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  • morphine0000
    morphine0000 32 seconds ago

    Great comparison, but wouldn't a better test be against Fortin's Zuul ? They're roughly in the same price range and have a similar set of features.

  • Trystan Hooper
    Trystan Hooper Minute ago

    did you record dry guitars then reamp the same peice thorugh each pedal then the rig. because the differences in sound between them could be easilly put down to playing differences

  • Leonard Cubias
    Leonard Cubias 2 minutes ago

    Here we go again with the Cock Blocker propaganda also your choice of guitar tone sucks in the other hand please allow me to congratulate you for releasing the CB it truly says a lot about who you are not just as a business man but as a person as well massive respect for you man well done . you truly inspire me !!

  • Fishplants
    Fishplants 7 minutes ago

    4:33 The tone was better than the sloppy playing 😜

  • Exile
    Exile 12 minutes ago

    Now, Fortin Zuul and TC Sentry :)

  • Sir Thrash
    Sir Thrash 17 minutes ago

    What about mom's spaghetti

  • DeadKoby
    DeadKoby 19 minutes ago

    I've used a Rocktron Hush pedal before.... do we love or hate that?

  • BlackNo1918
    BlackNo1918 25 minutes ago

    Eating my soup here, feeling a little sick. Oh, Glenn has a new video, turn it up... oh, Glenn has a cold too? Seriously...Glenn, are you fine mate? Your voice seems a little off (like mine right now..) Stop making videos and go get yerself some soup/tea/vodka, whatever works for you. Great pedal. Great video. Keep it loud.

  • Steve Earl
    Steve Earl 31 minute ago

    I love my decimator; the input/output positions of the cockblocker has it beat. Good luck figuring out how to patch a decimator to a pedalboard.

  • SamboatMusic
    SamboatMusic 33 minutes ago

    GEEEEEEN!! I know creating a RU-clip show on a consistent basis takes up a lot of time, and I know that you used to have a day job outside of the recording studio as well. How has having this channel affected your personal life? Have you been able to quit your day job and do recording/RU-clip full time? How much time do you have to spend with your wife, or even just spend doing whatever you feel like?

  • elbrauer
    elbrauer 35 minutes ago

    Just wondering why no one runs white or pink noise through these and then to a spectrum analyzer. You could get a definitive answer on what frequencies do what through the pedal. You could also get a lot of fodder for audiophiles to have some masturbatory internet discussions.

  • b10t3rr0r
    b10t3rr0r 44 minutes ago

    fuck the cockblocker, dude has Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, which is freakin' awesome piece of computer gear. Love it.

  • KriegerZeta
    KriegerZeta 45 minutes ago

    I think that the C-Blocker sounds slightly cleaner than the Decimator.

  • Mcsteveberry
    Mcsteveberry 51 minute ago


  • Wisp of a Willow Music
    Wisp of a Willow Music 52 minutes ago

    I hear I little treble loss with the Cockblocker and not with the G String. I would say it colors your tone a little more than explained.

  • steve durrant
    steve durrant 57 minutes ago

    BB is a little more dynamic imo.

  • Ulf Danielsen
    Ulf Danielsen Hour ago

    Have you guys ever been introduced to the concept: Performance level?

  • Ulf Danielsen
    Ulf Danielsen Hour ago

    If you guys cannot concentrate enough to play through maybe even what is your own song from start to finish without making mistakes you are underrehearsed and underskilled and have no business in a studio setting!

  • Fairy C Rat
    Fairy C Rat Hour ago

    To me they're basically one and the same. If I wasn't already satisfied with my cheap ass TC Electronic Sentry, I'd have gone with the Cock Blocker though, since it's slightly cheaper.

  • The Addict Of Gaming

    Jokes on your email, Glen, where I live, racism still exists, so we celebrate Columbus today, instead of having school or work.

  • Alexander Common

    What? Pretend to work? I don't know what you're talking about........

  • Poo Ninja
    Poo Ninja Hour ago

    Crome bliny ness vs red rooster Go Glenn! 2nd run in 2021 ? Return of the killer Cock.....blocker?

  • Jack Thunder
    Jack Thunder Hour ago

    The Decimator is the industry standard and will keep its value. What I like about the SMG CB is the switch.. The G String and regular decimator have the boss style switch and Ive have issues with mine getting stuck or the screw coming out of it for ages.

  • Eternal Rambler
    Eternal Rambler Hour ago

    I've always thought it was kind of pointless to have battery support on the Decimator because it dies in like a day because that noise gate is power hungry

    • Stefan Sjöberg
      Stefan Sjöberg 59 minutes ago

      Unless you use just one pedal powering with batteries is kind of useless and a nightmare and you have to be rich to afford the batteries. It was a long time since i used pedals, i use a rack multi which has noisegate built in, but already in the 80´s i built a pedal case with built in powerdistribution for a fewl pedals which was powered by a single simple wall wart.

  • Ally Wilke
    Ally Wilke Hour ago

    Jen rocks!

  • Onni Etholen
    Onni Etholen Hour ago

    I am wondering do you do anything differently with clean tones compared to distorted ones. Like what kind of gear do you prefer and do you mic the cabinet any differently. Haista vittu ja torilla tavataan.

  • GuitarGAS
    GuitarGAS Hour ago

    Wow, imo they both suck :/ My TC Sentry gates at least as good but the sustain is MUCH better than what these two do... It sometimes really seems it has some AI that can predict when to gate and when not.

  • Stickmorder
    Stickmorder Hour ago

    You should say 10 o'cock on the C Blocker.

  • The Chaos Candle

    Batterys are really a pain in the a**. If you rely on batterys to power your pedals your eventually going to forget that there turned on and they'll be dead the next time you want to play or perform. Where are you ever going to play where there are no power outlets?! Your amp doesn't get power from a batter unless it's a piece of crap. Power cables are the way to go.

  • kevinfeatherstone

    yay Ibanez!

  • Zack Groce
    Zack Groce Hour ago

    Hey I'll have you know I'm a bass player and I bought the cock blocker day one... To give to our guitarist hahaha

  • David Murray
    David Murray Hour ago

    Ordered cock blocker and can't wait, if you could develop another peddle what would it be and I'm up purchasing if it's on the same theme as the cock blocker 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • Pedro Kantor
    Pedro Kantor Hour ago

    So just as good as the Decimator G-String, which is pretty good by itself, but with a cooler name. And who the f*** still uses batteries in this day and age? Think green, dudes and dudettes, batteries pollute. ;-)

  • GuitarAnime
    GuitarAnime Hour ago

    How would this work if you want to use some effect in the loop??

    • SpectreSoundStudios
      SpectreSoundStudios Hour ago

      Yes! Place before or after. Experiment! See my “vs NS2” vid to see it with a delay

  • GuitarGodgt
    GuitarGodgt 2 hours ago

    Guess I'll just stick with the decimator since I already own one.

  • Eden Goldstein
    Eden Goldstein 2 hours ago

    Hey, What if I want to use other pedals in the fx loop? Will it mess up the pedal useability or is there a way to chain the pedals that they won't interfere?

  • Thombat
    Thombat 2 hours ago

    Fantastic Glenn. Gets a little techy fast, but fantastic for a newbie like me.

  • Cdawg- SwitchHitter
    Cdawg- SwitchHitter 2 hours ago

    For anyone wondering they are BOTH great pedals. The g string 2 plugged in to the fx loop gets rid of even the worst amp noise. My 5150 block letter is quite with it and so is my mesa boogie triple rec. the cock blocker is in the same boat. They’re about the same. Great pedals no matter which one you get

  • Lucas Gasse
    Lucas Gasse 2 hours ago

    Great review glenn

  • The Finer Print
    The Finer Print 2 hours ago

    Could've put an LED where the rooster's eye is... missed opportunity... good sounding pedal though.

    • The Finer Print
      The Finer Print 41 minute ago

      @SpectreSoundStudios ahhh. You could drill holes in the triangles of the pentagram or mod it in such a way that the pentagram is actually carved out, leaving you a port for LEDs?

    • SpectreSoundStudios
      SpectreSoundStudios 2 hours ago

      Where would we put the Pentagram then?

  • HankHopeless
    HankHopeless 2 hours ago

    I find this to be a bloody honest shootout if I ever saw one. I also love the fact, that the Cockblocker is an elbow to the eye of 'Reverb'

  • Ryan Matthew Perry
    Ryan Matthew Perry 2 hours ago

    Other benefits of purchasing the Cock Blocker include - Supporting Glenn in his musical endeavors (would be cool to eventually see an entire line of tastefully names pedals) - Your rig will not be noisy - Your prestige in society will increase immediately 🙃 - You get a pedal named the Cock Blocker for fuck’s sake.

  • thegreatgambeeno
    thegreatgambeeno 2 hours ago

    Yeah, but is Devy gonna write a song about a Cock Blocker?

  • Wymsic_
    Wymsic_ 2 hours ago

    I would order this for my tune amp, but being a musician, I can not afford it. XD Cheers and Fuck you Glenn from Austin, TX.

  • SkeledroMan
    SkeledroMan 2 hours ago

    Decimator seems to suck out a little of the mids

  • C shortlife
    C shortlife 2 hours ago

    You have to send the Cock blocker to Buckethead.

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos 2 hours ago

    I do have the Decimator G String II and works great ;)

  • Metalbass10000
    Metalbass10000 2 hours ago

    "This is a real solid build, this has a fire-breathing rooster on it... blah, blah, blah, cool factor." Ok. Thank you for clearing that up, and making that decision for me. 🤘🏿😜👍🏿 Thanks Glenn!

  • Nic Lastname
    Nic Lastname 2 hours ago

    TC Electronic Sentry? It's half the price.

    • Ivan Roso
      Ivan Roso 2 hours ago

      Yes, it also has an fx loop, way cheaper, I would rather buy that than c blocker

  • Metalbass10000
    Metalbass10000 2 hours ago

    Nope, didn't work. I still hear that horrible noise. I still hear Glenn talking and "playing."

  • Nic Lastname
    Nic Lastname 2 hours ago

    What about the Fortin Zuul though? It's what I instantly thought of when you announced your pedal.

  • Thombat
    Thombat 2 hours ago

    Wanna see uncensored Rivers of Babylon, but I really liked Happy Together.

  • P.o.B pedals
    P.o.B pedals 3 hours ago

    It reminds me of the Zuul noise suppressor

  • Alan Dalman
    Alan Dalman 3 hours ago

    Any chance of a quick hit of the C Blocker on bass (for us mouth-breathing troglodytes who can't figure out what those extra strings are for)?

  • Creative Minds
    Creative Minds 3 hours ago

    Found slightly more bite on the cockblocker in that first section (in the mix was the only way to really tell though) and better sustain at lower settings than the competition. But it’s sooo subtle. And cheaper and has a cooler look! Great job Glenn.

  • sqlb3rn segfavlt
    sqlb3rn segfavlt 3 hours ago

    man that tone sounds about like active pickups with a dead battery. I have the pro rack G, it does what it's supposed to do.

  • Mark Galbraith
    Mark Galbraith 3 hours ago

    Pretty identical. Great pedal Well done..i want 1

  • AnyDrug
    AnyDrug 3 hours ago

    The CockBlocker is truely a bang for the buck, especially here in Europe where the G-String's usually (way but depends) over 300 € - for ... reasons, I guess. ^^ Ps..: One question about the Iron Maiden-y piece..: Was the picking a bit sloppy/unsteady or do the pedals interfere there..?

    • Rene W
      Rene W Hour ago

      That "Iron Maiden" style riffing was played super sloppy

  • Hyperlovesyou
    Hyperlovesyou 3 hours ago

    That Decimators got you beat im hearing alot more bite on the low end on my speakers unless something else is effecting it but im definitely hearing a touch more treble and in a place i actually strive to enhance without making my sound tinny so maybe being bias towards my own taste and preference. both sounds are pretty thrilling of course.

  • Douglas Plaisance
    Douglas Plaisance 3 hours ago

    I bought the pedal because there's a cock-blocking, fire-breathing, demonic chicken on it...

  • ELEM
    ELEM 3 hours ago

    3:07 "bitch ass stickler here", if you pressed ctrl+v and then ctrl+c you would get nothing :P

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 3 hours ago

    I’d love to see it up against the tc-electronics sentry noise gate, that’s the most versatile/responsive noise gate out there (Gate + sustain, no compromises) in my opinion that’s the true test, of wether or not the cock blocker is worthy to go on any board.

    • Herrierecordsinc
      Herrierecordsinc Hour ago

      Yeah I tried every possible way and got eerie squeecks when I tried the 4 cable method..... So I bought a GString which worked immediately.

    • GuitarGAS
      GuitarGAS Hour ago

      @Herrierecordsinc sure u connected it properly? Have to read the manual because I have to admit the ins and outs aren't labeled very logically. My whole band switched to the sentry after one of us tested it. Magical pedal!

    • Herrierecordsinc
      Herrierecordsinc Hour ago

      I never got the Sentry to work properly in my set up. Horrible pedal

    • GuitarGAS
      GuitarGAS Hour ago

      This ! Imo still the best gate out there, and very affordable, unlike the cockblocker...

  • Andrew Usac
    Andrew Usac 3 hours ago

    Decimator G string is a killer stomp box, I'm surprised the cock blocker does the job as great as ISP

  • Christophe L.
    Christophe L. 3 hours ago

    Hi Glenn, a quick one: IR's on every track or IR on the Busses? Thanks and Yuck Fou, Glenn!

  • Erlik Quadros
    Erlik Quadros 3 hours ago

    Next contender: Fortin Zuul!

  • mipmip
    mipmip 3 hours ago

    1:16 "I need to nail this one so I can go home and finish my thesis for my PhD" Brian May: nails whole music career, goes home and finishes PhD

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm 3 hours ago

    Speaker 3 🔈 made me laugh, it had the sound of a horrible keyboard sample of a guitar

  • Bence Devossa
    Bence Devossa 3 hours ago

    Hey Glenn, after finally having the time next to my job to get back to practicing guitar more seriously, I decided that it'd be time to record some stuff and try writing whole songs again, just by myself at first. The problem is that I lack a bass for the recordings. Would you have a recommendation about the kind/brand of bass for this specific purpose or some guidelines that I could use while looking for one? I'm practicing with a Schecter Omen-7 at the moment so I'd look for a 5 String bass for sure. Since bass-wise I'm not planning any really technical stuff yet, I don't think "starting" with a wider neck would be an issue, but please tell me your thoughts about it. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly 3 hours ago

    Now we want to see the VS the Fortin ZUUL!!!!!!!

  • arse
    arse 3 hours ago

    so basically the cockblocker is identical just a tiny bit cheaper than a decimator g string II

    • Kevin Kelly
      Kevin Kelly 3 hours ago

      Cockblocker sounds better with headphones

  • Scott McNicol
    Scott McNicol 3 hours ago

    Glad to see the standard of gate pedals gets a head to head with the Cock Blocker. I would also like to throw out that it would be sick to see the Cock Blocker go head to head with the Fortin Zuul and the Airis Hades Gate. I understand that those two pedals dont have one knob and able to gate a loop and guitar input of an amp. But hey why not right ;) \m/

  • André Silva
    André Silva 4 hours ago

    Cock Blocker vs TC Electronic Sentry

  • Nick S
    Nick S 4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, im holding out for a reissue with a redesign on the paint job. Something about that chicken reminds me of that chinese overdrive pedal on amazon thats got the dog on it lol

    • Nick S
      Nick S 3 hours ago

      @Satyar Sh yup, its also my choice weather or not i bought one :D Guess what i did?! I held onto my cash, because I can. Haha, fuck you.

    • Satyar Sh
      Satyar Sh 3 hours ago

      well that's your problem

    • Nick S
      Nick S 4 hours ago

      Maybe paint it to look like an oldschool KFC bucket or some shit lol

  • EatMeCZ
    EatMeCZ 4 hours ago

    Thanks a lot for this video!

  • Jason Fick
    Jason Fick 4 hours ago

    Put it up against the Fortin Zuul.

  • Casey Stewart
    Casey Stewart 4 hours ago

    More sustain out of the Cockblocker than the Decimator for sure, very similar, but the Cock Blocker wins this one again. Still looking forward to a possible video showcasing a Boss HM-2 type pedal cranked up and gated by the Cockblocker from you to really see how it handles an insane amount of gain and distortion. Let me know if you need assistance there! Considering the Cockblocker for my bass rig, as my Fortin Zuul can't handle my bass guitar's 18v high output low end signal going into the key input.. but works fine on my other high output electric guitars just fine, I just want a reliable gate for my bass rig to clear away the amp noise at live shows when i crank it up.

  • Pariah VS Gear
    Pariah VS Gear 4 hours ago

    My channel is about comparing metal gear. To do something like this is to have confidence in your product, so good on you. The ZUUL/Highwind Amplification Phalanx are my end all gates, but I certainly believe that this is another good contender.

  • Javier Aldan
    Javier Aldan 4 hours ago

    About that sustain comparison, you turned the knob further in the isp to reduce the sustain while you turned the knob back in the CB yo increase the sustain. Not the most honest review.

    • Javier Aldan
      Javier Aldan Hour ago

      @Daniel Chodnicki That is what I meant

    • Javier Aldan
      Javier Aldan Hour ago

      @Erik Kay I really wish Glen the best of lucks, this looks like a good product hopefully nobody will get disappointed when using it. But my comment was not not about the product, it was about the comparison itself. Misleading in my opinion, specially for those who may have never used the ISP before. I am not a pro music producer but I own the ISP Mkii and I know that much of a turn of the knob was too much for that amount of noise.

    • Daniel Chodnicki
      Daniel Chodnicki Hour ago

      @Erik Kay Yes, controversy is too strong word for that, but it is a bit manipulative: Glenn shows how turning the knob up kills the sustain, but shows it ONLY on ISP. Someone who doesn't know how noise gates work may think that this problem is particular for ISP and not for Cockblocker

    • Daniel Chodnicki
      Daniel Chodnicki Hour ago

      @Erik Kay I guess that's true, but it feels like comparing two products without actually comparing them

    • Erik Kay
      Erik Kay 2 hours ago

      @JOSEF BORG Just did, and I am now even more convinced that there is no real controversy here.

  • D XcQ
    D XcQ 4 hours ago

    99% sure that their circuits are identical.

    • Rutger Ockhorst
      Rutger Ockhorst 22 minutes ago

      Hope not for Glenn, as that would be a few patent infringements...although I'm not sure the patents are still valid. But DIY sites have had some lawyers sent after them in the past...Probably identical to the Zuul. But all this can be clarified if Glenn just states which chip is inside the unit and then we know which circuit it is :P I bet it's the THAT4301 IC

  • Julian Holman
    Julian Holman 4 hours ago

    Interesting, to my ears the g string sounded softer, like it was rounding off the high end. The cockblocker sounded more crisp.

  • Andrzej Marczewski
    Andrzej Marczewski 4 hours ago

    It is that sustain that makes the Cock Blocker such a great pedal. Makes it more usable for us single coil players as well, who need sustain, but just have natural hiss going on!!

  • Neil Dalman
    Neil Dalman 4 hours ago

    I would say the difference is negligible. So you've got a great pedal there! The cockblocker just looks a hell of a lot cooler.

  • Martin Tougas
    Martin Tougas 4 hours ago

    And lastly, vs the Fortin Zuul.

  • Kyle Wagner
    Kyle Wagner 4 hours ago

    I’m one of the (probably) few bassists who preordered the pedal for his bass rig. I’ve also bought a “Bass Players do it Worse” shirt, worn it live and I still get a big laugh out of every bass player joke. I’m so stoked for this pedal and I’ll definitely be making a video demo for it. Been holding out on getting a gate for about a year or so just to make sure I get this one.

    • Fairy C Rat
      Fairy C Rat Hour ago

      Same here. I actually have the rule #3 shirt. It never got much attention for some reason and I don't think it exists anymore, but it goes "your lead guitarist is a narcissistic douchebag"

  • Pikey Haze
    Pikey Haze 4 hours ago

    I asked reverb if they had the cock blocker pedal they told they've not heard of you and the pedal then they cock block me on Facebook

  • Gaming Daff
    Gaming Daff 4 hours ago

    gLeN, I've been playing guitar for around 8 months now. My prefered sound is hard rock, especially Guns 'N' Roses. As I don't really have a lot of money, I've found a few good ideas for me to sound like Slash but on a small budget. I plan on buying a Tokai Love Rock and MG30FX marshall amp. Is this a good choice. Also, what kind of WAH pedal do you recommend? Cheers From Australia🖕🖕🖕

    • Gaming Daff
      Gaming Daff 4 hours ago

      Also keep in mind I have a Line 6 Amp and an off brand Strat style guitar. PS : Sorry for the Name, I'm using my brothers Acc.

    PC LOAD LETTER 4 hours ago

    Been cock blocked and decimated.

  • Andrés Iturralde
    Andrés Iturralde 4 hours ago

    Awesome! I own a Decimator but i’m seriously thinking about replacing this with the cockblocker

  • Pikey Haze
    Pikey Haze 4 hours ago

    First comment 😂😂

  • Eternity
    Eternity 4 hours ago

    Love the vids glenn🤟

  • Marc Rys
    Marc Rys 5 hours ago

    Definitely interested in seeing a sound for film (msg style)

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 5 hours ago

    Glenn, out of anger and frustration over all the low-life-turds that call you ugly, I wrote an original composition describing how I see you. I call it How I See Glenn Fricker Like to hear it? Here it goes: You are so beautiful..to me...can't you see eee eeeee Your all I ever hoped for..your everything I need You are so beautiful........to...me An Original Composition

  • Al R
    Al R 6 hours ago

    combine them wisely for great results, especially with the drastically different tonal characteristics

  • Joh Ghurt
    Joh Ghurt 7 hours ago

    Hey GLENN!!! Here's a proposal to metallify or balladify an anime theme - in 3/4 time: ru-clip.com/video/6I7FT0PHG9E/video.html Just a warning: This is a chick's anime, so it may need it some work to make it head-bang-compatible. Honestly, I think this would make a wonderful base for a metal-power-ballad.

  • malandropop
    malandropop 9 hours ago

    I seen a member of Slipknot play one...

  • Insidious One
    Insidious One 9 hours ago

    Do Azumanga opening, it's awesome.

  • Insidious One
    Insidious One 9 hours ago

    Glenn, you should read BECK manga, the anime has only covered, like, a quarter of a whole plot.

  • Patrick Foster
    Patrick Foster 9 hours ago

    Honestly, using a fast rock sample to test each kit was not a great choice. No, you can't tell too much of a difference (though it is definitely there) from this demonstration, but I'm pretty sure you would hear a much more significant difference between the 2 kits if he played a sample of some R&B, soul, blues rock, or anything with a bit more nuance. For that reason, I think you should redo the test w/ a style of music other than rock or metal. Those toms actually kind of sounded like they were tuned slightly flat, like for metal? My opinion.

  • Colin Black
    Colin Black 10 hours ago

    What was the signal chain used for the “high gain” tone on this video? I noticed the amp was switched to the clean channel every time it was shown being played through. The lead channel light stays on even when the clean channel is selected.

  • Parengthony Castillo
    Parengthony Castillo 10 hours ago

    Davie504: S L A P P dislike NOW!!!