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  • Maddy Kim
    Maddy Kim 2 hours ago

    my favorite fruit. but it also contains a lot of sugar

  • William Mason
    William Mason Day ago


  • dj parag
    dj parag Day ago

    I hardly earn 200 usd per month .. I want to loose fat nd i have started doing keto also,but i cannot buy avacado nd other options available.. Plz suggest from where i can get some cheap fats ..

  • Amy Amy
    Amy Amy Day ago

    I wonder how one gets vitamin B deficiency, how one knows and whether it can cause cancer or plays an essential role in bone formation....

  • sirgigglez
    sirgigglez 2 days ago

    Get them for free at Texas Road House! Yeehaw! :)

  • complifunnynation
    complifunnynation 2 days ago

    Me: "putting carrot on my eyes" You lied to me.

  • Aubergine Man
    Aubergine Man 2 days ago

    Thanks u r hero

  • Aisha Ashu
    Aisha Ashu 2 days ago


  • Midnight Mystery
    Midnight Mystery 3 days ago

    My neck is so swollen. I thought it was a tooth but the antibiotics aren't helping. It comes and goes in waves. When I'm tired, it really hurts.

  • Jason Jagdeo
    Jason Jagdeo 4 days ago

    I love natural coconut’s the has everything I need to replenish and hydrate.

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 4 days ago

    Is pasture raised eggs pasteurized eggs?

  • CroCho
    CroCho 6 days ago

    Lemon water? You mean "lemonade"?

  • Allison Collura
    Allison Collura 6 days ago

    Anyone else snacking on cauliflower while watching?

  • Lacey Mccormick
    Lacey Mccormick 7 days ago

    I came here to see what types of eggs were pasteurize because I think that means pasture raised. I'm here because I'm confused and want to find the best low rist egg for a mayo recipe that calls for raw egg. And all i got was sarcasm lol

  • Khôi Nguyên T
    Khôi Nguyên T 8 days ago

    If you want to eat raw egg, take the white liquid out. Drink the yolk only, then it much less harm for your liver

  • Booze Loose
    Booze Loose 8 days ago

    Gosh stop lying,,, Seriously 😒

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica 9 days ago

    ' eat too much peanuts that can cause acne or blackdot or pimple or whitedot on the skin... ' better eat good natural peanut cream as no chemical / no oil / no salt / no sugar... peanut cream is a good point makeing sense... peanut butter is a no makeing sense

  • Leon K
    Leon K 11 days ago

    Its ok, i wont hurt you

  • Tahir
    Tahir 12 days ago

    I Hate Olives

  • Christian Herrera
    Christian Herrera 13 days ago

    White tea is healthier than green tea.

  • Gacha Mia
    Gacha Mia 14 days ago

    Thank you I got a little better

  • Gacha Mia
    Gacha Mia 14 days ago

    But I hate orange juice...

  • Rob S
    Rob S 15 days ago

    It might be the same protein but nutritionally there are greater benefits to the raw eggs as opposed to cooked . As a general rule, cooking anything depletes its nutritional value . Anyways, you definitely come off as a soy boy .

    SOUMISTHA PAUL 15 days ago

    In hmm

  • Jens Lyn
    Jens Lyn 16 days ago

    Isn't salmonella on the scalp of the egg???

  • Minoru Mineta
    Minoru Mineta 16 days ago

    *i don't really care i use both butter and margarine*

  • Arthur Giles
    Arthur Giles 19 days ago

    Pardon my sarcasm but this video made me wonder if they were going to say "Taking Stevia MIGHT cause a shortage in red coloured postage stamps". The world doesn´t hear enough about the dangers of the poisonous sweetener Aspartame.

  • GetGoodGuitar365
    GetGoodGuitar365 21 day ago

    I’m here cuz I can’t eat a lot and I want protein and calories fast

  • Comfy Cozy Are We
    Comfy Cozy Are We 22 days ago


  • nusibah noha
    nusibah noha 22 days ago


  • A S
    A S 23 days ago

    Tea is cheaper.

  • l Desi
    l Desi 23 days ago

    You can mix carrot juice with mango peach v8. It masks the taste of carrots very well.

  • Fuzzy Secrets
    Fuzzy Secrets 23 days ago

    Big fan of bok choy! Enjoyed your health facts!

    • Raven Bishop
      Raven Bishop 22 days ago

      I just grew some in my garden and I want to know if it is safe to ear raw, Do you know?

  • The Wise Panda
    The Wise Panda 26 days ago

    I am eating raw eggs for breakfast just this one time because I rushed my eggs when cooking because I had to go to the bathroom

  • l l
    l l 26 days ago

    Red pepper is simply ripe while green one ....not yet , yellow is in the middle

  • Blyk MEOW
    Blyk MEOW Month ago

    Thank you! I love black tea plus as I've gotten older green tea now makes me nauseous.. I'm glad I don't have to feel so bad about cutting out green tea!

  • Poonam Readlla
    Poonam Readlla Month ago


  • Sherlyn Reyes
    Sherlyn Reyes Month ago

    Salmon gives vitamin D? 😏 Edit: I just ate some salmon with lemon 🍋

  • classicashy
    classicashy Month ago

    super helpful, i love it! i ate honey and it actually helps btw the honey made me hyped 🌞

  • Gun14Slinger
    Gun14Slinger Month ago

    I thought of trying it a raw egg

  • António André
    António André Month ago

    the think about rae eggs in fitness is that you can put them into a shake

  • Kat Parks
    Kat Parks Month ago

    I eat almost all the above. I rarely eat cheese and I don't use butter at all.I drink Almond milk. All the food above is all foods high in fiber that are good for you but not for us Ibs sufferers. So what should we eat to get fiber?

  • The Vegan Alien
    The Vegan Alien Month ago

    Am I the only one who mixes both?

  • Rinsing From Darkness Was Light

    Really strong black tea ☕️ is my favorite

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander Month ago

  • Strong David Wood

    Stevia can ruin the male reproductive system? I'll take 80 cups then

    • Strong David Wood
      Strong David Wood 19 days ago

      Idc. As long as I don't have kids and I keep making money.

    • Arthur Giles
      Arthur Giles 19 days ago

      We should export Stevia in great quantities and export it to Africa to cut down the massive overproduction of a population the countries cannot support.

  • MahdiBanners
    MahdiBanners Month ago

    Black Tea... all the way

  • Robina Jabar
    Robina Jabar Month ago

    Yummy olives

  • Robby Albright
    Robby Albright Month ago

    Just found this channel, and Love the vibevand energy! Keep up the great work!😊👊💚💪

  • Muhammad Abdullah


  • Nick Meale
    Nick Meale Month ago

    Great vid. Please remember to soak all lentils between 2-8 hours before cooking. 2 for red yellow "easily mushy" lentils and 8 for green lentils.

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook Month ago

    I just bought a brick a black tea can't wait to get it hopefully it tastes good

  • Peter Hedlöf
    Peter Hedlöf Month ago

    THE balance of hormones can also be manipulated by radar/radio waves. Nowdays they got THE whole internet to play with.

  • Shivam Lavti
    Shivam Lavti Month ago

    Coffee in the morning. Tea in afternoon.

  • BHope
    BHope Month ago

    Cook them stovetop with honey and butter and some salt. Amazing.

  • Victor Garcia
    Victor Garcia Month ago

    I’ve been using cauliflower as a meat substitute. Just had vegan chili, substituing the ground beef for cauliflower. Tastes great and a lot better for you.

  • Daily Sunshine
    Daily Sunshine Month ago

    I just eat some raw eggs and feel sick

  • Trino Ponce
    Trino Ponce Month ago

    This was a retarded video. Both Green tea and black tea are both good for you. Not one is better than the other.

  • BigFish458
    BigFish458 Month ago

    this dudes a total ectomorph that can’t make gains for shit, he thinks we do it because it’s “cool” but in reality it’s easier and faster to drink than using the energy to chew and consume.

  • diztiinct
    diztiinct Month ago

    Avocado, Eggs, Fish, Nuts, Oil

  • Ray Baca
    Ray Baca Month ago

    I drink raw eggs when im coming down from drugs and have no appatite.. Im still gonna eat raw eggs and workout threw my withdraws.. Pray for me u guys.. Its though to grow up..

  • Farah Mukhtar
    Farah Mukhtar Month ago

    I like broccoli

  • CracKingBoyPH
    CracKingBoyPH Month ago


  • Diane Willson
    Diane Willson Month ago

    Please don't take away butter or cheese Garlic, kills me..moderation in all

  • Kakashi hatake
    Kakashi hatake Month ago

    I love sushi salmon

  • NorCalBrah916
    NorCalBrah916 Month ago

    A stoners favorite fruit

  • it's CNCO fan page

    Quinua :v

  • Nantambu Satchldananda

    Love this fruit, I grow them organically and eat them raw and also juice them. I recently was informed that they make an excellent hair rinse.

  • Mister Wiki Memes
    Mister Wiki Memes 2 months ago

    I remember watching this video about 4 years ago after I cooked a very very shoddy looking omelet

  • I eat raw eggs
    I eat raw eggs 2 months ago

    I’m offended

  • Chris Blazek
    Chris Blazek 2 months ago

    Thanks man this was helpful.

  • Imaan Abdirahmaan
    Imaan Abdirahmaan 2 months ago

    Dark chocolate 🍫 is healthy gracious lord

  • Scooter Tamono
    Scooter Tamono 2 months ago

    I drink Tea like water

  • Jyoti Sharma
    Jyoti Sharma 2 months ago

    Bunch of diseases 🤮☹😤😢😡👹gas ,constipation, acidity , vomit , food aversions,not feeling like eating anything, muscle cramping, sleeplessness, always in anger , weakness, always 'do not talk to me' mood it does not even swing to happy mood 😡🤢🤕 God pls save us

  • 2MAZ Beatz
    2MAZ Beatz 2 months ago

    Lol he didn't even mention vitamins or minerals. This is why people think cooking them is the same. And only sick chickens have salmonella

  • j johnson
    j johnson 2 months ago

    Why make a video and say nothing???

  • Christina Pickett
    Christina Pickett 2 months ago

    Do I do Salmon? It sounds like Salmon will be doing me tonight ,lol

  • Emar Fejer
    Emar Fejer 2 months ago

    All i can say is that i love and green ;)

  • Criszy Zingkit
    Criszy Zingkit 2 months ago

    drinking both

  • Animesh Karmakar
    Animesh Karmakar 2 months ago

    Which is better white tea or matcha?

  • Mokonachan92
    Mokonachan92 2 months ago

    I have been using this weight loss program “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) for a few days at this point and until now I love them! I have the power I need without controlling my urge for food without making me feel jittery. I have not changed other things I am doing and also have dropped 7 pounds. .

  • Super Saiyan Jessoid
    Super Saiyan Jessoid 2 months ago

    where are your sources?

  • Mad Chris
    Mad Chris 2 months ago

    My grandpa has had a cup of 2 raw eggs every morning since he was young

  • Josue Jimenez
    Josue Jimenez 2 months ago


  • AllDay
    AllDay 2 months ago

    Bullshit. you can eat raw eggs fresh from the coop but not from the super market.

  • Real Kora
    Real Kora 2 months ago

    Fakking bitch raw egg is good for your eyes and your memory

  • Tigist Seleshi
    Tigist Seleshi 2 months ago

    I eat mango everyday so I start gaining weight sorry 😐

  • abel designs
    abel designs 2 months ago

    IDK all I know is that it's good asf

    • carlos mousie
      carlos mousie 2 months ago

      I'm here stoned asf.. broccoli flame also

  • Spread your cheeks
    Spread your cheeks 2 months ago

    Im just to lazy to eat coooked raw eggs

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift 2 months ago

    I just get a large cup, fill it with hot water, and drop 5 tea bags in it; 2 black teabags, 1 green tea, 1 echinacea tea, and 1 ginger root tea. I do this daily. goes on. No superpowers, I still get sick like everyone else, I still feel tired every morning, I still lose interest in things, I still feel sore and fatigue. I've been checked, no viruses or diseases, all my levels are normal. I take vitamin c, vitamin b complex, a daily vitamin and more. There's no secret formula to having zero problems.

  • Ahmed Sufiyan
    Ahmed Sufiyan 2 months ago


  • Caps Cadiz
    Caps Cadiz 2 months ago

    I like your sense of humour🤣. And thanks on the advice 💪🏾

  • Cristian Trejo
    Cristian Trejo 2 months ago

    I think I would love Indian food if they didn’t use to much cumin 😭

  • Tom Ganks
    Tom Ganks 2 months ago

    lmao I didn't learn a damned thing from this video.

  • ZO A
    ZO A 2 months ago

    I drink 5 raw eggs everyday lmao

  • dok sam
    dok sam 2 months ago

    Breakfast = Black tea Lunch = Green tea Dinner = Camomile tea

  • dok sam
    dok sam 2 months ago

    green tea makes my stomach upset while the black soothes my stomach but if you eat too much ill go for green tea.

  • Baby Dolphin
    Baby Dolphin 2 months ago

    To mah to .

  • Carlo _888
    Carlo _888 2 months ago

    green tea is not delicious but its healthy

  • Spaghetti Horror
    Spaghetti Horror 2 months ago

    Carrots are also good for the penis