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  • al gung
    al gung 9 hours ago

    Fake news Communist dictatorial lies One-Party Authoritarian State toy telescope undemocratic fool Western Medias propaganda wall street doesn't endorsed no human right americun brainwashed u said so....

  • Jon Draine
    Jon Draine Day ago

    I'm glad Elon Musk put a Tesla into space.

  • Jay Boh
    Jay Boh Day ago

    Still lost as to how you cant tell the difference between supposed signals sent out from space debris VS signals coming from other intelligent life. If there's signals at all shouldn't that mean someone is sending them out? Rocks don't communicate here on Earth so how can you shove that down throats about objects in space? If there's signals and not just one but many and they're repeating from different origin points in space I'm gonna assume that's intelligent life (several alien craft sittin around on their "radio comms") Not some damn rocks or a planet "talking" to other celestial objects. Duh.

  • soldatheero
    soldatheero Day ago

    those phone case commercials are getting very annoying

  • Drink Bourbon
    Drink Bourbon 2 days ago

    and now the whole country is on fire.

  • Delta 0
    Delta 0 2 days ago

    This is what happens when you don't carry a firearm.

  • Bu¢k50
    Bu¢k50 2 days ago

    2:56 "The individual had the dark hair and dark skin tones of an African" as she projects the image of a slightly tanned pale skinned man. Germanics hate Asiatics so completely that even when describing an Asiatic the just can't bring themselves to depict one visually. Like when they make movies about ancient Kemet (Egypt) with an all Germanic cast. Is it some sort of mental disease that they suffer from?

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 days ago

    en·ter·prise /ˈen(t)ərˌprīz/ noun 1. a project or undertaking, typically one that is difficult or requires effort.

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 2 days ago

    I am so triggered it's not U.S.S. Enterprise

  • Zx Az
    Zx Az 2 days ago

    3bilion lights years away? Then it happened 3 billion years ago

  • Van Lee
    Van Lee 3 days ago

    may be its mean ancient western and euro people maybe from china

  • Tom White
    Tom White 3 days ago

    Why do people use a robot storyteller instead of using their lazy mouth.

    I AM NO ONE 3 days ago

    Hayss laging namamalas ang pilpinas tang ina

  • Aris P.
    Aris P. 3 days ago

    Is this even true?

  • sunia akaveka
    sunia akaveka 3 days ago

    The Blob?

  • Lucifer Beezelbub Mephistophilies

    Really humans need to catch up FRB's mainly are a composite of one of the 5 layers of particle phases as proposed by quantum mechaniscs. There is the Highs Boson field, the Aether feild, the photon feild and such. The source of the FRBs are the temporal resonance frequency. Time from beginning to end, the first formation of particle energy mass to the end can be measured and theoretically viewed as a giant radio wave frequency. Every moment of every second can be broken down into streams of light that is basically what happens to all things which fall into the event horizon of a black hole. Everything it devours is compressed into a single beam of light. With that principle in mind, time is but multiple beams of this same principle. Every second of every moment can be found within a resonance feild that stretches from the beginning to the end of time. Finding a time period to the exact second of the moment you wish can be achieved by tuning into the right radio wave frequency of light. So the FRB signals that your systems are receiving are those frequencies that have lost their momentum and fallen away from the resonance feild and into ours. Most of them that is.

  • Marcos Chavarria
    Marcos Chavarria 4 days ago

    Way to step up the background music even more. Love this channel!!!

  • Claude McGovern
    Claude McGovern 4 days ago

    He was thrown under the bus.

  • Paul Cowell
    Paul Cowell 4 days ago

    It's a puppet......!!!

  • Alex Swage
    Alex Swage 4 days ago

    Mars was a lush vegation planet in the 1970s with animals and insects that are huge

  • Allen Russell
    Allen Russell 4 days ago

    Can't detect life on Mars, that would be unprofitable. The "Prime Directive" can be ignored and Mars fully developed if we do not acknowledge life on the Red Planet. Plus: Religion :D

  • SlingSalsa
    SlingSalsa 4 days ago

    NASA false colored all the pictures from Viking, never a trustworthy organization.

  • Not ur average Joker

    I hope this isn’t clickbait! Ok. Good video bro

  • Christian Deininger

    Let' us hear the signals , if not it's bullshit

  • Julius Morgan
    Julius Morgan 4 days ago

    ok... there are huge stones in siberia... is it a fortress? a wall? does it resemble anything?

  • Jesus’s Eternal Son

    Einstein piped up 3 billion years in the past thru spoky action at the distance from LHC collider just checking in advanced scientist how far they got from 1920’s on earthen vessels of clay jars. Wormwood entangled messages thru wormholes are pip-in China from nuclear reactions caused in japan 🇯🇵. Revelation 8:1 the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

  • vizzuleyes
    vizzuleyes 5 days ago

    From what I read this radio telescope isn't even operational yet so how are they picking up signals?

  • Bob !
    Bob ! 6 days ago

    USA caught an alien spaceship and kept it at Area 51.

  • Deborah Cranson
    Deborah Cranson 6 days ago

    Fake dolphin saves dog picture.

  • Msjj Family
    Msjj Family 6 days ago

    Ok don't 🐝 slow to go around 🐝 s

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards 6 days ago

    Why’s it called man made sphere it’s just a rock 🤦‍♂️. Delusional people always trying to make something cryptic when there is a much more rational reason for it.

  • Jimi Feng
    Jimi Feng 7 days ago

    Sun disk, Halo.

  • Agu mon
    Agu mon 7 days ago

    EDSA be like: WTFFFFF!!!!

  • Eric Schroeder
    Eric Schroeder 8 days ago

    Except they haven’t identified any dark matter 😂

  • jose gomez
    jose gomez 8 days ago

    His name is not Bigfoot, it’s Hairy Sack.

  • mark gil tayag
    mark gil tayag 8 days ago


  • असित बुद्ध

    "Black hole Sun, won't you come and wash away the reign"!

  • Dr Rajeev Dahiwal
    Dr Rajeev Dahiwal 8 days ago

    Its pulsar...

  • Dr Phil
    Dr Phil 8 days ago

    They were almost eaten into extinction by local villagers.

  • prokour Legend
    prokour Legend 9 days ago

    That's a lie because my pitbull killed a squirrel

  • shibu vinit hacks
    shibu vinit hacks 9 days ago

    3B light years? probably the owner and source of signal is already extinct and we just received it now and if they are still alive then just think how advance they might be

  • Alex Durn
    Alex Durn 9 days ago

    Could the eruption of campi trigger mount Vesuvius to erupt aswell or not

  • Davesh Aubeeluck
    Davesh Aubeeluck 9 days ago

    I live in mauritius

  • Mary Stevenson
    Mary Stevenson 9 days ago

    Probably space junk...

  • GOD Level
    GOD Level 10 days ago

    That's not my god

  • It's the fox!
    It's the fox! 10 days ago

    Soooo, solid CO2?

  • Veronica Liavaag
    Veronica Liavaag 10 days ago

    I have the shell of one of these that i think is about 270 years old that i somehow managed to snag on my fishing line once

  • jordan barrientos
    jordan barrientos 10 days ago

    because china claim that china's is the powerfull technology than others

  • jordan barrientos
    jordan barrientos 10 days ago

    guys translate nalang in english para sa akin base in a bible the first man on earth is name adam and eve the lang isang beses gumawa ng tao ang panginoon merun pa syang ginawang tao sa ibang panahon sa unang siglo ng buhay ng tao merun pang ibang tao dito sa universe na hindi natin alam kng anung nangyayari doon kng same ba ng buhay ngaun ng tao sa earth or mas advance sila sa technology walang kakapagsabi ang totoong katutuhanan sa lahat nangyayari at naganap universe dahil tao lang tayo may limit din ang talino pero ang imagination,theory is more than 100% more explanation regarding kng saan ba nagmula o panu nagawa o panu nalikha ang universe,solar system stars,planet,gravity of outer space or saan nagmula ang lumikha ng lahat kng nabuhay ba sya kng anu itsura nya kng anu ginagawa nya ngaun very intellegence idea very brillant idea

  • Carl Goring
    Carl Goring 10 days ago

    Nope it was probably the Tesla roadster and its pilot lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe 10 days ago

    If that crashed in my yard, you can bet your ass I would immediately run out there with my metal detector and fishing magnet! If there was any evidence to be found, it would be locked up and hidden away by the time johnny law and big brother arrived 🤔🤫🤐😅👽

  • Amy MH Chan
    Amy MH Chan 11 days ago

    Flaming bodies in heaven

  • Joyce Clark
    Joyce Clark 11 days ago

    You come to my backyard, game on!

  • shakira kalisa
    shakira kalisa 11 days ago

    I have moving magnetic it break and turn the water I need buyer

  • Tyrone Ross
    Tyrone Ross 11 days ago

    That OLD serpent who's name is Wormwood

  • LUDO
    LUDO 12 days ago

    Too many people in the world it'll go to hell in a hand cart soon enough.

  • ItzYaBoi Zeck
    ItzYaBoi Zeck 12 days ago

    Black hole more like Snow hole

  • Alan Q. Wake
    Alan Q. Wake 12 days ago


  • Khaithang Haokip
    Khaithang Haokip 12 days ago

    alien farts

  • Khaithang Haokip
    Khaithang Haokip 12 days ago

    Such Artificial voices robes away the credibility of even genuine claims. Try speaking on the mic instead of using Google Voice

  • In Shock
    In Shock 13 days ago

    the answer of this hole is simple from million and millions years ago a lota of meteors being falling down on earth creating this giants holes on the earth everytime you see a deep hole like its mean a big meteor is there really deep

  • Skipper Madagascar
    Skipper Madagascar 13 days ago

    China is crazy! They even built a giant wok.

  • NFiltr8Red
    NFiltr8Red 14 days ago

    It’s like a flea on a dog in China sending a signal to a Flea on a rat in NY. What are the odds of them meeting?

  • Bingo Bitch
    Bingo Bitch 14 days ago

    The authorities are told to lie to the general public by the elite who don't want mass panic because of the giant massive planet X system in our skies now bringing billions of meteors and massive asteroids and comets. The world is about to be destroyed by fire ( the one world gov authorities know it ) that why they built bunkers for the elite ( not you ). , and meteors asteroids comets will do it , God uses his arsenal to do it. Its all about to go down , antichrist, RFID chip , fire and brimstone , judgement , Satan god , Saints , devils , demons , God's church , Satan's synagogue , death destruction , heaven and hell , this world is Satan's world and God will destroy it , Satan will use the mans armies to fight against god by deflecting or blowing up asteroids and comets but God has big big big massive giant planet sized rocks and comets that man just should throw his hands up and surrender and turn back to god who will ultimately destroy all his enimies.

    • Bingo Bitch
      Bingo Bitch 8 days ago

      @Kvera most people are comfortable living a lie , " it's understandable " but it's still a lie.

    • Bingo Bitch
      Bingo Bitch 8 days ago

      @Kvera so you think , wake up from that dark place you live.

    • Kvera
      Kvera 12 days ago

      You need serious help man.

  • Bingo Bitch
    Bingo Bitch 14 days ago

    They were meteorites the authorities are all in it together to hide the planet X /WormWood/god's judgement/impending doom for the inhabitants of earth , there is a giant massive comet comming with billions of meteors and the authorities will lie to you until you see it in the sky for yourself , there is a whole system of planets between earth and the sun that destroyed the world back in Noah's days but this time by fire , and Egyptian pharoah Moses days , the Egyptian pharoah was killed by a tsunami/poleshift the sea goes out and then rushes back in , poleshift tsunami .

  • Andrew D Mackay
    Andrew D Mackay 14 days ago

    The pyramid is just a large crystal of magnetite. Look up "magnetite" in Wikipedia and it will show you a picture of crystallised magnetite - an oxide of iron. It will have originated from an iron rich meteorite. The only life on Mars will likely be in the form of methanogens which can live deep in the crust.

  • Vision Boi
    Vision Boi 15 days ago

    You had one job, job.

  • mattblack
    mattblack 15 days ago

    The game wardens just saw an opportunity to get hold of some free ivory at the expense of the elephant that did nothing wrong. The people in the car were at fault and kept driving forward instead of backing up. They deserved to get killed and lucky they weren,t.

  • Teresa Cullen
    Teresa Cullen 15 days ago

    thank you shared 👍💖✨⏩⏩⏩✨⏩⏩

  • Silence DoGood
    Silence DoGood 15 days ago


  • GLORY TO GOD 777
    GLORY TO GOD 777 16 days ago

    fallen angles

    • Gangland Matter
      Gangland Matter 14 days ago

      Yes because they have no clue to what an where's the objects that fell something came in are world

    KEYS 4 TRUTH 16 days ago

    The only thing that will be falling from the sky is missiles.

  • Jedi 1127
    Jedi 1127 16 days ago

    We are here from different Planets, Galaxies and Dimentions. Humanity has been programed, trained and kept as SLAVES to be controlled. It is TIMe for ALL of Humanity to RISE AND WAKE UP TO KNOW THE TRUTH. WHAT YOUR GOVERNMENTS FEAR MOST IS TO LOOSE CONTROL AND POWER. THE TIME IS NOW FOR INFINITE ABUNDANCE, ETERNAL PEACE, PERFECT HEALTH AND WELL BEING FOR ALL OF HUMANITY 🌠🌞❤ DIVINE ORDER NOW🌠

  • Nas Qad
    Nas Qad 16 days ago

    Time to play some Beyblade on that massive China dish

  • G C
    G C 16 days ago


  • Kylo Ren's Rage
    Kylo Ren's Rage 16 days ago

    lol no video footage and one crappy still photo, damn times are hard eh?!...

  • Crazy FerretLady
    Crazy FerretLady 16 days ago

    I hate robot voices! Unsub!

  • Sunil Nair
    Sunil Nair 17 days ago

    As I said shashi tharoor is a jackass a Controlled dumbass who I can throw out in a moments notice. Dont try me.

  • Triskele33
    Triskele33 17 days ago

    Space junk? Theres alot of it up there.

  • Total T
    Total T 17 days ago

    The Enterprise accidentally unloaded blue water.

  • Vicki Manning
    Vicki Manning 17 days ago

    Leave animals alone

  • Rome the Paranormal Critic

    Yeah good luck with us ever knowing the actual truth

  • Constantin Stanca
    Constantin Stanca 17 days ago

    Lost, out of order satellites . There will be more and more fallings . Eventually meteorites . Climate change blsht.

    • hawaii50th
      hawaii50th 17 days ago

      @dleesta Hey Quasimodo, there is no way of telling unless you are there on the ground, and chances are the public will not be told a thing about it, and if they are told it will be a made up story. Cause chances are, there would be radioactive material from the crashed satellite. Nobody out of that loop will be able to find out anything about this, any truth.

    • dleesta
      dleesta 17 days ago

      Where's the debris Sherlocke? So you are telling me that you have fire at all seven sites but no debris whatsoever?

    • hawaii50th
      hawaii50th 17 days ago

      And it's bull that they didn't know right away, that it's a satellite broke up and fell back to earth, it's a mess up in space with all the satellites up there. What goes up must eventually come down, it's the law of physics. This is also a scheme to hype up the public for a false disclosure for the coming great deception of all time.

  • tac at tac
    tac at tac 17 days ago

    Are there any new active volcanoes in the region?

  • 1Me
    1Me 17 days ago

    Sorry, I'll eat with my mouth closed in future :-)

  • 454pakr
    454pakr 17 days ago

    volcanic debris

    • 454pakr
      454pakr 17 days ago

      @tac at tac Hidden below the water

    • tac at tac
      tac at tac 17 days ago

      Are there any new active volcanoes in the region?

  • John Davis
    John Davis 17 days ago

    Climate change is the culprit here.

  • playlistA jimenez
    playlistA jimenez 17 days ago

    From China? Musta be fake 😂

    • John Edwards
      John Edwards 13 days ago

      Yeah, the message was decoded and said, made in China ;)

  • pim nuesink
    pim nuesink 17 days ago

    In est all your money in autoenjurance and shoot 1 rocket you wil make a 100% profit

  • Sunil Nair
    Sunil Nair 18 days ago

    Actually they are missing so many things. It almost gives sense to the notion that they are trying decode and they are not inventing. They are actually trying to decode the stuff. Otherwise they wouldn't be missing so many stuff. Billions of dollars wasted on things that was literally under our nose. ROFLMAO

  • мıı ρłαyz gαcнα ;-;

    No i love KillerWhales!...

  • Juana p
    Juana p 19 days ago

    The stars praiseing God

  • r Keusgba
    r Keusgba 19 days ago

    Hit like if u are here in 2019

  • Nick Coman
    Nick Coman 20 days ago

    An FRB may very well be an alien communication, but consider: first, any info may be structured within tbe FRB in an immensely compacted or layered manner, and only found with extensive analysis of the signal....and also , the sender of the signal may be long gone.

    • NovorSec
      NovorSec 7 days ago

      Also i heard that maybe their are sending signals but in different time spectrums, maybe they repeat their signals every 50 years, for them may be fast but for us its a life time and may not seem artificial

  • Alan Q. Wake
    Alan Q. Wake 21 day ago

    The only robovoice video I ever liked...

  • Momma Bear
    Momma Bear 21 day ago

    Evolutionists are having to relook at going from walking on all 4s to upright to coming down from Trees to walking upright.. will rewrite what we once Thought

  • Terrence Deosarran
    Terrence Deosarran 21 day ago

    More NWO "conditioning". youtube is owned by the enemy of man.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 22 days ago

    Where are the stars ?

  • Doctor Tesla
    Doctor Tesla 22 days ago

    Computer music + Marxist pseudoscience narrative = this bs

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 23 days ago

    Wish people start to count pluto as a planer thats your ninth planet not this planet x that be your tenth planet if it isnt a black hole