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5 Worst Man Made Disasters
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  • planescaped
    planescaped 15 minutes ago

    "He was unable to find the treasure despite searching for months" Never underestimate the resolve of poor people getting to sunken treasure before you.

  • Eric Krupke
    Eric Krupke Hour ago

    The prospect of going down with a ship terrifies me. I’ll take death on land any day.

  • Logan Fox
    Logan Fox Hour ago

    6:48 Thanks for the bloody warning.

  • User
    User Hour ago

    Flamethrowers did not explode when shot like in the movies.

  • MegaJdizzle27
    MegaJdizzle27 Hour ago

    South American natives were especially fucking brutal. No wonder the cartels are as brutal as they are, its in their fucking DNA to be disgustingly violent.

  • BR MF
    BR MF 2 hours ago

    1:31 is Bydgoszcz, Poland. 1939 massacre of Polish civilians.

  • The fastest milkman in the West

    There are probably very few grounds in england which we Brits walk upon which *haven't* seen bodies laid within it...

  • sean tellier
    sean tellier 3 hours ago

    That Alvarado was a real badass. 👊😎

  • Gregg Hill
    Gregg Hill 3 hours ago

    All battlefields are haunted

  • Brian Dady
    Brian Dady 3 hours ago

    I think Lenin could see what was coming for him.

  • Charmaine Bugado
    Charmaine Bugado 4 hours ago

    I was wondering how true these stories were. Interesting that most were ended by a naval mission. Ty for this video! Mahalo💫

  • DM zink
    DM zink 5 hours ago

    sssst ssst all I here and its irritating

  • D R
    D R 6 hours ago

    I actually saw Bud Dwyer kill himself. Hard to forget after all these years.

  • Ashish Upadhyay
    Ashish Upadhyay 6 hours ago

    The great Ashoka - kalinga war

  • ahllen52
    ahllen52 6 hours ago

    try corregidor island philippines!!

  • Jason Reed
    Jason Reed 7 hours ago

    I’m related to William the conqueror

  • RiChArD McGrEgOr
    RiChArD McGrEgOr 8 hours ago

    Wound 1 make him scream , let him cry out for help

  • ND7652
    ND7652 9 hours ago

    At least Napoleon made it to Moscow . Hitler Didn't . And I thought "Aryans " were a SUPERIOR RACE !!!

  • ND7652
    ND7652 9 hours ago

    Love the phrase Lions lead by Donkeys . That should be modern parlance .

  • Nameless_Horror
    Nameless_Horror 9 hours ago

    These examples of White Privilege are ridiculous....

  • Tal0s
    Tal0s 11 hours ago

    No Leonidas?

  • rubjellyonme
    rubjellyonme 11 hours ago

    very successful campaign i mean we still have the chinese made meme

  • Nathanplays27 E
    Nathanplays27 E 12 hours ago


  • DMAC 921
    DMAC 921 14 hours ago

    The Roman Catholic inquisition shouldve been on the list

  • mihai Aneculaesei
    mihai Aneculaesei 14 hours ago

    Hey guysss, back from my head drilling treatment! 🥰😘💞

  • Wybie Lad
    Wybie Lad 15 hours ago

    I wonder if there were any kills with the drop rifle

  • Maxwell Howig
    Maxwell Howig 16 hours ago

    As with many other Unknown5 vids, THIS one is sad. It just makes me sorrowful to think of all those animals, motivated by hunger or fear, that have been used by humans with wicked intent. Damn...bats waking up in the middle of plummeting to earth then burst into flames or be the first Russian dog in space (who also burnt to a crisp upon rentry). Shitty shitty shit...

  • Moist- N-Damp
    Moist- N-Damp 17 hours ago

    There’s no justice here. Only the church. -Uhtred-

  • Edward James
    Edward James 18 hours ago

    Custer for sure.

  • The Infinity Block
    The Infinity Block 18 hours ago

    Amazing, a booby trap that actually catches boobys

  • walx nalliw
    walx nalliw 19 hours ago

    13:17 jesus in chainmail does not exis...

  • PJN P
    PJN P 20 hours ago

    If you were married to an Irish woman you would now these acts of defiance are nothing compared to the hell she can unleash upon you.

  • Menolly Larak
    Menolly Larak 22 hours ago

    Lenin looks mad in this.

  • Allen Parsens
    Allen Parsens 22 hours ago

    Nice but the lizard queen isn't a descendant. It also bears mentioning that there have not been any so violent as the jews. They have through the last 2 000 years murdered close to one billion innocent and defenceless people.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 23 hours ago

    I see 5 examples of the poor dying for the ruling classes

  • James Swan
    James Swan Day ago

    These are the kids who won w

  • mike gurgle
    mike gurgle Day ago

    13:05 No liberal is balanced. They are all crazy. :)

  • Elliot Corley
    Elliot Corley Day ago

    I'm a long time subscriber and I have to say this video was brilliant! I had no idea about any elephants during war other than the movies and video games. I was truly impressed with this video thank you so much for taking the time to make this

  • Mouhd Tahfiz
    Mouhd Tahfiz Day ago

    Has anyone even trying to find the orang medan wreck?

  • Mouhd Tahfiz
    Mouhd Tahfiz Day ago

    Witch trial its not even a trial

  • LnTc Zeta
    LnTc Zeta Day ago

    fucking japan this is why when they took 1 harbor we took 2 cities

  • Devilicious littledevil5418

    The battle of the crate,american civil war

  • Anastasis Varellas

    Why are people in those days are so dumb, whichies are not real, so all those people that died are all innocent

  • HuggeBoy
    HuggeBoy Day ago

    Assasins creed syndicate hello

  • Kimberly Patton

    The real Captain Morgan story is truly fascinating...was a very successful pirate until he realized it was better to sell out with a walk for a position as governor of Jamaica....What incredible awful lives they must have had, dodging death , diseases, tyranny, hanging, mutiny etc...thats what makes pirates so interesting- that wild spirit of IDGAF...

  • Steve Mason
    Steve Mason Day ago

    Budd Dwyer live suicide ru-clip.com/video/eVm88MX2Gw4/video.html&bpctr=1573825820

  • Fun Bros
    Fun Bros Day ago

    Again with the devil's den nothing

  • Fun Bros
    Fun Bros Day ago

    I've been to Gettysburg and nothing happened

  • Johnny Yen
    Johnny Yen Day ago

    Congrats on 300k subs. New video on the way?

  • pink kitty
    pink kitty Day ago

    Not only is ur channel kick ass, but ur voice just makes it all the more better if that's even possible!

  • Dingge Sun
    Dingge Sun Day ago

    Where is somme it has about 1.12 million casualties and 57 470 british were killed on the first day. And, where is operation Barbarossa? It has over 1.4 million casualties.

  • Scorpio Videos

    You know it'll be good when Brazen Bull starts at #5

  • saitama your daddy

    Those japanese are truly more scarier than chinese

  • zondaintheair
    zondaintheair Day ago

    I love the picture of George Washington crossing the Delaware as it is very dramatic even though it is complete bollocks as a true representation.

  • shane Nicholas

    #1 Scott tenorman fucking with Eric cartman

  • wyldjayde
    wyldjayde Day ago

    Olga is brutal...I like her style

  • ?????
    ????? Day ago

    The kid in the thumbnail leaning against the wall looks like the first recorded person to do "blackface".

  • Matt Hammond
    Matt Hammond Day ago

    Portland Trailblazers select Sam Bowie #1 in the 1984 NBA draft over Michael Jordan: huuuge mistake.

  • parz1
    parz1 Day ago

    5:51 what the hell is a bbc doing on this mans head

  • Victor Von Deathstroke

    There's a movie called the last knight based on #5. It's really good

  • Graeme Payne
    Graeme Payne Day ago

    Regarding the USS Pueblo --- the North Koreans were also emboldened by the lack of US response to an attack on a sister ship, the USS Liberty, the previous year. At the start of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, Israeli aircraft attacked and nearly sank the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean Sea. The US basically did nothing to help the ship until it was all over, and there were no repercussions against Israel. Therefore, the DPRK was fairly confident that they could capture the Pueblo without fear.

  • Jeriel B
    Jeriel B Day ago

    lol white countries sucked back then

  • Thundercat68
    Thundercat68 Day ago

    Used a Pinto?!?!?!

  • Saundra Wills
    Saundra Wills Day ago

    Lord,Lord! No wonder they look so old as they got older. GOD did step in and cures The UK.love all children as gold which is our further.📿

  • Lt. Thumper
    Lt. Thumper Day ago

    Wrath of the Mongols?! You mean The Wrath of Kahn!!!

  • Sixth of July
    Sixth of July Day ago

    And now we have the crazy progressives who made it illegal to call a boy or girl he or her.

  • Dank Doink
    Dank Doink Day ago

    Number 1. Y’all know y’all been in those tunnels in black ops1

  • faisal nukari
    faisal nukari 2 days ago

    Where the fuck is Stalingrad

  • salinagrrrl69
    salinagrrrl69 2 days ago

    Gettysburg in 3 days in western hemisphere bloodiest? Or 2nd Tenochtitlan over a month bloodiest?

  • Elguja Kamadadze
    Elguja Kamadadze 2 days ago

    The battle of didgori should be on the list. They win 1 to 10

  • john noe
    john noe 2 days ago

    I visited Gettysburg on a family vacation to DC and Baltimore MD area to visit family and I was young and wasn't thinking about ghosts or hauntings. And I just remember feeling like I wasn't alone often. I mean for sure was a presence you could feel.

  • Willy Wonka
    Willy Wonka 2 days ago

    Killing one nobleman and in response murdering thousands of poor sailors meant the scales were balanced? Your sense of right and wrong are all kinds of fucked up. It was evident in the tunnel rats narration where imperial terrorists the US are presented as the good guys.

  • Chaplin
    Chaplin 2 days ago

    appreciate the effort, but the video could have been just as informative at half the length

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 2 days ago

    All this makes 9/11 seem so minimal.. What a terrible history this world has faced.

  • gezzly72
    gezzly72 2 days ago

    So floki was loosely based on Eric the red?

  • William Valentine
    William Valentine 2 days ago

    What battle does the first image go the entire video show?

  • ytrichardsenior
    ytrichardsenior 2 days ago


  • Vape
    Vape 2 days ago

    Going down a Vietnamese tunnel is like hell

  • Money Mills
    Money Mills 2 days ago

    It’s amazing to see how different things were really not all that long ago when it comes down to it. The crazy part was to hear of ppl selling their kids. I don’t understand how anyone could do that. Especially knowing what they would be used for. Broke, homeless and hungry with my family would be better then being fed but needing to be a slave most my life.

  • Nokisgp
    Nokisgp 2 days ago

    you know what is the worst combat role? anyone who had to fight in any war in our history because of some stupid satanists who think they have the right to control the masses hahaha we have been waiting for a revolution for too long way too long

  • Kenneth Besig
    Kenneth Besig 2 days ago

    The Chinese Civil War was a horrible waste of people, food, supplies, and that brutal Civil War left the communists in power. This communist victory left literally millions of Chinese civilians dead as a direct result of communist economic policies, and especially as regards food supplies, the Communist government literally sentenced millions of Chinese peasants to death by starvation and disease.

  • Georgina Georgiou
    Georgina Georgiou 2 days ago

    My late grandma had blood letting treatment in Cyprus xxx

  • Patrick Killin
    Patrick Killin 2 days ago

    The first one I used to walk from tockwith to long marsdone all the time right through the middle of battle and it's one creepy ass place man mores so at 11pm with few beers in ya

  • Kenneth Besig
    Kenneth Besig 2 days ago

    The only nation that the Nazis declared war on was the United States, all the other were lulled into believing Hitler wanted peace.

  • Kenneth Besig
    Kenneth Besig 2 days ago

    Europe had suffered the worst war in it's history just a decade earlier and was in no mood for another.

  • Jacob Donnelly
    Jacob Donnelly 2 days ago

    Should have mentioned “clay kickers” soldiers in ww1 with the task to tunnel under ground in the attempt to find enemy trenches and tunnels. Often the incredibly small tunnels would collapse and men would be crushed, suffocate or even drowned in ground water. Not to mention if they did link up with enemy lines, they would often need to fight hand to hand combat with nothing but a knife, bare hands, and the tools given to them to dig. Although these men often do get a mention in tv and movies, a good example of one is “Tom Shelby” from the show Peaky blinders.

  • Mattia Ghiani
    Mattia Ghiani 2 days ago

    Battle of the Somme

  • Puuro
    Puuro 2 days ago

    you missed on my opinion stalingrad and verdun

  • Abhinash Kumar Singh

    All hail King Ragnar

  • Tawmee Reed
    Tawmee Reed 2 days ago

    “Wheelie bin”

  • Danielle Dixson
    Danielle Dixson 2 days ago


  • Leonid Govorov
    Leonid Govorov 2 days ago

    Unknown5 can I make English captions please!!!

  • FeedCola
    FeedCola 2 days ago

    kids today wouldn’t even take out the trash when asked

  • Avi Rocky Handsome
    Avi Rocky Handsome 2 days ago

    You are the best.....jst sooo nice....videos....keep it up bro....i m also checking ur channel for new videos.....bestest documentary man....god bless u

  • Chris R
    Chris R 2 days ago

    U forgot Captain Jack Sparrow

  • Jack Dennis
    Jack Dennis 2 days ago

    00:28 fake photo. Actually Russian soldiers killing people in “SS” uniforms

    • Architecture Rios
      Architecture Rios 2 days ago

      That was proven to be a lie. Learn history, kiddo. It's interesting and you may get smarter

  • Robert Curry
    Robert Curry 2 days ago

    The battle of Verdun: Lasted: 303 days Combatants: France, The Second German Reich Nearly 400,000 French casualties Nearly 350,000 German casualties The French lost more men in this battle alone than the Entire US Army has lost in its entire existence.

  • ?????
    ????? 2 days ago


  • gsteel98
    gsteel98 2 days ago

    i think i need a lady like that

  • Jarrard Blanco
    Jarrard Blanco 2 days ago

    There was no Roman presence in Britain during Augustus' reign, your map is a major blunder.