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  • rehan khan
    rehan khan 6 months ago

    Mqm 1 qatil jamat he jo iss ko vote de ga marne ke baad un se pocha jae ga


    Wah Haider Rizvi sahib dil Khrush ker dia is admi Korea’s aur zalil hona hey

  • Muhammad Uzair Khan
    Muhammad Uzair Khan 10 months ago

    Haider bhai great answer

  • Muhammad Shabeir
    Muhammad Shabeir 10 months ago

    Salam haroon sir lant mqm ka asy jhoty kuto py.

  • Ammar Hassan
    Ammar Hassan 11 months ago

    Lanat aisay Tajzia Nigar par jesa ya Haroon Rasheed hy doghla admi

  • noman ali
    noman ali Year ago

    Love you raza Bhai

  • I Love Me Haseee

    ye lal batti jyega

  • I Love Me Haseee


  • abu hasan
    abu hasan Year ago

    haider rizvi is a fucking bastard like each and every mqm person. this bunch of thieves and murderers that is mqm should all be hanged - without trial.

  • Muhammad Azeem
    Muhammad Azeem Year ago

    Jiye Altaf Bhai

  • Arsalan Butt
    Arsalan Butt Year ago

    Imran khan ne mqm ki baja di karachi me ab.

  • Ali Raza Bajeer
    Ali Raza Bajeer Year ago

    fuck mqm LPC

    ROZ O SHAB Year ago

    Haroon Rashid Rasict paid journalist.

  • mohammad ismaile

    Yeh khanzir. Jamat mqm ik gatia ghaliz khanzir. Mote suar ku jamat gaddar e waten mote bigore suar ki jamat dunia ki ghaliz tareen jamat thoooo khanzir. HAROON SAAB ur great

  • Sameer Dar
    Sameer Dar Year ago

    Haroon Rasheed ko koi Chaddi de aay. nanga kr dia Heider Abbas bhai ne.

  • my channel
    my channel Year ago


  • Mike Alfonso
    Mike Alfonso Year ago

    This Haidar Rizivi is a Bastard (Pilla/Kutta) kahta tha ka " Hum Alaft Hussain ki apne baap say Izzat karte haan" Lanat Kuttay harami Gaddar Raw ka agent kuttay A Rizvi

  • ashar naushad
    ashar naushad Year ago

    Yahan too deen bhee bikta hay yahan mazhab bhee bikta hay yahan islaam bhee biktaa hay bolo jee tum kya kya khareedo gay jalali bava 40 chore astaqfirullah nauzubillah adams khoors or Hawa donoo Jannat main rehtay thay Jannat say gaya nikala tha koi gabad ghuttala masjidull haraam networks on progress Haj or umra Kar raha gumrah islam smugglings mazzhab masjidul haraam deen dehshat gardee toba astaqfirullah nauzubillah allah hum sub insanoo ko gumrah karnay Waloon say mehfooz rakhay ameen sum ameen musalman munafiqeens mi6 orders followers revenue genraters networks on progress fact find is money dollars makers

  • Prashant Yadav
    Prashant Yadav Year ago

  • sheeraz ameen
    sheeraz ameen Year ago

    Haroon Rasheed great person Haider Abbas rizvi haram khor

  • ali jabir
    ali jabir Year ago

    Kutta kutta kutta iltaf haram ke olaaad

  • ali jabir
    ali jabir Year ago

    Sacha insan haron Rasheed sahib

  • Azhar Abbasi
    Azhar Abbasi 2 years ago

    Me panjabi hon magar i like hyder bhai and mqm

  • Azhar Abbasi
    Azhar Abbasi 2 years ago

    Hydar bhai zinda bad masha Allah kia bat hai hydar bhai ki k se manwaya k govt se bhata lia socold analist haroon ne wah bhai waha kia knoldge hyder bhai ki

  • yousuf khan
    yousuf khan 2 years ago

    I M Urdu Speaking and me & my whole family now full support and vote for only PTI great Imran Khan ,..,.

  • Syed Osama nic
    Syed Osama nic 2 years ago

    Pti wala be lund ha

  • Syed Osama nic
    Syed Osama nic 2 years ago

    Ya farag ha nawaz wala aur AK jaga mera altaf bhai key apmso ka displan

  • Canu Punu
    Canu Punu 2 years ago

    Lanat in sab parties per ..Imran khan is the only hope

  • Habib Rehman
    Habib Rehman 2 years ago

    Where is Haider Rizvi now ? What he is doing in USA ? How he obtained USA visa ? He is a shameless and characterless animal. All MQM MNA and MPA have been looting and china cutting of government lands in Karachi. He is a liar. His leader is a haram khor, Ghaddar and is a rogue indian RAW's agent. I borne in Karachi and now I am 74 years old and I have not seen a terrorist party like MQM in my life. There have been hundreds of killings of innocent people murdered by MQM target killers. One of my far away relative was murdered at 2.00 PM day time in front of his shop by MQM target killer on the order of a MQM sector in-charge just for one reason that one Awami League ordinary well wiser was his friend and used to visit him in his shop. MQM warned him that he must stop meeting him which he refused. The target killer proudly confessed in front of the Uncle of deceased in Raiwand gathering in Lahore. Later on he was arrested. Where he is now is a mistry. There are many evidences about BHATTA or GUN POINT FITRA collecting by MQM during every Ramadan. It is a fact. MQM workers used to collect and also snatch on gun point the QURBANI KhALEIN in Karachi. There is a big list of protests, blockage, burning of private buses, private properties, kidnapping of political opponents. Murdered bodies used to be thrown in different locations of Karachi. All in all Karachi have experienced this barbarism and genocide during the MQM peak in Karachi. I also blame PPP Zardari who facilitated MQM by making them ally in his Government thus allowing them to induct MQM well wishers in Karachi police. This was the biggest blunder because Karachi police was politicized due to recruiting of MQM and PPP criminal minded well wishers in it. This was the main reason of law and order situation in Karachi. Still there are hard line supporters hiding in Karachi who could create law and order situation in Karachi because lots of ammunition and most modern guns and other disastrous material has been found hidden in many locations and even in abandoned wells of Karachi which the law enforcement claim that was hidden by MQM London for creating turmoil in the city. A merciless and comprehensive combing of all of the city areas must be carried out to eliminate all illegal arms and ammunition once for all from Karachi and all the culprits must be apprehended as soon as possible.

  • Habib Rehman
    Habib Rehman 2 years ago

    Language is a way of communication not a an identity of a person. If you get a Japanese child of one month old and pace him in an Punjabi environment then after growing up he will speak only Punjabi although he was born in a Japanese house. MQM used this slogan : MOHAJIR : to gain political gains in Karachi. There were millions people who migrated from indian held Punjab, during partition, and settled in Pakistani Punjab but they never called themselves Muhajir although their 75 % of family members were slaughtered during their migration . MQM after three generations are still calling themselves Muhajirs is understandable. But if they still dream of india then why don't they go back to their original place of birth of their ancestors because they say that their ancestors made mistake by opting for Pakistan. No one is holding them by force to remain in Pakistan.

  • Habib Rehman
    Habib Rehman 2 years ago

    Your Qiad Tehreek is indian RAW Agent and Ghaddar waten. You say your party is of middle class people if that is true then why your one minister, who was a waiter in La Rosh cafeteria, became millionaire after joining your rogue and fascist party who introduce violence and target killing in politics. I am from Karachi and I personally know you so called Gaid Tehreek through his statements and actions. He himself told his rogue followers, like you, specially young to sell their books and other valuables and buy arms and ammunition. I myself saw slogans and banners in Karachi saying ;; jo qaid ka ghaddar hai woh moat ka haqdar hai '' On May 12, when chief justice was arriving Karachi, I saw the massacre carried out your followers by order of your Ghaddar qaid E Tehreek. Who gave you visa to run away from Pakistan ? You and your who;e family are living outside and tell me you are still a middle class individual. I remember one day you parked your car in prohibited area of National Assembly then what was your attitude when a policeman got your car removed from there. You were showing your level by threatening him to eat his NOKRI. Now is 2017 where are you ? In fact you are in your actual commander;s country and I am certain that there is no place in Pakistan like you dirty ans stinking middle class and your Ghaddar Qiad e Tehreek.I pray that Almighty Allah may let you rot where you and your Rogue Qaid e Tereek. Amin

    • Habib Rehman
      Habib Rehman 2 years ago

      Pervez Naseem ! Three generation have passed and yet you call yourself Muhajir. Shame on you people that you eat, get educated, get your education from Pakistan and in reply you still talk about rogue india. Why don't you go to your origin and find whether they will accept you and if they do that then how they will treat you. You are betraying Pakistan by your actions and deeds. It is satan minded Muhajir so called leaders who exploited these slogans of Muhajir to gain their satanic personal gains from it. In fact in Islam there is no priorities for any language speaking person because language is a mean of communication only. If you take a six month Japanese child and raise him in a punjabi house hold then after four or five tears he will fluently talk punjabi and will not know a word of Japanese language. I have four brothers and one of them is married to an urdu speaking woman. She doesn't call herself Muhajir. In early time of Muhammad ( PBUH ) when migrated from Makkah to Madinah then sahaba ( RA ) called themselves Muhajir but after few years , may be 2 or three ) they stopped calling themselves muhajirs because all of them and Ansars in Madinah called themselves Muslims. Even A sahabi ( RA) Salman Farsi came from Faris but he never called himself Muhajir. Secondly during india's partition there were vast majority of Punjabis migrated from East Punjab but they never called themselves Muhajir because not a single politician in punjab exploited their position to gain their personal gain like Karachi's Ghaddar leader who took advantage of these people to gain his personal gain even sitting in London. This leader's touts even carried out genocides against innocent people who disagreed with his satanic ideologies, and get political opponents targeted oh his orders. I am not a londa laperya but I am a 74 years old person and all my life I lived in Karachi and have seen all barbaric actions by so called Muhajir leader. I am witness of few of these inhuman incidents. Therefore please don't try to divert the subject by blaming me to be a RAW agent because it has been proven that MQM London's leader is in fact a RAW funded agent. In the end let us call all ourselves proud Pakistanis and stop calling ourselves Punjabi, Sindhis, Pakhtoons, Muhajirs and Balochis. We are all Pakistanis and will always remain as Pakistanis. Inshaullah. Pkistan Zinda Bad.

    • Pervez Naeem
      Pervez Naeem 2 years ago


    IMRAN HAIDER ZAIDI 2 years ago

    MQM Zindabad 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Shoaib Ansari
    Shoaib Ansari 3 years ago

    Hahahaa haider bhai GA

  • Shamique Nizam
    Shamique Nizam 3 years ago


  • Aamash Uddin
    Aamash Uddin 3 years ago


  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan 3 years ago

    Khuda ki kasam mje baht bur a laga ta ni ki mama chod li Jaye me Roz y dekti hu y mery bhai ty

  • Shahid Khan
    Shahid Khan 3 years ago

    Agar n do masum lrko ny n k ek admi KO Mara ta 11 din pehly to n KO chahea ta k report kar lety par nae y sub kuty ha fuck u sialkot Punjabi Tom logo ki waja se hamara Pakistan bdnam ha Tom log ki lrkio ki waja se hmare jawan mar rhe hai

  • Rahim Dad
    Rahim Dad 3 years ago

    n ka ek he elag rangar rengar

  • Rahim Dad
    Rahim Dad 3 years ago

    ye razve kutta n deno mai nai bonk taa

  • gul:stan
    gul:stan 3 years ago

    sab ilzam farigh hain mqm peh, bhata khori, lootmaar chori daketi, target killing, terrorism yeh sab kuch Pata nahi Karachi mein pti karte hain mqm aik pak saaf farishta tanzeem hai sirf ilzam lagaya jata hay, altaf evil n mqm get the fuck out.

  • Hamza Abbasi
    Hamza Abbasi 4 years ago

    I am Urdu Speaking Pakistani whose ancestors proudly migrated from India but hey don't dare call me Muhajir I am descendant of Muhajir proudly but I am pakistani.I with my entire friends family and whom so ever I know voted for pti last year cauz we r against ethnic based party' I was among those 8 lakh karachiates (45 percent voter) who voted for pti despite all those threats we did it for our beloved Pakistan

    • Shehreyar Taqvi
      Shehreyar Taqvi 11 months ago

      Are you still alive? Did your point of view altered? Voting for PTI was the worst thing I myself did being Muhajir!

    • Attique Malik
      Attique Malik Year ago

      Hamza Abbasi we r all Pakistani bro

    • shazad ahmed
      shazad ahmed Year ago

      Hamza Abbasi Mahjir hona ek fakhr ha Oor hamain fakhar ha k hum apne ajdad ki nisbat se mahjir hain Ab kisi ko hubbul watni ka keera ziada kat raha ha to woh pehle doosri qoomoon ko pakistanyat ka dars de

    • Seema Zakir
      Seema Zakir Year ago

      Hamza Abbasi hahahaha

    • Abdul Basit
      Abdul Basit 3 years ago

      +Tayyab Ali Sahe baat boli Yarr apne kash apke jaise log awr hojae to masle haal hojaen

  • Fahad Waseem
    Fahad Waseem 4 years ago

    haroon rasheed ki izzat lut gae.

  • Rao Qasim Iqbal
    Rao Qasim Iqbal 4 years ago

    No othet opinion about mqm the terrorists the killrs l. A nice man haroon

  • SilverTheme
    SilverTheme 4 years ago

    MQM has always done politics of hatred, this muhajir card is not going to last long anymore. If you love india get the fuck out of this country and take your pathetic and dirty souls back to india.

  • SilverTheme
    SilverTheme 4 years ago

    MQM has always been terrorists and target killers and will always remain like this. This MQM punk is just another crook like the rest. PTI will fuck MQM out of karachi, bloody killers.

    • Abdul Basit
      Abdul Basit 3 years ago

      that's what others countries said about Pakistan and do propaganda , and that's what some other citizens of Pakistan said about Karachi they don't live there they have no business in there still they have issue just because they want to control city and its black money and have only interest in having taxes , Many prime minister had elected many dictatorship had ruled but none of them ever give budget for karachi except Pervez Musharaf ,No universities , No Heath facilities , No development tribals road are better than tariq road 👎 Successful citizens of karachi already leaving , educated people's go outside for job's , give the ownership of karachi to its local we did not want karachi as new liyari 👎 last 10 years population has increased and 0% development people's work 12 hour's a day and pay taxes in return they gets what ? we don't what only peace we need success 😒

    • Fahad Waseem
      Fahad Waseem 4 years ago

      @SilverTheme english samajh nahi ati to ye urdu me samjha deta hu. ap ki khuwahish ke ap PTI wale MQM ko karachi se bahar phen do ge sab matti me mil gae hai esey khawab aur na dekhey plz. mazeed beizzati hogi.

    • SilverTheme
      SilverTheme 4 years ago

      +Fahad Waseem Well, you got that right but am i not a quick learner than huh? you are still struggling after years of practice. Shame on you.

    • Fahad Waseem
      Fahad Waseem 4 years ago

      @SilverTheme You idiot. i think you learned your English after logging on to you tube and you are telling me to learn english? daggey

    • SilverTheme
      SilverTheme 4 years ago

      +Fahad Waseem Try to improve your english bhosre ke, sale bhayyay. this is how you are treated and fucked right up the ass RAW agents

  • Amir ahmed
    Amir ahmed 4 years ago

    Nobody can trust on HAroon Rasheed. He is lota and keep changing every day....

  • Jia Ali
    Jia Ali 4 years ago

    I always support mqm.. jeena hoga marna hoga haar haal mai quied e tehreek ap k sath chalna hoga

    • Daniyal malik saqibi
      Daniyal malik saqibi Year ago

      Altaf looking fat dogs fuck this nonsense

    • Daniyal malik saqibi
      Daniyal malik saqibi Year ago

      Jia Ali Pakistan me bhokay nangay ae thy tum log

    • Ma Arij
      Ma Arij 2 years ago

      Jia Ali ur absouloutly ri8 G a altaf bhai

    • Habib Rehman
      Habib Rehman 2 years ago

      Jia Ali ! you are like a sheep because if one walks through dirty path then the whole bunch following the same path. you don't use your brain because you don't have one. This is a quality of an illiterate and inhuman individual.

  • Jia Ali
    Jia Ali 4 years ago

    Hyder abbas bhai great..

  • war dog
    war dog 4 years ago


  • war dog
    war dog 4 years ago


  • Inzmam Ul Haq
    Inzmam Ul Haq 4 years ago

    I hate MQM and HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI butt he is an intelligent person and well educated as well and his URDU is brilliant

    • war dog
      war dog 4 years ago

      +Inzmam Ul Haq ....MQM ...has many educated people not only haider abbas...

    • Inzmam Ul Haq
      Inzmam Ul Haq 4 years ago

      Yes I should admire his qualities but he has another dark side of his character that I hate.....

    • Adnan Niazi
      Adnan Niazi 4 years ago

      @Inzmam Ul Haq He is an intelligent person and well educated as well and his URDU is brilliant but I hate MQM and HAIDER ABBAS RIZVI.......Interesting!

  • Sara
    Sara 4 years ago

    Now what will they do I am happy what's happening to mqm

  • Abdul Bashir
    Abdul Bashir 5 years ago

    Haider Rizvi Zindabad.... Haroon Rasheed kee bond mae merchee khoob lagee....Haider Rizvi zindabad........

    • Asif Khan
      Asif Khan Year ago

      han dalle aur ye aj bhaga wa hai khud bhaar aur party ki maa chod di fauj ne😀

  • Sarey Dost
    Sarey Dost 5 years ago

    Please convey my message to PAT & PTI. Start pahiyya(wheel) jam....NOW 1. BLOCK GT road in KPK near Attock. 2. Block lahore, multan , karachi , multan, peshawar etc.etc air ports...where ever u can. 3. Block any other main roads you can. 4. Block train tracks where u can. Yeh LAATON KE BHOOT BATON SE nahin manain gay.

  • Zakotaa Jin
    Zakotaa Jin 5 years ago

    yeah sarkari muraat nahi laitay, yeah logon ko borion main daal ker bhattay laitay hain. kalaay surar kay gandu pillay

  • Music TV
    Music TV 5 years ago

    Haroon rasheed is bullshit ,

    • Canu Punu
      Canu Punu 2 years ago

      ali ammar syed bhai aap bataein tu sahi kion

  • T Jays
    T Jays 5 years ago

    Great Haroon Rashid

  • abu hasan
    abu hasan 6 years ago

    Shit on MQM and its followers - a bunch of thugs.

  • Noor Ali
    Noor Ali 6 years ago

    Please let us be realistic, Mr. Haroon couldn't respond well to Mr. Rizvi. Mr. Haroon seems biased though he also has the advantage of being analyst but after going through video I guess he is much less than this title.

  • Muhammad Yasin Saleem

    Bastarfs mqm and Altaf and zindabad Sir Haroon

  • abu anas
    abu anas 6 years ago

    Her admi ko KHAWAB dekhney ka haq hea, per hiader abbas RIZVI ko day dreaming ka SHAUQ bhee hea. Koi HIADER ABBAS RIZVI ki video dekhey jo is ne ISLAMABAD police, kis sharaafat se MNA wala sulook ker rehaa hea. BHATTAA-KHOOR aur GHUDDAGARD ALLAH baney hein. ALLAH gunjey ko nahun de.

  • Asher Sha
    Asher Sha 6 years ago

    Mqm zindabad great job Haider abbs lolololol

  • R ch
    R ch 6 years ago

    Stupid mqm..y r u jelous frm jagirdaars..they r got gifted nd ur jmaat is god laanut

  • R ch
    R ch 6 years ago

    Bhatta khor mqm..rizvi accepted...mqm is running only with bhatta khori.

  • R ch
    R ch 6 years ago

    Inn dono say poocha jaey kon mehangi car per studio aaia ha

  • 16maq
    16maq 6 years ago

    mqm (mardood qatil movement) days will be counted soon.

  • T Jays
    T Jays 6 years ago

    Haider Rizvi I m sorry you lost the battle

  • generationnext9000
    generationnext9000 6 years ago

    HR is right.

  • Nasir Khan
    Nasir Khan 7 years ago

    lanat mqm kosra altaf

  • Rz. Ahm
    Rz. Ahm 7 years ago

    MQM sare ke sare 100% behnchod hai.

  • K4MR4N1UK123
    K4MR4N1UK123 7 years ago

    Altaf bhai ke zahoor pazir honay se pehley tak 1984 mien Karachi ek bohat hi pu aman aur pyara shehar hota tha. Iss khabbees ne atay hi urdu speakings aur punjabi pathano ki apas mien dushmani kerwai

  • Quentin Godot
    Quentin Godot 7 years ago

    it seems some people in pakistan haven't evolved from savage beasts to human beings.

  • Sheikh Owais
    Sheikh Owais 7 years ago

    bhaiyeeeee Bhan k Loray

  • Javade Khwaja
    Javade Khwaja 7 years ago

    MQM is a party of blackmailers and hypocrites. Haroon Rashid is a weird character, self-centered and a psudo intellelctual.

  • dannyuow
    dannyuow 7 years ago

    atleast it is restricted to two provinces then..all the other are restricted to one...and imran khan isnt anti shia at cud u say that? dnt cook up stories...well i think all the educated class and patriotic ppl are supporting imran khan..whether theyre from sindh, punjab or watever. anyways no offense but you have your views and ive my perception..ta!

  • dannyuow
    dannyuow 7 years ago

    pti is the only national party in the country..not restricted to any particular ethnic group or province!

  • Rameez Hussain
    Rameez Hussain 7 years ago

    G.A apmso..!!

  • Najiha syed
    Najiha syed 7 years ago

    u r rite mnasir79.

  • Mohammad Nasir
    Mohammad Nasir 7 years ago

    There is no comparision... Youth of MQM is more patriotic, focused and deterministic towards the betterment of Pakistan, while other two parties are just striving for Seats, hence are focused more on attracting LOTAs into their party rather than doing any good..

  • james farrell
    james farrell 7 years ago

    haroon rasheed aur haider imam rizvi aik dusry ko chodty han

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 7 years ago

    great leader best thoughts IMRAN KHAN IMRAN KHAN

  • connectfast
    connectfast 8 years ago

    Haider Abbas Rizvi Wow what a style

  • Salman Ahmed
    Salman Ahmed 8 years ago

    So this is the Leadership my country is waiting for???

  • Wasim Zaidi
    Wasim Zaidi 8 years ago

    “We live in an age disturbed, confused, bewildered, afraid of its own forces, in search not merely of its road but even of its direction”

  • khan589
    khan589 8 years ago

    Haroon Rasheed is a genuine individual.

  • Zeeshan Zeeshan
    Zeeshan Zeeshan 8 years ago

    MQM terrorists..basterds

    SHUJAAT KHAN 8 years ago

    @rashidvida1 bro thanks humen ik hona parega is mulk ko bachane k leye .in sub ko galt history parhai gai hai.mqm jesi koi party nahi haq hai mqm

  • Shabbir Sherwani
    Shabbir Sherwani 8 years ago

    mqm is middle class party no doubt

  • Sami Ullah
    Sami Ullah 8 years ago

    @workingforworldpeace hahahhahaha well said yar

  • Shano Ali
    Shano Ali 8 years ago

    MQM ka jo yar hy wo QOUM ka gaddar hy....Do u agree with me??? If agree thn plz see my channel & post ur comment...

  • TheCofcol
    TheCofcol 8 years ago

    @talhamujahid Kanjri is a word not spoken by urdu speaken people. If you are urdu speaking may be your brought up has not been good. It is indecent to call someones mother '......'. You have right to say anything to Altaf as he is a public figure. But calling names to his mother shows your background

  • agknalskgn
    agknalskgn 8 years ago

    @abidjazib ye tum suwar har aik ko galiyan kioN detey ho. jab tum swar apnay chotey chotey nangey seenoN pe raingtey huey Pakistan aaye they to in hi kutoN ne tum swaroN ko panah di thi. ingrates bihari suwar

  • umairsahab1
    umairsahab1 8 years ago

    ALTAF HUSSAIN zindabad PAKISTAN paindabad

  • Jeff Leiken
    Jeff Leiken 8 years ago

    we like jokers

  • faisy100
    faisy100 8 years ago

    haroon rasheed nai gaand sulga di .

  • paniputh
    paniputh 8 years ago

    Very good dulai by Haroon Rasheed. MQM real face is unveiled. MQM person did not deny that they collect batta from people of Karachi

  • Anas Ahmed
    Anas Ahmed 8 years ago

    Nach na ae to angan teraaaaaaaaaaa...............pti k pas jawab nahi to vieo katne ka ilzam lagadiya

  • 48rxxygm
    48rxxygm 8 years ago

    pakistan is fuked

  • Vistro
    Vistro 8 years ago

    mqm midal class ki tahreek hai ap watch karen bilkul sahi mane main main sindhi hoon mera pora khandan mqm main hai naushahro feroz main

  • Vistro
    Vistro 8 years ago

    mqm midal class ki tahreek hai ap watch karen bilkul sahi mane main