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  • rollande powley
    rollande powley Year ago


  • souphy178
    souphy178 5 years ago

    shoot them mother fucker they are fucking nasty birds!

  • JJ Abrams 2001
    JJ Abrams 2001 5 years ago

    they were poisoned...............and your point is

  • cooey84
    cooey84 6 years ago

    yay for the Ivan Purvis!!!! my grandfather was leasing it from 1989-1993 when he started his company. in 93 he got his own boat.

  • FreedomStartsHere
    FreedomStartsHere 6 years ago

    Nice Channel .. Interesting videos you have here. If you aren't to busy, have a look at my channel. Peace an love to you my friend.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 8 years ago

    wacky wings is awesome, im there 3 or 4 times a weeks

  • private personal concierge

    That is so wonderful!

  • dawn ralphy
    dawn ralphy 8 years ago

    Pretty nice looking.


    well hello

  • paul rogers
    paul rogers 8 years ago

    get a grip people; thinking of the birds?? so they can overpopulate & ruin crops & chase out all the desirable birds?? my god you ppl live under a rock. yeah don't torture them; just SHOOT em & get it over with

  • paul rogers
    paul rogers 8 years ago

    just SHOOT them; much easier AND cheaper crows are worthless & nasty anyways

  • Ernie Cabernie
    Ernie Cabernie 8 years ago

    u need more tags on your video soo news

  • Vaaroth Afith
    Vaaroth Afith 8 years ago

    @SpenceHWF Second

  • John Feltes
    John Feltes 9 years ago

    what's artiques I know what antiques are but what are artiques?

  • dawn ralphy
    dawn ralphy 9 years ago

    I remember seeing Terry on Great Northern Road, by McNabb! I was 16 years old. We didn't really think he would ever die, though. Who runs a marathon a day, in the prime of their life, and then dies???!!! It really struck us.

  • dharmaseed
    dharmaseed 9 years ago

    Why are they playing American Woman to a shuffle?!?

  • Keith Bowser
    Keith Bowser 9 years ago

    im glad you got the part, you are doing an amazing job

  • Mike Wilkinson
    Mike Wilkinson 10 years ago

    Good stuff. Different from all the rest. I played in different touring bands in Sault Ste. Marie ont. over the years. Enjoyed It !!! All the very best, Music Bud MIKE WILKINSON

  • Brandan Motiuk
    Brandan Motiuk 10 years ago

    hi rachel caden loves ur singing

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson 10 years ago

    i wish i won a lotto i be so happy :(

  • ArbiterG - Georgie
    ArbiterG - Georgie 10 years ago

    what the hell is she gonna do with the money shes OLD!!!

  • devilsdance87
    devilsdance87 10 years ago

    actually he's local to coolangatta, but close enough....they're playing at the cooly 21st march 09..$10+bf...

  • Keith Bowser
    Keith Bowser 10 years ago

    hey guys i hope your doing good. your cd release party was so fun , i miss the good old days. i hope to hear from you's sometime ... im just wondering if you have any shows anytime soon ......

  • Vaaroth Afith
    Vaaroth Afith 10 years ago

    Best Band Ever. Rock On GoW!

  • Justin Miller
    Justin Miller 11 years ago


  • randompet
    randompet 11 years ago


  • nabilo1978
    nabilo1978 11 years ago

    I have been playing lotto since 1985 and never got more than 3 numbers :)lol. I hope i can hit the big one sometimes ('_').

  • joe guy
    joe guy 11 years ago


  • alanmorri
    alanmorri 11 years ago

    Sure wish we had shows like this near here!!! You lucky buggers!

  • karend3008
    karend3008 11 years ago

    Mason Rack is the local band here in Palm Beach, Australia, I hope you enjoyed their music. They ROCK!

  • Delina Rees
    Delina Rees 11 years ago

    Best . . . album . . . ever. I live in Sudbury, lived in the sault for a while, and I am only sorry I didn't discover it sooner. :)