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She Had A BABY!!
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Dreams Do Come True!!
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We're Getting Sued :(
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Our Biggest 4th Ever!!
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I miss her so much.
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They Kicked Her Out!!
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Last man Standing WINS!!
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I have a serious problem..
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She's In Big Trouble!!
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Having Another Baby!!
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This is Not Good...
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Our Drone Saved His Life!!
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The Greatest Toy Ever Made!!
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The Test Results Are In!!
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Our Biggest one!!
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What would you do!!??
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Do You See It!!??
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Our First Street Race!!
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Almost Lost My Dog...
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She'll Never Go Again!!
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Would You Try This!!??
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Our New House!!
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Our Very Last Upload
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This Didn't Last Long!!
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This is so GROSS!!
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The Real Truth...
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This World Is Sick!!
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Never Trying This Again!!
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I Love This So Much!!
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I Ruined Thanksgiving..
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I Made Her Day!!
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The Big Question!!
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My Worst Nightmare!!
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Who is Hotter!?
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This Did Not Go As Planned..
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My GREATEST Idea Ever!!
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What It's Really Like!!
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Stuck In Bed..
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What Should We Do!!??
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I'm Getting Eye Surgery!
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HER FIRST Trick OR Treat!!
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Our BIGGEST Giveaway!!
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Saying Goodbye To The GTR.
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His BIGGEST Day Ever!!
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Huge Happy 14th Birthday!!
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My Life Before YouTube!!
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Halloween is SCARY!!
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The Ugly Truth!
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Daily Vlogs Start Now!!
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  • nikki 2013
    nikki 2013 18 seconds ago

    Ever since my mother in law died she died. Not a natural way in anyway possible. Not good it what it was. So after she passed away i now stuffer with chest pains , panic attacks all kind of stuff that i nvr had before ever. Do after she passed i think it became to the point its cause problems for me

  • Jamie Magsakay
    Jamie Magsakay 28 seconds ago

    See a doctor, Roman. One that deals with amxiety...

  • Mostafa Zein
    Mostafa Zein Minute ago

    These kids are so god damn spoiled

  • Gage Wanta
    Gage Wanta 4 minutes ago

    My bday so September 20 so yah hi Roman Atwood I love your vids

  • Ok then don’t forget to die in you’re way out

    September 19 2019 nobody?

  • natasha oneluv
    natasha oneluv 9 minutes ago

    £32.99 for a t-shirt thats a bit much I'm gutted.

  • OL LW
    OL LW 10 minutes ago have to take of the teeth of your child !!!!

  • Shiny-x X
    Shiny-x X 10 minutes ago

    You guys should make smile more sneakers

  • Sue Soprano
    Sue Soprano 12 minutes ago

    anxiety and/or acid reflux. hoping nothing more than that.

  • Sandy Buke
    Sandy Buke 14 minutes ago


  • JKPKM Reichter
    JKPKM Reichter 15 minutes ago

    the catipillar that you saw is the Hickory Tussock moth caterpillar

  • Brooklyn Burnette
    Brooklyn Burnette 19 minutes ago

    30:32 had me dying of laughing

  • janice jeandron
    janice jeandron 21 minute ago

    Omg 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Recon
    Recon 21 minute ago

    Are they like sharp pains and do they sometimes lead to your back, or side? Because I have very sharp pains like that too and I’m not sure what it is, should I tell someone? I’ve had it for years......and it hurts so bad when it comes, it’s usually when I breathe in...

  • Lance Perron
    Lance Perron 22 minutes ago

    I’ve been goin through some stuff and this video helped a little gotta admit

  • Michael Wolford
    Michael Wolford 23 minutes ago

    I think y’all should do a Zeus poster that would be amazing

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 23 minutes ago

    My birthday is today

    MIGHTY D-MAX 26 minutes ago

    My dad passed away and it’s anxiety that u have

  • jasper's fishing yt
    jasper's fishing yt 26 minutes ago

    I had to paus the vid with how hard I was laughing

  • Salvador Quintino
    Salvador Quintino 27 minutes ago

    I think she will not get stuck

  • Zach Conner
    Zach Conner 32 minutes ago

    She will not get stuck

  • Shelby Black
    Shelby Black 32 minutes ago

    Need more videos of all y'all cuting up and having fun

  • Tanner L
    Tanner L 32 minutes ago

    Just going to let u know that I'm 90% sure u have heartburn. I had same thing and I went to doctor. He prescribed me heartburn medicine. In a week or so it was gone

    • Tanner L
      Tanner L 31 minute ago

      Heartburn is acid reflux. I have had same thing and went and got EKG. its heartburn

  • Ben Tooth
    Ben Tooth 32 minutes ago

    Sounds like panic attack to me Roman. Stay strong!

  • Peyton Jackson
    Peyton Jackson 33 minutes ago

    Fuzzy huge

  • Falon Wiles
    Falon Wiles 35 minutes ago

    She won’t

  • Jon Crutcher
    Jon Crutcher 37 minutes ago

    i was wrong

  • StankyHooch
    StankyHooch 38 minutes ago

    i either watch your vlog eating dinner or on the shitter.. sadly i was eating dinner watching bryan licks the flys...

  • Jon Crutcher
    Jon Crutcher 39 minutes ago

    She is defiantly getting stuck

  • hitchlizer
    hitchlizer 39 minutes ago

    i 1 and 5000 got to roman house for free house tour

  • Alana Hail
    Alana Hail 43 minutes ago

    Beyblades!!!!!! I didn’t know kids nowadays knew what those were❤️❤️

  • Molly Bailey
    Molly Bailey 46 minutes ago

    Look up costochondritus. Chest pains that Feel like a heart attack. I have this. It's absolutely awful.

  • Cale Sloniker
    Cale Sloniker 52 minutes ago

    This is ultimately my favorite video because me and my dad go riding a lot and Cora is one of my favorite part of the whole video. Did you know that to me you guys are the cutest RU-clip family ive ever seen.

  • Cassandra Wilkins
    Cassandra Wilkins 55 minutes ago

    Not get stuck

  • TAC_R_US
    TAC_R_US 58 minutes ago

    Anxiety and stress...when my Mom passed in 2017, I was a complete mess for months to a year. I am STILL not 100% ..sadness hits at anytime. She was my best friend, and confidant. Godspeed brother!

  • Gabriella Heiman

    You're the worst husband in the world

  • S.S. Red Umbra
    S.S. Red Umbra Hour ago

    Please never be sorry for not posting. Things happen but when you do post we will still be here, you are all amazing. Keep Living Happy!

  • Real Pabloboxing

    Thank you ❤️so much😒

  • Callum Wilkinson

    Been watching for 7 Years now still love you want the Poster but cant afford but still be watching like everyday Your one of a kind Smile more - Callum <3

  • Wave Bounce
    Wave Bounce Hour ago

    I am happy when watching your vlogs ❤️👍😁

  • KarenS
    KarenS Hour ago

    Roman I sure did love your inspirational talk on being your best self! You’re so right and you rock! God Bless 👍😊

  • Merciful Lumin
    Merciful Lumin Hour ago

    Bro i miss old roman

  • Scott Dominey
    Scott Dominey Hour ago

    Panic attacks. I know all about it my dude. It’s not life threating, but it feels like it. Recognize what it is and chill. Vistaril helps.

  • DSB_ GamING
    DSB_ GamING Hour ago

    She will get stuck

  • Erika Marsh
    Erika Marsh Hour ago

    What about a gull stone in your pancreatic guct??? I had the same thing and felt just like a heart attack! 🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐

  • Sue Soprano
    Sue Soprano Hour ago

    That Caterpillar can cause serve rash and inflammation to the skin

  • k p
    k p Hour ago

    Hmmmm maybe you should stop drinking annnd selling that shite.. fuel shite or whatever u have

  • Chantelle Hadfield

    Your pain sounds like costocondritis I had similar symptoms when I was 20

  • Alex Bro
    Alex Bro Hour ago

    Anxiety attack?? I just got that today

  • S.S. Red Umbra
    S.S. Red Umbra Hour ago

    The Caterpillar might be a Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar (Lophocampa caryae)

  • TAC_R_US
    TAC_R_US Hour ago

    Is your nose itchy?

  • k p
    k p Hour ago

    Wtttfffff is up with her teeth

  • Chiron Wiley-Jimenez


  • jasper's fishing yt

    You made me so hungry

  • Tegan Huhman
    Tegan Huhman Hour ago

    Where is Noah

  • Emily S
    Emily S Hour ago

    Wow Roman, I just had acl reconstructive surgery that went pretty good today but this video has just helped me so much with getting through the pain. 💕💕 thank you for being u and I hope your healthy too!!

  • Death Stroke
    Death Stroke Hour ago

    Only legends remember Zeus 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙

  • Car knowledge And facts

    I got poster number1!!!!!!!!!!!!omgggg

  • Orion King
    Orion King Hour ago

    Brittany’s poisoning you bro no bs ,, it’s killing you slowly watch out man .

  • clay Whitten
    clay Whitten Hour ago

    His name is Ryan

  • Alexandra W
    Alexandra W Hour ago

    I have been having tachycardia which causes me to have discomfort in my chest and makes me just feel sick

  • CJ and Jett TV
    CJ and Jett TV Hour ago

    sounds like you might be suffering from anxiety and PTSD after losing your mum. Which makes sense considering all things. You should try tapping called EFT . We hope you feel better soon :)

  • sweet16makeup
    sweet16makeup Hour ago

    So glad to see you back! I hope you are feeling better soon, sending lots of good positive vibes to you and the family !!

  • Basically Tee
    Basically Tee Hour ago

    praying for you. 6 years now and i still love you and your family❤️

  • cool dude
    cool dude Hour ago

    I broke my arm By doing a backflip

  • Sparklykitty1
    Sparklykitty1 Hour ago


  • Dylan Bitzan
    Dylan Bitzan Hour ago

    Too bad you can't buy stuff online at the age of 15

  • Samantha Frideres


  • Mystic Studz
    Mystic Studz 2 hours ago

    Prayers and we will be there for you Roman!

  • zanydots
    zanydots 2 hours ago

    Its just anxiety, You will be alright, just keep doing what your doing you are doing very well. - smile more :)

  • The Front Porch Crafter

    Take care of yourself 😘❤️🤗🙏🏻

  • Lanier Freeman
    Lanier Freeman 2 hours ago


  • Tony
    Tony 2 hours ago

    You got me thru those feelings for nearly two years. I thank you for that. You got me thru those feelings and made it better. I hope their was a way to do the same for you. I’ll keep you in my prayers. Take care brother, love you man!!! Smile more.

  • Brad Walsh
    Brad Walsh 2 hours ago

    Will get stuck

  • Hanya Piper
    Hanya Piper 2 hours ago

    I have had this pain after losing my mum, it feels like a stabbing pain in your heart and lungs, my doctor told me it was the muscle around the heart is strained. Sending lots of love to you, your dad and all your family. Lots of love from Australia 🇭🇲💜

  • Sand Sounds
    Sand Sounds 2 hours ago


  • Michelle Teel
    Michelle Teel 2 hours ago

    Sounds like anxiety

  • Lucy Figueroa
    Lucy Figueroa 2 hours ago

    Come to Puerto Rico to have a pinacolada wiyout rum to get that anxiety out. Anxiety OUT of herr#!!!

  • RoYaL H4Wk
    RoYaL H4Wk 2 hours ago

    There are two types of people in this world. The leader and the follower, try to be the leader each day.

  • Dylan Parker
    Dylan Parker 2 hours ago

    It broke me whenever you were calling everybody and you guys got to your mom. Knowing that she won’t physically be at the wedding hurts so much. She will be enjoying the wonderful view from above though!

  • Dale Minielly
    Dale Minielly 2 hours ago

    I would do it for 100

  • Lucy Figueroa
    Lucy Figueroa 2 hours ago

    Bless you and take it more eee3aaaasssyyyy

  • Kadence Porrovecchio

    yes she will

  • ItzThatOneGuy 69
    ItzThatOneGuy 69 2 hours ago

    I miss the daily vlogs this 40min movies crap needs to go sorry not sorry we miss the old Roman not the new let me make a 4t mon clips of what happend 4 months ago I love u bro change this

  • ColeGaminn
    ColeGaminn 2 hours ago

    I was having pains in my chest. I went to ER and they said my gallbladder had to be taken out

  • Lucy Figueroa
    Lucy Figueroa 2 hours ago

    Be low in the salt and do keep doing your doctor following ok

  • nick d
    nick d 2 hours ago

    She will get sick

  • AJinator 1.0
    AJinator 1.0 2 hours ago

    If this gets 1k likes i'll buy the merch!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lily’s Life
    Lily’s Life 2 hours ago

    Use some Jb weld that’s what I used it worked good for glasses

  • Wee Tod
    Wee Tod 2 hours ago

    Just gonna send it

  • Owen Nicholson
    Owen Nicholson 2 hours ago

    She will

  • xxFaZeGaMeR900
    xxFaZeGaMeR900 2 hours ago

    take care of your self roman i know i get werid feelings some times and it makes me freak out not sure what my deals are but yea dont like them they havnt been doing it lately

    • xxFaZeGaMeR900
      xxFaZeGaMeR900 2 hours ago

      witch i just found out i gess im not drinking enough water where im dehydrating and get dizzy

  • Clare George
    Clare George 2 hours ago

    The hickory tussock moth caterpillar

  • XDSamsurvives XD
    XDSamsurvives XD 2 hours ago

    I thought there was a snake inside the buggy cart LOL

  • luke cubitt
    luke cubitt 2 hours ago

    Roman u and ur family has motivated me to make my dream come true I wanted to join the army and made my mindset better and I did I got in and I would just like to say thank u so much ur all amazing people and u have helped me so much!!!!!!!

  • Wild Sheapaul
    Wild Sheapaul 2 hours ago

    She will get suck

  • Terra Cross
    Terra Cross 2 hours ago

    Roman atwood: *exists* everyone liked that

  • Jody-ann Taylor
    Jody-ann Taylor 2 hours ago

    The Caterpillar is called hickory tussock moth

  • Joul Mansour
    Joul Mansour 2 hours ago

    6:9 I

  • Joul Mansour
    Joul Mansour 2 hours ago