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Bosch FGS-4000 demo
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"The Movies" - 1979
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Compilation 11-23-2011
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TV Audio 1978
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WHDH-TV sale - 1993
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WNEV-TV Promos Composite
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"Solid Gold" 1982
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WSBK-TV "Daytime" - 1982
Views 7K9 years ago
This Is Your Life - 1971
Views 111K9 years ago
CBS "West 57th" 1989
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WBZ-TV Sales Tape 1985
Views 6K10 years ago
CBS Special Animation 1982
Views 12K10 years ago
WBZ TV-4 "Tender Places" 1985
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  • altfactor
    altfactor Month ago

    I believe this segment was broadcast on the final edition of WBZ's "Evening Magazine". Boston was the second city to adopt "Evening" (in April of 1977); San Francisco's KPIX created the format and aired it as a local show beginning in 1976. Once there were multiple stations carrying "Evening", they began top exchange segments. By the fall of 977, the other there Group W/Westinghouse stations (in Baltimore, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) had launched their own versions of "Evening". Their huge successes led Group W to franchise "Evening" to other cities (in the non-Group W cities, it was titled "PM magazine"). Each station had it's own local hosts and produced a few segments a week; segments that each station thought had national appeal would be sent to the national "Evening"/"PM" office (which I think was in San Francisco) and if the national office agreed, these segments would be distributed to the other stations running "Evening"/"PM", who could then run these segments in their cities. So in a typical week, one would see both locally-produced segments and segments produced by other members of the "Evening"/"PM" cooperative. TV needs something like "Evening/PM Magazine" today!

    EAS CEC Month ago

    WFIE-TV Evansville, Indiana Also Used This As Well Back Since 1987 As "14 Country's The 1-4 All!"

  • Adrian Custodio
    Adrian Custodio 2 months ago

    I wish WJKW (WJW) will be the jingle version of one for all it's called you're sure look like a winner

  • Jean Pierre vargas alvarez

    WNAC WNEC WHDH CBS NBC and now ndependent

  • revin hatol
    revin hatol 4 months ago


  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 4 months ago

    I would LOVE to find an old pre emption notice of "The Wizard of Oz" from between 1959 and '67!

  • dcwarner
    dcwarner 5 months ago

    Pu magazine.

  • dcwarner
    dcwarner 5 months ago

    Group w did pu magazine.

  • Rizing Godfist
    Rizing Godfist 6 months ago

    6:07 - 6:10...unforgettable great theme music to a great short-lived show😔...perhaps the varied time slot it was in during the early 90's aided to its untimely departure?

  • dcwarner
    dcwarner 6 months ago

    Looks like they had a spot reel. We didn’t have one until we got a new gm in 1994.

  • dcwarner
    dcwarner 6 months ago

    Nice audio board.

  • aDg 2k18
    aDg 2k18 6 months ago

    I love these old TPiR ep.'s with all the old ads, which are a great trip down memory lane. I also really appreciate the painstaking effort the uploader took to get this on YT, so thank you! :D

  • Damin Mance
    Damin Mance 6 months ago

    I miss the old days so much this what brought America together!

  • Grave Master
    Grave Master 6 months ago

    Great job Orleans! Such an amazing song

  • Enrique M C
    Enrique M C 6 months ago

    A time where you open de the door to a stranger with a vacuum´s evil and paranoid doesn´t let us live free...great work we do...

  • UnderDragon
    UnderDragon 6 months ago

    This video made me feel very safe.

  • Marybeth Eby
    Marybeth Eby 6 months ago

    This is wonderful!Today,you need to include every kind of freak into your ads or you will not get it on the air.

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill 6 months ago

    I had the biggest crush on Holly.

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson 6 months ago

    Hole in one supposed to turn to two

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson 6 months ago

    He said that mustang had power windows but I can see the roll up handle

  • Reggie Anderson
    Reggie Anderson 6 months ago

    What happens to the prizes not won

  • Emo Bassist
    Emo Bassist 6 months ago

    Holly sure was gorgeous

  • Keith Sinclair
    Keith Sinclair 6 months ago

    This is AMAZING Vintage Television! Thank you!!!! Best memories growing up as a kid in the 80s. The younger generation has no idea how great tv used to be.

  • Danielle Marin
    Danielle Marin 6 months ago

    Lol, OMG, we loved that tender vittles commercial & used to try to imitate the way the lady says "Fresh".

  • Danielle Marin
    Danielle Marin 6 months ago

    September 24, 1981, wow, 2 days before my 11th birthday. Watching this show when there was a day off from school and during summer vacation from school was always such a treat, loved this show!! Amazing to see how much normal people looked and presented themselves. Zinman Furs in New Jersey, geeeeez. I was living in NJ during this time and remember the old commercials - yes, would never fly today.

    BIGGROBB NELSONJR 6 months ago

    I cant believe that i JUST watched the whole thing i love T P I R WITH MR BARKER

  • Jonathan Vanover
    Jonathan Vanover 6 months ago

    WSAZ TV 3, or as they advertised themselves then as WSAZ Television 3 in Huntington, WV used the Full orchestra with Moog version of this theme music in the 70’s.

  • Kris Starring
    Kris Starring 6 months ago

    IIRC, Boston is one TV market that has the dubious distinction of having two stations with licenses revoked by the FCC. The original WHDH on channel 5 lost their license a decade prior to WNAC.

  • Sir Hawkings, Esq
    Sir Hawkings, Esq 6 months ago

    Still have a picture of me on Bozos show back in the early 60's...makes me laugh when I look at it

  • Mallory Lee
    Mallory Lee 6 months ago

    I totally remember the Static Guard commercials. My sister and I used to imitate those so many times. I miss the 80s!

  • SimonTek
    SimonTek 6 months ago

    I've owned that secretary desk before. I did Not know it was made by Jasper Furniture. Which I was at their factory 2 weeks ago.

  • Armory Brunot,Jr.
    Armory Brunot,Jr. 6 months ago

    Fred Facey: "From NBC News, this is "Today" with Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley." RIP.

  • dcwarner
    dcwarner 6 months ago

    I could hear the blowers of the ACR 25.

  • Dennis Salamone
    Dennis Salamone 6 months ago

    how about leslie stall from 60 minutes wow

  • passtheBuck Canuck
    passtheBuck Canuck 6 months ago

    I sure hope someone in this world still misses Angus ..... SWEET LADY

  • goodwilj
    goodwilj 6 months ago

    Marta, what a Goddess!! Can't believe this cast reunion is almost 30 years old now and June is still alive.

  • Steve Michaud
    Steve Michaud 6 months ago

    There are many days when I wish I could fall asleep and wake up as a kid in the '80s once again. It seems that most people from my generation -- even if they are happy with their life today, as I am -- wish they could go back and re-live the '80s. It was a great time to grow up.

  • JB Videos
    JB Videos 6 months ago

    You don’t happen to have the one where viewers’ old home movies were featured, do you?

  • Danky The Clown
    Danky The Clown 6 months ago

    BRAVO !!!!

  • oneblackhorse
    oneblackhorse 6 months ago

    What a cute show. Simple, positive, great for kids. What happened to these kinds of shows???

    MHTV PCNYSTATE 6 months ago

    I believe this was from September 13, 1982

  • Taylor Downing
    Taylor Downing 6 months ago

    Gosh I miss the 1980s it was a great time to be a child. I was born in 1982 and by the end of the decade, I was 7

  • yogibearfan
    yogibearfan 6 months ago

    loved this show, watched it in Dominican Republic in the 79, and came back all 80s

  • Ay Que Flirteo! Oficial

    What was the first girl's name to be drawn by Mr. Lion?

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo 7 months ago

    11:33 Wow, I can name all of those newscasters. I used to watch them every day with my Dad. Bob Lobel looks so young, and I had a crush on Joyce Kuhawick.

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo 7 months ago

    Feel fortunate to have been born in the 70s so that I could enjoy the 80s and 90s. I remember when the VCR came out, then the Microwave, which cost around $1,000. It was the best decade for music, movies, and especially sports. Bo Jackson, Wayne Gretzky, Montana, ‘80 & 84 Olympics, Larry Bird, Air Jordan, LT, etc.

  • Ben Schumin
    Ben Schumin 7 months ago

    How common was the Family Feud theme as a prize cue back in these days?

  • Iron 12
    Iron 12 7 months ago

    the 80's seem very upbeat...

    BOB BEAUMONT 7 months ago

    The raisin in the Raisin Bran commercial was voiced by Paul Winchell, the original voice of Tigger.

    BOB BEAUMONT 7 months ago

    Thanks for preserving this! It’s great seeing Johnny Olson and these old commercials.


    I was 7 years old when this first aired seeing the shadow of Nanny and the Professor Marcus welby

  • Brandon Bennetzen
    Brandon Bennetzen 7 months ago

    20yrs before this flight, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin climbed aboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft and flew around the earth in 108minutes becoming the first man in space in the process,

  • Edward Miessner
    Edward Miessner 7 months ago

    6:30 to 6:47 and 7:47 to 8:48 WBZ-TV 4 Boston!

  • Ms V
    Ms V 7 months ago

    Love Bozo the Clown !

  • AppleClassicGamer
    AppleClassicGamer 7 months ago

    I was born in 2001. In 1990, the pace of the city seemed a lot slower before smartphones and constant connectivity. My parents had me quite late, and I always wish I had grown up in Boston in the 1990s.

  • Harald Jan Dahle
    Harald Jan Dahle 7 months ago

    I heard that the software was developed at the University of Utah, is that correct?

  • Harald Jan Dahle
    Harald Jan Dahle 7 months ago

    Between 1985 and 1987 I worked as producer director at RTL-Productions in Bertrange Luxembourg (Now CLT-UFA). The BOSCH FGS-4000 was our most beloved friend. We made TV station logos, corporate logos and simple animations, keying them in to live shots. Thanks.

  • The Red arcade Zone
    The Red arcade Zone 7 months ago

    Good old days

  • ALurkingGrue
    ALurkingGrue 7 months ago

    I remember Bozo being on either WLVI 56 or WSBK 38 ... They had a magician called Mr Whodini. I believe that was the mid to late 70s.

  • nashvilletv
    nashvilletv 7 months ago

    These news opens, with Telesound’s “And You” music and voiceovers from Ernie Anderson, rank among the very best ever produced.

  • James William
    James William 7 months ago

    Cool that all these old broadcast recordings have all the funny commercials too!

  • Curious George
    Curious George 7 months ago

    I just can't get enough of movie openings, bumpers and station promos. I miss the days when there were only three channels, PBS and UHF on the dial. Cable was not even a thought and stations had some great introductions to specials and shows.

  • James William
    James William 7 months ago

    All this PRICE IS RIGHT music is so AWESOME!!!

  • FaFa Head
    FaFa Head 7 months ago

    I was on that show when I was in the third grade! I was picked for a chance to win the treasure chest. They had a wiggly long necked thing with a ping pong ball in a cup and you had to balance it. I didn’t do too well, but what a memory. The lights were very bright and hot I remember. When they went to commercial they shut them off and it got nice and cool. It was my first introduction to broadcasting so to speak. Years later as an adult and an air personality at WZOU in Boston, I met Frank Avruch at a local Jerry Lewis Telethon and I related this story and he didn’t want to talk about being Bozo. He didn’t feel it was one of the better things he did in his career. Frank was a very cultured guy who then was a local movie critic and had really gone on to do much bigger and better things in his career. This was 40 years after Bozo when we met. Anyway, it’s one of my fondest memories. It really was the reason I ended up with a 30+ year broadcasting career I think. I was really mesmerized by what I saw in that channel five studio that day and the rest is history as they say...

  • J
    J 7 months ago

    I was one of the children on this show. These were wholesome times that are long gone. We were living in a golden age.

  • Joseph Worby
    Joseph Worby 7 months ago

    I thought this is your life was an English production (the wife)

  • a2STRAY
    a2STRAY 7 months ago

    It was the season of slit scan photography promos.

  • Maria G
    Maria G 7 months ago

    What memories! Watched this every day!!!

  • Bill Bushey
    Bill Bushey 7 months ago

    I only very recently found out that Bozo was more of a regional celebrity than a national one. I used to watch Bozo all the time and assumed everybody on earth knew who he was.

  • Funkdafied 89
    Funkdafied 89 7 months ago

    So he really was a thing I see! Wow! Growing up in the 90s I always heard it as a joke or reference, but now I see the real Bozo!😂😂

  • Edward Miessner
    Edward Miessner 7 months ago

    0:29 This same clip was used for KDKA-TV's "Here's 2" promo in Pittsburgh and the clip at 3:03 was used for WDIV-TV's "We're 4" promo in Detroit.

  • PIX Promos & More
    PIX Promos & More 7 months ago

    I remember them doing a few Gag versions of the ID on Letterman, they even got the announcer here to voice them. One of them I can recall is "This Is CBS.........We WISH We had Seinfeld"

  • Mike Lutton
    Mike Lutton 8 months ago

    we happend to purity stores

  • Edward Miessner
    Edward Miessner 8 months ago

    These promos take me back, especially the tall ships one.

  • Edward Miessner
    Edward Miessner 8 months ago

    For a Boston station its self-promo videos had the choir pronounce a whole bunch of R's that Boston natives never pronounced when these commercials were made! And its news personalities, save for Don Kent, all pronounced their R's too!

  • Mike Lutton
    Mike Lutton 8 months ago

    RIP Marleen saunders

  • Mike Lutton
    Mike Lutton 8 months ago

    robin young was cute

  • Michael Glickman
    Michael Glickman 9 months ago

    As good as this jingle is, WBZ really grew the beard when it was replaced with "Today's 4, a whole lot more."

  • PelicanGuy
    PelicanGuy 9 months ago

    It was a fabulous concept. I enjoyed it's sister show "PM Magazine" on WWL in New Orleans. Wish such a show would return on the air.

  • Jean Pierre vargas alvarez

    WBZ TV 4 is your CBS STATION

  • Florence Chestnut

    Tony Pepper, Bruce Schwoegler, Liz Walker, Gail Harris, Bob Lobel, and my favorite Jack Williams were the best!☆

  • johnston_11_7
    johnston_11_7 Year ago

    what, no "Another World"? was there "AW" in their daytime schedule?

    • thetvzone
      thetvzone 2 months ago

      WBZ pre- empted Another World...They had to watched it from WJAR in Providence...

  • Kaya Lei S
    Kaya Lei S Year ago

    She’s very beautiful. 😍

  • PIX Promos & More

    Almost 40 years later, for the station's 70th anniversary, they did a shot-for-shot remake of the main promo...

  • Martin Moore
    Martin Moore Year ago

    (1:02) I like the instrumental version after the vocal version.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister Year ago

    WBZ-TV was Westinghouse-owned from Day One and affiliated with NBC since radio days. When Westinghouse bought CBS in 1993, it changed all of its owned stations to CBS affiliations where they weren't before. Same thing happened in Philadelphia, Denver and other cities, and it took a couple of years to work details of the station sales with FCC. In Boston, channels 4 and 7 switched to CBS and NBC; the peacock flew the coop to channel 60 a couple of years back.

    • revin hatol
      revin hatol Year ago

      KPIX in San Francisco has both been Westinghouse-owned and CBS-affiliated since day one.

  • david graham
    david graham Year ago

    that was Mike Douglas (0:18)--whose talk show ended right around 1981-pumped by the John Davidson Show

  • Rually Ruiz
    Rually Ruiz Year ago

    WBZ-TV (Now an CBS affiliate) Boston, Massachusetts.

  • le nam Le
    le nam Le Year ago

    Channel Nine Still the One reused that song

  • Daniel Battle
    Daniel Battle Year ago

    Man this brings me back to my elementary school days. My family and I have one of those movie nights where we can just sit down and watch a goid movie. At least the networks take their time for the viewer to get in the mood. Thank you Vintage Television for getting my memories back.

  • SRNF
    SRNF Year ago

    8:10 Wow....just wow

  • Peter Mcguinness

    I always thought bozo is a Chicago thing..... Didn't know it until the bozo show was on a boston station... Guess I was wrong.

  • Allan_ M
    Allan_ M Year ago

    The Brazilian version is the most famous and was a popular icon in the country in the 80's.

  • iWasTheTurkey
    iWasTheTurkey Year ago

    Videos like this just make me wish I had a time machine.

  • Bubba Holtzclaw
    Bubba Holtzclaw Year ago

    Hard to believe this is nearly 37 years ago... Imagine from first suborbital flight to the moon mission only 8 years, from first suborbital flight of the Mercury Redstone with Alan Shepherd to this first shuttle flight a little over 20 years. America, devoid of Cell phones and personal computers was able to put men in to orbit, men on the moon and a cargo plane to a newly constructed space station. Basically on slide rulers and a few beliefs on proven physics and very much unknown. The world must shudder at what America can accomplish when it wants to.

  • georgef551
    georgef551 Year ago

    The one thing I never figured out is, how does the dial on Safecrackers work? Others use a red window to make things red, but the numbers are still white here. Never understood how it worked.

  • William Dunphy
    William Dunphy Year ago

    Introduced by Paul Frees. 0:43

  • Alexman Plays
    Alexman Plays Year ago

    oh how I wish cars today was around $7000 dollars

  • Patrick Coffey
    Patrick Coffey Year ago

    Willard Scott was the first Bozo the Clown in the Washington DC area. Willard did the show from 1959 to circa 1968.

  • 사쿠야TV
    사쿠야TV Year ago

    1972 is better than 1971