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  • BreakfastAtNoon
    BreakfastAtNoon 2 hours ago

    I'm in my games room which is styled like a cabin now because of these videos, I've got a splitting migraine and it's torrential outside but I got this video on because it sounds better than the storm outside....

  • Gwyn M.J
    Gwyn M.J 3 hours ago

    perfect for writing my book which takes place in the north.

  • luis magno
    luis magno 14 hours ago

    really nice setup in this room and a perfect placement on the cabinet table made the room circular instead of a square and both miniature table next to chair and the front as will ceiling, fireplace and of course the elk horn made it more sense cabin

  • mike walter
    mike walter 15 hours ago

    Ty fir uploading this i no longer need to drink myself to sleep

    HELLOTHISIS4U 19 hours ago

    looking for a cabin house like this for sale near where I luck....*sigh*

  • S J
    S J 20 hours ago

    How cosy. The beautiful fire, the glowing lantern. Add a nice bowl of tomato soup with crusty white bread slathered in English butter. Yes, I think I'll stay here till the storm in my head quietens.

  • That Canadian
    That Canadian 20 hours ago do one in a bathroom.

  • Beverly Collins
    Beverly Collins 20 hours ago

    I love you.🎀🧸🎀

    AUSSIEMADMATT 21 hour ago

    Almost makes me want to build my own!!!


    LOVELY!...I just make pretend that those are battery operated candles with fake flames! LOL!

  • Michelle Monk Photography

    Love the breathing cat - attention to detail. Your editing is incredible!

  • ShadowArtemis4456
    ShadowArtemis4456 23 hours ago

    If I could find a real life library like the one in this video I would easily get lost reading the massive amounts of hidden and ancient knowledge locked away. You deserve more subs <3 Definitely going to use this as I work on my fan-fictions.

  • Michelle Monk Photography

    This is genius, you are incredibly talented! I am watching this whilst listening to your Ancient Library Room Relaxing Thunder & Rain Sounds. You have inspired me to further my PS skills. Thank you! New sub -I will be binge watching your other videos now.

  • Irene Falcone
    Irene Falcone Day ago

    Love it......sooo relaxing, can I suggest a sound of only fire and rain and storm? I have to repeat: I LOVE IT

  • Kathleen Ann Featherstone

    I love this one. I've already moved in! 😊

  • Connor Leddy
    Connor Leddy Day ago

    I love living in the woods and using the wood fireplace on a cold day 🔥🔥

  • C Es
    C Es Day ago

    Play the bottom link in another window and use it as the background music for this scene. Set the background music to continually play by clicking your right mouse button on the music video and choose "LOOP." Place the fireplace video window in the foreground and maximize it to your computer screen. You're welcome!

  • Annette Tedesco

    I love the clock rain sounds together, i can sleep as long and late as i want in this safe cozy space

  • Nathan Vosburgh

    after the rain, it needs a nice classical music something slow

  • Nathan Vosburgh

    is the background hut made using blander or is it a real place? however the case its really damn good

  • Malcavian
    Malcavian Day ago

    Just imagine being able to sit down and relax in a comfortable room like this where nobody can find you, nobody can bother you, and you can just enjoy being alone in peace and quiet with a lot of wonderful books to read. Maybe bring a few snacks and a few drinks in there, light the candles and the fireplace, and just be in a totally safe and secluded place until you fall asleep for the night. If there is such a place as this in real life, I would love to discover it. Thank you for making this beautiful video.

  • Tessa Piotrowski Kristensen

    Love it! When do I move in?

  • Beverly Collins

    🧸🎀 YES! YES! YES! 🎀🧸

  • tnoutside
    tnoutside Day ago

    As a first time viewer of this channel, I just want to be sure I understand. None of this is real? The whole library and fire is all made in Blender and After Effects?

  • TheSaxGuy COD
    TheSaxGuy COD Day ago

    I just want to live here with Bilbo Baggins. Drinking Tea and reading books

  • ROMARIO 1989
    ROMARIO 1989 2 days ago


    VOICEMAILS AT 2 AM 2 days ago


  • Lee TV
    Lee TV 2 days ago

    Can you increase the time to 10 hours... 7 more hours would be heavenly!

  • Lee TV
    Lee TV 2 days ago

    I want to stay in this attic forever!❤️

  • ReddoFreddo
    ReddoFreddo 2 days ago

    These artworks remind me of those indie point and click adventure games

  • Bro G
    Bro G 2 days ago

    Now that's relaxation at its finest. Goodnight from Wales United kingdom

  • zabeth Eli
    zabeth Eli 3 days ago


  • veerle ameyaw
    veerle ameyaw 3 days ago

    This is addictive ..... Wowww. I'm already staring at this for houres lol.

  • Gypsy Magic
    Gypsy Magic 3 days ago

    I hope those candles are LEDs!

  • yoshi_drinks_tea
    yoshi_drinks_tea 3 days ago

    Have a nice baby grand somewhere there and i’m set! I can only imagine the emotions! ;)

  • Logicked Mazimoon
    Logicked Mazimoon 3 days ago

    those are some big water droplets

  • M Poppins
    M Poppins 3 days ago

    Who's there?

  • Ahmad Hijaz
    Ahmad Hijaz 3 days ago


  • Momo Freeman
    Momo Freeman 3 days ago

    i love the cold and snow and wind and rain but i unfortunately live somewhere warm year round. this is perfect for combating that

  • ReddoFreddo
    ReddoFreddo 3 days ago

    Why do you paint the scene instead of just texturing and rendering the 3D mockup?

  • zara A
    zara A 3 days ago


  • immortaljanus
    immortaljanus 4 days ago

    This looks and feels like it should be a Skyrim house mod. :D

  • Bro G
    Bro G 4 days ago

    These are the most relaxing stress relieving videos I've seen on RU-clip. Simply excellent work guys keep it up. Goodnight from a rainy Wales United kingdom.

  • Franz Haas
    Franz Haas 4 days ago


  • Pokerface
    Pokerface 4 days ago

    If I were to do this, I would include a creepy face just appearing in the window for a few seconds randomly somewhere in the video, just to see if people are paying attention.

  • Mr22thou
    Mr22thou 4 days ago

    What are those black things hanging off the mantel above the pot? They look like crow's wings. That's weird. And is that garlic next to them?

  • Patrick O'Neill
    Patrick O'Neill 4 days ago

    Playing this in the background while watching Alfred Hitchcock's An Unlocked Window. A serial killer is targeting nurses on a stormy night. Great twist at the end. Watch it here >

  • Brad Irwin
    Brad Irwin 4 days ago

    I can only imagine that must be Heaven. Just add my dog .I could spend forever there. Great job!!!

  • chicken noodles
    chicken noodles 4 days ago

    Imagine disliking rain sounds.

  • angie allen
    angie allen 4 days ago

    The kitten should purr

  • mmpearson55
    mmpearson55 4 days ago

    I hope that when my mortal days on earth are ended, this will be what my heaven is like.

  • peggy cook
    peggy cook 4 days ago

    I love the rain and thunder but where is the lightening?

  • peggy cook
    peggy cook 4 days ago


  • God Bless USA
    God Bless USA 5 days ago

    Love it including the steaming mug of yumminess. An idea: Bring the clouds in, no moon (makes it a little darker outside), and soft, distant thunder. :)

    • Troy Roberts-Missouri
      Troy Roberts-Missouri 19 hours ago

      Agreed. Also moon light in the rain doesn't work very well. My OCD doesn't like it lol... at least a thin cloud layer under the moon.

  • ReddoFreddo
    ReddoFreddo 5 days ago

    How much time did it take you to make all of this? Especially the owl and statue.

  • paladro
    paladro 5 days ago

    seems the captions don't work )

  • Psalm 73:26
    Psalm 73:26 5 days ago

    My husband is an Appalachian Man and he always tells stories of cold winter nights blizzards and his entire family sleeping in front of the fireplace. We live in Florida (where I grew up) and I have always wanted to experience the cold and a crackling fire. Thank you for uploading I’m nestled under a warm blanket while watching/ listening ❤️☺️

    • Psalm 73:26
      Psalm 73:26 3 days ago

      Kate Conway planning a trip for thanksgiving. I am so excited! He’s teaching me about layering 😆 never knew such a thing existed.

    • Kate Conway
      Kate Conway 3 days ago

      You must experience it! Go north!! Heaven on earth

  • karanlık taraf
    karanlık taraf 5 days ago


  • 月光仮面
    月光仮面 5 days ago

    本物ソックリで騙されるとこだった☺️ もし、ランプの炎の影の揺らぎに気付いてなければ… ま、焼べてる薪が何時迄も燃え尽き無い事だけでも十分な違和感だけどねぇ。

  • Apsara A
    Apsara A 5 days ago

    When I win the lottery, I am gonna buy this place, and invite you all over just to chill. Seriously!

  • Julian Overland
    Julian Overland 5 days ago

    Buuut.....wheres the good ol cozy fireplace 😯😆

  • Katy Burns
    Katy Burns 6 days ago

    You really are a genius at conjuring the best cosy spaces.

  • illusio
    illusio 6 days ago

    I like the fact that ASMR isn't mentioned anywhere in the description.

    • Moon Aya
      Moon Aya 2 days ago

      @taper candles Google says autonomous sensory meridian response

    • taper candles
      taper candles 2 days ago

      What does asmr mean?

  • Mariam Grigoryan
    Mariam Grigoryan 6 days ago

    Oooo baaay

  • Pinkietrix
    Pinkietrix 6 days ago

    Are you going to make more videos soon? :)

  • Ambient Nuutinen
    Ambient Nuutinen 6 days ago


  • EverStar2505
    EverStar2505 6 days ago

    If You Are Reading This... It is too late I've already sent good vibes to you and there is nothing that you can do about it! *3

  • Heather Toth
    Heather Toth 6 days ago

    So much love for this! It's perfect 💗

  • Vanguarded_Heart 117

    the one perfect place where i could stay busy writing up my stories, with tea and biscuits on the side, and then doze off on that couch when I'm done.

  • victoria
    victoria 6 days ago

    Wow!! congratulations! great jobb! what about a cozy cabin with rain, lightnings, thunders and a cute schnauzer grey color dog? A tree seen through the window and been moved by the wind while raining would be very cool also:) :) :)

  • Lotso The Bear
    Lotso The Bear 6 days ago

    Who gave the thumbs down?!

  • Jakin Ngan
    Jakin Ngan 6 days ago

    mom said one last video before bed

  • Michelle Tuxford
    Michelle Tuxford 6 days ago

    This is amazing! You're very talented. It makes me want to pull on an old cardigan and write a murder mystery.

  • JCAH1
    JCAH1 6 days ago

    Very nice! Goodnight to all from Irvine, California.

  • Zakaria Fettane
    Zakaria Fettane 7 days ago

    صوت المطر رائع وجميل يأخذك إلى عالم اخر

  • Nat G
    Nat G 7 days ago

    You are supremely skilled, I can't believe the amount of time and work that would go into something like this...thank you for opening my eyes! Subscribing!!!

  • Rick Conner
    Rick Conner 7 days ago

    I really like the Music and the background...the huge logo not so much.

    • Kimberley W
      Kimberley W 3 days ago

      The logo spolis it so much. Such a shame

  • jade g
    jade g 7 days ago

    i just wanna hop into my screen and take the fattest nap on that couch.

  • Pietje puk
    Pietje puk 7 days ago

    Real calming sounds ! have good content in your channel !.......greetings from Holland

  • Unicorn Soul
    Unicorn Soul 7 days ago

    About five minutes in a started smelling the campfire 🔥 that crazy 😲

  • Tom Pryts
    Tom Pryts 7 days ago

    Heathcliff enters stage right.

  • Gigi Goddess
    Gigi Goddess 7 days ago

    SOOO I am in love with this have me mesmerized. I am renovating my historic home and I came across this attic scene. It is now my inspiration for my attic! I love it so much I am bringing it to life!! Your work is stunning!!!

  • Gigi Goddess
    Gigi Goddess 7 days ago

    Holy Moly...I like had NOOO idea the work behind these captivating scenes! Thanks for sharing...WOW JUST WOW!!

  • ïRaïDa
    ïRaïDa 7 days ago

    Imposible relajarme pensando en que por esa ventana sin cortina se va a asomar un loco con un hacha que sale de ese bosque en medio de la lluvia... una cortina estaría estupendo, sinceramente... 😣😣😣

  • Vegan Vocalist
    Vegan Vocalist 7 days ago

    Hello 👋🏽 anybody at home, guys .... anyone ? their all congregated in Nans kitchen as usual playing air guitar to Deff leopard .... brothers eh 😄

  • delpiero
    delpiero 8 days ago

    anyone need something from the kitchen?

  • lovian tobing
    lovian tobing 8 days ago

    Wow this brings me to rainy season ambience I havent had for around 6 months *😓it surprised me tho* thanks anyway

  • Julian Overland
    Julian Overland 8 days ago

    Love this! Just think about that snuggling up under a warm duvet in front of a warm fireplace with a steaming hot cup of cocoa and a cute doggo to accompany you! Heaven!

  • storm guy
    storm guy 8 days ago

    It looks like the lord of the rings from my books I love mountain's

  • Megatr0n12
    Megatr0n12 8 days ago

    don't like the pages turning

  • 김재준
    김재준 8 days ago

    이런집 살고싶당

  • Peter
    Peter 8 days ago

    I wish I were there with my cats, they would love the fire too.

    • America Love it Or leave it
      America Love it Or leave it 6 days ago

      It's in the 20s where I'm at and I'd love nothing more than to sit by a nice warm fire with my dog and some cocoa. I feel for those with nowhere warm to lay their head.

  • star dust
    star dust 9 days ago

    Put this soundtrack with a pic of Duke Humfries library.

  • Dominique s
    Dominique s 9 days ago

    J'aimerais tellement être allongée sur un canapé devant ce feu de cheminée.

  • Champagne Sylvie
    Champagne Sylvie 9 days ago

    *I'am sorry but a thing is too much disturbing for me ! all these candles and this capets and wood! I 'am affraid of the fire. It's not relaxing for me* ...maybe these candles are electric ?!!!

    DOMIDO 9 days ago

    at 2:19:30 some disturbances in the sound :)

  • 라라
    라라 9 days ago


  • Trecz
    Trecz 9 days ago

    Imagine sitting there without any electronics, but just peace and quiet with a good book and a cup of coffee.

    • Wilco Lensink
      Wilco Lensink Day ago

      imagine sitting there with your electronics. now thát sounds like heaven to me.

    • specct
      specct 2 days ago


    • Psalm 73:26
      Psalm 73:26 4 days ago

      This is my house. No tv no internet. Cell phone coverage is 0 bars. It’s beautiful. Until you have to send an urgent email like right now and have to drive to a relatives house lol 😂

    • Not Visible
      Not Visible 5 days ago

      Trecz That’s what I’m saying

  • Calmed By Nature
    Calmed By Nature 9 days ago

    I feel like I'm inside a dream.

  • Mandi W
    Mandi W 9 days ago

    This would be amazing if the sound of ticking clocks wasn't so maddening to me.

    • Travel Lover
      Travel Lover 7 days ago

      I love it

    • Widow Keeper
      Widow Keeper 7 days ago

      Same. My reaction has been colored with ticking clocks always being used in stressful/tense/anxious moments in media. Now I can't listen to ticking clocks without automatically feeling anxiety. I am well trained.