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Triosphere - Storyteller
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My cat Neko playing
Views 3746 years ago
Dio - Wild One (vinyl)
Views 1.5K7 years ago
Ässät - JYP 24.03.2012
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Jim Clark tribute
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Metallica - One (vinyl)
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Dio - We Rock (vinyl)
Views 4.3K9 years ago
Dio - Overlove (vinyl)
Views 2.3K9 years ago
Hurriganes - Bad Baby
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Hurriganes - Find a Lady
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My vintage Hi-Fi system
Views 22K10 years ago
Hot Rod & Rock Show 2008
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  • Robert Callaghan
    Robert Callaghan 4 days ago

    Trilogy...... Stargazer Eyes of the world Light in the black When Music meant something... 🤓

  • Bee Kay 5150
    Bee Kay 5150 10 days ago

    My copy of AJFA on vinyl brings out some natural low end and I love it!

  • Jesus Javier Cota
    Jesus Javier Cota 23 days ago

    Tremendo temon!! gracias.

  • Fernando Fraga
    Fernando Fraga Month ago

    Sir, you did a good job posting it on RU-clip. Thanks

  • Белогоръ Ѩ


  • sasa zaric
    sasa zaric 2 months ago

    What diameter projectors are?

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 2 months ago

      @sasa zaric I bought mine from a member of the finnish Saab Club forum. However, it seems these are the exact same lenses:

    • sasa zaric
      sasa zaric 2 months ago

      @Mawerick77 do you know wher to buy clear glas? Becose stock have stripes for halogen beam

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 2 months ago

      On this video I had 2.5" projectors, but I've since upgraded to 3.0" LED projectors.

  • @Fatherland Child
    @Fatherland Child 2 months ago

    Ahh i love it

  • Jayson Raphael Murdock

    Wow Cozy Powell kicking butt

  • Jayson Raphael Murdock

    Probably my favorite album by RJD. Holy Diver, Strange Highways or Sacred Heart at 2nd place.

  • Solid Snake_93
    Solid Snake_93 3 months ago


  • Solid Snake_93
    Solid Snake_93 3 months ago

    The best Metallica song of all time!

  • theburner2
    theburner2 3 months ago

    Holy shit 😁

  • Rare Crashes Guy
    Rare Crashes Guy 3 months ago

    oh man i just glad his head didn't get sliced from the guard rail

  • Dylan Grant
    Dylan Grant 3 months ago

    I never heard this! TY.

  • Mega Chigger
    Mega Chigger 3 months ago

    The reflection of the light on the record makes an inverted cross.

  • antonio torres
    antonio torres 4 months ago

    I thought it was the first song on side two, at least that was on the original Rising on black vinyl.

  • Mr Vinylyzed
    Mr Vinylyzed 4 months ago

    Heavy metal vinyl is back !

  • REK6.73
    REK6.73 4 months ago

    Direct Metal Mastering

  • REK6.73
    REK6.73 4 months ago

    Direct Metal Mastering

  • farr64
    farr64 4 months ago

    This deck is running on 78rpm because the mechanism as problems. It is slowing down when in autochanger mode ..Still great record deck thanks for posting

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 4 months ago

      I know. The idler wheel has hardened and the short rubber belts running the other speeds have hardened and cracked as well. It's more of a display piece anyway so I don't really care. Been years since I last even tried running it.

  • Emanuel Rodríguez
    Emanuel Rodríguez 4 months ago

    Isn’t it the original MoP vinyl? What is a DMM vinyl?

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 Month ago

      This release is from 1987 and used the original master tapes, as far as I know. DMM stands for Direct Metal Mastering. See here:

  • V Ghost
    V Ghost 4 months ago

    Ritchie's greatest line-up of musicians

  • gustavo gorla
    gustavo gorla 4 months ago

    Las escobillas limpiaparabrisas no son originales.

  • Josh Richard
    Josh Richard 5 months ago

    Dio's finest hour, for sure.

  • Pbperez 210
    Pbperez 210 5 months ago

    Nothing beats the sound of vinyl!!

  • Klaus Schimmelpfennig
    Klaus Schimmelpfennig 5 months ago

    Genau dieses Album kam heute in Vinyl bei mir an ! Habe über zwei Wochen drauf gewartet....das Intro ist so MEGA GEIL !!!!

  • juanpax64
    juanpax64 5 months ago

    Now compare it to the 2013 blackened remaster (i think is bad , the guitars just blow up thw other instruments

  • Emmanuel Hinderry
    Emmanuel Hinderry 5 months ago

    Who ever created greaterthengod created betterthengod let all trillions dead dinosaurs humans have nice spirits forms muscles play all electric guitar drums in a nice spirits wordless doing porno stick in whole spirit btype greaterthengod grant wishes ttgpk ten times greater than power knowledge

  • Kartik Chandrasekhar
    Kartik Chandrasekhar 5 months ago

    I heard Kirk wrote the chorus riff on this song - the one where there're no vocals. Great riff. All around terrific song.

  • igor Djordjevic
    igor Djordjevic 6 months ago


  • Kerry Foster
    Kerry Foster 6 months ago

    Great lead into the single version. Full of mstery!

  • Sam Abdullah
    Sam Abdullah 6 months ago

    Love the vinyl

  • V Ghost
    V Ghost 6 months ago

    My original Megaforce release blows both of 'em away : )

    • JackGamer
      JackGamer 4 months ago

      Original megaforce, vertigo, japan etc

  • Maycon Resende
    Maycon Resende 6 months ago

    Thank you for upload.

  • Beverly Davis
    Beverly Davis 7 months ago

    ❤ a mother could never ask for a better son .. You were listening and here you are marrying a beatiful woman who cherishes you. I love you. Im so Very Proud of the man you are ❤ Thank you both for a memory I will always cherish ❤❤

  • Beverly Davis
    Beverly Davis 7 months ago

    Audio is kick ass.

  • Michael Milton
    Michael Milton 7 months ago

    Nice choice. Blessed to em twice. Atl. Oh those were the days.

  • keith parkhill
    keith parkhill 7 months ago

    Something is different. Sounds cleaner and more transparent. Remix?

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 7 months ago

      It's a 2010 Back On Black remaster.

  • Floyd Sawicki
    Floyd Sawicki 7 months ago

    Great ALBUM. Great SONG.

  • roberto gonzalez
    roberto gonzalez 7 months ago

    ke chingon se escusha mamon

  • Rick
    Rick 8 months ago

    Great album! I own the original 1984 pressing of Ride The Lightning.

  • Александр Кирьянов

    На огонь, воду и движение иглы по винилу с Dio можно смотреть бесконечно. Thanks!

    VEGASWINGZ 8 months ago

    This reminds me of the plot to "The Silver Chalice"; with Paul Newman and Pierre Angeli with Jack Palance playing a Wizard/Magician named Simon. He convinces the Roman Emperor to have a tower built whereupon he shall fly from it. Same as the song, he fell instead of rising. Also has the very sexy Virginia Mayo, little too much makeup though. You can see the influence on Jack Black here.

  • Sir Benxo
    Sir Benxo 8 months ago


  • Michael Cuffe
    Michael Cuffe 9 months ago

    Damn! that classic Shure V15 cartridge sounds real nice!

  • Matt M
    Matt M 9 months ago

    Maybe I'm just fooling myself, but I swear I can hear more on this than I have ever heard on tape or mp3. And I have listening to Metallica religiously for years. I am one of those people that throws the headphones on, and becomes totally absorbed. I understand this is a digital replication of vinyl, but I know I can hear more.

  • san-teri
    san-teri 9 months ago

    Jarno Kärki...Tuttu nimi :D

  • Darkpanzer 1983
    Darkpanzer 1983 9 months ago


  • cengizhanın tontiş yüzü

    This touch my soul as if an unknown hand

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 9 months ago

    biRth öff a nözziön ^ ? ^

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 9 months ago

    wödd ´nice´ pläq mühzzeck´ ^^

  • jutubaeh
    jutubaeh 9 months ago

    fäthR för heatR v v

  • Lars's Wig
    Lars's Wig 10 months ago

    Why were CDs invented? Vinyls already sounded sick!

  • Krazy Kenny
    Krazy Kenny 10 months ago

    Damn, that snare sounds like shit. No offense to the vynil. I hate those remasters. Thanks for uploading. :)

  • Carlos Boss
    Carlos Boss 10 months ago

    Uffffffffffff Men thank you!!!!

  • Tom Tieben
    Tom Tieben 10 months ago


  • Julian Segura
    Julian Segura 11 months ago

    A under rated masterpiece

  • gman
    gman 11 months ago

    I would rather own ORIGINAL copies of any album, if, for no other reason, you dont get the album split over 2 vinyls. The really bugs me!

  • Tessie Sangster
    Tessie Sangster Year ago

    which speakers are those??

  • JackGamer
    JackGamer Year ago

    Fuck yeah

  • WTF Custom Garage

    Thanks for reminding me of the past. After all, when it was the music of my childhood.

  • greenxxghostie
    greenxxghostie Year ago

    I'm rolling thunder pouring rain I'm coming on like a hurricane My lightning's flashing across the sky You're only young but you're gonna die I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives Nobody's putting up a fight I got my bell I'm gonna take you to hell I'm gonna get ya satan get ya Hells bells Hells bells, you got me ringing Hells bells, my temperature's high Hells bells I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine If you're into evil you're a friend of mine See the white light flashing as I split the night Cause if good's on the left then I'm sticking to the right I won't take no prisoners won't spare no lives Nobody's puttin' up a fight I got my bell I'm gonna take you to hell I'm gonna get ya satan get ya Hells bells Hells bells, you got me ringing Hells bells, my temperature's high Hells bells Hells bells, satan's coming to you Hells bells, he's ringing them now Those hells bells, the temperature's high Hells bells, across the sky Hells bells, they're taking you down Hells bells, they're dragging you under Hells bells, gonna split the night Hells bells, there's no way to fight Hells bells

  • Brett Ratell
    Brett Ratell Year ago

    Thanks for the ride!

  • sam8404
    sam8404 Year ago

    Hey man just letting you know a user by the name of Miguel Brass stole this video and is passing it off as his own

    • sam8404
      sam8404 Year ago

      Mawerick77 no problem. It was actually in the list of recommended videos, that's how I found out

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 Year ago

      Thanks. Seems it's been ages.

  • Rudy Arce
    Rudy Arce Year ago

    Dio's vocals are EPIC! This is possibly the best Non-Ozzy Sabbath's song made!

  • Gilvan Junior
    Gilvan Junior Year ago

    total classic !!!!

  • Yimmy36
    Yimmy36 Year ago

    I'm listening to this on a 1976 Sony TA-4650 Vfet receiver and it sounds incredible, its amazing how much more dynamic the vinyl is thanks for uploading :)

  • Smash Dalde
    Smash Dalde Year ago

    Absolutely beautiful.I must have a dmm of this,I'll look on eBay.I wish I still had my Metallica vinyl from the 80's:I fell asleep when the sandman entered and lost interest.I ended up pawning my records in the early 90's for weed money(I'm absolutely gutted and furious with myself over this)Started buying vinyl again in 2001 after purchasing a project turntable and haven't looked back.

  • Manuel Gomes
    Manuel Gomes Year ago

    I have a JVC SRP-471 E-3, old but excellent gear, I use it on a Sony 6036-A and a HH Scott 3141.

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 Year ago

      I'm running my turntables through a Marantz PM250 amp.

  • Manuel Gomes
    Manuel Gomes Year ago

    Is that a Nikko turntable? Nice...

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 Year ago

      It is. I'm using it while doing some work on my Harman/Kardon T55C. Might be a while, haven't even started yet...

  • James Lonergan
    James Lonergan Year ago

    One of my favorite deep purple songs. I saw these guys live last week.


    I love the cymballs sound. 👍👍👍👍

  • Gilvan Junior
    Gilvan Junior Year ago

    RIP Dio.

  • Fred is aus the venision

    It plays little slower!!!🇮🇹

  • Speed Metal
    Speed Metal Year ago

    Thanks for sharing, all that crap HD sounds always make me puke

  • ronald rime
    ronald rime Year ago

    Mawerick77 Was that the same 327 Chevrolet used?

    • Mawerick77
      Mawerick77 Year ago

      No. This was based on the Nash engine from the 50's.

  • dirty paws
    dirty paws Year ago


  • Kartik Chandrasekhar

    I can't get over how coherent everything sounds here. Perfection.

  • pablo dario
    pablo dario Year ago

    que hermoza .the truth a beauty.

  • Crazy Toad
    Crazy Toad Year ago

    does death metal sound good?

  • Mawerick77
    Mawerick77 Year ago

  • Rick
    Rick Year ago

    Nice! Love your vinyl collection

  • JackGamer
    JackGamer Year ago


  • fazeel ashraf
    fazeel ashraf Year ago

    there is no comparison between this version and the mp3, this is so much superior.

  • juanpax64
    juanpax64 Year ago

    great quality

  • John S
    John S Year ago

    Nice car Very nice

  • Emi Smaldone
    Emi Smaldone Year ago

    This song it's a fucking eargasm for my ears 😎

  • Marcus Silveritis

    Thanks dude the only original i could find

  • Night Flight 5
    Night Flight 5 Year ago


  • Lightbulb
    Lightbulb Year ago

    Clean you recored

  • das Koolest
    das Koolest Year ago

    damn good sound quality!

  • Jhonny Lancaster Rodrigues

    Change the speed to 1.5x and you will listen Mechanix xD

  • Руслана Величко

    It's hard to believe this great song was written a long time ago. It seems like newly created. Its magic is beyond time.

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda Year ago

    Not really a fan of Metallica.

  • Gergana Doneva
    Gergana Doneva Year ago

    How old and so good.. I feel like traveler in time.. Metallica is immortal!!

  • walter valente
    walter valente Year ago


  • SS
    SS Year ago

    Something happens to ones soul when listening to ACDC and this track. So much power can take you places you've never been before. Incredible.

  • Svatopluk Sroubek

    Concerning DMM (Direct Metal Mastering) vinyl records: I have some of such DMM vinyl records from the 80s with a classical music, and I find their sound much better than by the other usual records from that period. The big difference is here that by normal records I have to use an equalizer for to reach a really good sound, by DMM records the sound is super without to use an equalizer.

  • Kartik Chandrasekhar

    I love Kirk's midsection solo. I hate the whole 'Dave vs Kirk' 'debate'. Both are remarkably talented guys! \m/