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My game was banned...
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YouTube is Stinky
Views 6M7 days ago
I Am Fish
Views 4.3M10 days ago
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Nah. - RL Minecraft - 2
Views 6M2 months ago
I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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  • Flamboyant Opossum

    For the last decade, the biggest and greatest youtuber has been some Swede that screams loudly and watches memes. In a way, we are all pewdiepie.

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V Hour ago

    β€œThis comment section is horrible!” Everyone:HmMMMmmmmmM

  • Zack Fox official!

    Tbh I thought juice world was a water Park, and when my sister told me that he died I said "atleast we still have six flags"

  • peachy-keen
    peachy-keen Hour ago

    you look like pj from good luck charlie

  • Fluffy_Boi
    Fluffy_Boi Hour ago

    6:27 i wonder what his Stand name?

  • V0iD_V0RT3X
    V0iD_V0RT3X Hour ago

    Pewds: "If this video gets 200,000 likes we will do another rewind..." Me: Notices video has 400k likes. Me: Continues video Pewds: "Were definitely not doing it anyways." Me: Unsubscribes

  • Jay Boy
    Jay Boy Hour ago

    #2 on gaming!? WHAT?!

  • SimpleCaster
    SimpleCaster Hour ago

    2:00 Pewds: That's true, but the second requirement is... Make bebe with Marzia.

    DJBALLER 45 Hour ago

    not in rewind????????????????

  • Leg-eye
    Leg-eye Hour ago

    Hey dude I'm from the future and I'm here to tell you that you end up getting married and having 100 mil subscribers also you start playing minecraft

  • Mechanical Guy
    Mechanical Guy Hour ago

    meme: ninja is in grave danger me: yay

  • Damian renteria
    Damian renteria Hour ago

    it Be cause of On December 13, 2018, RU-clip Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind became the most disliked video on the video sharing platform, with 15 million dislikes rapidly surpassed the music video for Justin Bieber's song Baby, which entered the Guinness World Records book as the most disliked video on RU-clip and on the ...

  • Asia Weigand
    Asia Weigand Hour ago

    Does anyone like that Tom guy??

  • Nuha Saad
    Nuha Saad Hour ago


  • DimplyBucket19
    DimplyBucket19 Hour ago

    6:51 "Opens in incognito Mode"

  • jacklrg. mp creator

    ok this is what I call content

  • Damian renteria
    Damian renteria Hour ago

    no the most hated RU-clipr is in 2018 is RU-clip Rewind

  • Trinity Farmer
    Trinity Farmer Hour ago

    hearing "hey sweet pea" for the first time in 5 years hit me hard :(

    SPiCY GUY Hour ago

    Definitely grow out the beard. It’s s the greatest shit ever

  • Trap Panda
    Trap Panda Hour ago


  • Salty Penguin
    Salty Penguin Hour ago

    Btw I'm watching this while eating...

  • Weird Object
    Weird Object Hour ago

    Marzia sounds like Little Misfortune!

  • Dank Lord The Meme Jesus

    Joomer Simpson is stinky

  • Mango Gamer
    Mango Gamer Hour ago

    woo hoo

  • ugly bitch
    ugly bitch Hour ago

    Kinda hope that next year's rewind is an anime intro instead of live action.

  • Parvesh Natarajan

    6 adsssss damnnnn

  • Magic majo
    Magic majo Hour ago

    (Video of PewDiePie exists) Dislike:I'm gonna end this hole man career

  • Ship Lover
    Ship Lover Hour ago

    13:18 XD

  • M. Asher
    M. Asher Hour ago

    lol he said 200k likes for rewind .. 410k likes already ... me excited af!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glass Water
    Glass Water Hour ago

    Where is the red background?

  • aesざん
    aesざん Hour ago

    Pewdiepie Chan = Flat Real Pewdiepie = Smol pp

  • Aotearoa Seymour

    Can someone in these comments explain what exactly RU-clip rewind is?

  • Tutle_ 24
    Tutle_ 24 Hour ago

    markiplier is the most annoying thing in the world.

  • Gracelle De Guzman

    . . .

  • Gabby Rodriguez
    Gabby Rodriguez Hour ago

    Lmao I CAN'T ANYMORE NO Wonder WHY Pewdiepie has so much subscribers

  • Joe Kennedy
    Joe Kennedy Hour ago


  • the mind blowing it

    I love coming back to this video to watch him descend into madness

  • Nicholas Moore
    Nicholas Moore Hour ago

    That is what happens when people can just magically pick their gender then we have to start dealing with this crazy shit as well

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna Hour ago

    The dislike is 4.4 M

  • Dank Lord The Meme Jesus

    Fortenite gay

  • Xenon 6752
    Xenon 6752 Hour ago

    Well as a weeb i can in fact confirm that is not full metal alchemist It is black clover

  • Rifat Editz Studio

    Like hereπŸ‘

  • Alex Luque
    Alex Luque Hour ago

    Can you make a game like this for xbox?

  • Jiren chillin in the comment section

    Felix: *says a MHA character looks like a FMA character* Weebs: WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ΔΠ
    ΔΠ Hour ago

    Pewdiepie's channel grow so fast

    ELECTRO Hour ago

    6:31 *_FBI OPEN UP_*

  • Fist of Water Polo, Carbonation!

    Me: many singular man tears Pewdiepie: PIXELINGS

  • Pixxel YT
    Pixxel YT Hour ago

    Pewds: tHiS c0MmeNt sEcTiOn iS hOrRiBlE.. EVERYONE: MMMHMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmHhhhhMmmmmm this is a old comment and totally original lol jk

  • Adam Salmi
    Adam Salmi Hour ago

    Thanks for recommending this to me RU-clip after the 69th time watching this

  • SypherXxGang
    SypherXxGang Hour ago

    What’s going on with Pewds’s recent thumbnails I just noticed

  • Ja’Crispyy
    Ja’Crispyy Hour ago

    Bro he literally made a nuke

  • Hemant
    Hemant Hour ago

    The thing is ............ Not every character you see is from full metal alchemist !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ace Sharma
    Ace Sharma Hour ago

    U did it you fricking did It

  • Zachary DeRose
    Zachary DeRose Hour ago

    If pewds told me leafyishere was running this section of the channel, I swear I wouldn't even bat an eye

  • Nerdy unicorn 3421

    "Is this full metal alchemist" Me:*a weeb* Also me:*shook*

  • Nord Productions


    SUPA HOT FIRE Hour ago

    *PewDiePie says all anime is Full Metal* Me: same but know a bit more anime

  • kitty kats the best

    RU-clip ugly he right

  • Picora LΓ©
    Picora LΓ© Hour ago

    5:51 my hero academia Togo

  • Cringey Doggo's BS

    Why does PewDiePie seem to hate azzyland so much she’s just vibing with her recycled thumbnails.

  • NardyNite 251891419812314

    Imagine Felix had a daughter who looks like PewDiePie chan.

  • NuclearXPlosion
    NuclearXPlosion Hour ago

    3:10 he missed gamer, so the meme is *fart noises*

  • Benjamin Schnell

    This is going to be on rewind next year for most liked, wait wut? They forgot it!

  • BeaST Plex
    BeaST Plex Hour ago

    Thanks for the game bruh i really loved it, i like to play game in toilet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  • CrazyCreep
    CrazyCreep Hour ago

    So we just going to ignore the fact that he actually started doing these thumbnails ?

  • zz sweezy
    zz sweezy Hour ago


  • Mairenn Sosa
    Mairenn Sosa Hour ago

    Pewds... you should get tiktok cause it’s the new youtubeπŸ˜…

  • Camidk
    Camidk Hour ago

    alguien me pude decir por que tiene tantos subs ?

  • Above_ MAKING
    Above_ MAKING Hour ago

    10.2.2010 to 1.1.2020 happy new year

  • Nostalgic Boi
    Nostalgic Boi Hour ago

    Without face cam this becomes boring

  • Maureen Kathrein

    Most people just try to watch the video. I sit here wondering how many of those 16 million views are me.

  • AndJazzi
    AndJazzi Hour ago

    That part that said: β€œmost liked beauty videos okay move on” is what made be crack

  • Harry Nguy
    Harry Nguy Hour ago

    #2 trending for GAMING. I have no words

    RAJ ASGQ Hour ago

    My friends like t series

  • Dank Lord The Meme Jesus

    Sup joomer I’m back

  • IX Green
    IX Green Hour ago

    Late but whatever

  • Fajar Hutajulu
    Fajar Hutajulu Hour ago


  • Eric Figueroa
    Eric Figueroa Hour ago

    Pewds: β€œ Hey RU-clip your ugly!!!! I don’t fricken care, what are you going to do about it?” RU-clip: #2 trending for gaming

  • Twigy Boi
    Twigy Boi Hour ago

    Felix should cover it with gray concrete to make it look more like a bomber

  • MiraculousLover 06

    lol every comment in the youtube rewind is the same

  • NardyNite 251891419812314

    Pewds called Jake Paul Yake Paul. Scandinavia intensifies

  • Oscar Torres
    Oscar Torres Hour ago

    E alv faltaba XXTENTACION aquΓ­

  • Vartika
    Vartika Hour ago

    This got more likes than the actual 2018 rewind

  • ayoungdorito
    ayoungdorito Hour ago

    Watch a meteorite land on his terraria house

  • SpeedSkilled
    SpeedSkilled Hour ago

    Epic 1.5M comments

  • Something Dinosaur

    8:33 she better post this on Webtoon

  • Aussie Rider
    Aussie Rider Hour ago

    Pewdiepie snapped rn

  • Emma Torales
    Emma Torales Hour ago

    I always love to listen to Felix giving feedback because he really makes me think about stuff that I wouldn't have thought about nor realised on my own, he's so great at analysing stuff

  • rObLoX IQ
    rObLoX IQ Hour ago

    Atleast i can be pround to have participated in most epic and tragic war 😎😎😎 I like my own comment

  • Rafael Gomes
    Rafael Gomes Hour ago

    "Is this full metal alchemist?" my brain is hurting now

    • JODisHere
      JODisHere Hour ago

      hi gomes. we like fortniteee! we like fortniteeee!

  • ZestySashimi
    ZestySashimi Hour ago

    All the content creators should just report RU-clip Rewind for stealing their content. That way it can be gone

    RAJ ASGQ Hour ago

    friends like t 3

  • Darling Vexa
    Darling Vexa Hour ago

    Pewdiepie-chan is taken by Marzia-san.

  • Shubham Thapliyal

    Over 400k likes we need rewind now

  • Twitch_StarLord_

    10:45 "If ur watching this, then u have big pp. We're wholesome on this channel.. Idk what to say" B-But...what about the girls who watch this?! ~Random Lord Star

  • Vannie Gaming
    Vannie Gaming Hour ago


  • M Juggernaut
    M Juggernaut Hour ago

    410 k like cmon pewds