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pikachu dot mp4
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A Day With Sombra
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The Pocket D.Va
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HIDE AND SEEK- Overwatch
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LIGHTS OUT - Overwatch
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  • Just Another TerminalMontage Fan

    That feeling when Necrozma absorbs Victini and is about to destroy Arceus

  • Karolann Turgeon-Vallee

    I know this comment is three years late, but I gotta say: I'm planning a Pathfinder campaign and the guys (including my boyfriend) have no idea they are going to play PMD2: Explorers of Time/Darkness XD. Maybe my boyfriend will suspect something, if he remembers what I told him about the story. But the others, oh they never played it, they have not idea. I Just have to modifiy a few story things and it should go smoothly. Just seeing their faces when I'll play the musics from the game when they go through the dungeons XD

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon Hour ago

    The entire over world music of BotW is already chilling and soothing, love this Lo-Fi remix

  • Cunner Noctch
    Cunner Noctch 2 hours ago

    IT LIT!!!!!!!!😎

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza 4 hours ago


  • The DogTamer2.0
    The DogTamer2.0 4 hours ago

    you can tell if the song is good if you get goosebumps on every of your body parts......

  • Denzell Smith
    Denzell Smith 5 hours ago

    When it hits 0:12 you know the song gonna be lit.

  • UsEr 888
    UsEr 888 5 hours ago

    It's too slow!

  • ThePersonaWeeb
    ThePersonaWeeb 6 hours ago

    Silver looks androgynous in this image

  • KN7R JR
    KN7R JR 10 hours ago

    When we real we hated by people when we fake we loved by people When we stand too long it make us want to take a seat When we sit too long it make us want to standing That's Life You only have two thing to choose Life or Death Love or Hate But it all doesnt matter Cause The Society crushed it Now we are the puppet To The F***king New World Order This Society Getting Bigger And Bigger Until the Earth controled by that shit

  • TheGoldenDunsparce
    TheGoldenDunsparce 12 hours ago


  • Juan Ernesto Rodriguez

    These little shots were a little too hard to catch for their worth honestly! 🙄

  • Blaze
    Blaze 14 hours ago

    I love it

  • Gaming Sensei
    Gaming Sensei 15 hours ago

    I usually don't like lo-fi actually but I gotta say. 1.5 speed B U M P S, like jeez good job

  • Gorgeous Greninja
    Gorgeous Greninja 15 hours ago

    Um... Apparel shop?

  • Gavin Zhou
    Gavin Zhou 17 hours ago


  • Awaken Darkness
    Awaken Darkness 18 hours ago

    I like how you're just casually out here just making Lo-fi master pieces out of our childhood game's sound tracks. You're one hell of a legend

  • Crazy Supernova Gaming

    I love how people make it out that Deoxys was so hard to catch. *Caught Deoxys on the second ball, which was a dusk ball during the day.*

  • Sapphire յյ
    Sapphire յյ 22 hours ago

    This is just perfection

  • Miles4Tails
    Miles4Tails 22 hours ago


  • Lexart
    Lexart 22 hours ago


  • Clefargle Smash
    Clefargle Smash 22 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR STUFF GLITCH Would you consider doing a Hateno Village theme remix version?

  • Corrin Flakes
    Corrin Flakes 22 hours ago

    I remember tearing up to this theme during the E3 2016 BotW showcase. That's why even though BotW itself falls just short behind TWW as my favourite Zelda games, the main theme just makes my heart melt. Now I get to listen to it in my favourite electronic music genre, Lo-Fi. Thanks, GlitchxCity!

  • Cat Floof
    Cat Floof 23 hours ago


  • x.a.n.a
    x.a.n.a 23 hours ago

    cynthia the sans of pokemon

  • The Gaming Goon
    The Gaming Goon 23 hours ago

    Pretty good remix! Qumu should do this!

  • ConnorTheGamer5

    I love the johto games in almost all aspects, they had pokemon following you (the lets go games only had kanto pokemon ;-;), amazing gaphics imo, and just really good pokemon. Except for the gym leader's teams and difficulty spikes. Kanto kinda has a difficulty spike problem since you have to grind for ages to beat the e4, but atleast their teams were mostly good, johto on the other hand... TL;DR: the johto gym leaders use less johto pokemon than the kanto ones do in this game and i'm mad falkner: pidgey and pidgeotto (not even his own pokemon, he specifically says "his dad's cherished pokemon") bugsy: metapod, kakuna and scyther (all lvl 10+, so they didn't even evolve the cacoon bois) frickin' morty: the ghastly line (not 1 misdreavus in the entire gym!) chuck: poliwrath and primeape (although this is the one i'm least mad about since they're atleast his own, as-powerful-as-possible pokemon that he evolved) Now, here's my problem with all of these: notice how all 4 of them have a team consisting of only kanto pokemon? remember all the birds, bugs, fighting types and poor misdrevus that were added in johto? i love these games but it's really disappointing that the kanto gym leaders have more johto pokemon than the johto gym leaders themselves, not even joking, i counted, 4 johto pokemon in the teams of the johto gym leaders, 7 (8 if you include 2 ariados') in the teams of the kanto gym leaders. Sorry if this is too long, but this is honestly a big issue to me.

  • Dark Zein
    Dark Zein Day ago

    Uff this Is Magnific, give me more uwu

    • EkanaCat777
      EkanaCat777 Hour ago

      I think you mean "magnifique" ;3 I'm french, so I can tell-

  • The Groovy Exeggutor

    Been waiting for this!

  • TheSonicFan4
    TheSonicFan4 Day ago

    What's funny is I've played this for about 20 hours and didn't know it had a main theme. Love this!

  • Michael Levin
    Michael Levin Day ago

    Download *Link* available now.

  • forger343
    forger343 Day ago

    This remix still rocks!

  • Nelson Yoc
    Nelson Yoc Day ago

    How’d you know that Song of Storms is my favorite Zelda melody

  • x.a.n.a
    x.a.n.a Day ago

    Eminem to play guzma in new live action pokemon movie

  • Za Phantom
    Za Phantom Day ago


  • Shasta JS
    Shasta JS Day ago

    great background choice, fits really nicely! I love seeing a new glitchxcity video pop up in my subscription feed

  • Vela Nova
    Vela Nova Day ago

    even heroes need to rest sometimes

  • Xavier Rhapsody

    Glitch I bet you won't reply to this

  • Duzzled
    Duzzled Day ago

    that leaf looks hella nice (also good song)

  • Aaron Pullen
    Aaron Pullen Day ago

    0:31 it just dropped omg, its sooo lit, great job glitch!

  • Nidoking Trainer Noah

    When you see the words GlitchxCity, Lofi, and Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild together, you know that its going to be great

  • YUM0N
    YUM0N Day ago

    more of legend of zelda music pls :)

  • Rehaan The Freaken

    This awesome theme is now used in pokemon rejuvenation v12 in the battle between aelita vs texon

  • Felix2908
    Felix2908 Day ago

    Insta click, insta like!

  • Opie operative funkshady

    Thanks for your hard work on this fire your cooked up.

  • StarDev94
    StarDev94 Day ago

    Breath of the Wild and Lo-Fi go together like peanut butter and jelly! That is to say, I love it!

  • Pinksou
    Pinksou Day ago

    Nice remix !

  • ScottishBrah
    ScottishBrah Day ago

    What is this, how did you think of this, I'm in love and lying on the ground in puddle of awe

  • Tokuichi Toua
    Tokuichi Toua Day ago

    Link never speaks cuz you understand his feelings with The Music

  • XXXEmpoleon
    XXXEmpoleon Day ago

    This should have been the credits theme; Zelda's music and Botws ambience

    • Decitronal
      Decitronal 19 hours ago

      nah the style of this music is too drastically different from the rest of the soundtrack

  • Zachary Purser

    well dang, this is a bop

  • nirth
    nirth Day ago

    Breath of the Wild!!

  • Ya boi Garmadon

    Amazing remix as always!

  • Svmurvi Blvck Zvck

    I feel like going to the Waukegan beach

  • When Geeks Craft

    I love how chill this is

  • Glitchonics-Sama

    Really relaxing

  • Slowchamp
    Slowchamp Day ago

    Nice. More.

  • catboy5009
    catboy5009 Day ago

    Glitch do some ace attorney i kanda want you to remix them?

  • MontyMonferno
    MontyMonferno Day ago

    What kind of music do Nosepass like? Rock

  • InfiniteAura
    InfiniteAura Day ago

    I love your Lofi Mixes Glitch they get better and better. Also sounded a bit like another one of your lofi mixes at the beginning. Make a kingdom hearts obs I dare you

  • MontyMonferno
    MontyMonferno Day ago

    Good timing Glitch, I’m playing Breath of the Wild right now 😜

  • matmaniac114
    matmaniac114 Day ago

    Fancy meeting you here, Tri-Force boy!

  • General Kollar


  • Arcocraft_YT
    Arcocraft_YT Day ago


  • NotTheRealSpartan

    i'm so lucky to come across this channel

  • Income Tax
    Income Tax Day ago


  • kgd drago
    kgd drago Day ago

    Hey glitch i wanted to ask you trying to make a remix of a song but i dont know the tools or how to do so...i was hoping you would give me tips on how to do that if you see this thanks a million

  • ShinyBernard04

    This could be the perfect OST for area 51 attack

  • ardi harbilah
    ardi harbilah Day ago

    damn... love this song... ToT)

  • Parker Brandner

    This is just Young Xehanorts fight theme with some cool piano trills... I have been listening to you're remixs all night and I've loved all of them but this one isn't even from pokemon, it's from kingdom hearts... Giratina's theme is also my favorite battle theme so that's really disappointing...

  • David Joyce
    David Joyce Day ago

    Sent to this song from Duncan using it during his Hackmon Streams. Good stuff.

  • Caleb Burge
    Caleb Burge Day ago

    I thought Type:Null was cryogenically frozen, not chained up in a cage in the Aether basement.

  • Jean Chénard élève

    This is really nostalgic to me, as the first ever pokemon game I ever picked was Diamond! X3

  • Eric
    Eric Day ago

    Sounds like the ultra instinct theme lol

  • n00baddict 53
    n00baddict 53 Day ago

  • SilverDawn41
    SilverDawn41 Day ago

    This song is fire, brought here by duncancantdie

  • Abhay Singh Rajput

    Lance will never be even 10% as strong as Red

  • Lucas Allen
    Lucas Allen Day ago

    Those who dislike this vid don't know what true goodness is. This song is awesome.

  • ConnorTheGamer5

    RAICHU, USE ANUTHA DUNDERBOLT! surge the kid already left COME ON RAICHU, HIT EM' WITH ANUTHA DUNDERBOLT!! surge, raichu fainted! YEAH RAICHU, FINISH THEM OFF WITH ONE LAST DUNDERBOLT!! surge take your damn pokemon to the pokemon center before another challenger arrives!

  • Blupo
    Blupo 2 days ago

    Anyone hear the Dialga fight theme from PMD in here?

  • Bobby Tebaldi
    Bobby Tebaldi 2 days ago

    Make more stuff like this! My favoritensong right now by far cant get enough of it

  • Enrique Lopez
    Enrique Lopez 2 days ago

    Recently restarted soul silver. As soon as i got to goldenrod i went to get a dratini in the game corner. Me and dratini kicked that milktabks ass

  • Lord Zaphkiel
    Lord Zaphkiel 2 days ago

    Gen 5 music is litterally the best, idk why they didn't keep up the epic tracks going forward.

  • Sten Hendrikx
    Sten Hendrikx 2 days ago

    0:57 *When your standing on a platform going to space and you battle palkia and dialga duo fight whit a darkblue background whit stars*

  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 2 days ago

    How to make it more techno...

  • Kionjg8
    Kionjg8 2 days ago

    Awww beauty, a Empoleon lvl 52 :) but what have to say to my lvl 66 Garchomp? He?!

  • Valos
    Valos 2 days ago

    so wonderful... i love this song so much...

  • Six Paths Fabian
    Six Paths Fabian 2 days ago

    0:20 I felt that

  • Z Who
    Z Who 2 days ago

    I love this I listen to this every day and night

  • Aqua Star
    Aqua Star 2 days ago

    Insert Funny sans joke here

  • Pikacaf 1047
    Pikacaf 1047 2 days ago

    This should really be on Spotify. I'd listen to it all the time

  • NuKe_FruitLoops Yt
    NuKe_FruitLoops Yt 2 days ago

    Bro GXC, u rly hit it off on part 3:02 . It sounds so awesome and im giving u 10/10 4 the whole song. 3: 02 is my fav part going through

  • NuKe_FruitLoops Yt
    NuKe_FruitLoops Yt 2 days ago

    Welcome to the pokemon center, restoring your Pokemon will take a few mins... 3 seconds later your Pokemon are full health and fighting fit. Pls come again... 😳???

  • NuKe_FruitLoops Yt
    NuKe_FruitLoops Yt 2 days ago

    I love Dia And Platinum hanging with each other (secretly in luv) but y r there noses so fucking BIG!!! And to top it of but Dia's left leg is twisted i mean come on.

  • NuKe_FruitLoops Yt
    NuKe_FruitLoops Yt 2 days ago

    Yo in 2019 and still listening to this sick awesome beat

  • Chris Baldock
    Chris Baldock 2 days ago

    Amazing work!!

  • Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    Megalovania at the Disco? ...ok then