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  • Kyle Passen
    Kyle Passen 21 minute ago

    great ending, heal up!

  • Fresh off the Saw
    Fresh off the Saw 57 minutes ago

    Very clean and crisp. I’m going to check out those brackets for sure!

  • James Jacobsen
    James Jacobsen Hour ago

    I loved the office setup. It looks smaller, but you pack a lot in there. You mentioned dusty workshop and I was wondering how much of it would come in to your office. My thoughts were if you have the same temps for office and shop, build a small filtered intake in the ceiling through some nice vents and put some positive air into the office, just a slight amount but it should be enough to push air out the door and keep more of the office dust free. Does this make sense? My career has been in IT, but woodworking is my future. I recently got a 27" curved samsung and OMG, the display is amazing. I thought curved monitors were just a fad type of thing but the readable display is wonderful to work on. Regards

  • Joseph Casey
    Joseph Casey Hour ago

    I found this woodworking book more out of interest than utility, “Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it), and I happen to be amazed. It never disappointed me in my wish to get more details about the art of woodworking. I discovered several topics such as wood types as well as designing your workshop. .

  • sendekyo
    sendekyo Hour ago

    I don't think the chair was mentioned. Herman Miller Aeron would be my guess?

  • Rob
    Rob 2 hours ago

    So sad you think that Apple makes a good computer. For the cost of that Mac you could build your own with insanely better specs.

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 44 minutes ago

      Not when you factor in a monitor of equal quality.

  • Jamar Woods
    Jamar Woods 3 hours ago

    Cheers from another Asheville resident. Love your channel, so glad it's based in Asheville.

  • Brandon Mears
    Brandon Mears 3 hours ago

    Where's Britta?

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 4 hours ago

    Your project and and content quality is consistently top notch. Good job man. It’s a treat to watch your videos. 👍 Nice outro btw 😂😂

  • GS
    GS 4 hours ago

    Nice setup. You gotta cool it on the swooshes though man.

  • Fix This Build That
    Fix This Build That 4 hours ago

    Yo, what happened to your arm, bro? 😛 Sweet office setup!

    • Fix This Build That
      Fix This Build That 2 hours ago

      @Vincent Wright oh I know exactly what happened. I watched it unfold. It involved a Onewheel 😂😂

    • Vincent Wright
      Vincent Wright 3 hours ago

      I was getting ready to ask that. I noticed that too. Looks nasty.

  • Andrew Hudson
    Andrew Hudson 4 hours ago

    Always use gloves with grout. Your hands will get torn up without them

  • SuicideNeil
    SuicideNeil 5 hours ago

    The plural of mouse is mice...

  • Clark Griswold
    Clark Griswold 5 hours ago

    I saw this dude using the saw and I got scared. He might be nickname captain hook after vid

  • Tom's Dreamshop Worx

    Good looking office! I drank the Apple & Mac kool-aid a long time ago too.

  • Fred McIntyre
    Fred McIntyre 5 hours ago


  • Nicholas Kellam
    Nicholas Kellam 5 hours ago

    EL TIGRE, CHINO!!! lol, community is great... that, the office and scrubs, I've seen start to finish like 10 times each haha

  • Dominic
    Dominic 5 hours ago

    Great space Johnny, really love what you did with the acoustic squares, I didn't know you could use so few (as compared to the wall size) to dampen sound.

  • Jennifer White
    Jennifer White 6 hours ago

    do they still up the sud floor and use tons of staplers I know when I build mine it was still being used did add a heated floors throe the house

  • Rafał Łuka
    Rafał Łuka 6 hours ago

    I love this video! Which camera and lenses did you use for this video? Thank you. Keep doing great work

  • Ryno Bones
    Ryno Bones 7 hours ago

    Fliqlo is on all my computers.

  • Andy K
    Andy K 7 hours ago

    Can you share a link for your iMac Pro desktop screen saver?

  • Evergreen Cottage
    Evergreen Cottage 8 hours ago

    Wow! Looks fantastic!

  • nicholas hardrath
    nicholas hardrath 8 hours ago

    From what I can see that iVac is rated at 20amps but the clearview is 30amps- how did you get around that?

  • diycentral
    diycentral 8 hours ago

    Thanks for the heads up about the hinges. I like the look of them too. Might use them on our new chicken run gate if it doesn't end up being heavier than 75 lbs.

  • americo souza
    americo souza 8 hours ago

    show valeu

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 hours ago

    Do everything this guy said BUT the opposite and you will be good.....This fool turned 1/2 day job into a week of torture....

  • ruthiehensh
    ruthiehensh 8 hours ago

    Diy my arse. Nobody has that equipment at home unless you are a professional

  • Mark Palmer
    Mark Palmer 9 hours ago

    Hahaha love the ending. Also didn't realise you had others working for you, I assumed you were a 1 man show.

  • Eddie B.
    Eddie B. 9 hours ago

    I don’t get why the permanent marker lines were for? you could have just taken a picture. nice work tho!

  • Deby Brooke
    Deby Brooke 9 hours ago

    Love the organization! Especially the desktop area - gave me a few ideas!

  • Greg D
    Greg D 9 hours ago

    I turned my office into one that’s very similar to yours. VERY similar. I got the Alex drawers from ikea down in Charlotte, and then got their countertops as desktops. I cut one down and added the edge they provide and made the L-shape. Set up a second workstation (that my two young boys took over), added the mic, etc. I got the Steel keyboard with the RGB, but it drives me nuts cause you just look at a key and it registers. I still have to add the sound foam though. I’m thinking of putting a frame around them and kinda making it look better like that. Anyway, office looks great.

  • Glen Everett
    Glen Everett 10 hours ago

    That is a really good looking office! Just 1 random question......... and not about your arm lol........ you have an amazing wood work shop and you're an amazing wood worker, so......... Ikea nock offs?!?!?!?!?!? And you bought them?!?!?!?!?!? I know your time is worth quite a bit and then you have materials etc., but we could have had an awesome video on how to build our own Ikea nock offs. Interesting topic of when to buy and when to build 🤔👍👍👍

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 9 hours ago

      For sure, it was more of a timing thing. Building the cabinets would have certainly cost me more, both on time and money.

  • steenfraosterbro
    steenfraosterbro 10 hours ago

    don't forget ventilation. There is a lot of degasification from all the electronics - as well as Wednesday morning after taco Tuesday. Looks great.

  • crj moto
    crj moto 10 hours ago

    I have a "low views" channel and am ok with it staying that way, but I need to step up the quality without a doubt. This is great info and motivation RE: the space and gear. I'm not switching to Apple though lol. Well probably not ; )

  • Brian Alvarez
    Brian Alvarez 10 hours ago

    Love the simple but functional office build out. Looks great.

  • BK Makes
    BK Makes 11 hours ago

    Absolutely loved the office tour! Thank-you 🍺🤙🏻

  • Spencley Design Co.
    Spencley Design Co. 11 hours ago

    THESE are the types of videos that our community needs! Thanks!

  • j8lech
    j8lech 11 hours ago

    I find it odd that you’re using sound foam everywhere but have wood flooring

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 10 hours ago

      I hate carpet, and I constantly track dust into the office so keeping it clean would be challenging.

  • FarFromLogic
    FarFromLogic 11 hours ago

    what happened to your arm?

  • XYZ Create
    XYZ Create 11 hours ago

    The office turned out way better than I imagined when you first built it! Everything looks so clean and efficient.

  • Thomas Kiehl
    Thomas Kiehl 12 hours ago


  • Matt Weeks
    Matt Weeks 12 hours ago

    Did you spend a billion dollars on command strips?

  • ProtoTube
    ProtoTube 12 hours ago

    Wow! You have made cool office and workshop!

  • Red Flyer Media
    Red Flyer Media 12 hours ago

    That sink is perfect for my short bus! and...I watched the bed build & I will be stealing a couple ideas from it when I change out the mattress I have now to something more workable. THANKS for all the inspiration!!

    • Red Flyer Media
      Red Flyer Media 12 hours ago

      @Crafted Workshop I will be back often. You got a new fan today.

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 12 hours ago

      Nice, glad you enjoyed the videos!

  • TheFantasic MrFox
    TheFantasic MrFox 12 hours ago

    That's a nice souvenir you got from Jesse's. lol :)

  • Joseph McPhail
    Joseph McPhail 12 hours ago

    Get a 6 foot power strip and mount it to the base of the cabinet. It would be out of the way unless you really need to use it.

  • Yatheesh Yashasvi
    Yatheesh Yashasvi 12 hours ago

    seems like you had minor motorcycle slide!!!

  • Petru Eygelaar
    Petru Eygelaar 12 hours ago

    What happen to your arm?

    • Joshua C
      Joshua C 4 hours ago

      Petru Eygelaar went to the comments for this answer 🤣

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 12 hours ago

      OneWheel accident!

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson 12 hours ago

    what is the cover/stirrer on your gallon of finish?

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 12 hours ago

      It’s made by Rocker, called the Mixing Mate. They are awesome!

  • Yonatan24
    Yonatan24 13 hours ago

    Turning ugly sound insulation into great looking stuff - love it.

  • Chris
    Chris 13 hours ago

    You’ve come a long way in just 3 years!!

  • Berat BAKI
    Berat BAKI 13 hours ago

    Dude these figures..OMG they are soo cute.By the way nice office.Keep the good work going.

  • Janie Gonzalez
    Janie Gonzalez 13 hours ago

    Wow! Absolutely love the look and "feel" of the office. Clean, modern and techy looking. Definitely looks like a place anyone would enjoy coming in to work. I know I would lol. Thanks for sharing

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 13 hours ago

      Thanks a lot! That is exactly what I was going for, clean and modern but with some personality and color.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 13 hours ago

    Great office space! I was looking for the Amazon link for those drawer units under the desk - the Ikea knockoffs - but I don’t see them there? Can you please add them if there is a link available. Thanks!

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 13 hours ago

      They're in there, but there are a ton of links so they're easy to miss. Here they are!

  • skiblink
    skiblink 13 hours ago

    Better than Premiere?!?!?! wooo fighting words!

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 13 hours ago

    Johnny: Acoustic control of reverberating sound is always an issue whenever hard surfaces surround a space. I think what you did is a colorful and great solution. Down the road, should you need to add addition sound control, we often specify "Homasote" products ( We often suspend lightly painted or cloth covered 18" or 24" wide x 48" long "Homasote" acoustic boards perpendicular to the ceiling (long axis parallel to the ceiling) on stainless steel cables spaced 24" to 30" spacing along the two opposing walls. The panels are attached using spring clamps which makes it easy to move the panels around or place them for optimum sound control. Best - Michael

  • Etch A Sketcher
    Etch A Sketcher 13 hours ago

    I actually really loved that outro

  • Luther Woodworks
    Luther Woodworks 13 hours ago

    I think the elephant in the room should be addressed....ehem, cough cough, One Wheel Road Rash, cough, cough. 😉😉

    • Luther Woodworks
      Luther Woodworks 12 hours ago

      @Crafted Workshop I'm glad it's healing up. I had heard about it on the Modern Maker Podcast. Great looking setup in your office, btw. 👍👍

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 12 hours ago

      Haha, forgot to mention it! It's healing up well, it's going to look real rough when I get that concrete guitar video published.

  • Casual Builds
    Casual Builds 14 hours ago

    Thanks for the tour, came out great!

  • Griffin Guides
    Griffin Guides 14 hours ago

    Only been watching for a week or two but I like what I see. Keep up the good work

  • victoria mystery reader

    Just like one of my will be covered by washer dryer . . You put so much effort to make it right and then you go easy way with not cutting the door jam again and this sticking out tile .. it's called sloppy ;) I always tell my customer it's not hard you just need time to do it .if you don't have time just hire someone and go do your job

  • LluisTheWoodWorker
    LluisTheWoodWorker 14 hours ago

    Nice office space!! what happened to your arm?

    • Dominic
      Dominic 5 hours ago

      @Crafted Workshop Don't you think you're a bit too old to be riding fast? LOL Oh, who am I one is too old to go fast. haha

    • Aaron Hunter
      Aaron Hunter 6 hours ago

      Crafted Workshop @ijessup did a great job piecing you back together.

      GRIFF MADE 8 hours ago

      Crafted Workshop heard about it on the mm podcast but that’s looks worse than what they said. Hope it heals fast with little scaring! Dope office too haha!

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 12 hours ago

      That is correct! Ate pavement riding Jonny Builds' OneWheel wayyyyy too fast.

      GRIFF MADE 14 hours ago

      I bet it was some onewheel action out at maker ranch lol, I was wondering if anyone else would comment on that

  • Shawn Hyettt
    Shawn Hyettt 14 hours ago

    I just want to talk to some one famouse

  • Shawn Hyettt
    Shawn Hyettt 14 hours ago

    I need more wood and tools can you email me plese

  • Sam M
    Sam M 14 hours ago

    Looks cool I especially like the sound reverb panels as I play guitar so these would look cool.

  • carolinaelite12
    carolinaelite12 14 hours ago

    I only looked at the thumbnail when I clicked to watch the video. I was a little surprised when I didn't hear MKBHD's voice. Office looks great.

  • Bora Kim
    Bora Kim 14 hours ago

    I wish I could learn how to make my desk it looks so good !

    • Joe Gravelle
      Joe Gravelle 5 hours ago

      Crafted Workshop Most impressive

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 14 hours ago

      Thanks! And you totally could, I knew nothing about woodworking four years ago.

  • microMobilidade
    microMobilidade 14 hours ago

    So there’s the 3d printer

    • Crafted Workshop
      Crafted Workshop 14 hours ago

      Yup, keeping it in the shop would probably end up badly.

  • D Rodgers
    D Rodgers 14 hours ago

    This is nice! Keep up the great work.

  • universal duck
    universal duck 15 hours ago

    Good voice

  • Kumar Jambunathan
    Kumar Jambunathan 17 hours ago

    Helpful vid

  • Сделай жизнь

    Good job! This is a valuable experience. I am doing a shower now myself. Soon I will lay down the tiles for the first time in my life. Thank you for the video!

  • TheLeesto
    TheLeesto Day ago

    oh man thats a lot of work for a laundry room

  • Mark Moran
    Mark Moran Day ago

    I’m making the 2x4 version of this table right now. Alternating between MIG and TIG on my first welder. Love it.

  • brian meanor
    brian meanor Day ago

    Are you rich????lol..

  • Antwyn
    Antwyn Day ago

    Im a tile helper, training to be a tile setter. I noticed a few mistakes, but "all in all" not bad. I'm sure your 2nd time around you fixed the small mis-steps. Look forward to watching more of your DIY vids

  • abazdarhon
    abazdarhon Day ago

    If I will be you I will put PIR boards between OSB so it will have decent insulation and keep your workspace warm for cheap

  • Moist and Squishy

    I'll save this video for when I buy a house...

  • NeedsNurfing
    NeedsNurfing Day ago

    7:58 Guys he's using a DeWALT jigsaw, if he hadn't forgotten to tape off the battery logo I never would have known. ;p

  • william hermenau

    That was a fun project thanks for the video. I wish I could post a picture of it

  • X152535
    X152535 Day ago

    I got tired just watching...this is a lot of work

  • Travis Taylor
    Travis Taylor Day ago

    I'm going to assume you've been a woodworker for 10+ years? That shop is very extensive and I wouldnt expect to see that from someone who hadn't been in the craft for at least a decade.

  • bmoreball3r23
    bmoreball3r23 Day ago

    nice job man

  • DIM Tips
    DIM Tips Day ago

    The build of my craftsman garage toold continues. Great video.

  • Mike Zurynski
    Mike Zurynski Day ago

    As a long time contractor I have to say you did a good job with the tips for homeowners. Seeing the mistakes that can happen and compound quickly will help a lot of folks. The Mapei (pronounced Ma'Pay) flex cq grout is great. 3 things. It dries aggressively so dampen the floor two rows in front of you (in small spaces) with the sponge and leave the water haze there. Apply grout to those two rows, squeegee with float as you showed (use a rubber float-foam will not remove cleanly. This is a game changer for grouting) and then wring out the sponge and begin cleaning within 5 min in a circular pattern and dressing the joints; while cleaning the sponge and wringing often. Wait five mins and wipe lightly with a barely damp sponge again. Haze is gone and no more wiping like old grout. It will dry rock hard in a day. Again, this is for the Flexcolor CQ shown in the video. This grout will stick to natural stone if it is not sealed well before application. Typically, only factory edges of tile are placed together. Cuts go to the wall. The last tile that had too much thinset under... It is perfectly ok to scrape off that thinset, reapply and make new notches. Keeping the tile lower. It's also ok to apply some body weight to the tile to get it to go down if need be. Esp if the thinset is getting stiff or maybe mixed a little too dry. Also a single large "egg beater" type mixer is best for thinset. Spiral mixers entrain too much air in the mix which causes problems later on. Enjoy your channel and hope these tips help. Keep up the great vids and voice overs.

  • cpt awesome
    cpt awesome 2 days ago

    1)remove the baseboard 2)I never line up a cut edge to another tile. 3) let the base dry under the ditra 4) back butter tiles. 5)whwn setting tiles you should move them side to side across your trowel lines instead of with them

  • Goodnights Plumbing

    Why do people do a "how to" video one their first time ever doing something... I'm not downing what they did, but it's still your first time. Sit down and listen to the guys who have been doing this for years.

    • thornilav
      thornilav 10 hours ago

      Maybe he just want to show us mistakes what he did to prepare and precause us from them. Even if someone have watched tons of "how to" from professionals, still will be doin bad moves, mistakes etc. For me its very nice video. Like!

  • Pt Nguyen
    Pt Nguyen 2 days ago

    You should use a flat head screw driver to remove those staples. Its very effective.

  • J. Clark
    J. Clark 2 days ago

    That's so sick! Thanks Alex (STS) for turning me on to this.

  • FreddyLoks14
    FreddyLoks14 2 days ago

    What kind of knee pads are those and are they good ?

  • Lexicon Devil
    Lexicon Devil 2 days ago


  • Victor Mendoza
    Victor Mendoza 2 days ago

    It looks beautiful. Unfortunately it will be mostly covered by the washer and dryer.

  • Paul G Brown
    Paul G Brown 2 days ago

    Does anyone know what adapter was used to connect the end of the RV drain hose to the lid of the gray water tank? Thanks

  • Carlo Mercuri
    Carlo Mercuri 2 days ago

    I didn't realize untill the end he was saying "Damp", I thought he was just mad at that sponge - "Now i'll wipe them off using the damn sponge"

  • Harry Warren
    Harry Warren 2 days ago

    first glance at the thumbnail I thought there was lego being built on the floor

  • Adams Warriner
    Adams Warriner 2 days ago

    tool noise in videos like these actually is miserable so not having mic for it is an improvement lol

  • Koran Bred
    Koran Bred 2 days ago

    Yes u back buttering is important.

  • Robert Pagano
    Robert Pagano 2 days ago

    Hey man, great video! Do you have the link to that video for burning the wood and using the resin? I cant find it. Thanks!

  • Mustafa Ursyal
    Mustafa Ursyal 2 days ago

    8mm thickness?