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Illegal Alien Invasion USA
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  • little house guy
    little house guy 3 days ago

    These people need to grow up and get a JOB! There are plenty of them. Oh, I forgot; they're victims. Good job, parents, instilling your children with "woke" values! Enjoy what you facilitated because they'll most likely never have the wherewithal to leave home and become productive citizens.

  • Bill Gerakis
    Bill Gerakis 4 days ago

    How can the most expensive place to live not have the money to handle the maintenance in the city? I’ll tell you. The government is run by criminals.

  • C. Lincoln
    C. Lincoln 4 days ago

    Negative Propaganda. People in the comment section are saying this was towards the end of USSR.... show us how people lived in the late 70s for example or the early 1980s when things were still in tact.

  • CaligulaClone
    CaligulaClone 5 days ago

    The right has lost it's fucking mind. You're all poison.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 6 days ago

    This guy is BILE personified, and black at that. Additionally, he utters pure rubbish. How can present day people, be held responsible for something that happened centuries ago. Utterly stupid statement.

  • zt1053
    zt1053 6 days ago

    Obama was elected twice because of white guilt.

  • احمد سناني

    00:56 you are illegal pig

  • احمد سناني

    Nice pussy

  • BigFukNMike
    BigFukNMike 7 days ago

    They need $25 million dollars to buy 1000 beds?

  • VAL13C
    VAL13C 7 days ago

    Every race is racist. And what’s up with wearing sunglasses in an interview.. idiot.

  • scott miller
    scott miller 10 days ago

    Nice fucking move sanfrancisco you just fuck up your city by labeling the nra a terrorist group i guess you all fucked in the brains you have retards for dept heads and a mayor who is libturd go keep up the shitty work out there can come out and shit on your sidewalks

  • DarkMax666
    DarkMax666 11 days ago

    They are not muslim

  • Michel Appolo
    Michel Appolo 11 days ago

    03 semptember 2019. Interview with MATTIS former defence secretary. If you're listen carefully at one point, she asked/suggested him to intervene as a military experienced "pundit" in the next ELECTION'S. (Against Trump's policy) of course. This woman is a witch. Awful.

  • Chris Gentry
    Chris Gentry 12 days ago


  • Antonio Perales del Hierro

    Its not the uniform thats branded its the violently spoken race rhetoric meant to antagonize by insulting various aspects of their target: the skin color, the language, supposed ignorance and backwardness, insulting remarks about their women, inferred lack of "manlitudeness"...all that tired lame childish shit. Get honest about it: *You put on nazi crap to get a reaction, then you get media attention to go "Boo Hoo they reacted to our nazi crap!"* 🌿 ✌

  • Kiz Epic Journey
    Kiz Epic Journey 14 days ago

    Why was this shit recommended to me?

  • Quentin Hargrave
    Quentin Hargrave 14 days ago

    Trump for 2020 bitches

  • Stallowned Stallion
    Stallowned Stallion 16 days ago

    Demoncraps never solve sh!t...they create additional problems for conservatives.

  • Hindukush
    Hindukush 17 days ago

    What a bunch of Portland shit bags they are. These do nothing revolutionary no substance thugs achieve nothing. Ridicule and contempt is what the see as a reward for being a hate group.

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow 17 days ago

    @ucking little cowards. Come to LA and I’ll run your coward asses down!

  • I8thumper
    I8thumper 17 days ago

    Bahahaha🤪🤣 The Russians did it mum👻👻

  • Jamie Lorn
    Jamie Lorn 18 days ago

    He was looking for trouble they gave it to him GOOD job guy you got your reward an ASS wooping

  • Laine Leavitt
    Laine Leavitt 18 days ago

    Dont forget all the rats! They have cases of typhus there now! This is a medieval disease! It is so damn gross that they say that the plague is inevitable there because of all the filth and rats...wrap your head around that for a minute!

  • Joshua Martinez
    Joshua Martinez 18 days ago

    That's nasty

  • Hombre Productions
    Hombre Productions 19 days ago

    walkways and sidewalks were invented for a reason cuz

  • MP Momma
    MP Momma 19 days ago

    Hooded backpackers now directing traffic. Please come to NC for your payback um paycheck

  • MP Momma
    MP Momma 19 days ago

    Hooded backpackers now directing traffic. Please come to NC for your payback um paycheck

  • Doug Hayes
    Doug Hayes 20 days ago

    Wow, they still don’t get it.

  • Hot Hatch
    Hot Hatch 20 days ago

    This is gratuitous threats and violence inflicted onto innocent civilians by armed masked domestic terrorists. Any mayor or police chief that allow this to continue will soon see their district crumble and they should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 21 day ago

    Now I know where I can go to take a big crap

  • Yy Yy
    Yy Yy 21 day ago


  • Naudia the king
    Naudia the king 21 day ago

    When you're a white person and you make the mistake of eating really spicy food at a Mexican restaurant

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    But hey ho, let's keep voting for the Democrats, 👍

  • fatescorner
    fatescorner 22 days ago

    Agenda the flood of Mexicans /Latinos is killing this country. The real story the news isn't telling you is the free money the government is giving these people. Plus food card & free healthcare, medicaid. The real reason the flood comes is the free stuff, dems will tell you its a lie or not true. They vote democrat, so do these freeloading Musilums that living off this country as well.Americans we are losing economically also putting a strain on schools, hospitals, over crowded cities an invasion which people better stand up before its too late your losing your country.

  • katnnumber1fan
    katnnumber1fan 23 days ago

    Good for the fuck. His punk ass son is next.

  • somos mas
    somos mas 23 days ago

    Invade by European pendejo

  • eskimo pie
    eskimo pie 24 days ago

    POOP•a•roni, the san-fransisco treat💩

  • Alfred Poe
    Alfred Poe 24 days ago

    "this country owes the rest of the world everything it wants?" 5:20

  • mikrobinamtv1
    mikrobinamtv1 25 days ago

    They are asking for more money for beds for the homeless and for cleaning the streets? Those are not the problem, those things are the result of the catastrophic policies the city and state are implementing. When a pipe bursts in you bathroom and it starts flooding with shit, what do you do? Fix the pipe or if we follow these peoples logic, raise the roof?

  • mikrobinamtv1
    mikrobinamtv1 25 days ago

    Yes that's what you need, more beds for the homeless. Fricking idiots!

  • z z top
    z z top 25 days ago

    Eritrea was an Italian colony from 1870 to 1942. Britain removed the Italians. The reason you should be thankful is you'd be conscripted indefinitely with a one party system and press freedoms 2nd worst in the world only losing out to North Korea. Italy and Turkey had a large say in the history of Eritrea. So blame them not us and take your scorn of a country that helped feed clothe and educate you and aim it and someone else. Eritrea wasn't our fault

  • Randy Tpd
    Randy Tpd 26 days ago

    How insulting, educated women vs none educated women, well I guess the deplorable spoke!

  • john smith
    john smith 28 days ago

    leftists are causing this. leftists are destroying our country, one city at a time. TRUMP 2020

  • Mauricio Cristales
    Mauricio Cristales 29 days ago

    That 🐀 was like, Hey! Let me be on live tv!..💥💥💥💥

  • Nicky the Devil
    Nicky the Devil Month ago

    We need a similar vid for LA. And we keep voting for the same corrupt politicians. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I only have my 1 vote

  • Back Cracking Videos Amigo

    She's painful to listen too. 1,000 years of British pride reduced to this?

  • RE4uk
    RE4uk Month ago

    Can we just ship all these kinda ppl to Sweden so they can embrace their "pets" while they cry out in pain.

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson Month ago

    LOL news thot

  • insanic1
    insanic1 Month ago

    The (((nose))) knows

  • Birdland11
    Birdland11 Month ago

    Just the typical average white woman today.

  • Lester Diamond
    Lester Diamond Month ago

    she can always move to Sweden, aka rapeland

  • Athanasius Contra Marxism

    Why isn't this womb with legs making dinner in a kitchen?

  • liverpoollad
    liverpoollad Month ago

    Ship her fat ass off to Saudi or Afghanistan.

  • fern Haloo
    fern Haloo Month ago

    Her tears giving me a boner and I'm fapping away with abandon , is that wrong?

  • AJ P
    AJ P Month ago

    You're famous now biatch. Now piss off to Mogadishu.

  • casa JB
    casa JB Month ago

    Translation: I'm so virtuous.

  • Romulo Garcia
    Romulo Garcia Month ago

    Lmao wtf did that dumb ass think was gonna happen 😂😂😂 Glad he got fucked up!!! That smirk disappeared real quick!

  • J Murphy
    J Murphy Month ago

    Wow, I really am feeling the urge to find and stab those people. They need to just bleed out and be thrown into ditches.

  • DaNNy Wu
    DaNNy Wu Month ago

    She got some education?

  • Jacob Hood
    Jacob Hood Month ago

    “Go back to NC where you came from” Ah yes. The party of tolerance.

  • mayank sharma
    mayank sharma Month ago

    Where's the fucking AR15 fully customized, when you need to kill those motherfucking son of whores assfucked antifas son of bitches I would have put down the shotgun barrel inside the pussy of that black cunt girl

    SHADOWWOLF77 Month ago

    Well, now we know for a fact that white people can also be brainless thugs... Leftists!!! Vermin!

  • John Galt
    John Galt Month ago

    Dr. Claud Anderson warned Black Americans that this would happen several years ago. These illegals were not the victims of American slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings and legal segregation, slave codes and meraticious manumission and now they pour into America illegally and eat your civil rights right off your plate and you can't even get a job unless you speak Spanish and they kill your sons in the streets . What the hell is wrong with Black Americans doing always talking about Black and Brown people's rights?

  • I eat lefties 4 breakfast

    All those derelict houses and business's were once flourishing. That's a damn shame.

  • Spanky Harland
    Spanky Harland Month ago

    in Vietnam, rats are good for eating....

  • Romeo Romeo
    Romeo Romeo Month ago

    Unacceptable because politicians don’t control rent

  • Romeo Romeo
    Romeo Romeo Month ago

    Illegals is not the problem politicians are

  • Rich 91
    Rich 91 Month ago

    should rename SF to New delhi

  • Adam MacGregor
    Adam MacGregor Month ago


  • m s
    m s Month ago

    In other words dems hate when trump calls it as it is and doesnt hold back

  • Andrew Wolfgang
    Andrew Wolfgang Month ago

    They've gotten almost $3 billion in the last decade, where it go?

  • pancake muffin
    pancake muffin Month ago

    That is some Big assed RAT rat der!

  • cc cav
    cc cav Month ago

    Democrats love the poop and bullshit ! And you vote for them!

  • Mark Flierl
    Mark Flierl Month ago

    Hopefully blacks and whites can unify and stop this invasion.

  • Rick Gross
    Rick Gross Month ago

    ya Trump is being too harsh on that city I mean even rats like living there

  • MultiEvil101
    MultiEvil101 Month ago

    ISpy ocasio-cortez. Lol

  • Were You About To Call Me An Asshole?

    Until we can get rid of the Democratic Party forever every democratically run city will be a shit hole... always have been and always will be....

  • David C.
    David C. Month ago

    This is no she

  • Will224000
    Will224000 Month ago

    Bernie wants to know if that rat is a registered voter.

    • Rick Gross
      Rick Gross Month ago

      they should name that rat Elijah Cummings

  • Deplorable Daven
    Deplorable Daven Month ago

    That was a opossum size rat, Damn!!!

    • Rick Gross
      Rick Gross Month ago

      I bet that girl reporter screamed but they muted her mike so we couldn't hear her lol

  • SirVixIsVexed
    SirVixIsVexed Month ago

    Local news going SJW is cringe

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas Month ago

    Show me a white neigbhorhood that's like this?

    • Fantomas
      Fantomas Month ago

      @Roger Atkinson Yeah...Helena Montana, Portland ME and Burlington Vermont (Democratic controlled) are all crime ridden shitholes. It's demographics, you gay boomers.

    • diane bald
      diane bald Month ago

      @Roger Atkinson Yup! Giving them handouts while we in preschool education have to teach their kids how to brush their teeth ffs.

    • Roger Atkinson
      Roger Atkinson Month ago

      When you see something like that, there’s automatically a democratic mayor over the city, “spreading the wealth.”

    • diane bald
      diane bald Month ago

      Most white trailer parks have rats, meth, and pedophiles

  • H. Sanders
    H. Sanders Month ago

    That rat has brown skin under that fur by the way, did you know that?

    • Platypus Paws
      Platypus Paws Month ago

      When you make actually proper race ist comments like that your also forgetting the many blacks who don't make those kinds of choices, and it is unfair, and it actually acts as a Justification by SJW's, including in their racist sentiments against white ppl.

  • H. Sanders
    H. Sanders Month ago

    Shitskins as usual reversing the progress of civilization, violating our white skin and white sovereignty.

    • Chris Koch
      Chris Koch Month ago

      Extreme left lying Nazi alert

  • VINO
    VINO Month ago

    Did you see that Rat 🐀 at the end OMG what the hell is going on

  • SandCrabNews
    SandCrabNews Month ago

    President Trump isn't allowing anyone to hide their character flaws behind their skin color.

  • Obtuse One
    Obtuse One Month ago

    check out leakin park *gywnth falls) its in el lie a jah cummings district its commonly called the scariest plac in murika nad is a open body dump for murder victims these guys have a channel where they dig up the bodies

  • Ingleprop Noosegarm

    That's a DemocRAT.

  • El Grande
    El Grande Month ago

    LOL! Nothing to see here, right libs?



  • Kayn Jones
    Kayn Jones Month ago

    Open carry

  • Yannic Wehner
    Yannic Wehner Month ago

    Four words of you make the rest of your little rant in the video description obsolete: "during the cold war". And after a world War. I wonder why a country that was invaded by Germany and destroyed from a world War and pressured by a proxy war between the USA and them isn't in the best state at the moment...

  • Dennis Bouma
    Dennis Bouma Month ago

    Raped by car

  • Jake Franchise
    Jake Franchise Month ago

    I wouldn’t even visit that place. San Francisco needs to clean up there act.


    The whole country would’ve like this if Hillary Clinton became president and dems had full control of the US.

  • vaultis
    vaultis Month ago

    wtf did I just watch

  • scott miller
    scott miller Month ago

    Look what happens when you vote dems in office they turn your most nicest city in to a shit hole

  • Christina Masden
    Christina Masden Month ago

    Oh oh disney princess boogie tillmon parker oh m'lady!!!!!! Your gracious highness so much u have bestowed on uspeasants w my liege trey parker of veggietales, rome!!!

  • Adlai Ferrell
    Adlai Ferrell Month ago

    A step forward for man😎

  • Adlai Ferrell
    Adlai Ferrell Month ago

    A step closer too space😎😋