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  • aman insan
    aman insan Day ago

    I dislike this video because Swiss not included in top 10

  • Su Perera
    Su Perera 2 days ago

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  • Aahil Sultan
    Aahil Sultan 3 days ago

    Love China from Qatar

  • fitriani rahim
    fitriani rahim 5 days ago

    I'm from Indonesian 🇮🇩😊

  • Erika Jasinski
    Erika Jasinski 6 days ago

    Poland is beautiful.

  • Doge Bro 200
    Doge Bro 200 7 days ago

    Lol thumbnail is Tokyo 😂😂😂😂

  • Hanis Rai
    Hanis Rai 9 days ago

    I think the capital of France, where tourists often flood, is one of the dirtiest cities I've been to. Every subway station reek of pee. Wonder why Japan, Australia or NZ aren't in the list.

  • GRAF Mikanski
    GRAF Mikanski 10 days ago

    Что то Польша запала Мне в душу.👍 polska

  • Herman Yogasara
    Herman Yogasara 10 days ago

    I am 55 years old now ..35 years ago I was there at Com.Col.Denver it called..5 years had been amazing experienced in at E.Hampden that time .love skiing at aspen and seen Telluride Jazz Festival during the summer .Threes companies was still on I am in Jakarta Indonesia big metropolitan . Colorado still on my mind .

  • Scania,Volvo Bus Chaser

    I'm from india. russia is true friend of india. I love Russia.

  • Ghislaine Francisco
    Ghislaine Francisco 11 days ago

    Groningen <3

  • c3h4
    c3h4 12 days ago

    Đubl đana😂😂

  • ketut sukarata
    ketut sukarata 13 days ago

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  • i.p electronice M:D
    i.p electronice M:D 13 days ago


  • Just Pilot
    Just Pilot 13 days ago

    10. Oslo 9. Reykjavik 8. Munich 7. Rotterdam 6. Amsterdam 5. San Marino 4. Tallinn 3. Gothenburg 2. Moscow 1. Istanbul

  • shilpi Haider
    shilpi Haider 14 days ago


  • Dylan R
    Dylan R 15 days ago

    Ireland 🇮🇪?

  • Shamsher singh
    Shamsher singh 16 days ago

    Really so Beautiful

  • Daisonfantastic Pp
    Daisonfantastic Pp 17 days ago

    1 am lovin g Polish people

  • Shamsher singh
    Shamsher singh 17 days ago

    Wao ! Realy great

  • Tiphaine Luccy
    Tiphaine Luccy 18 days ago

    awesome video... Thanks for the video. :D

  • Dhanalakshmi V
    Dhanalakshmi V 18 days ago

    New york city was amazing. I love so much. My dream is going to new york. 💓💓💓😘l am going to NYC the next year😍

  • Charlies Angel Tarot

    i think this video is shite, incorrect information and to much video without correct commentation. please take it down.

  • Remco F. Gerritsen
    Remco F. Gerritsen 20 days ago

    Happy my home town is on this list :D

  • Remco F. Gerritsen
    Remco F. Gerritsen 20 days ago

    It's a shame people are so goddamn lazy that they use robots to make video's!

  • M Daems
    M Daems 21 day ago

    I'm duch


    Санкт-Петербург здесь очень красивый город

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago

    ik bid GOD so Snell moelijk Nederland kun vliegen

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago

    Ik heb daar veel meegemaakt

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago

    ik miss heel tijd Nederland

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago

    Nederland taal vind ik loik ,hou ik van

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago

    ik hou van rotterdam, rotterdam is best stad in the wereld

  • Neeraj Arora
    Neeraj Arora 23 days ago


  • radu_ radu_
    radu_ radu_ 23 days ago

    Oh, so greece is on the list but romania and switzerland aren't, i'd say romania is better than greece, maybe beacause i don't really care about the sea, but the mountains in romania are 12364537376466378293839330494647385267253/10

  • László Rónay
    László Rónay 24 days ago

    Szép, de legalább a városok neveit kellett volna helyesen kimondani.

    • Lac Lov
      Lac Lov 8 days ago

      Hevájz... mi ebben a rossz?....

  • Ankush Srivastava
    Ankush Srivastava 25 days ago

    Proud to see me indian falg over there

  • Ashok S
    Ashok S 26 days ago

    "RUSSIA" Beautiful and strongest country..I love Russia....

  • Supplement Trade
    Supplement Trade 26 days ago

  • guru prasad m m
    guru prasad m m 26 days ago

    My favorite american sis or bro I love

  • Safi Khan
    Safi Khan 27 days ago

    Pakistan 🇵🇰 is the cheapest and save country in the world more than all these top 10.. peoples are friendly guest full .. Green and beautiful mountains Waterfalls Rivers sea canals beaches lakes.. cities names.. khyber pukhtoon khwa.. one of the most beautiful province in South Asia.. Gilgit Baltistan.. Karachi and Lahore .. Couple can lives just 200$ per month

    • Safi Khan
      Safi Khan 15 days ago

      Rx Sx But Pakistan is peaceful country .. there is no war in Pakistan.. There is no any NATO army there is no American Army or Russian Army... watch these both videos You will know everything 🙏❤️

    • Rx Sx
      Rx Sx 15 days ago

      LOL, bet Syria, Afganistan and Somalia are up of these 10 countries too.

  • Gata Salvaje
    Gata Salvaje 27 days ago

    Thailand has loses its charm now, dirty and polluted due to mass tourism

  • Victor Y Lee
    Victor Y Lee 28 days ago

    The robotic voice is so annoying , I quit once I hear it

  • hp joy
    hp joy 29 days ago

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  • Bernita Hector
    Bernita Hector 29 days ago

    I thought Russia was a beautiful and very interesting country. Beautiful architecture and each building was different and fascinating. Loved visiting the summer and winter palaces. Everything in there was breathtaking and not to forget the beautiful paintings and sculptures. Red Square and St Petersburg was interesting not to mention the midnight train ride to St Petersburg. There is so much interesting things to say about Russia. 💂‍♀️💂‍♀️🕌🌏🌏

  • Aysha Zahir
    Aysha Zahir Month ago

    America is unsafe country as i watched in tv that skools are unsafe.

    • Abraham Lincoln
      Abraham Lincoln 27 days ago

      nah....odds of being in a mass shooting are extremely small..much better chance of being hit by a car or getting struck by lightening even

  • Sharmella Krishnasamy

    Looks like we will need a year to tour around USA.

  • Luca Minotti
    Luca Minotti Month ago

    Italy Is the first

  • Masoud Talebian
    Masoud Talebian Month ago

    I was in budapest and it is like vienna but the buldings in vienna is clean and in budapest dirty ! I dont know why they dont pajnt or repair the apperances !

  • Svetlana Stanuskic


  • Svetlana Stanuskic


  • noah Slavutsky
    noah Slavutsky Month ago

    Put Philadelphia in there Put my home in There

  • rome8180
    rome8180 Month ago

    Skip ahead to 1:37 for the actual list.

  • noureddine zaher
    noureddine zaher Month ago

    I will be there one day in USA inshalllah cant wait to visit america may allah accept my Dua .......

  • Eden Villaflores
    Eden Villaflores Month ago

    I wish i go there someday...

  • Ilmari Grillo Kajava

    Slovenia is too perfect

  • Silver Queen
    Silver Queen Month ago

    Omg! So beautiful amazing place love to go there and witness the much amazing crazy kind of place like those...woahhh..😲😲😲😲

  • marsha roberts
    marsha roberts Month ago

    I love the staten island ferry

  • BoomWithPeter
    BoomWithPeter Month ago

    So is it safe to come in Warshava in a car with Serbian (Belgrade) Licence plates, i had issues in Croatia (broken windows) and Czech republic (outflated and destoroyed tiers)?

  • Pardeep Kumar
    Pardeep Kumar Month ago

    Top cantry

  • Voo Doo
    Voo Doo Month ago

  • Zlooze
    Zlooze Month ago

    its kinda retarted that u think the thumbnail is paris

  • F Sm
    F Sm Month ago

    Is Muslim dress acceptable in Poland and cover the face

  • juscurious
    juscurious Month ago

    Take San Francisco off the list or move it way down. The city is a cesspool. It's changed so much in the last 20 years. You really have to avoid the human waste on the streets. There are interesting and wonderful places to visit in the SF Bay Area, but the city of SF is not such a great place any more. It's also dangerous.

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    Dobrodošli! Sem iz Poljske in všeč mi je vaša država! Polesi čebula pozdrav! Witajcie! Jestem z Polski i podoba mi się wasz kraj! Polaczki Cebulaczki pozdrawiają! Welcome! I am from Poland and I like your country! Poles Onions greetings!

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    Wow! New Zealand is cool, I have uncle in New Zealand! But he and my family are Polish.

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    你好Victoria在這裡!我來自波蘭,更確切地說來自凱爾採!我非常喜歡你的國家! 問候 I'm from Poland, and I think, China is cool.

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    When I was a kid, I want to live in France, but I'm Polish :c Bonus: Bonjour, c'est Victoria, vous passez un très bon moment en France. Quand j'étais enfant, j'ai toujours rêvé d'y vivre. Salutations

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    Wow! Hungary is very cool! I'm from Poland! Wow! Magyarország nagyon jó! Lengyelországból származom!

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    Wow! In Portugal is very beautiful! After this Holidays I want go to Portugal🙋🏻‍♀️ Olá, saúdo todos os portugueses. Saudações da Polônia💓 I'm from Poland

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    I want to live in NY. Here's so beautiful! I love this: Hollywood💓 I'm from Poland, my English is maybe bad...

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    Wooow, here so beautiful! ~Poland

  • Delphini Diggory
    Delphini Diggory Month ago

    No przepraszam bardzo, gdzie są Kielce? Nasza Kadzielnia? I'm so sorry, where is Kielce? Our Kadzielnia?

  • Suzette Dandoy
    Suzette Dandoy Month ago

    I wish someone could bring me to this place.someday 😊

  • ruiyuan dong
    ruiyuan dong Month ago

    10昆明 9九寨沟 8杭州 7阳朔 6拉萨 5西安 4上海 3长城 2香港 1北京

  • konnichiwa nigga - chan

    I cant believe that there is not Giethoorn here

  • Akbar Pasha
    Akbar Pasha Month ago

    Which month is better to go new York ?

  • Abdulla Dewan
    Abdulla Dewan Month ago

    Hi short guide is bangladesh has different tourist attractions. Everything is totally natural even the people.u can also find comfort but it is the cheapest tourist cntry in the

  • Tsm alo
    Tsm alo Month ago

    i love too gotto georgia my name and my brother name is there and it says gp and my name is piper and my brother name gaylan

  • Akbar Pasha
    Akbar Pasha Month ago

    Hello I love new York I will be there one time on vacation God willing

  • Mary Ann Rezmann-Grams

    Why in the hell would use a robotic voice?!

  • Siemakamo Siemakamo

    Kraków? Wrocław? Gdańsk?

  • ApollonCZ
    ApollonCZ Month ago

    🇨🇿Czech republic!!!🇨🇿

  • myles ale
    myles ale Month ago

    Wait where's the most beautiful country of the entire world swizerland not even in top 10 😂

    • Big Trillin
      Big Trillin 12 days ago

      imagine thinking switzerland is the most beautiful counrty in the world??? hahahahhahahaha. no diversity at all..all switzerland has is mountains..what else, lol. and it has too much people for its size..way overcrowded

  • knowledge world
    knowledge world Month ago

    see wonders of sharm el shiekh beaches with Dalida song Helwa Ya Balady

  • Bobbi Boyden
    Bobbi Boyden Month ago

    dumb russia

  • marek edit
    marek edit Month ago

    too much people come to slovenia

  • Baby Cart
    Baby Cart Month ago

    Best voice we can easily understand

  • monster 3344
    monster 3344 Month ago


  • G Fg
    G Fg Month ago

    New York over price real estate too expensive too much traffic. Move for investment opportunity Michigan Ohio Colorado Vermont those places Is where new money is.

  • Mikołaj Romanowski

    Poland is i central eurepe

  • Viertes Reich
    Viertes Reich Month ago

    Breslau !!! Danzig !!! - das ist Deutschland

    • SaR 77
      SaR 77 Month ago


    KOSKO FACTS 2 months ago

    Watch top 10 most beautiful countries in the world

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee 2 months ago

    Robot voice is pronouncing all the names wrong.

  • Tvn Si
    Tvn Si 2 months ago

    As well as music if fucking sheet

  • Tvn Si
    Tvn Si 2 months ago

    Movie is cool but comments and cities’ names pronouns which where performed by translation robot is peace of sheet

  • A Peppermint Candy
    A Peppermint Candy 2 months ago

    Nooo it's a

  • 7 7
    7 7 2 months ago

    automatic robot lady voice,,, not good , bad pronunciation of Language..... pictures of Hungary ,, love it.

  • R yusuf
    R yusuf 2 months ago

    I grow up In nz and i have been 80 % in nz I can’t get enough of NZ beauty

  • Mary Mikawoz
    Mary Mikawoz 2 months ago

    Would help if the narrator could pronounce the names of the cities properly.

  • Mat33
    Mat33 2 months ago

    And Switzerland?