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Productive Day in My Life
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How I've Changed
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Remember Why You're Here
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How to Stop Being Insecure
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10 Ways to Build Confidence
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  • Hacker Boy Somali
    Hacker Boy Somali 31 minute ago

    Your funny πŸ˜‚ girl

  • Oyungerel Chuluunbaatar
    Oyungerel Chuluunbaatar 39 minutes ago

    I remember just 4 months ago my life was so upside down. At that time I was just broke up with my abusive boyfriend, did not know what to do with my life. But then I found you and started to listen to you everyday. Now when I look back my life is completely different. I am happy working on my career, taking care of myself and traveling a lot. I am working on myself and my life everyday as well listening to you everyday. Today I want to say I am extremely thankful for you and grateful for universe for letting me find your channel. Thank you so much. Keep up with the inspirational work. :)

  • Γ„xsthΔ—tics
    Γ„xsthΔ—tics 43 minutes ago

    Omg, your outfit is so pretty! ❀️

  • LoveKeebuu
    LoveKeebuu Hour ago

    Hi Aileen. I wanted to know which camera you’re using. R u still using the canon eos 80? Because you look much smaller in this recent video. Or perhaps u lost weight? 😊

  • UnderClowne
    UnderClowne Hour ago

    Had until the Mudra, that seems a

  • JisooTurtleRabbitKim

    When i went to a restraunt yesterday,we had to ask them for straws,forks,etc, and i think its awesome that people would get things for no reason then throw it awat

  • Johanna Aalto
    Johanna Aalto 3 hours ago

    Speaking of synchronicities... I've been thinking about how to establish a career path that allows me to travel and work from Bali and then I stumble upon this video...

  • Keeping My Promises
    Keeping My Promises 5 hours ago

    Hey there fellow travelers, solo traveling is coool af and life changing if you do the backpacking stuff. Did it and got some vlogs and vids from the trip. Sorry for the self advertising here xD.

  • Federico Vieira
    Federico Vieira 6 hours ago

    I just watched the video because I liked the caligraphy of the thumbnail

  • J G
    J G 6 hours ago

    Today I went to check my grades and I have A averages in all my classes! And I got As on all my lasts quizzes and tests without having to study all night!

  • Glendel Rose Sapong
    Glendel Rose Sapong 6 hours ago

    Thank you for that analogy

  • Vita N
    Vita N 7 hours ago

    just came across ur vid! ure so cute & ur energy is so vibrant!!! loved this vid

  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith 7 hours ago

    I now make over $100,000.00 a year. I bought a second business and bought land and a new building for my first business!

  • Fira
    Fira 8 hours ago

    I try to build a habit of reading and meditating every single morning before I start my day, at least for 10 mins! If I have more time I'll increase the time to 20-30 mins. They kinda help me to be more mindful and present as I go through my day :)

  • Pritika Sharma
    Pritika Sharma 8 hours ago

    Does anyone know what app has Aileen used to write down those goals intended for visualization??

  • Rania
    Rania 10 hours ago

    Weight Loss Journey: I've constantly struggled with my weight from a very young age, especially since I was always compared to my sisters. Even now, when I'm in my late 20's, I'm still struggling with this journey. I will set my alarm for the morning, pack my gym bag, and go to sleep early.. then the next morning I find myself dragging my feet around the house until I watch the time go by until I've missed my fitness class. Then this overwhelming feeling of guilt & shame overtakes me. That's my self sabotage. Thank you for this video Eileen! I really needed this.

  • Daph Avery
    Daph Avery 10 hours ago

    I’ve always been an intp, although I swing between f and t sometimes

  • Nissa
    Nissa 11 hours ago

    Do you check in this luggage? I mean don't airlines have a rule for only 7 kg per carry on. That's why I can't get all my stuff on a carry on

  • Matylda Czulewicz
    Matylda Czulewicz 11 hours ago

    Does Jasmine Lipska come from Poland? She has Polish surname so that's why i think so

  • Michelle Martinez
    Michelle Martinez 11 hours ago

    I watched two of your videos one night (this one and time management tips) and followed your advice the next day, the results changed the quality of my life almost immediately. I really needed that push to keep working on what’s most important to me. Thank you, Aileen! ❀️

  • Katie Thomas
    Katie Thomas 12 hours ago

    I almost always do laundry as I do something else, be it packing my daughter's lunch or cleaning dishes! It really helps save time.

  • Only IfYouKnew
    Only IfYouKnew 13 hours ago

    For some reason I always find myself falling asleep for that 10 minutes and then snapping out of my sleep. I’d listen to soothing sounds and then I find myself in the sounds wether I’m walking in the Forrest or In the rain. Once the sound is done I snap out of sleep

  • Anirudh Reddy
    Anirudh Reddy 13 hours ago

    Wow. You are so cute. It would be rude to ask if you are single but I am too curious. I love plants and filling my home with new plants. Your video is very helpful. Thank you.

  • Auntie Lizzette
    Auntie Lizzette 13 hours ago

    Here’s how I learned to meditate as a Buddhist: Sit down with your back straight Close your eyes and count your breathes when you reach fifteen or five, restart. Focus on your breathing. Honestly y’all- tbh once I meditated and I accidentally meditated for an hour oops

  • Galina Enright
    Galina Enright 14 hours ago

    Wow we have the same north and south node! which is really weird because im an aquarius which is wearing i am "heading" but is also my sun sign

  • Angelica
    Angelica 14 hours ago

    watching lots of her videos, I realize that she is beautiful more and more. Love you, Ailee

  • Nguyα»…n Huyền

    Thank you for sharing your productive workday, actually I am learning English, yesterday I found your video about reducing waste. I felt in love with your voice so I decided to follow your chanel to learn English and many other great knowledge. I went to your blog and found out that you know Jasmine, I have followed her for some months. I am so happy, I find how small the world is because I love you two and you two know each other.

  • Apeksha Jain
    Apeksha Jain 17 hours ago

    Thanx a lot...πŸ™

  • Jolie Katherine Salvatore

    If you know you deserve to let a boy loves you and you should know you are already did very well in your life

  • rose
    rose 22 hours ago

    sun - capricorn rising - aquarius moon - aquarius venus - capricorn

  • roblox unicirn
    roblox unicirn 23 hours ago

    I already take 2 melAtonin and it doesn't WORK but I'm ADHD so

  • Isa Mirkwood
    Isa Mirkwood Day ago

    Are you a psychologist ?

  • University Tutorials

    The most difficult part for students is starting an assignment. We have started doing RU-clip tutorials to help.

  • der wind weht
    der wind weht Day ago

    Wow! Just absolutely great tips and advices! Thank you so-so much dearπŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ

  • Angela Scianguetta

    πŸ“²*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*πŸ“² Ψ΄Ω€Ψ¨Ω€Ψ§Ψ¨πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Ω„Ψ§Ψ­Ω€ΨΈΩ€Ψͺ ΩƒΩ€Ω€Ψ«Ω€Ω€ΩŠΩ€Ω€Ψ± ΩƒΩ€Ω€ΩˆΩ…Ω€Ω€Ω†Ω€Ω€ΨͺΩ€Ω€Ψ§Ψͺ ΨΉΩ€Ω€Ω† ΨͺΩ€ΩƒΩ€Ψ¨Ω€ΩŠΩ€Ψ± Ψ§Ω„Ω€Ω‚Ω€ΨΆΩ€ΩŠΩ€Ψ¨ ΩˆΨΆΩ€Ω€ΨΉΩ€Ω€Ω Ψ§Ω„Ψ§Ω†Ω€Ω€ΨͺΩ€Ω€Ψ΅Ω€Ω€Ψ§Ψ¨ ΩˆΨ³Ω€Ω€Ψ±ΨΉΩ€Ω€Ψ© الــقــذف ΩˆΩ„Ψ§ ΩŠΩ€Ω€Ω‡Ω€Ω€Ω…Ω€Ω€ΩƒπŸ˜‰ ΨͺΩ€ΩˆΨ§Ψ΅Ω€Ω„Ω€Ωˆ Ω…Ω€ΨΉ Ψ§Ω„Ω€Ψ―ΩƒΩ€ΨͺΩ€ΩˆΨ±πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ Ψ§Ω„Ω€Ω€Ω„Ω€Ω€ΩŠ Ω†Ω€Ω€Ψ΅Ω€Ω€Ψ­Ω€Ω€Ω†Ω€Ω€ΩŠ Ψ¨Ω€Ω€ΩˆΨ΅Ω€Ω€ΩΩ€Ω€Ψ© Ψ§Ψ³Ω€ΨͺΩ€ΨΉΩ€Ω…Ω€Ω„Ω€ΨͺΩ€Ω‡Ω€Ψ§ ΩƒΩ€Ω… Ψ£Ψ³Ω€Ψ¨Ω€ΩˆΨΉ ΩˆΨ­Ω€Ω€Ψ΅Ω€Ω€Ω„Ω€Ω€Ψͺ ΨΉΩ€Ω„Ω€Ω‰ Ω†Ω€Ω€ΨͺΩ€Ω€Ψ§ΩŠΩ€Ω€Ψ¬ Ω…Ω€Ω€Ψ°Ω‡Ω€Ω€Ω„Ω€Ω€Ψ©πŸ€©πŸ₯³ Ψ§Ω„Ω€Ω„Ω€ΩŠ ΨΉΩ€Ω€Ψ§ΩŠΩ€Ω€Ψ² Ψ§Ω„Ω€Ψ―ΩƒΩ€ΨͺΩ€ΩˆΨ±πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ ΩŠΩ€Ω€ΨͺΩ€Ω€ΩˆΨ§Ψ΅Ω€Ω€Ω„ Ω…Ω€ΨΉΩ€Ω‡ Ψ§Ω„Ω€ΩˆΨ§ΨͺΩ€Ψ³ Ψ§Ψ¨ *00212645752301*πŸ“²

  • Behappy Now7
    Behappy Now7 Day ago

    One of the best videos I’ve see on this topic wow thank you

  • Media Minded
    Media Minded Day ago

    Really enjoyed the parts about spirituality and lifestyle. But I have to disagree on the whole part about cancer - and how low vibration people get cancer. Cancer can get anyone. Raising your energy is a real phenomenon, but it has more to do with being in an emotionally empowered emotional state than anything else.

  • KeySmith
    KeySmith Day ago

    Thank you 😊

  • Sasha L.N
    Sasha L.N Day ago

    Omg you are so cute! Just found youu! And just watching your video!

  • Colorless Rose

    You look beautiful without makeup πŸ’„πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Colorless Rose

    Fear is the baby, don't let it drive.. Okay?

  • Derek Yenser
    Derek Yenser Day ago

    Thank you so much for doing this video. I decided to get into tarot and got my for sd t deck yesterday and was a little bit clueless on where to start or how to do a spread. I'll have to make sure to take a listen to that podcast for sure. Again thank you. Helpful video!

  • itz shaan
    itz shaan Day ago

    I am so insecure in my family,I am actually crying right now......

  • Growth Mindset

    *Taking* *control* *of* *your* *life* *is* *the* *KEY* *to* *happiness* *and* *success* . We all start somewhere, whether that be at the bottom or with a little help. Ultimately your potential is determined by your habits, which will *DEFINE* Who you are and what mark you leave on earth.

  • nati b
    nati b Day ago

    i’ve never felt so heard. right now at the start of my senior year of high school, i’ve reverted back to old self-sabotage habits that affected me and my grades during junior year (time management, procrastination, excuses, etc) and this video game at the perfect time. this couldn’t have come at a better time for me while i’ve fallen behind in school and been stressed for college applications and SAT. thank you for reminding me of the potential i have. i cannot thank you enough aileen. ❀️

  • Thanh LΓͺ Nguyα»…n Mai

    I love your accent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mariana Ferez
    Mariana Ferez Day ago

    "action dissolves fear"! Oh! I needed to hear that so badly! I'm currently applying to my masters, and I'm frequently postponing some applications requirements because of self-doubt and fear πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ I'll keep that in mind whenever I feel like giving up ❀️

  • PhΖ°Ζ‘ng UyΓͺn

    I wish you always be happy and be yourself like the things that you've shared with us beforeπŸ’ͺ (Sorry for my grammatical mistakes πŸ˜…)

  • AurΓ©lien Sooukian

    What a great video and stunning advice, as usual! Thanks for the reminder Aileen, keep up the good work! And watch out, 1 million subscribers coming soon :)

  • Galit Balli
    Galit Balli Day ago

    Love the video so much <3 Can you share your trello board? I would love to see and use a good reflection board :D

  • Nguyen Nhi
    Nguyen Nhi Day ago

    listening to you really makes me happy. Your advice are very practical!

  • All Dreams
    All Dreams Day ago

    Hi name is Bindurajesh. An Indian house wife. You inspired me a to hear ur words..u spread positive energy...thanks a lot...❀❀❀do make video frequently and i will be waiting..

  • asafimc
    asafimc Day ago

    I'm currently going through a computer engineering school, i'm 20 and i feel like this will determine my financial success in life, but i'm always sabotaging myself, and i feel even crappier for the fact that i'm aware of this. So from tomorrow on i'm gonna try my best to end this behavior and achieve success, i'll be updating this comment every week if i can,, thank you all.

  • Nathan Gee
    Nathan Gee Day ago

    I’ve tried this and I’m having trouble! Can somebody please help me I would really appreciate it πŸ™‚ It would be really great to have someone motivate me

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta Day ago

    Can you also add the dress you wear link

  • Aditya Gupta
    Aditya Gupta Day ago

    Can you attach the pouches link, and carry-on buying suggestions

  • Mike H
    Mike H Day ago

    You forgot underwears and socks

  • Flex-N- Fly
    Flex-N- Fly 2 days ago

    I realized that I was taught fear. But it's up to me whether I nurture it or not. Love the way you broke down the different spectrums of fear.

  • Sudha Shree
    Sudha Shree 2 days ago

    Thank you so much.. i was hitting low and this video came at the right time to lift myself up and fight my fears

  • Rose
    Rose 2 days ago

    Y’all... I JUST GOT ACCEPTED INTO BROWN UNIVERSITY AND AM GRADUATING DEBT FREE. I am in AWE staring at this acceptance packet. Everyone is so proud of me. I am helping other students going through the college admission process in the future. Life is amazing. I am BLESSED, GRATEFUL, and HAPPY. And, I’m wishing that for you too :)

  • Noha Fathi
    Noha Fathi 2 days ago

    You look so shine and happy in this video😍

  • ひ Yadira cervantes

    if i put somthing in the bad while i’m in the store it’s most likely they think imma steal it

  • Ralik Anderson
    Ralik Anderson 2 days ago

    Thank you πŸ˜‡

  • Lexi H
    Lexi H 2 days ago

    i really needed this. thank you ❀

  • Alaa Ahmed
    Alaa Ahmed 2 days ago

    You really helped me, Thank you

  • Alyssa Bahillo
    Alyssa Bahillo 2 days ago

    Thank you for this😊😊😊

  • Mariela Merino
    Mariela Merino 2 days ago

    I had a fear of starting a RU-clip channel for many years. I finally learned to take action and start no matter what people think of me. My only regret is not starting sooner! Action really dissolves fear πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • AlliAsAlways
    AlliAsAlways 2 days ago


  • AlliAsAlways
    AlliAsAlways 2 days ago


  • Thedrasc14
    Thedrasc14 2 days ago

    I literally found this video by typing this exact title word for word in the search bar( irrelevant info but good job with your titles!)

  • Abby Goodman
    Abby Goodman 2 days ago

    This video is so spot-on, my self-sabotage usually comes in the form of eating or procrastinating. I use the excuse that it's something I've earned but in the end, it's not a constructive reward and is just seeing me back. This video is so helpful as a reminder that we deserve good things and that we can achieve them. Thanks for the vid!

  • R Laura
    R Laura 2 days ago

    How can you know that the realization of our fears wouldn't mean the end of our world???

  • NovaBellaa
    NovaBellaa 2 days ago

    I love you so much Aileen ! Your so awesome ❀

  • Nancy Solari
    Nancy Solari 2 days ago

    Great advice, thank you. This motivational video inspire us to always be positive in life so we can achieve peace, joy and happiness.

  • Laura Boix
    Laura Boix 2 days ago

    I came from the podcast, so glad to have discovered your channel. Your podcasts are amazing πŸ’ž

  • Clara Toll
    Clara Toll 2 days ago

    Will this be available for 2020? πŸ˜πŸ‘‹πŸ˜

    • Lavendaire
      Lavendaire Day ago

      yes, the 2020 workbook will launch on Nov 1!

  • Whamen
    Whamen 2 days ago

    I truly believe that your followers are the most beautiful people in the world

  • Sowmya S Mahadeek
    Sowmya S Mahadeek 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video... Much needed thoughts, love you! πŸ’Ÿ

  • Arianna Migliorini
    Arianna Migliorini 2 days ago

    Let the baby cry and drive with him to a marvellous place!

  • small hope
    small hope 2 days ago

    This video is so fun. I love it. And ur voice is just calming and u explain everything in a simple way.

  • its selenana
    its selenana 2 days ago

    Omg I need to hear this everyday ❀

  • Rachel Nicole
    Rachel Nicole 2 days ago

    That baby you’re referring to is the inner child

  • Kumkum Jahan
    Kumkum Jahan 2 days ago

    What oil I use???

  • Anne-Lou
    Anne-Lou 2 days ago

    I don't really know how to take action as the last time I take action resulted in my fears coming true.

  • β€’ BTB
    β€’ BTB 2 days ago

    I pay attention to those around me and to what they are saying. I understand they're thought process and they're meaning.

  • DarkRuins
    DarkRuins 2 days ago

    who needs therapy when we have lavendaire?

  • IsabelRP
    IsabelRP 2 days ago

    I needed to hear this now ❀️ thank you so much. When will you do a recommendations video? I need some book suggestions lol PD: loved loved loved your dress (shirt?)!

  • Libby Audrey
    Libby Audrey 2 days ago

    My biggest fear is fear of failure (even before I've even tried to do whatever it is I'm afraid of).

  • Alyssa Bahillo
    Alyssa Bahillo 2 days ago

    How can I change my negative thoughts? πŸ˜”

  • Anushka Kite
    Anushka Kite 2 days ago

    Thank you so much for the tips They were really helpful May you stay blessed πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

  • Diana Lee Studio
    Diana Lee Studio 2 days ago

    Fear is illusion. Success, failure, love also are illusions.

  • Alliah Rose
    Alliah Rose 2 days ago

    let's talk how soothing Aileen voice is. Omg it's like i'm mediating while watching this.πŸ™‚

  • hey handsome
    hey handsome 2 days ago

    I’ve read 80 books last year and my goal for this year is 50. I tried to make it a goal to read more books for the mindset & Iβ€˜m not giving up on it πŸ˜‚

  • Muhsen A
    Muhsen A 2 days ago

    i have watched this episode more than 5 times up to now, i still haven't got enough of it ,, it's really useful one

  • Muhsen A
    Muhsen A 2 days ago

    thanks a lot our queen ,, your subject was really more than awesome, useful and amazing, i've learnt a lot out of it, thanks a lot once again , so long

  • Mia Dia
    Mia Dia 2 days ago

    Wow, thank you! That was so helpful

  • Sowrabi Gopi
    Sowrabi Gopi 2 days ago

    Omg. I needed to hear this TODAY. Thanks a ton Aileen ❀️

  • Whatever Works
    Whatever Works 2 days ago

    I asked for the Artist of Life Notebook for Christmas! I'm so excited it's coming out so soon!

  • Manuela TeΓ³filo
    Manuela TeΓ³filo 2 days ago

    This is CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) pure! Perfect video. Thank you for make it simple for everybody to understand.

  • sanyki lynch
    sanyki lynch 2 days ago

    Thanks alot Lavendaire