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Flow Rate and Turnover
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pH and free chlorine
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Testing Frequency
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Outlet Hazards
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Circulation System Overview
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Exclusion Policies
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Sources of Pollution
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Daily Bather Load
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Instantaneous Bather Load
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Relative Pollution
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Calibrating Sensors
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Brief Intro
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Daily Bathing Load
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Hand Dosing Chlorine
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Importance of pH
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  • Kenneth Fjelde
    Kenneth Fjelde 4 days ago

    How low can the Chlorine be if you had UV ?

    • Kenneth Fjelde
      Kenneth Fjelde 3 days ago

      @Adam Harries Thank you for your answer. So with UV in pool has min level at 0.5 free chlorine? Thanks for informative videos 👍

    • Adam Harries
      Adam Harries 4 days ago

      The recommended chlorine range is 1.00 ppm - 3.00 ppm for pools and 3.00 ppm - 5.00 ppm for spas. With UV at the correct dose, the above parameters can be reduced by 50%.

  • FOX 狐
    FOX 狐 2 months ago

    Then how about hydrocarbon polution ? Something like sugar or oil that contaminating water. The problem is how to detect them because they arent conductor. And just chemicals inside water that have ions can be detected.

    • Stockwell Safety
      Stockwell Safety 2 months ago

      The video is about tds in swimming pools. The basic measurement of tds is sufficient . Additional measurements such as hydrocarbons etc. would provide little additional value.

  • Ithirstyforknowledge
    Ithirstyforknowledge 3 months ago

    Very well explained. Thanks

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez 3 months ago


  • Bo Brahim
    Bo Brahim 11 months ago

    don't you have to add sodium thiosulphate to deactivate the chlorine when taking the sample for microbial testing?

    • Stockwell Safety
      Stockwell Safety 11 months ago

      Yes. But this video does not describe the method for taking samples for microbial testing. It describes the method for taking samples for chlorine and pH testing.

  • Bo Brahim
    Bo Brahim 11 months ago

    one more request: can u change the title of the video to ease the search for this important issue, say: how to calculate the dosing of Ca hypchlorite in the swimming pool? as this make it easier to find.

  • Bo Brahim
    Bo Brahim 11 months ago

    This is the most informative video I've found on this issue. Thank you very much for the valuable information. I definitely subscribed :)