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  • Flickson J Great
    Flickson J Great 3 hours ago

    please can you make a simple raw copy available

  • Lucie Nadon
    Lucie Nadon 12 hours ago

    hello how do I listen to my own recorded webinar. how do I save it in my files so i can send to someone? thanks

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train 12 hours ago

      If you've recorded the narration you want, and you want to send the completed presentation to somebody else then you have two options. First of all if you head to Slideshow > Setup Show and choose the option for it to be browsed at a kiosk this will create a stand-alone presentation that will play without opening automatically in PowerPoint. Your second option, and probably the better one, is to go to the File menu, choose Save As, and then just underneath the file name change the file type to a video format such as MP4. This will turn your presentation into a video which can be played on any computer whether or not it has PowerPoint installed. I hope this helps.

  • soultaker1083
    soultaker1083 14 hours ago

    Is there a way to set the macro randomization of the slides to a timer rather than clicking the button?

    • soultaker1083
      soultaker1083 13 hours ago

      @The Tech Train Awesome! Just to clarify, I'm not really looking for a countdown timer but more so looking to have the slide change randomly after a certain nunber of second.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train 14 hours ago

      Yes, there is. You'd need to include a timer macro (which I'm actually about to include in a video shortly) and have this reset on slide change. Check out the video in the next few days about a clock, and that code should help. Make sure you're subscribed of course so you'll know!

    AEBRUHAM BLINKOLN 16 hours ago

    thats a lot of emojis :)))))))))))))))

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train 16 hours ago

      Indeed - and perhaps you could reply to this comment with one? 🤪

  • Dion Clingwall
    Dion Clingwall 20 hours ago

    How does one read the number E9 aloud? As 'two hundred thirty three'? Or is it simply read as 'E nine'? Thanks for the quick and clear method of conversion.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train 17 hours ago

      You're very welcome, and thank you, you too!

    • Dion Clingwall
      Dion Clingwall 18 hours ago

      Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate you taking the time to help. Have an excellent fall.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train 18 hours ago

      Hello, glad you liked the video. It's important when reading either binary or hexadecimal numbers not to read them as though they were decimal. So, in this case E9 is read as exactly that 'Ee Nine'. You can see how this is important because while the digits 10 in decimal are read as 'ten', in binary 10 is the value of two, and in hexadecimal 10 is equivalent to 16, so we always read these as the digits, not the familiar decimal words. I hope this helps.

  • Veosonoph.
    Veosonoph. Day ago

    Thank you so much! You helped me a ton

  • Atikhom Thienthong
    Atikhom Thienthong 2 days ago

    How can I insert numbers in boxes? Please give me some advice.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      These tick boxes are symbols, or characters, you can't put numbers into them. You'd either need a font that includes those sorts of characters, or use a numbered bullet list. I hope this helps.

  • Jean Zartner
    Jean Zartner 2 days ago

    Hooray! You have solved a mystery that has plagued me for years. My hero!

  • muhammad mubeen Khan

    Thank you its very help ful

  • Algrace T.
    Algrace T. 2 days ago

    This is the only helpful video. Thank you!

  • Akkahshh Agarwaal
    Akkahshh Agarwaal 3 days ago

    Thank you very much! This is the best explanation I've ever seen in my life.

  • Bill Minimum
    Bill Minimum 3 days ago

    Could you help? I want to make a pro forma document in word for students to fill in. How can I give instructions on the electronic template that will not be printed when it is sent to the printer. Thanks.

  • Big Buddah
    Big Buddah 3 days ago


  • Frewuill Rodriguez
    Frewuill Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Hasnain Ahmed
    Hasnain Ahmed 3 days ago

    couple of minutes ago i was scratching my head but then i found this amazing video and bingo! Thanks a lot ..

  • Tammy Milda
    Tammy Milda 3 days ago

    you are far less irritating than most people giving Python tutorials. Shame you didn't continue.

    • Tammy Milda
      Tammy Milda 16 hours ago

      @The Tech Train No worries. I've watched all these tutorials now, they were really helpful. Hope you make more one day :)

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I'm glad you found the tutorials useful... but I haven't stopped! I'm a full time teacher, teaching IT & Computing at two different secondary schools so I have my hands full, and sometimes have to switch focus for a while, but I have many more planned! Make sure you're subscribed so you'll know when they go live.

  • Mimiru Kazumi
    Mimiru Kazumi 4 days ago


  • Maria Teresa Villaflor

    Thank you, very helpful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Globe Trotter'z Tourism

    All the 4 is not working , what can i Do ?

  • Gt0032
    Gt0032 5 days ago

    Thank you, now I can make the divorce papers look professional, take that Karen who’s a real man now

  • Uldis Crystal
    Uldis Crystal 5 days ago

    ahhhh for word 2019 it is more confusing when watching this video ahhh.

  • Jiny
    Jiny 5 days ago

    Thank you very much. If i want to put in already recorded audio, can i still make everything automatic and onl .have 1 audio for the whole ppt? Pease help

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Pre-recorded audio can simply be inserted as an audio file (Insert > Audio > Audio on my PC)

  • Svrco Lola
    Svrco Lola 5 days ago

    Hi i have problem on my application for job.It's says date should be in format DD.MM.YYYY, and i put dates like that expl: 21.10.2019 and it's says following requires your attention.Can u help pleasee

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I'm afraid without seeing the form I wouldn't be able to help. Just make sure you're entering the month and day the required way round. Do you have a link to the online form?

  • Guna
    Guna 5 days ago

    When i try to install it says it can't find a required version of powerpoint 2007/2010/2013. I am using powerpoint 2016, is this not supported? It seems like you are using powerpoint 2016 as well.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I'm using PowerPoint 2016, and in fact at school until recently we had PowerPoint 2010, and this add-in worked fine on both.

  • Chris Winder
    Chris Winder 6 days ago

    Thanks for the info!

  • Đặng Hữu Toàn

    It's working perfectly, thank you very much :3

  • Macsix 87
    Macsix 87 6 days ago

    Thank you. May God bless you!

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  • Dorothy Joy Villareal

    This is so helpful to us students, thanks so much!

  • Diana Mejias
    Diana Mejias 7 days ago

    OMG. It truly works. I have been going crazy with four lines (borders) that showed up on a doctoral thesis and wondered if I would have to rewrite that section all over again. Thank you so much. You were EXTREMELY HELPFUL.

  • Michael Ndeira
    Michael Ndeira 8 days ago


    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I'm sorry to hear that. Feel free to send me the file to look at.

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend 9 days ago

    Thanks but this can be summarized in 15 seconds

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      True, but not fully explained, which was the aim of this video.

  • Binaya Acharya
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  • Zachariah Martinez
    Zachariah Martinez 10 days ago

    Thank you for sharing this. That was a simple and straight forward video, and solved my problem.

  • Tigran Saharyan
    Tigran Saharyan 10 days ago

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  • Maria Muzio
    Maria Muzio 10 days ago

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  • Fadwa Jansen
    Fadwa Jansen 11 days ago

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  • João Imai
    João Imai 11 days ago

    Now I'm wondering how could I live all these years without looking up for such a simple solution...

  • Nicole Sestrap
    Nicole Sestrap 11 days ago

    I’m trying to build a PowerPoint deck that does exactly this, except I want it to choose a random slide (without repeating) from a single main slide. For example, I would click a button to choose a random slide and then click a home button to go back to the main page. From there I would want it to choose another random slide in a range but recognize the slide that’s already been chosen and not repeat until all other slides have been chosen. Is this possible? If so, what would the code be?

    • Nicole Sestrap
      Nicole Sestrap Day ago

      Would you be able to provide me with the code to be able to create the array and process?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      It's certainly possible, using an array. I don't think it would need much tweaking from this version - you'd just need the main button on the home page and all other slides have a link back to that home page.

  • petrus
    petrus 11 days ago

    It works well when creating new document the way you're showing. But when I use right-click on my desktop or wherever and create a new doc, it ALWAYS uses the default template (calibri 11, adjusted to left and so on), even after that template has been modified.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Why not make a shortcut to the template and place that on your desktop?

  • shubhankar das
    shubhankar das 11 days ago

    This is very helpful

  • Ciel Wang
    Ciel Wang 12 days ago

    A million thanks mate! And it won't show up in a PDF

  • Rebecca Morris
    Rebecca Morris 12 days ago

    You are AMAZING!!!!! Thank you !!

  • Colette Whelan
    Colette Whelan 12 days ago

    Excellant. Thank you just created step by step. The only issue i am trying to resolve a wonky spinner. I have tried stretching my wheel but it doesnt spin as prefectly as yours.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      That can happen when you've converted your chart to a group of circles, if you haven't aligned it correctly over the centre point, or if you have inadvertently included an extra line or shape when grouping the segments.

  • Nazeeya A
    Nazeeya A 13 days ago

    Thank you ...:-)

  • cindirella16
    cindirella16 13 days ago

    Oh my God! I love you! I was having so many problems trying to delete those stupid lines and I knew a tech savvy RU-clipr would know! Thanks!

  • Agnes Paida Mativirira

    very helpful... Thank you

  • Nicolas Gentile
    Nicolas Gentile 13 days ago

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  • Life Triggers
    Life Triggers 13 days ago

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    Vale F 14 days ago

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  • voicetube
    voicetube 14 days ago

    Dude, you save my ass (and my sanity)!

  • Loida Asar
    Loida Asar 15 days ago

    can you please share the sample excel file so we can practice along?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I don't have that particular file, but I do upload a lot of the files I create to my Patreon page. I can see if I can build a copy of this and upload it to there perhaps.

  • Einat Ifergan
    Einat Ifergan 15 days ago

    Great tutorial. thanks! Is there a way to add sound effect at the end of the animation?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Thank you, glad you liked it. Yes, all you need to do is to insert the audio (Insert > Audio) and in the Animations tab have it play after the required amount of time.

  • Beautiful Lives by Susan

    Still searching to know why my latest version of PPTX 365 puts a video of me in the bottom corner of the presentation while I am recording. I do not want this. I can't figure out how to remove it.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      That's more likely your recording software than PowerPoint?

  • عبدالرحمن عرابي

    32 bits = 4294967296 isn't it?

  • Helping Hands
    Helping Hands 17 days ago

    Thankyou very much sor

  • A Zulekha
    A Zulekha 17 days ago

    Hello, if someone has pre-recorded audio and wants to set it up on each slide instead of recording in the moment, is this possible?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Absolutely, just go to Insert > Audio and set the playback to automatically.

  • Steve McElroy
    Steve McElroy 18 days ago

    Thank you! So helpful!!!

  • Shanta Halder
    Shanta Halder 18 days ago

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  • Bo Kalvslund
    Bo Kalvslund 18 days ago

    Hi. Great tips. Is it possible to move all lines and text to a new position if you need to rearrange the layout?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      If you mean individually, you can double-click a word, Ctrl-X, double click where you want it and Ctrl-V, but the document isn't click and drag.

  • Lashon Knox
    Lashon Knox 19 days ago

    Thank you so much for not being over wordy and getting directly to the point. This video was most helpful!

  • An Tony
    An Tony 19 days ago

    Thanks so much! Your video is helpful and plain, fantastic job you've done there! Cheers!

  • bhaskar janoriya biaora

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  • Arafat Hossain Abir 1410632030

    Sir, You will be remembered till my death. It took 7 minutes to understand this. Thank you so much.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Ha ha! Thank you so much, I'm very glad to have helped.

  • peachesh1
    peachesh1 20 days ago

    Thanks for this great quick and easy tutorial!

  • Raydreen Zedricj
    Raydreen Zedricj 20 days ago

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    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I have to eat occasionally. Sorry. It's sort of a habit.

  • Brook Bowen
    Brook Bowen 21 day ago

    Start at 2:44 - Select All, F5, Select "Special" at the bottom then select "blanks", (blank rows should be selected) then goto top right corner select Delete and choose "Delete Select Rows"

  • naly202
    naly202 21 day ago

    thank you for the tip! also, you have an amazing voice, i would listen to it all day

    • naly202
      naly202 17 hours ago

      @The Tech Train , if they do, they are just silly. I'm Romanian and I teach English, I will definitely use this video in a listening comprehension lesson. I'll tell my kids : "See? This is what a true posh British voice sounds like" lol.

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Ha ha! Thank you so much. I'm sure my students would disagree... but I'm glad you liked it!

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong 21 day ago

    Only works with a paid Microsoft subscription to Office 365....

  • Alvaro Romero
    Alvaro Romero 22 days ago

    Thank you Dr.! I was struggling with a huge chart from a warehouse

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  • Thom Thomas
    Thom Thomas 22 days ago

    There is only one correct way to represent date values in a digital world. It is ISO 8601 standard. See &

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    Monika Radecka 22 days ago

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    Mohammed Asadi 23 days ago

    Wow, thank you so much. this is way easier than writing script in R (for simple analysis of course) :)

  • richard rubin
    richard rubin 24 days ago

    How do I highlight specific word

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Double-click it. Then you can change the font or add a highlight colour using the standard font tools.

  • Miss Limestar
    Miss Limestar 24 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown 24 days ago

    Thank you - extremely useful. One tip - if you're using Office 365 you need to be logged into your microsoft account in order to be able to download the app from the store.

  • Tidiahn Woodward
    Tidiahn Woodward 24 days ago

    The vid starts at 1:30

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Actually the video starts at 0:00. What you mean I think is that the bit you were looking for is at 1:30. My editing skills aren't that bad!

  • IT Security Specialist

    Thank you so much. I wonder why some older Microsoft Excel versions make this conversion automatically but some does not. Or is it because of the localization and language settings of the PC?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      I think it's just Microsoft's way of making us all feel inferior and confused.

  • Nikko Bummer
    Nikko Bummer 25 days ago

    Thanks for this tutorial. Is there a way for it not to select the same name over and over? I have around 12 students and i've had instances where it chooses the same student 3 or 4 times in a row after a re-spin which is sometimes annoying ;)

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Check out the note in the description - you may need to add the extra step.

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  • Mark Mcgrath
    Mark Mcgrath 26 days ago

    Any help how to fix problem with bullets turning to square boxes when email to someone ?

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      It will be because of the way you have your email formatting set up. If you have an HTML option it may support the additional characters, but plain text won't.

  • Living with Los
    Living with Los 26 days ago

    answer starts at 2:00 min mark

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    Anjana Shrestha Month ago

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  • iamwin74
    iamwin74 Month ago

    I cannot group it..

    • The Tech Train
      The Tech Train Day ago

      Click on the first shape, then hold down the Shift key and click on the others. Then let go of Shift and carefully right-click on the edge of one of the selected shapes and go to Group.

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