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  • Osnat Gerzon
    Osnat Gerzon 14 hours ago

    Wow! Wow!! Lovely! Amazing and beautiful! You are so cute and pretty and your hair is gorgeous. By the way- your nose is something else ☺😉 I love it!!! 🙂 Wow, all this treatment is a lot of work, isn't it? You don't do all of this every time, right? This is a special treatment, as I understood. One more question- Is your haircut considered as a lot of layers? It's very interesting to see you getting a haircut- can you film it? 🙂☺ And I subscribed your cannel!! (I can't believe how I didn't do it until now 😳 haha 🙂😉). By the way- Your instagram photos are gorgeous, as well!! 🙂❤

  • Rebecca Brock
    Rebecca Brock 21 hour ago

    Random question maybe, but how short is your shortest layer? The girl that cuts my hair is hesitant to put short layers in it. :( I love your cut!!!!

  • Iw84him Iw84him

    Your curly hair is SO beautiful! Do you get compliments everywhere you go!?

  • Jodimak
    Jodimak Day ago

    I need this!! I just checked Sally’s website and I see that they carry this treatment. They also carry a two-step treatment that includes the protein treatment as well as a balancing moisturizer. Would you suggest this?

  • Stanka Kordic
    Stanka Kordic 2 days ago

    Great tips and I love your hair! Neutral protein filler helps too. I just put the entire bottle in a spray bottle (less messy) and add a spray to my shampoo. The plus is I get root lift too when it’s in the shampoo.

    • Stanka Kordic
      Stanka Kordic 2 hours ago

      Megan Lynch yes! It’s really hard to control how much comes out of the bottle it comes in, and bringing a dropper bottle into the shower seems like a pain to me. You can adjust how much your hair needs of course. I have also used it in my conditioner and stylers too (pick which one so as not to overload on protein) but I prefer the shampoo because of the root lift aspect.

    • Megan Lynch
      Megan Lynch 10 hours ago

      Stanka Kordic Can you elaborate on your process? You put the entire bottle of protein treatment into a spray bottle. Correct? And then just spray one spray into your shampoo?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Day ago

      I’ll have to give it a try! 🤗

  • Deanne Rodriguez
    Deanne Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Girl!! Your curls are amazing!!! So jelly.

  • Sarah Kopp
    Sarah Kopp 2 days ago

    How frequently do you use the aphogee on average?

  • Sifa's Corner
    Sifa's Corner 2 days ago

    Absolutely loved it. Your hair looks super shiny and healthy.

  • Jaris Construction
    Jaris Construction 2 days ago

    I love your hair

  • Carol Rix
    Carol Rix 2 days ago

    Products used?

  • Maria Bunkley
    Maria Bunkley 2 days ago

    Manes by Mell as a video on glycerin... Glyserin is the enemy for winter, It can leave your hair flat and dry... You may want to check your ingreidents on the products and her video as well. Your hair looks beautiful..

    • Maria Bunkley
      Maria Bunkley 2 days ago

      @Kristyn Joanne Great... after watching your video your hair looks lovely.. Can I ask what hair cut style do you have? It fits you well. oxoxo

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 2 days ago

      Yes!! I had watched her winter series she’s been doing. Love her! I had already gone through and check products but still had issues. Which Is another reason I knew I must have needed something else! ☺️

  • laurafortezajuan
    laurafortezajuan 2 days ago

    It's the one I use and I love it

  • chiron591
    chiron591 2 days ago

    I use the spray Ophogee on wash days. Its helped immensely.

  • lotusflowerbombb
    lotusflowerbombb 2 days ago

    I am doing a protein treatment today for hygral fatigue myself!! So funny that you posted this today, love to watch your tutorials!!

  • Humpty Dumpty Love
    Humpty Dumpty Love 2 days ago

    I’ve been watching lots of videos about volume with loose curls and this is my favorite. Thank you. You’re hair is gorgeous. Is there a name for your cut ?

  • Curly LXS
    Curly LXS 3 days ago

    love. love. love! Is your hair naturally blonde? If not, how do you keep it healthy?! I use bleach every few months and tone it and my hair is super dry! I just started using the aphogee protein treatment and it has helped a lot so far!

  • TJ Radway
    TJ Radway 3 days ago

    I love your beautiful hairstyle

  • Collette McKee
    Collette McKee 3 days ago

    I don’t mean this to sound snarky. I just don’t know. But why do you need to use a leave-in conditioner after a deep conditioning treatment? Seems to me at best you are wasting product, at worst you are undoing the point of the protein treatment and adding back too much moisture. Your videos are great and you have lovely hair.

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 3 days ago

      My hair is high porosity. Which means it is porous. Protein helps to repair and fill those porous areas. If hair is porous it doesn’t hold well to things like hydration or moisture. So, I always follow with moisture after a protein treatment so I know my hair is holding onto it. Without the deep conditioner my hair would be very stringy and dry. Also, the mousse gel has protein in it. So, I’m getting moisture from the leave in and protein from the gel. Leave in also helps hold and seal the water with in my hair. So it’s holding on to the hydration from the water. Hair needs to be both hydrated and moisturized. I think manes by Mell might talk about this. Then gel then seals in both the hydration and moisture. Hope that makes sense!

  • Janne Deventer
    Janne Deventer 6 days ago

    I have like 4c, 3a, 3b, 2c and 2b is this normal?

  • Маруся
    Маруся 6 days ago

    Молодец девочка! Отличное видео по укладке волос, беру на заметку!

  • Layla Galarza
    Layla Galarza 8 days ago

    out of curiosity is your hair thick or thin, I can t tell.. because my hair is thick and so I gravitate towards using a lot of product but I feel like It weighs them down and then when I use NOTHING after my shower my hair dries way curlier but with frizz, so im stuck in between what I should do? any advice

  • Anna Perry
    Anna Perry 9 days ago

    Wow! Beautiful ♥️

  • Ulrike Tanner
    Ulrike Tanner 15 days ago

    Gorgeous ❣️

  • swollfirehouse
    swollfirehouse 15 days ago

    Very helpful. Thanks!

  • wellsparker
    wellsparker 15 days ago


  • Suzana Domingues Silva


  • Natalie Martin
    Natalie Martin 17 days ago

    Your curls are so pretty! This has inspired to fall back in love with my curly hair

  • Maria Malaveci
    Maria Malaveci 18 days ago

    So pretty! Loved watching!

  • N Sauer
    N Sauer 18 days ago

    Kann jemand sagen was sie in die Haare drauf gemacht hat wie es heißt?

  • J D M
    J D M 18 days ago

    your hair looks so shiny and soft. Very beautiful and defined and helathy curls! Thanks for the tutorial. I want to try this! May I ask what do you do just before you apply this gel to your hair? What do you wash and condition your hair with? Thanks

  • Rosie C
    Rosie C 19 days ago

    I have literally almost the same story just not blonde. So funny.

  • Shelley Stinton
    Shelley Stinton 20 days ago

    What’s with the red hospital armband?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 19 days ago

      It’s just a drink band either from a concert or my local theme park

  • Sherry Edwards
    Sherry Edwards 20 days ago

    Your style looks gorgeous. You make it look easy but it will be much more difficult for me. Also, my fair is very fine and straight and does not like to hold a curl. Do you need to use that type of brush or would any brush work? What about just using your fingers?

  • Xenon Helium
    Xenon Helium 20 days ago

    I expected you to have a british accent loll

  • Carmen Ordoñez T
    Carmen Ordoñez T 21 day ago


  • Ma R
    Ma R 21 day ago

    What an absolutely useless video you didn't even mention your products used before diffusing even though you talked about it numerous times during the process not once did you say the product name and not even a link in the bio

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 21 day ago

      This video is about diffusing not really products. Most other videos I make feature products I use. That’s not what this video was made for. So, if you’re looking for product recommendations this video may not be for you. 🤗

  • Piano girl
    Piano girl 22 days ago

    Brilliant results but wayyyy too time consuming! I have long hair, a three year old, and I am pregnant. so you can imagine what my "hair styling" routine looks like!

  • Arya Prdeshi
    Arya Prdeshi 22 days ago

    It will be easier to strain if you make it a bit runny. Runny flaxseed gel works as well

  • J St Anders
    J St Anders 22 days ago

    I absolutely love your hair, lovely, just lovely.. It's like Meg Ryan's but so much nicer.. Well done!! and keep going. Good Luck for 2020. Love from UK. Julie xx

  • Katie Deep Beep
    Katie Deep Beep 23 days ago

    Your hair is drop dead gorgeous!

  • gaiaslovechild
    gaiaslovechild 23 days ago

    Oh no he did do good!!!

  • gaiaslovechild
    gaiaslovechild 23 days ago

    Too cute!

  • UK DoctorFRCS
    UK DoctorFRCS 24 days ago

    I have 3ft of hair this would literally take hours for me to do. I will stick with my steam curler.

  • MsKatalind
    MsKatalind 24 days ago

    Love your hair but my hair could never take all that product and look that good. With my hair the less product I use the better mine looks and feels.

  • Topher Magellan
    Topher Magellan 24 days ago

    That's a lot of work. Geez if you have long hair it would take forever.

  • NILA Jackson
    NILA Jackson 24 days ago

    But....very cute!

  • NILA Jackson
    NILA Jackson 24 days ago

    Seems like a lot of work!

    • Bellatrix Braojos
      Bellatrix Braojos 24 days ago

      I think so too. Too much work for natural curly hair...

  • Надежда Куш


  • nancy laflamme
    nancy laflamme 25 days ago

    Hi Kristyn, I’m letting my hair grow from a pixie, I’m 6 months in and discovered I have big curls like yours,I love your hair cut, is there a name to it?

    SHREYA DAS 26 days ago

    I read somewhere " touching hair during drying process makes a lot of frizz." Is that true?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 21 day ago

      It absolutely can! Especially through air drying. But, for me, I will begin touching it during diffusing when my roots are dry and the rest is more than 50% dry. I prefer volume so a little halo frizz doesn’t bother me.

    • Karli Kick
      Karli Kick 25 days ago

      I’ve heard that as well!

  • Theresa Forrás
    Theresa Forrás 26 days ago

    Beautifull 😍

  • Rosie C
    Rosie C 26 days ago

    Your gorgeous. That’s all.

  • Hanna Pajanen
    Hanna Pajanen 27 days ago

    Wow! Looks like a very hair-friendly way to create soft curls! I find it hard to believe there’s no need to pin the damp curls in any way, must give it a try. Does this only work on short or medium hair?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 27 days ago

      This is typically meant for someone who naturally has curl or wave to their hair. Which is why pinning isn’t needed. This type of styling helped me when I was still transitioning from color damage.

  • AT M
    AT M 28 days ago

    your so lucky you can finger comb through your hair like that...I can't, any tips around the brush when you can't do that first?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 27 days ago

      I used a wide tooth comb when my hair was very long and tangled easily. I know there are brushes out there people like to use. The wet brush is the typical one I use. I only use a comb or brush if there is conditioner in my hair or some type of product when wet. It used to take me 30 min to detangle when my hair was to my waist 😖

  • Debbie Isbell
    Debbie Isbell 28 days ago

    What? ?? Where was the styling the bangs part ? All I saw was the conditioning, scrunching and shaking your hair?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne 28 days ago

      If you’ve seen my other videos this isn’t how I typically style my hair. This is how I style it with having my bangs forward (I usually wear them to the side). Like I said in the video, diffusing is the same for me. I didn’t change that. So, either you would diffuse dry or air dry depending upon on preference.

  • Caroline Blank
    Caroline Blank 28 days ago

    What diffuser do you use?

  • Celina Sanchez
    Celina Sanchez 29 days ago

    Does that gel have alcohol?

  • Brunilda Marrero
    Brunilda Marrero 29 days ago

    To much work!!

  • Maritza Gomez
    Maritza Gomez 29 days ago

    Hi looks beautiful, where I can buy those products? I have a lot volume of hair 😀

  • Raina
    Raina Month ago

    Noone with cur,y hair would ever touch their hair as much as u hair would be a frizzy diastee

    • AT M
      AT M 28 days ago

      What do you mean by that comment Raina? her hair is clearly curly, it looks very fine and not coarse. I have very coarse hair and I suspect yours is too, so yes I agree that our hair type can't sustain nice girls through a drying process, it has to be sopping wet to avoid frizz. Her hair is clearly not like yours but has nothing to do with the curl.

  • verbinator2468
    verbinator2468 Month ago

    What did you do as far as stylers between when your hair was acting up and how it looks now in this video??

  • Marissa Roush
    Marissa Roush Month ago


  • Osnat Gerzon
    Osnat Gerzon Month ago

    Kristyn, haha- minunte 1:09 😂😂😉 I had to write it 😁😃😉 I'll keep watching 🙂

    • Osnat Gerzon
      Osnat Gerzon Month ago

      @Kristyn Joanne Finished watching!! 😃😍 Kristyn, I love youuuu!!! You're soooo cute and pretty! I love your natural colors, your hair, your eyes and your nose ☺☺😍😍 I looove these videos of yours! With love, Osnat from Jerusalem, Israel- the other side of the world from you, behind an oceans 🙂💖

    • Osnat Gerzon
      Osnat Gerzon Month ago

      @Kristyn Joanne Almost finishing watching 🙂😉

    • Osnat Gerzon
      Osnat Gerzon Month ago

      @Kristyn Joanne 😍😍😍

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      Osnat Gerzon the volume was real there for a second. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Shawtynya
    Shawtynya Month ago

    Hey there i just wanted to say I LOVED the video and I JUST LEFT A THUMBS UP BEAUTIFUL!! I also make videos on my channel that include curly hair routines , playlist vids etc . So please check that out when you get the chance ! Much love and amazing video!! Good luck to you and your upcoming RU-clip channel career !! 💋

  • Mary Marshall
    Mary Marshall Month ago

    Have you ever tried the perfect hair care towel? It is the best towel I have ever used

  • Christy Wylie
    Christy Wylie Month ago

    Absolutely LOVE your big, lose curls! It looks so soft & shiny.

  • Gen Babbles
    Gen Babbles Month ago

    Could you make a curly hair routine for those on a budget???? Your hair is so similar to mine!!

  • Niki Asche
    Niki Asche Month ago

    Hey Kristyn, I see you are wearing a Lake Okaboji shirt. Are you in Iowa too??

    • Niki Asche
      Niki Asche Month ago

      @Kristyn Joanne Thank God you understand the Iowegian way.!! I am glad you know the weather elements in IA. I am in Eagle Grove, its near Fort Dodge

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      Niki Asche lol yes I am an iowan the land of gold.....corn🌽

  • Carolyn Shelby
    Carolyn Shelby Month ago

    Beautiful and very helpful! Been trying this method for a few weeks and so far I'm very happy with the results! Just one question: do you use the same amount of product every day? 'Cause I try not to.. I start getting a lot of product buildup which eventually weighs down my hair a little and I lose volume at the top.. (I do use different products however) Any tips on this?

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      Currently I just take a tiny little bit of just one styler usually just a cream or a gel and add a little water in my hands and rub my hands together and then glide it over my hair and diffuse. I hope that makes sense. Definitely a lot more simple, quick, and less product.

  • Anna Rodriguez
    Anna Rodriguez Month ago

    Thank you for this! This is my first winter since transitioning so I'm clueless on what to use 🙌

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      This is really the first time I’ve been paying attention to Humectants. Last winter it never made a difference for me but this winter I can totally tell the difference. 🙈😳

  • TVMadam
    TVMadam Month ago

    OMG! Perfect curls! 👍🌹 What hair cut u will recommended for 3a on front part and 3b on back with middle length? I so much love your hairstyle and hair cut! ❤️

  • Matrix 1
    Matrix 1 Month ago


  • Candy Yams
    Candy Yams Month ago

    Lovely ❤️❤️

  • Irazinha Santos
    Irazinha Santos Month ago


  • justmydeals
    justmydeals Month ago

    You cannot seriously believe that the brush she used in Step 1 had anything to do with results?!?

  • The Addicts
    The Addicts Month ago

    Do we need the black thing you have on your dryer?

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B Month ago

    Oh my, your hair looks beautiful, so healthy and soft, beautiful curls!

  • Samantha Gonzales

    I love how beautiful your hair is!!! I think I will invest in a Denman brush now! How long did this whole process take you?

  • Donna Smith
    Donna Smith Month ago

    You use the brush then you finger coiled . Why bother with the brush?

    • Donna Smith
      Donna Smith Month ago

      Kristyn Joanne ok thanks for the reply

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      The brush does most of the work. I finger coiled a few pieces I felt like weren’t going to hold shape and need extra assistance (typically areas where damage still exists). The denman brush gives me a completely different look compared to strictly finger coiling.

  • Lorraine Paz
    Lorraine Paz Month ago

    Very cute!!!

  • MariJoe Landeros
    MariJoe Landeros Month ago

    Would the result be okay if I didn’t have a diffuser?

    • MariJoe Landeros
      MariJoe Landeros Month ago

      Kristyn Joanne omg thanks so much for answering!! My hair pattern is so strange lately but I don’t have money for a diffuser. 💔 I’m glad to know the brush alone may be a good solution/investment!!! Thanks for the advice hun I appreciate it so much!!!

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      Air drying is just fine! You just may not have as much volume. ☺️

  • nia0412
    nia0412 Month ago

    Tried this and got great results. Need a better diffuser tho. Can you also list the tools you use.

  • J Hollingworth
    J Hollingworth Month ago

    Watching your curls come alive during diffusing is seriously so satisfying.

  • Sharon H
    Sharon H Month ago

    She must have curly hair to begin with. I don’t.

  • Lisa Vanvalkenburgh

    I'm so confused...I see your hair and you classified your curls as 2b & c with 3a.... then there's Bianca Renee Today that classifies her curls as 3b. My curls are tighter than yours but not pencil tight like hers so I figured I was between 3a &b but your hair borders on wavy only with manipulated coils. I'm certainly not saying your hair isn't what you think it is I just get confused because so many people classify their curls and it's hard to find my 'zone'. Anyone else have this problem. Thanks for sharing, just got my 7 row Denman and look forward to using it. Smiles and blessings...

    • Lisa Vanvalkenburgh
      Lisa Vanvalkenburgh Month ago

      @Kristyn Joanne Thanks for responding...I don't think I fall in any specific category. From my roots my hair is not smooth like most 3a,b,c gals. But my curls are far from wavy. (2a,b,c). I have hair in texture that is more 4a but curls that are, like you said between sidewalk chalk and the larger sharpie pens. I understand transition... I'm still transitioning after years. Mostly because I haven't been able to find a trustworthy stylist to help me sort out my porosity problems and give good trims and cuts. Spent most my life (I'm 48) coming home from salons and crying... butchered and damaged as someone had heard of a new technique for curly hair and after showing me and telling me about it, as long as it kept me natural I was willing. I won't drop a Benjamin on another stylist who brings me back to square one again. I have applied trimming my own hair dry with my curls formed air dried and was able to remove much damage that way but I hardly like the shape of my hair. I've even tried getting in with people I've researched and got excellent reviews, Deva certified, but they never call me back. I'm just stuck trying to go it alone until then really, continuing to apply the knowledge I've accumulated and stick to it. Going on 9 years, no heat, no bad ingredients, satin pillow cases/ caps, deep conditioning, and gentle manipulations. But I do have excessive grey for my age and once a year treat myself to a cover up (this is when I usually look for someone who can use the olaplex system to prevent damage). It's disheartening. I think people who find a great stylist end up getting further faster. I pray this last salon I called will call me back as my husband has a big Christmas party to attend for a new company and I'd really like to feel like a compliment to him instead of a cancer patient. I will cover my hair if I can't get it colored without damage. This has been my solution since the grey started taking over my head from front to back. I try to be gentle with the covering but I can see it harming my hair crowning my face now. I can afford a good stylist...I pay big bucks for products and spare no expense in preventative tools and maintenance for my curls. I just recently bought the olaplex 3 to try at home, fingers crossed that will help maybe to get my porosity consistent on my whole head. As I'm sure you know porosity makes a huge difference in what products one uses in their hair... my grey is low, the crown of my head on top is high and my underneath is more normal. It's a nightmare. I've tried attending different products to each of those sections but in inevitably some gets on others and it's not pretty plus so expensive and time consuming. Hence why I gave up and started covering my head in public with scarves. It was that our go back to box color for grey and straighten as that has been the only way I've ever 'found a friendship' with my hair. But I don't want to go back - 9 years is a long time, I want to love my curls... to go back now seems ridiculous, I'm not a quitter. I will say my hair is finally moisturized like it should be... gotta leave my rant on a good Sorry to dump that all on you. Your hair is beautiful and I hope you keep going and stay natural... Smiles and blessings...

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      I can understand what you are saying. I hate classifying curls because of this. Typically they say 3a is like side walk chalk. 3b is like a fat sharpie marker. 3c is like a pencil. But, honestly curls come in literally every circumference. So it’s whatever you feel like you classify best with. When my hair was long and full of damage (still transitioning) it was definitely 2b/c and behaved nothing like it does now that I’ve developed some 3a curls. Hope this helps the confusion a little.

  • Clare Lovett Silicon Valley Realtor

    Wow! So pretty... what is your cut??

  • Juliana Wellman
    Juliana Wellman Month ago

    Oh wow!

  • KK
    KK Month ago

    Yesss Ive been waiting for an in depth review on AG's products for so long!! Thank you!

  • Betty Sprong
    Betty Sprong Month ago

    It looks like you also have fine thin hair like mine so what do you ask you stylist for layers or what because I could do this with some practice my hair just needs the right cut and I have a great stylist I just need to be able to covey the correct me

    • Kristyn Joanne
      Kristyn Joanne Month ago

      I have a more finer texture but I have a lot of it. I have quite a bit of layers. If you have a lower density of hair then I would get to many layers because you don’t want your perimeter (bottom of your hair) to look too sparse. Hope this makes sense and helps a little.

  • Safina
    Safina Month ago

    Your hair looks so shiny and lovely curls!

  • E T
    E T Month ago

    what cow ash/ shampoo conditioner do you use?

  • Elyzabeth M
    Elyzabeth M Month ago

    Ha! Finally a video with someone who has hair like me!

  • Osnat Gerzon
    Osnat Gerzon Month ago

    Nice! The result is beautiful!! I love these kinds of videos of yours! 🙂😍❤

  • Island Roena
    Island Roena Month ago

    Your hair is so pretty! It looks soft and luscious

  • Trish Maley
    Trish Maley Month ago

    Hi Kristyn - I am compelled to thank you for this fabulous video. I am 66 years old and spent most of my life thinking I had slightly wavy hair! Since I started using the curly girl method several years ago, I've realised that I have 2b/2c curls with some 3as. My curl pattern is very similar to yours. I have been trying to get this kind of curl/volume forever and this is the first video I have found that achieves the look I want, and following it I have got my desired result. THANK YOU!!!!! I am now subscribed to your channel and love your other videos. You have changed my life,darling girl!!

  • lotusflowerbombb
    lotusflowerbombb Month ago

    You are seriously so radiant and beautiful...thanks for the tips our hair is so similar!

  • Tera Hunter
    Tera Hunter Month ago

    Thats my hair type too

  • Dee Stitcher
    Dee Stitcher Month ago

    You had such a beautiful natural colour!

  • abcameo
    abcameo Month ago

    Can you tell us (show us!) some details about your haircut? I want to steal it. :-)

  • Dorothy Kearns
    Dorothy Kearns Month ago

    LOVE your hair and your videos! But.... what would be amazing is if you could put up a video with the person cutting your hair!! There are not enough videos out there talking about curly haircuts...... without the right haircut, curly hair is just not going to look right. Please, Please share more about curly haircuts.