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Belle Delphine Got ARRESTED
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Steven Avery Is INNOCENT
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  • Harper Hexx
    Harper Hexx 11 minutes ago

    *sits in class and watches the latest IO vid* I swear I can stop at any time!

  • Puppylover101 xoxoxo
    Puppylover101 xoxoxo 18 minutes ago

    she’s basically danielle cohn’s opposite

  • Marci Sunshine
    Marci Sunshine 19 minutes ago

    Could you show the pics in all these videos for more than 3 seconds so I can see them? I saw you..I wanna see the pics.

  • Kizzy Harding
    Kizzy Harding 27 minutes ago

    Some people just love playing around with things...

  • bob S.
    bob S. 28 minutes ago

    Isn't Wisconsin fighting to be a sanctuary state? Certainly many of their cities are... Why then fight sooo hard to keep these two in prison, ESPECIALLY Dassey... thumbs up if you too see the hypocrisy here...

  • James the Truther
    James the Truther 29 minutes ago

    Dam! Is that Naughty Chucky's Bride at it again. When will this Story End?.. But, she definitely needs her own Horror Movie Franchise. #lKissedAMidget and she Bit back. com

  • xXFaolanxEdmeXx
    xXFaolanxEdmeXx 31 minute ago


  • Superlokm
    Superlokm 36 minutes ago

    *uploaded 6 years ago* *Gets it in recommended in 2019*

  • Kae saysstfu
    Kae saysstfu 38 minutes ago

    Isnt that the janoskians pig design...? Someone fact check.


    Tiktok is just like RU-clip duh

  • Anya
    Anya 39 minutes ago

    These ukranians lie all the time, you should see their history books they claim to be the real Sumerians and that they build the pyramids in Egypt, oh and apparently they fed all of Europe with their “bread”, and if it’s wasn’t for them Europe would’ve died of starvation? Like how tf do they even believe their own bullshit

  • alien :3
    alien :3 40 minutes ago

    This drama was alive 2016

  • I love bts Fight me
    I love bts Fight me 51 minute ago


  • clay ladouceur
    clay ladouceur 53 minutes ago

    I mean she takes dick for money. She's probably a liar too

  • RiEsther Mawthoh
    RiEsther Mawthoh 59 minutes ago

    I don't even hit my cat even if he steals meat from my plate 😱

  • Dalia Claros
    Dalia Claros Hour ago

    The defense attorney looks like uncle Phil from fresh prince

  • Cpt. Sheppard
    Cpt. Sheppard Hour ago

    Charlotte, you make my day. You're so cute. Please don't change, potato queen ❤

  • I & J Lopez Zavala

    Child or adult.... she is a phyco.

  • PRO FF
    PRO FF Hour ago

    Btw your outfit was so amazing love you princess of RU-clipr

  • Azalea Rivera
    Azalea Rivera Hour ago

    Sorry but "influencers" shouldn't be a thing

  • PRO FF
    PRO FF Hour ago

    Hey Tasmania tiger is still alive in my country side please do comment here

  • PRO FF
    PRO FF Hour ago

    Omg idk about but u know in my village in Northeast INDIA this Tasmania tiger is not extinct . Tell Australia scientist come her and research her and give me reward hehehe lol

  • Amela Sadiku
    Amela Sadiku Hour ago

    Decemeber in two months....

  • Jia Sagulo
    Jia Sagulo Hour ago

    Warn rayan about this

  • etherealone
    etherealone Hour ago

    Who cares if they photoshop? Everyone does

  • bri sonkowsky
    bri sonkowsky Hour ago

    I choose secret answer run all the killer clowns over with a car.

  • Tru Dat
    Tru Dat Hour ago

    Poor Jarred, we keep picking on him, smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ but really he’s just a cutie pie we should give him a break.

  • boramy roy
    boramy roy Hour ago

    Why is Ryan mommy a Criminal

  • rbce ce
    rbce ce Hour ago

    Your eyes tho 😳❤️

  • Just Me
    Just Me Hour ago

    I’ve seen the previews for her episode on the Dr. Phil show. Everyone saying that it’s just a rumor or they checked, it’s true she is going to be on the Dr. Phil show I believe on the next season.

  • shan shan
    shan shan Hour ago

    She didn't even speak ukranian nor did she have an accent. So how could she have lived outside her country for only 1 year before the Barnetts adopted her.

  • tevin playz
    tevin playz Hour ago

    GO pewdiepie

  • The mighty Hockeychu

    I really want to got to London just because there's so much history to the place.

  • SweenyBlaque-ToxicMomVlogs

    Sad.they was good to that girl.. I feel bad for the family n i hope that lil Heffa gets her just deserts

  • Mercedes Lorenzano

    Lol let me just say this guy is so cute like his facial hair 🥵 que guapo

  • J Sully
    J Sully Hour ago

    I live in Indiana, ya'll aint seen nothing Indiana supreme court will fabricate evidence to get a conviction if they have to. Our legislation is so broken or corrupt, lawmakers legalized consumable hemp products. But r still allowing the arrest and prosecution of people who possess these products, because it still tests positive in a field test. Wheres the logic? We will legalize this product to make more arrests and get more fed funding.

  • programing ninja

    1:25 is honestly just cringe

  • Freddy Cantillo
    Freddy Cantillo Hour ago

    Tammy is crazy women too

  • Dakemonster
    Dakemonster Hour ago

    Imagine using your own child to earn money

  • Candace Woodburn

    If they were still her guardians after she was declared an adult, wouldn’t that mean that she’s not capable of taking care of herself... I’m not sure about that, it just seems unusual that an adult would have a legal guardian for no reason. I can understand their desire to move away to do what was best for their son. I just think this girl should have been placed under someone’s care before they left, maybe put in a facility since she is dangerous. I don’t know. It’s sad really. This girl probably went through hell which turned her into this, and this family has gone through hell for trying to help a child. No good deed goes unpunished.

    • Candace Woodburn
      Candace Woodburn Hour ago

      Okay, after watching another video about this, I realized that she was an adult when they adopted her in the first place. I know, I’m a slow learner. So, technically, that adoption wasn’t even legal to begin with. How did they end up her guardians? I think that’s where they messed up.

  • AnnaKev
    AnnaKev 2 hours ago

    Woah Vicky is a disgrace

  • rachel bynes
    rachel bynes 2 hours ago

    Why do the Barnett’s care so much. Oh wait, if she’s adopted they’d for sure end up in prison. Lmao, that’s probably where they belong. If you have to fight so hard to prove you’re right, 99.99% of the time, it’s because you’re a liar.

    • Just Me
      Just Me Hour ago

      rachel bynes or it’s because they’re out raged because they know the truth...guess we may never find out.

  • Tori Gratton
    Tori Gratton 2 hours ago

    Gaga has Fibromyalga the ice and heat WORK for the pain after a show. Its hell but works.

  • Original Asherella
    Original Asherella 2 hours ago

    I saw this headline come up at work Monday on another news outlet. My first thought, IO is going to cover this.

  • Kay Hamp
    Kay Hamp 2 hours ago

    That girl is a grown ass woman!

  • AnnaKev
    AnnaKev 2 hours ago

    Or Catherine or w.e her name is probably knows she ain’t shit without him so she’s not going to break up with him for that. She’s a gold digger.

  • Erica Fischbuch
    Erica Fischbuch 2 hours ago

    next is i dontknow

  • Erica Fischbuch
    Erica Fischbuch 2 hours ago


  • Alisia Knoll
    Alisia Knoll 2 hours ago

    If hitting dogs in any way bothers you, go vegan so that you can live in alignment with your anti animal cruelty values!!!! Because those animals go through a hell of a lot worse. What if they were dogs?

  • Kerstin Nilsson
    Kerstin Nilsson 2 hours ago

    How does this channel not get more views??? I love these news stories!

  • David D Whit
    David D Whit 2 hours ago

    Dude looks like A lady

  • ekdil ekky
    ekdil ekky 2 hours ago

    Ewww why would anyone want to go back to high school

  • darcie emge
    darcie emge 2 hours ago

    Exactly why adoptions from risky countries MUST be thouroughly investigated. The US doesnt need any more additions that will cause people anguish and hell.

  • HyunMi _Minnie
    HyunMi _Minnie 2 hours ago

    “This generation is screwed” Me: Amen sister!

  • Lenka Soltysova
    Lenka Soltysova 2 hours ago

    And now imagine how many people pretend to be child without being caught....


    In one universe she's a fairy

  • Natalie McGee
    Natalie McGee 2 hours ago

    Simple DNA test on the Ukrainian woman and Natalia will proof if they are related. Its not unusual for people in Ukraine to give up babies if they are disabled or different. Medical system is archaic. I feel sorry for every one. Natalia has obviously suffered & now has serious mental health issues. Going back to Ukraine would terrible she can't even speak the language. With her mental state she will end up homeless.

  • Nicole Kwan
    Nicole Kwan 2 hours ago

    Who cares if she didn't have heterochromia she's beautiful as she is different colored eyes or not....

  • Deborah Malilay-Villanueva

    Ryan is the happyyes kid in the world

  • Eri  Sch
    Eri Sch 2 hours ago

    How about doing a little bit homework before speaking...this video is irresponsible...they should be in jail

  • LilFoxyCosplay
    LilFoxyCosplay 3 hours ago

    We used files as barriers to create makeshift cubicles it worked unless someone asked to use the toilet and glanced at your paper as they passed

  • Piano Life
    Piano Life 3 hours ago

    Before I read the title, I already knew she was an adult.

  • fr3@kb!+¢h
    fr3@kb!+¢h 3 hours ago

    "you always feel this could never happen"... y'know, except for all those times that it's made national/international news that it actually DID happen.

  • emily westbrook
    emily westbrook 3 hours ago

    Hahaha I thought your shirt was a hospital gown!!

    JESSIE MBAMBO 3 hours ago

    I think Nathalia is having a difficult time accepting her age with the body she lives in. What she's doing is wrong but she's her own victim too.

  • Cazy Patrik
    Cazy Patrik 3 hours ago

    I watched pappa pig and dora and now I am a 3 garder and I andersand

  • Bonita Princess
    Bonita Princess 3 hours ago

    Let the couple out of jail!!!!! Thats not right she is obviously a creepy ass adult who’s tricking people creep 😂😂😂😂

  • Elite Burger
    Elite Burger 3 hours ago

    153rd comment

  • Agent 47
    Agent 47 3 hours ago

    No need to warn me I'm not retarded

  • jaimerants
    jaimerants 3 hours ago


  • THEUGLYING_gacha
    THEUGLYING_gacha 3 hours ago

    I didn't know being lgbtq was allowed in Saudi Arabia my brother told me it wasn't or maybe he said Muslims I'm not 100% sure

  • THEUGLYING_gacha
    THEUGLYING_gacha 3 hours ago


  • Lindsay Sunde
    Lindsay Sunde 3 hours ago

    Then there's those parents that use their own kids profiles - Parents of the year for sure.

  • Yoongilarity Hobilarity

    This kinda reminds me of the movie *Orphan*

  • voyd rainy
    voyd rainy 3 hours ago

    I favorite dinosaur is a spinosaurus or a giganotosaurus

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith 3 hours ago

    Great list, but could you put the pics behind the host to the side. When they the pics pop up the host is standing over their faces. Thax

  • Ronaldo Cequena
    Ronaldo Cequena 3 hours ago

    Im the mother of loan thats not true she is not criminal im hate this vidio

  • Nicolette Ocbeña Apruebo

    Isnt it supposed to be hierarchy?

  • Avocado Crybaby
    Avocado Crybaby 3 hours ago

    I would rather watch IO then the boring news hahahaa...

  • Extraterrestrial Content

    Wait I thought you said they paid for her rent for the first year but In this video you said the first 3 months

  • A.2q l
    A.2q l 3 hours ago

    cringy af

  • Mikayla Crawford
    Mikayla Crawford 3 hours ago

    What I don't understand is why is it a big deal?

  • cherry blossom?
    cherry blossom? 3 hours ago

    𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙥 𝙚𝙭𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙥𝙚𝙥𝙥𝙖 >:(

  • Anita Sierra
    Anita Sierra 3 hours ago


  • Pleikka Poika
    Pleikka Poika 3 hours ago

    Alabama 💯

  • Revo Acdal
    Revo Acdal 4 hours ago

    Don’t spread the past, spread the present...😇

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 4 hours ago

    I want to be exposed by you😔😳😳🤚🏽🤚🏽

  • Dat QueenieGurl
    Dat QueenieGurl 4 hours ago

    a..... chikem nugger?

  • Erick Fernandez
    Erick Fernandez 4 hours ago

    They did a bone density test on her and turns out she was 9....

  • Predaking Savage
    Predaking Savage 4 hours ago

    Mcjuggernuggets is one

  • jennifer stewart
    jennifer stewart 4 hours ago

    Lol of course clinate change EXCEPT they are still around recent video footage

  • Demet Tas
    Demet Tas 4 hours ago

    Honestly I don’t think that it’s a bad thing that they call that a promo thing. Shane deserves to be a multi multi multi billionaire so so much and for me it’s fine that he’s making promo for his palette with this series. I will definitely buy the palette and the merch!! ❤️

  • Lindsay Sunde
    Lindsay Sunde 4 hours ago

    Some people have no shame- they will scam and steal anything they can get their hands on all while everyone sits there believing they are these great people. I feel bad that people get scammed but live and learn I guess.

  • Paul Kaylor
    Paul Kaylor 4 hours ago

    Very wide not you. 👾

  • Husam Nour
    Husam Nour 4 hours ago

    You're actually funny 👍

  • Tian M
    Tian M 4 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I would’ve kicked her lil add right up out my house

  • Wilvianne Mathew
    Wilvianne Mathew 4 hours ago

    I love this story so much, but... y’all are obsessed with it. I think I am too😬🤷🏾‍♀️.

  • Shondeta Wright
    Shondeta Wright 4 hours ago

    You talk way too fast and you show the pictures too fast

  • Baku Sugoi
    Baku Sugoi 4 hours ago

    You remind me of Ochaco Uraraka 😂 like if u agree ⬇️⬇️

  • Phaness _
    Phaness _ 4 hours ago

    I bleached my own hair months ago and it hasn’t fallen out yet. I didn’t know what I was doing either. I just googled it. I also bleached my mums hair recently and her hair is fine. We have different hair types too.