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  • mints
    mints Year ago

    動物愛”誤”が沸いてる沸いてる...w  文化の違いだって言うことを理解できんのか。 俺は美味しそうだと思ったけど。

  • Daily games
    Daily games Year ago

    Damn vegans stop winning. It’s how we survive dip shits.

  • Sour Karim
    Sour Karim Year ago

    ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS ok this is the fucking bull shit i fuckiing hate Fishers use a Fucking technique to kill them instantly and painless and you know octopi feel fucking pain SO THEY CAN FEEL FUCKINGS BURNS TO SO ITS LIVING HELL BEING COOKED ALIVE BY A FUCKER WHO WANTS TO EAT IT AND SEE IT COOKED ALIVE BEFORE ITS DEAD people like this should go to hell honestly

  • idolwrecker
    idolwrecker 2 years ago

    kill the bloody octopus first !!

  • chinkhuan tan
    chinkhuan tan 2 years ago

    koreans are shit

  • WlorArmy
    WlorArmy 2 years ago

    a mi se me antojo :V

  • Harry Kuntz
    Harry Kuntz 2 years ago

    I love this place well. Went there many a time. ¥900 or ¥1000 lunches that were excellent. Worth the 15 min wait in line on the steps. Usually got in in under 10 min though.

    • Harry Kuntz
      Harry Kuntz 2 years ago

      Yes it is. And a deal at that price. ¥900 gave you 10 pieces of nigiri and 3 maki. ¥1000 gave you 10 nigiri and a couple hand roll if I remember correctly.

      HUNGRY JUG 2 years ago

      Harry Kuntz really worth to wait 😉

  • Suraj K
    Suraj K 2 years ago

    gaash. . All these people will be born one day as an octopus and will be cooked like this .. gaash .. pls don't spare them .. All those who are part of it .. halelua

  • Harlian Avitsania
    Harlian Avitsania 2 years ago


  • Katty Devior
    Katty Devior 2 years ago

    honestly it looks sooooo yummy

    • Sour Karim
      Sour Karim Year ago

      is it yummy seeing a helpless animal being cooked alive :o

    • Taste The Rainbow
      Taste The Rainbow Year ago

      Katty Devior why, could you imagine being boiled and eatin alive!?!?!?!?!

    • stereo boy
      stereo boy 2 years ago

      right korean people eat shit

      HUNGRY JUG 2 years ago

      Katty Devior Yes it does

  • D90Girl
    D90Girl 2 years ago


  • ultimatemexicano3535

    Looks interesting! Were they real tasty? I'm guessing they have not chance of escaping or becoming pets at this point and destined for people's bellies?!

    • On Rampage !!!!!
      On Rampage !!!!! Year ago

      Fox u made my day...hahahhahha so true

    • girly girl
      girly girl Year ago

      Fox did you copy and paste that lmfao but this shit good aint gonna lie it look good imma leave know

    • Fox
      Fox 2 years ago

      Oook fine i'll educate your ass, here you go my friend, have fun. So ya an octopus is meat. meat mēt/Submit noun noun: meat; plural noun: meats 1. the flesh of an animal (especially a mammal) as food. "pieces of meat" synonyms: flesh, animal flesh "you need to cut down on your consumption of meat" the flesh of a person's body. "this'll put meat on your bones!" synonyms: flesh, animal flesh "you need to cut down on your consumption of meat" NORTH AMERICAN the edible part of fruits or nuts. the essence or chief part of something. "he did the meat of the climb on the first day" synonyms: substance, pith, marrow, heart, kernel, core, nucleus, nub, essence, essentials, gist, fundamentals, basics; informalnitty-gritty "the meat of the matter" 2. archaic food of any kind. synonyms: food, nourishment, sustenance, provisions, rations, fare, foodstuff(s), provender, daily bread; More

    • Fox
      Fox 2 years ago

      "It's an octopus not a meat" Check the definition of meat.

    • Fox
      Fox 2 years ago

      again... be smart and do you research. many plant based food contain wayyyyyyy more protein than a steak.

  • mariorossiexcite
    mariorossiexcite 3 years ago

    Sorry if I talk about money but... how much for this delicacy?

      HUNGRY JUG 2 years ago

      mariorossiexcite Couldn't remember the exact price. For abalone alone would cost not more than 1,000yen. Worth to try 😋