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Galaxy Note 10+ review
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  • Norissima
    Norissima 58 minutes ago

    "modular phones".... Watching this video on my LG G5 (and yes it's still working great) 👍

  • James Band
    James Band Hour ago

    Anyone loves dual monitor setup must love this idea. I'm buying this.

  • Originals54
    Originals54 Hour ago

    Ridiculous video

  • Brandon Javon BiggersTM

    Where my Android squad at?

  • Theja Reddy
    Theja Reddy 9 hours ago

    Pixel slows down overtime ? I think you getting confused btw pixel and Samsung 🤣🤣.

  • Taseen Jubair
    Taseen Jubair 9 hours ago

    I honestly really like the new gestures I never cared about the hamburger menus. I just tap all the time anyway

  • chaltomato
    chaltomato 12 hours ago

    so good cellphone!!....

  • Abhishek Verma
    Abhishek Verma 12 hours ago

    Best thing about Android world.... Freedom

    SOME TECH CHANNEL 14 hours ago

    Not all of them, not a 1200 nits display, ,not airdrop, not 3D Touch, not sidecar, not the Taptic Engine (linear induction, not spinning), not A13 (or equivalent in CPU single core, multi core, Neural Network or GPU speeds), not not a good user experience and phone design

    SOME TECH CHANNEL 14 hours ago

    *Being the best doesn't just mean having the best specs*

  • XC Gamers
    XC Gamers 15 hours ago

    I'm Have 'a Android Merck And Version Unknown. The store Selected market v.5.0

  • Fernando Morales
    Fernando Morales 15 hours ago

    At #0:32 the phone at the right is the same phone as my mom's that my dad got it for her birthday

  • Yair Arroyo123
    Yair Arroyo123 16 hours ago

    Which one is better note 10 or note 10+🤔

  • Stealthy Dakota
    Stealthy Dakota 17 hours ago

    Well interesting considering the a13 bionic chip completely destroys any android phone processor. As well as having a stainless steel frame that’s better than aluminum or plastic. The only area the camera on the Samsung phone wins in is sharpness that’s it iPhone beats it in all other modes man this video is so debatable it’s not even funny

  • Sotero A. Gomez
    Sotero A. Gomez 18 hours ago

    This guy compares an iphone to a frankenstein non existent android phone 😆

  • Nathaniel Barnes
    Nathaniel Barnes 18 hours ago

    😬🙄lies or are your dum like means dum comet lie

  • Samuel Licious
    Samuel Licious 21 hour ago

    2:17 the new iPhone ugly 😂

  • Anthony Ross
    Anthony Ross 22 hours ago

    So you call it a pro but you cannot even charge your airpods on it as it as no reverse charging well donw apple great job 🤦‍♂️👍

  • JT Manuel
    JT Manuel Day ago

    Apple doesn't give a crap about its competition as they live in their own bubble of reality.


    ☝🏾Android phones are really good mini window Devices Do whatever you want phone Doesn’t have to be Galaxy none Major expensive just an android Smart phone. If your a geek and kno how to work these Devices you’ll understand what I’m talking I have both iPhone XR and 2 Androids phone I use it like it’s all access to life I have my iPhone jail broken I enjoy both. lol these phones been out for years features been the same just hidden features you have to tweak. And (recode) it. Nothing surprising about these phones they just know how to promote really well so y’all can lineup outside like zombies looking like money signs to them make sure y’all ask for some Champagne while standing in-line outside the door lol nothing surprising these phones they just know how to promote it really well to get yalls attention and sells up. .... I mean who cares tho save your money. 😆. Can’t buy unless you have good credits lol anyways

  • 360Hrs
    360Hrs Day ago

    the only downside is baterry but it will be fine not that good but fine due their optimisations and 64gb is crap lol i use only 13gb out of my 32 and the forehead is not that big there are other leaks too now it looks pretty good

  • Anthony Wall
    Anthony Wall Day ago

    Who cares who had what features first. The question should be who does it best. Apple doesn’t add a ton features and gimmicks. They focus on a hand full of features that are used day to day, and then they make them better. Airdrop, iMessage and FaceTime are top features for iPhone users, so Apple focuses on making them better. I have a Note 9 and it’s a great device but my 5 year old 6S Plus is my daily driver for the way the device is so straightforward. Hell even Apple’s wallet is setup better. Features are great but Apple users are more about the experience when using the device.

  • Rupesh Rajan
    Rupesh Rajan Day ago

    I was thinking to unsubscribe..but I haven’t really subscribed yet😂

  • Ribbi Bibbi
    Ribbi Bibbi Day ago

    Pretty excited for this update. Definitely wamt to give the new gestures a try. I'm a little hesitant, but I was with the android Pie update as well, and have loved them. Only took around two days to get used to them. The security updates and the ability to change media play position in the dropdown will aslo be very welcomed. Just have to wait for Samsung to make their own version....

  • who create GOD?

    but can it out performance A13 bionic?

  • HomemadeCrafts

    I love Google pixel's stock android experience and guaranteed updates for 3 years. That's better than other android phones. I'll invest in the 4xl.

  • Levente Herget

    You don’t realize that the iPhone is one phone and you compare it to 6 Android phones that are better in certain features!

  • Tarryn the Doula

    The removal of the fingerprint scanner pretty much killed any interest I have in the Pixel 4. Sticking with my Pixel 2XL and Pixel 3a XL. Why will companies not just get the fact that people want options and not restrictions?!

  • asdf
    asdf Day ago

    2:52 damn never knew what I had been missing with Android P on Samsung. Although they've had Smart Select for years now, it isn't as good/convenient as Google's implementation. Nice to see the former Google Now On Tap functionality being brought back.

  • aleksander suur

    I wonder what else you can do with it? There are lot of things a radar can do even at short range and at low power, how about peeking inside your Christmas gift without unwrapping it, tracing where the wires and pipes in your wall go, attempting to use it as a ground penetrating radar, or even just switching off Tx and doing some radio astronomy? At it's core, it's a phased transceiver array on a chip, given enough access to software stack you can do a lot of things with it.

    • aleksander suur
      aleksander suur Day ago

      Ah, seems it's a bit more limited than that, only 4 antennae in the array, so that's not going to yield any sort of image. In fact, this is conceptually what it has inside The thing operates at about 60GHz. As it is, it gathers very little data indeed and the only reason it can recognize any gestures at all is thanks to neural networks behind it matching the captured data to pretrained gestures.

  • brian swift
    brian swift Day ago

    im gutted i have just brought this phone one plus 7 pro with 12gb ram i have also updated my ee to 5g expecting to have 5g network but i see all the one plus 7 pro dont have the 5g unless you get the 5g version?

  • Rusty Greer
    Rusty Greer Day ago

    how was this a day later and you still posted the fact that it has reverse wireless charging when they said nothing of it on stage????? it doesn't.

  • junie VertZz
    junie VertZz Day ago

    Apple peasants are so braindead attacking us lmao we just talking about every phone out there in instead of the cliche, recycled phone you keep buying with your dumbasses. Its like you guys buying madden or NBA 2k every year lmao

  • 二宮章子
    二宮章子 Day ago

    You can travel like you are.

  • ZeeC
    ZeeC Day ago

    I want a Note 10+ with a 7.8" display @$699

  • Austin Benson
    Austin Benson Day ago

    at all

  • Austin Benson
    Austin Benson Day ago

    i did not get the google play update from the settings

  • Grace Maria Reyes

    Can it be used with Metro by TMobile?

  • TCC
    TCC Day ago

    Dude at 1:00 said: 😶📱☝️👀😟

  • crash6674
    crash6674 Day ago

    Does this thing have the 3.5mm headphone jack?

  • 22chachalaca
    22chachalaca Day ago

    iPhone video recording is unbeatable!

  • DjSuperK
    DjSuperK Day ago

    I’ve never seen a video dedicated about how good the iPhone is compare to android. All I see is android this android that and yet, they say iPhone users are a bunch of fanboys 😂

  • Steve
    Steve Day ago

    Is it better than the iPhone 11???

  • DjSuperK
    DjSuperK Day ago

    I bet your ass that all android users with quad HD display don’t watch any quad HD content on while on data. No one does! It either loads fucking slow, drains battery and uses up data faster. So y’all have this advanced tech that you can’t even use. Oh but your at home using your WiFi, use the tv then. Apple perfects what they sell and focused on software and customer services. 😂

  • Valvrave
    Valvrave Day ago

    Meanwhile a $300 ipad games better than SD855

  • Geronimo
    Geronimo Day ago

    How about a phone without a phone

  • Jalyn Smith
    Jalyn Smith Day ago

    Simplicity sell, not adding a bunch of tech in phone that an average user won’t even know how to use

  • Darmossful
    Darmossful Day ago

    Your flagship note 10 doesn’t have headphone jack either

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown Day ago

    Can we see a fucking review about a phone without one of the reasons being the camera?

  • IndialanticRob

    Lets not forget the biggest "Pro" : Resale

  • Blake Butt
    Blake Butt Day ago

    The OnePlus 7 Pro is the exact reason I left the Apple Ecosystem. There is no excuse to be selling an iPhone for over $1000 when you are getting a better built phone for half the price. I have no words for this. Apple has just become a greedy corporation selling cheap phones for way more than they are worth.

  • David Jones
    David Jones Day ago

    I use a S10 for work and a iPhone X for personal use . I just prefer ios, it’s more reliable and stable imo . Never get app crashes , frozen screens and lagging. Yes android phones have more features over various phones but I’ve always found my iPhone just ‘works’ all the time

  • We The People
    We The People Day ago

    How stupid are you people, I want to make simple Phone calls, not take photos. Well my iPad Pro Cellular will do the job, and a larger surface to work on.

  • Khaled E
    Khaled E Day ago

    iPhone vs android always Apple win

  • Lo
    Lo 2 days ago

    0:35 1. Battery and Charging 1:22 2. 90Hz Screen 2:15 3. Better Cameras 3:03 4. Superior Night mode 3:39 5. Headphone Jack and SD card

  • Progress P
    Progress P 2 days ago

    Coming from a Chanel which names itself Android 😂. Charger what of it (18W is fine) Screen wow. Iphone has a fine enough screen, what of it. IOS is more refined then the Android. Apple A13 Beats whatever samsung et al. Offers. Even the apple a12 is better than the rest. I dont see it, how the other phones outperforms apple. I dont miss on expandable storage. It never affects me. I dont care if i had 1 tb in a phone or just 128 gb.

  • Mike R
    Mike R 2 days ago

    Apple fucking sucks.....

  • Speedsk8r
    Speedsk8r 2 days ago

    Apple has been boring and not new for year's 👈🏾🤣😂

  • Prabhu M
    Prabhu M 2 days ago

    Just because Android world has displayed a feature, that doesn’t mean iPhones should have it too. You expect that and get disappointed. It doesn’t mean millions of iPhone users get the same feeling. You expected iPhone to get rid of notch but where will the Face ID sensors go. Remember none of the android counterparts have same level of secured Face ID implemented yet, apart from mate20 pro, which does have same size notch. Just because android have a feature it doesn’t mean everyone requires it or needs it in iPhone. Android have to release those features to show themselves different to apple and compete with it.

  • Gabester821 Fortnite

    I hate how he has like iPhone vs every phone there is. I mean some phone suck at this some phones are good at this. Is just a very stupid concepts. And is extremely unfair.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 2 days ago

    Thanks Nice 👌🏻 Please make a Video on how the Multitasking compares to orther phones On which phone can we use most Apps, etc Huawei Mate X, Asus Rog 2, LG G8X ThinQ, LG V50, Samsung Galaxy Fold phone, etc Please 😊 God bless you

  • Elixander Pagan
    Elixander Pagan 2 days ago

    I think the price makes sense because your getting two galaxy’s in one.

    JEAN-BATISTE 2 days ago

    picks 1 iPhone and puts it against all the major android phones..

  • Giovanni Scott
    Giovanni Scott 2 days ago

    I’ve been with iPhone since the 3G. I’ve just always been too lazy to switch. But I think it’s gonna happen this year

    MONARCH GAM3R 2 days ago

    2020 iPhones will have 120hz.. Ur other points are crap

    • Bryan Miller
      Bryan Miller Day ago

      Likely also a 20-30% price increase as well lol

  • Strawberries And Death

    No shit.. their wacky idea of wide angle camera is adopted by everyone.

  • The Helberd
    The Helberd 2 days ago

    This guy had taken serious money from....(google , samsung censored it)😂

  • MSi
    MSi 2 days ago

    how can blody remind u shity pixel phone when it has only one camera ?? faceplm is only just bcos u heard it in others vids ?

  • the pc gamer 2004
    the pc gamer 2004 2 days ago

    2:26 send help pls

  • Kaitlyn Groves
    Kaitlyn Groves 2 days ago

    I’m so disappointed in Samsung’s note 10 just got it and the USB type C charge port stopped fast charging all together it takes hours to charge this phone definitely going back to the store next week to order an iPhone

  • George CNTech
    George CNTech 2 days ago

    Most Apple users they don't buy iPhones for the look or the specs. I love my OnePlus 7Pro in almost every way but for my work I need to use the Xs Max because some apps that I need are either exclusively to iOS or the way it connects to projectors or Mac is way more cofortable.

  • Ajahni F
    Ajahni F 2 days ago

    So glad I'm not the only one who thinks the hate he's spewing is unnecessary & unfounded. This is the absolute best take on a dual display we've seen as of yet (& it's not even close). You can call out LGs failures but give credit where credit is due. Otherwise you just sound like a dick. If I could get this for my Samsung id be throwing my money down faster than it would take to boot up my phone.

  • Jenison
    Jenison 2 days ago

    One phone is fighting 600 different phones and is still standing strong

  • Henri Blanche
    Henri Blanche 2 days ago

    Nothing compelling here for the upgrade. And I take maybe two-three photos a month so camera upgrades don't matter to me. When the Note 11 arrives I'll have paid off the Note 9 and then I'll review the situation again.

  • Taras Terek
    Taras Terek 2 days ago

    Планшет дерьмо. Пользуюсь давно. По функционалу норма, всё устраивает НО! Учитывая столь серьёзную фирму качество просто хуже некуда! Через год после покупки отказал сенсор. Причем к сея девайсу было столь бережное отношение, что пылинки сдувались. В ремонт сдавать не пошёл - с этой моделью все сложно: и сенсоров в наличии нет и дорого. Плюнул и пользовался тачем на клаве, потом мышку подключил. Через какое то время понял, что из 2 акумуляторов у меня остался 1, т.к. тот что в клаве заряд уже нормально не держал. Ладно, фигня, один то есть пока. Затем перестал обновляться андройд. Видно не расчитывал производитель на длительный срок эксплуатации... В итоге некоторые приложения перестали качаться. Последней каплей стала поломка разъема для наушников на базе. Вставляю штекер - звук идет только в один канал, а во втором хрип. Подключал разные уши, так что дело точно в разъеме. Наверно отошёл контакт.. Там есть ещё один разём 3.5 на самом планшете, но для подключения штекера нужно отсоединять его от базы, а т.к. сенсор не работает фиг что сделаешь с управлением! У меня просто нет слов, одни эмоции. Покупая технику всегда ориентируюсь на престиж фирмы. Тут было также. Думал качество не подведёт. Планшет использовал как медиатеку для прослушивания музыки и подключения к аппаратуре. Теперь же, с этим дефективным разъемом весь его смысл утрачен. Осталось только выкинуть в окно. Это крик души! HP вы полностью облажались, больше не куплю ни одну вещь вашей компании!!! В топку!

  • gilded protagonist
    gilded protagonist 2 days ago

    Normal people : ya. Nth new in iPhone , no innovations, android flagships are better than iPhone (pro). It is not good at any features like used to be. isheep : lol 😆😆 iPhone vs 5,6,7 smartphone Haha android 😆 , iPhone is all-rounder

  • ThorleyTech
    ThorleyTech 2 days ago

    The blue looks really nice 👍

  • adhruv chadha
    adhruv chadha 2 days ago

    You mentioned reverse wireless charging in apple? Is that even there?

  • E-joy Tech Ware
    E-joy Tech Ware 2 days ago

    Beat my ass...even 70 % already been beaten by android but for another 30 % people still buying iphone... mostly because of the camera quality and fastest mobile chipset power house

  • vishav sohi
    vishav sohi 2 days ago

    5 android mobile and they said these can beat a single iphone.

  • Kurswell
    Kurswell 2 days ago

    Wish google will give us 5000mAh google pixel 4 XL

  • bayarearacing408
    bayarearacing408 2 days ago

    these phones looks like cheap plastic..

  • Alex Dobre
    Alex Dobre 2 days ago

    0:07 Why do I see something familiar at that name? hmmmm!

  • Ekiio
    Ekiio 2 days ago

    Rant: I personally switched to Android after having an iPhone for years. The constant release of new phones and needing the most current hardware/software for my phone to perform properly just was not for me. Yes some apps do run smoother on iOS because it's easier to optimize the applications for one distributer(apple) where Android developers have to consider samsung, Google, LG, Motorola etc. I much rather go for the shittier camera on a Android and have the liberty to personalize my phone however I want. But its all about preference at the end of the day.

  • Sebastian bundrick
    Sebastian bundrick 2 days ago

    Yes it took android a lot of phones to finally catch up to the iPhone

  • Daniel Pattinson
    Daniel Pattinson 2 days ago

    Lol all androids vs iphone 11... Dude im android user but even on 120hz or 90hz the 60hz in iphone is much more fluid due to its ui

  • kristan
    kristan 2 days ago

    Except for OS updates

  • Kevin Campbell
    Kevin Campbell 2 days ago

    I can't wait to get this phone.

  • Muhamad Ubaied
    Muhamad Ubaied 2 days ago

    Im using pixel 3a atm which i think still similar to other pixel series in night mode. IMHO, i miss my p20 pro night mode. It looks better and have better details.

  • H M
    H M 2 days ago


    JS MANA CHANNEL 2 days ago

    Why he so mad about this phone ? Even he don’t has this phone yet,

  • Hamza El Mouaffek
    Hamza El Mouaffek 2 days ago

    And what about performance ?

  • Steve Mac
    Steve Mac 2 days ago

    I want to switch to Android I just don’t like how apps run on android :/

  • nolejd50
    nolejd50 2 days ago

    Honestly I don't think I could use a bezelless phone. I don't understand why people mind it

  • jdc531
    jdc531 2 days ago

    I still have my XL 2..which has a Nexus 5 legacy type feel to it lol...but would goin from this to the 4 be worth it?

  • axllebeer
    axllebeer 2 days ago

    Option to disable the swipe in from the left and leave it on the right. #quickfix

  • Robert
    Robert 2 days ago


  • libby locker1
    libby locker1 2 days ago

    Hey, LG, did you use PERMANENT GLUE to make the battery unreplaceable again like you did on the G8? Because with that second screen -- which doesn't have a power source of its own -- deliberately preventing battery replacement like you did on the G8 would be a big middle finger to consumers and make it clear how much you're happy to take our $$$ and then screw us.

  • Heythumb88
    Heythumb88 2 days ago

    Apple took the headphone jack out of their phones, everyone takes the headphone jack out of their phones. Apple adds a notch screen design, everyone and their mothers adds a notch design..let's just face the facts. Apple does not care if they are first to market with new innovations, we already know this. They play the waiting game and perfect what they put out to the consumer, which is why people will always prefer their "closed off" ecosystem. They have the easiest and best customer service(believe it or not, people care). They have guaranteed software updates for years. They have hardware that works for years. I have a Huawei mate 20 pro so don't crucify me.