really?

  • Nathan Dolenc
    Nathan Dolenc 17 days ago

    The Camino Frances has an official office at the beginning in St. Jean Pied de Port. Is there something similar for the Camino Norte? If not, is there an official starting point? Also, is there a place in Irún to get a booklet for stamps?

  • Crazy BOY Alfred
    Crazy BOY Alfred 17 days ago

    Řeřicha xd

  • Crazy BOY Alfred
    Crazy BOY Alfred 17 days ago

    Kdo moravak nebo znojmak

  • rhunl
    rhunl 19 days ago

    Top work as always. Thanks Brian

  • rhunl
    rhunl 19 days ago

    Hey Brian, enjoying the trip so far, and really appreciate all the information you offer. Have you included time for swimming, which obviously isn't included in the video?

  • rhunl
    rhunl 19 days ago

    Hey Brian, thank you for the video. Back from my latest trip on the Frances. As a ballpark figure, how many people would you estimate you would see on a daily basis?

  • Katya Dunn
    Katya Dunn 19 days ago

    prague is so beautiful!!! I went to europe and visited czech, germany, and austria. Definitely recommend!

  • Who ?
    Who ? 20 days ago

    Why no KARLOVY VARY ?

  • Nicolita Bancescu
    Nicolita Bancescu 20 days ago


  • 0928yuichiro
    0928yuichiro 20 days ago

    📲*00212645752301* *Whatapps*📲 سـمـعـت🧏‍♂️ كـثـيـر مـن الـشـبـاب يـبـحـثـون عـن طــريــقــة فــعــالــة✅ لــتــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وأنـا أبــشــركــم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى الـطـريـقـة الأصــح👍 والــمــنــاســبــة👍 وهــتــشــكــرنــي بــعــديــهــا تـواصـل مـعـي وأنــا بــشــرح لــك ســر الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*📲

  • rhunl
    rhunl 22 days ago

    Hey, Thank you so much for the video. I found it to be very informative, and a great starting point for planning a trip along the Norte. Hope you don't mind a couple of questions, and a suggestion as well! Firstly - for those walking the Norte having completed the Camino Frances - what would you estimate to be the general split in terms of the terrain you are walking. Eg - my estimate on the Frances would be roughly - 10% tarmac road 20% dirt trail 30% gravel trail 40% gravel/stone road mixed use trail. Obviously, you'll be kind of guesstimating based on memory, so I won't hold you to it. Also, as the Norte is coastal, how did you find the up and down? In terms of my suggestion - you mention footwear. For those planning on using boots, I'd recommend at least 1/2 size if not a full size larger to give space for feet to swell. I'm normally an 11 (UK), and using boots of those size for more than a week gave me horrendous blisters on my first 2 caminos. My third was using trail runners, like your Salomons, and resulted in next to no blisters.

  • Julie Sickles
    Julie Sickles 22 days ago

    Hello! Can you shorten the Camino de Norte? I have about a month off from work, where is the most common starting point if it's not at the "beginning"? Thanks for making these videos :) They're great work!

  • SerialTur Club
    SerialTur Club 22 days ago

    Thank you !!!😍

  • khaled abo asbe خالد ابو عصبه

    please see my cappadocia video like and subscribe

  • P M
    P M 24 days ago

    How much did the premiu drinks package cost? You didn't say anything about tipping? All=inclusive?

  • Jiashun Xia
    Jiashun Xia 24 days ago

    what about Fortaleny, You forget IT IM NOT HAPPY

  • harry schiring
    harry schiring 24 days ago

    ich habe alle deine Filme gesehen ,einfach super,deine Laune ist ansteckend,ich gehe den Camino das 4.mal ,in 2020 nochmal.Bon Camino

    AL YANAK 25 days ago

    Rüya noktası büyülendiğim şehir🌸

  • Joe Rauzes
    Joe Rauzes 27 days ago

    is it safe to travel from santa marta to cartagena? with bus?

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago

      I had no trouble, and i have not heard any bad stories. So I would say it is pretty safe.

  • Cubefarmer Hkc
    Cubefarmer Hkc 27 days ago

    Go to beach, stare at beautiful ladies in bikinis

  • HongiCZ Loves Dashie


  • harry schiring
    harry schiring 27 days ago

    solche Menschen mag ich, immer positiv denken und gute Laune haben.

  • Ali Starber
    Ali Starber 28 days ago

    Česky Krumlov was my favorite and Prague. Brno not so sure, maybe because I didn’t know where to go.

  • Peter Sonnenberg
    Peter Sonnenberg 29 days ago

    Did anyone mention Jesus Christ? Camino de Santiago is not a hike.

    • Peter Sonnenberg
      Peter Sonnenberg 24 days ago

      Jesus Christ just might be hidding in the #1 #3 and #4

    • Peter Sonnenberg
      Peter Sonnenberg 24 days ago

      @The Travel Vlogger I don't produce videos. But I am free to make a comment I guess... your top reasons are secular. Though you might come to the Truth following them but you could also miss it not by a mile but by a whole of 500mi...

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago

      I look forward to your video

  • MFreedom
    MFreedom 29 days ago

    I find it funny how he says "museum" lol

  • Georgio Scori
    Georgio Scori Month ago

    What next you see is Český Ráj, Olomouc, Sněžka, Radhošt and near destination , Telč

  • KakarotLee33
    KakarotLee33 Month ago

    damn I came for the Nalgas and there was no NALGAS!!

  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf Month ago

    LET ME SAY ///////WASTE OF TIME////////////

  • Hola Ghost
    Hola Ghost Month ago

    The cost to stay at Viajero? The cost?

    • Schott
      Schott 10 days ago

      around 30$

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago

      I would suggest going to their website. Prices will vary depending on which month as well as how many beds are in the room or if you want a private room. good luck!

  • Chinese Handwriting

    what a great view!

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago

      It is a beautiful region most people never get to visit. Safe travels :)

  • Colm McCabe
    Colm McCabe Month ago

    Karlovy Vary is great near German border. And Kutna Hors amazing.

  • Thomas MAZEAU
    Thomas MAZEAU Month ago

    thank you for these beautiful videos, I love. You have made a very beautiful journey, bravo. this year, I made my camino from PUY EN VELAY to SANTIAGO then I joined FISTEIRA. in june 2020, I will do camino from VEZELAY through CAMINO DEL NORTE, then I will join FISTEIRA by DUMBRIA. thanks again. Good evening. Thomas

    • Thomas MAZEAU
      Thomas MAZEAU 24 days ago

      That' you very Much. Bye

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger 24 days ago

      Thanks Thomas! The next camino i want to do is the Primitivo. Buen camino!

  • Claro Diel
    Claro Diel Month ago

    Very good concise video log Brian. Any rough info how you got to IRUN, plane, train, bus. Thank you.

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Thanks! I flew into Bilbao and then took a private transfer, which was a little pricey, but if you have limited funds and extra time Spain has very good public transportation. Probably direct buses from Bilbao airport to San Sebastian, and then probably a bus from San Sebastian to Irun. Train is possibly an option too. Buen Camino!

  • Shefali Sapra
    Shefali Sapra Month ago

    wow amazing video. Is November a good time for hot air ballooning?

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      I went in February and had no problem. I would suggest contacting one of the hot air ballon companies...just search "hot air ballon Cappadocia" and i am sure several will show up.

  • J’s BikesCarsanvapes

    Wear I live :)

  • currololo
    currololo Month ago

    Fabulous, but you missed Santander, a fantastic city too.

  • Šimon Rada
    Šimon Rada Month ago

    Also beskydy is awesome it is the westest part of karpatians and it is very steep (hilly but more like mountainy) and there are lots of shepherd huts and from most of the land you don’t see any big city

  • Garrett Galvan
    Garrett Galvan Month ago

    I seeeee yyyooooouuuu

  • David Crow
    David Crow Month ago

    Loved watching this series - as well as the Cami de Cavalls. What would you say are the best two 5-6 day stretches of the Camino del Norte if someone only had 1 week in terms of nature and hiking quality?

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Thanks David. I really liked the first 5-6 days of the Camino Del Norte, also maybe the last 5-6 days. Whole thing was great but if i was to pick my least favorite part it would have been walking in Cantabria. Buen Camino amgo!

  • Laura Palka
    Laura Palka Month ago

    You should have finished your camino in Finisterre. It's wonderful to see the sea again :) I did El Camino Francés so I spent more than a month without seeing the sea and it was magical to see the sunset there on my last day (I was quite lucky with the weather). Next time I want to do El Camino del Norte. Thanks for the videos!

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      unfortunately I did not have time on that trip to hike to Finisterre, but i plan to return and do the camino primitivo and on this trip i will be sure to make it to Finisterre. buen camino!

  • X_TitanShot CZ
    X_TitanShot CZ Month ago


    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Sumava is very nice! what is your favorite thing to see or do in Sumava?

  • MrPeralgio
    MrPeralgio Month ago

    Great video. Muy buen video. Viva Murcia!

  • NotoriousBOFT
    NotoriousBOFT Month ago

    I started the camino as a lonely scottish guy with a “funny” accent and finished in santiago accompanied by 8 other people from all over this wonderful globe. It was thee best experience of my life and the feeling you gain from it is unimaginable. Im not religious however spiritually I had never felt so free in my life. When in life you’re distracted by so many things then you find yourself walking at 6am watching the sunrise and all you feel is gratitude. I would re-do the camino de santiago in a heartbeat. Physically and mentally the camino helped me out, I lost sooo much weight(in a good way) and mentally felt free from the grey of life. P.s Don’t want to sound like a hipster, you know, the ones that claim they went to Bali once and it was life changing, well the camino was that for me :).

      CARMEN AQUILINA Month ago

      Totally agree😊

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      hahahaha, nothing hipster about your comment. I totally feel the same way. I look forward to doing another route of the camino very soon.

  • Jurko Jurij
    Jurko Jurij Month ago

    Chcel by som ist do Ceska

  • Sean Bruce
    Sean Bruce Month ago

    In Mazarron Murcia for two weeks and it's amazing

  • Matthew Drennen
    Matthew Drennen Month ago

    great video keep it up

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Thanks! I have another hiking series called the "Cami de Cavalls" that you might like too. Safe travels!

  • زهرة سانشيش

    So indian make? No no i dont want to try I tought malaysia made

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      most foods have roots to other places, India has a strong influence in this region due to the English occupation. The drink is quite delicious and well worth trying if you like sweet things.

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      most foods have roots to other places, India has a strong influence in this region due to the English occupation. The drink is quite delicious and well worth trying if you like sweet things.

  • Nicolas Loppinet
    Nicolas Loppinet Month ago

    nul nul sa pu la merde

  • Frances Lilley
    Frances Lilley Month ago

    Arenal den castell by far the nicest beach imo, should be number 1 .. stunning location

  • VictoriaV
    VictoriaV Month ago

    Many beautiful places to visit in Spain!

  • Travellers Vlog
    Travellers Vlog Month ago

    What is the best time to visit this place?

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Depends. to do the hike i would suggest before or after summer as there will be less people and not as hot. But high season is definitely summer. Winter is suppose to be quite windy with virtually no tourism. Hope that helps.

  • Gontzal Lekzeit
    Gontzal Lekzeit Month ago

    ¿Norte de España?, mejor titula tu interesante vídeo "12 atractivas cosas para hacer en la Costa Cantábrica". Somos muchos los vascos a los que no nos hace ninguna absoluta gracia que nos metan en España. Respetadlo.

    • currololo
      currololo 13 days ago

      @Tximeleta me importa tres cojones. A un traidor separrata de mierda hay que decírselo bien clarito. Hala, a cascarla.

    • Tximeleta
      Tximeleta 13 days ago

      Dais los dos mucha verguencita ajena.

    • currololo
      currololo Month ago

      Pues te jodes, puto separrata. Vascongadas es más España que nada, siempre lo ha sido y siempre lo será. Los verdaderos vascos de antaño os escupirían a la cara. Vergüenza debería daros, traidores malnacidos.

  • Rob Van Veenendaal

    THANKS for the wonderful video next year 2020 i start to walking the camino the norte, I have some questions What is the best time of the year? Are there sleeping places like hostel or refugios? Are there marks on the road like ten comino primitivo ? I go walking for the fifth time camino bud this is perhaps the last camino You can sent me a mail to ... Best regards robbert bon camino!!!!!!

    • The Travel Vlogger
      The Travel Vlogger Month ago

      Thanks Rob! I would start in April or end of september...if you want to swim in the ocean do july/august but know this is the time with the most tourists.

  • Ondřej Palata
    Ondřej Palata Month ago

    I would add East Bohemia (Náchodsko, Broumovsko) with its beautiful rocks similar to those in the video (#4 in the video) and pre-WW2 fortresses. And also Šumava region. And much more of course :-) But great video by the way and good choices in the top 10.

  • Sebastian Stuckert

    Im a simple man. I saw the chicks. I clicked on it.

  • Lukáš Javůrek
    Lukáš Javůrek Month ago

    Brno isnt city ! Brno is only bigger village ! Say NO to Brno ! :D

  • Blood Striper
    Blood Striper Month ago

    I want to retire in Spain!

  • Pili Sevilla Valdepeñas

    Borrar todo

  • TheBisos
    TheBisos Month ago

    Just came back from Cappadocia, the place is unreal . You really need to see it in person.

  • Batuhan YURTYAPAN

    Next time you can try to make pottery in Avanos😇.

  • Srinivas Prabhu
    Srinivas Prabhu Month ago

    In which month did u attempt this ? :)

  • jambroqc
    jambroqc Month ago

    Great series on the Camino del Norte. I just wish you showed more of Santiago de Compostela- the cathedral, the old town and a bit of gastronomy. Buen Camino!

  • jambroqc
    jambroqc Month ago

    Fabulous coastal views!

  • RozellNucum
    RozellNucum Month ago

    Cant wait to go there soon ❤️❤️ for work❤️

  • Travelling Hobby
    Travelling Hobby Month ago

    Very informative bro

  • Kateřina Martincová

    Hi. Thanks for this video. 🙏 I have one question...😄 The scrubba.....only the bag or buy the kit with hangers? 🤔 Whats your opinion? Thanks for your answer. K.

  • Ta bloncka
    Ta bloncka Month ago

    To jsem vůbec nečekala, že v tomto videu bude Litomyšl, tady bydlím😍