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  • Rachel Kaczmarek
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  • Jakarius Smith
    Jakarius Smith 40 minutes ago

    DazzReviews said that in his video that 22 is a unborn child that is about to be born

  • Roberto Plays
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  • Karina Labuschagne


  • Mesha Valentine
    Mesha Valentine 2 hours ago

    Yes she should get powers

  • Cobalt Chameleon
    Cobalt Chameleon 3 hours ago

    this whole season just felt like a really really bad fan-fiction towards the end the journey there was interesting but once they make it there it feels like a really awfully written fan-fiction with a knock off lion guard and a sudden love interest for kion i really liked the lion guard but when they reached the tree of life i grew to hate it really badly as it's just so abysmally done

  • Sven Shepherd
    Sven Shepherd 3 hours ago


  • Leon
    Leon 3 hours ago

    You always say skelenton

  • Bea Stephenson
    Bea Stephenson 3 hours ago

    Quasimodo also has queen eyes

  • DJ4toxic 25
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  • the fairy channel
    the fairy channel 4 hours ago


  • Izaiah Brown
    Izaiah Brown 4 hours ago

    Could you do a video on brother bear?

  • M Rex
    M Rex 4 hours ago

    Here comes homecoming.. (Little girl hates dragons lol and the perfect ending is ruined)

  • Fun With Steff
    Fun With Steff 4 hours ago

    I love this theory! My theory is that the reason Cass betrayed Raps is because of the flashback where we see Cass as a kid. We see how hurt Cass is when Gothel chose Rapunzel over Cass. The pain in her eyes. Basically, my theory is that Cass was so hurt that her own mother chose Rapunzel over her, she is taking revenge for the time she never had with her mother.

  • Sam Richards
    Sam Richards 5 hours ago

    Pixar theory anyone?

  • DJ Kimber
    DJ Kimber 5 hours ago

    Who here wish Disney would turn these books to movies??? I would purchase each one gladly!!!

  • Conor Coz
    Conor Coz 6 hours ago

    Jack frost is the re-incarnation of night light ?

  • J Ju
    J Ju 6 hours ago

    Just discovered esmeralda is from this story

  • Headless Spaceman
    Headless Spaceman 6 hours ago

    Read the book. He's dead. All children grow up except dead children.

  • Gregory Wallace
    Gregory Wallace 7 hours ago

    Frrb shouldve fu**ed the mom technically its his tep mom

  • faith barber
    faith barber 8 hours ago

    What it could have been hades in disguise

  • faith barber
    faith barber 8 hours ago

    Dude but Varian has a blue streak in his hair too

  • Spider-Man 2099xXx lazar code Lazerbeam

    Yes there powers combined

  • Lydia Stlaurent
    Lydia Stlaurent 10 hours ago

    Aww this couple is SOOO cute!!!

  • Roblox StopMotion
    Roblox StopMotion 10 hours ago

    Boy is Nuffink girl is Zephyr

  • RoseIsSomeWhereHere
    RoseIsSomeWhereHere 10 hours ago

    I like the idea that she was originally created by a super villain called Trendsetter in order who made her equal to any scientist, architect, or creative genius to kill superhero’s. But she went against her creator. Which is why her home is a fortress, to prevent her evil nature being reset. But I could be wrong because she did go to Mr and Mrs Incredibles wedding. And she has a couzin .

  • Johann Alyosha Van Tassel

    heres my explanation, and I haven't even watched the video: L O V E

  • A'Quilla Wilson
    A'Quilla Wilson 11 hours ago

    Hey look up a new trailer for hiccup kids hates dragons now

  • parvesh Parker
    parvesh Parker 11 hours ago

    Rani means queen in hindi

  • Michonne Luvs
    Michonne Luvs 11 hours ago

    wait wait wait. Jack Frost was Nightlight so why the guardians not tell him all about the adventures they been on together in the movie when they tried to convince him? Do they not know Nightlight in his human form? I mean when the man in the moon sent someone to release Nightlight and he came back to help for a while and then disappeared, what did they think? that he died? or wanted to be left alone? or did they knew he went to find his family but just didn’t know who he was going to be or they didn’t know he was in the lake for so long? OR only the man in the moon is the only on who knows he's past life as Nightlight? I mean Nightlight currently only remembers his life as Jack Frost with a family, not the Guardian Nightlight. It seems like none of the Guardians knew he was Nightlight or Pitch so many questions.... This deserve a sequel or another book

  • Alfredo Victor
    Alfredo Victor 11 hours ago

    No because he got burnt to death and when your burnt to death all your skin falls of and Jack doesn't have no skin hes the only skeleton

  • Djip Taynan
    Djip Taynan 12 hours ago

    That red face tho

  • mahiba ali
    mahiba ali 12 hours ago

    Is this video about maui or tangled

  • Yobear
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  • putri melati
    putri melati 14 hours ago

    elsa ice anna fire

  • InfiniWolf
    InfiniWolf 14 hours ago

    1:53 that’s the answer. They’re just camouflaged they’re there but we never see them

  • Jaden Lim
    Jaden Lim 15 hours ago

    Bo peep gets more and more animated as the movie goes and she really looked different,I guess.😐😐😐😐😐

  • Jaden Lim
    Jaden Lim 15 hours ago

    The toys really did freak me out.The doll-headed-spider thingy freaked me out really much,since my biggest fear is creepy dolls.😰😰😰

  • sir dark
    sir dark 15 hours ago

    I hope httyd 4 is coming because i like the movies very much like if you want dreamworks to see this

  • Scarlet Fox
    Scarlet Fox 15 hours ago

    Actually, in the last episode of the lion guard, He stayed near the tree of life ruling his own kingdom as king ( I forgot the name of the queen). So more than likely he wasn't in lion king 2 because he was busy with his kingdom

  • milan mwihaki
    milan mwihaki 16 hours ago

    Who told you🤔

  • Banani Biswas
    Banani Biswas 16 hours ago

    A another lion from the outlands named Uxolo is father and Zira's older sister is his mom Yes Vitani and kovu's

  • Jennifer Whitman
    Jennifer Whitman 16 hours ago

    😈😈😈😈😈😈😈 this is my favorite mad emoji

  • Brittany Williams
    Brittany Williams 17 hours ago

    Okay so hear me out....Joe Gardener always had a dream of being on stage. Music has inspired him his entire life, and runs through his veins, has gotten him through hard times and possibly even saved his life! So he followed a career in music, led his life by music and then one day he thinks his big dream is about to come true, his big break....and then bam falls in the manhole, enters into the world between worlds where he has to figure out with the help of his little sidekick what he wants to be most remembered for with his time on earth. Joe thinks he already knows, he believes his important role is to play music on stage, but what if he overlooked the most important thing? He taught music to kids in middle school, and who needs guidance the most? Who needs a place to feel alive and belong in the world the most? Well kids...what if Joe's real purpose was to help all these kids who need that escape, who need that joy in their lives? I'm sure even if he didn't realize it, he impacted so many kids and brought music into so many lives. He made them open their eyes to new things and talent they never knew was inside them, and like I said before maybe he even saved some lives. He in turn created more musicians, and kept music alive in so many hearts!! I dunno just a theory...

  • Arafat Islam
    Arafat Islam 18 hours ago


  • darknxghts
    darknxghts 18 hours ago

    Fun Fact: the ceo of BNL who was introduced in Wall-e was the one who made the cars that is how BNL was in all the car movies. During the time when everyone was in space he created cars that were made from bugs. He died after the humans went back to earth BNL was forgotten

  • Anna
    Anna 18 hours ago


  • Ana Cabell
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  • HandMade By Holly
    HandMade By Holly 19 hours ago

    gonna miss this channel too

    BJ ARDLER 19 hours ago

    But when the night lights have kids what will they be called?? Because they got different marks and if the mother or the father is normal what will that make? Because the father or mother has marks / white or Black marks

  • Md Mowla
    Md Mowla 20 hours ago


  • memethyst
    memethyst 20 hours ago

    this video made me tear up heeeeelp

  • TheAGTubeStop
    TheAGTubeStop 20 hours ago

    Sendrom: Well I guess she's the spy who dumped me, got cuz I never cared 😋 Mirage: *(roles eyes)*

  • kyanshi
    kyanshi 20 hours ago

    Well, looking at his colors, and I mean mane, coat and eyes, he most certainly has to be Scar's cub. But who is to say Scar is a legitimate member of pride rock? His appearance is so different from the other lions and physical characteristics are born from environment just as much as genetics. Now bear with me on this. . . What if he IS Scar's cub but he kept it secret? Whether he raped Kovu's mom or he didn't want it known because he wasn't the most liked guy at the time, I still think he's a high candidate. I mean, think about it, if you were a tyrannical usurper who basically destroyed your entire kingdom and whose subjects are starving, would you really want anyone to know you have a successor especially if they don't think of you as a rightful king? Plus the outlanders are supposed to be pride members who were banished because they either agreed with Scar or were loyal to him. As for Nuka, I just saw a movie where a teen girl gave her baby to her mom and let people think it was her baby brother and not her son. What if Nuka is Kovu's dad but Zira didn't think he was worthy of a male cub or if he didn't want him. Zira is obviously the matriarch of the outlanders and has Nuka cowed. Plus look at the head count of the lions we see in the ending sequence of Zira's song (sorry can't think of the name right now), that is just the outlanders. Now combine that number with the pridelanders. For ALL those lionesses we have only four, I repeat FOUR, males. So what if Nuka fathered Kovu but because of the low male birth rate Scar took him as his successor and appointed his most loyal follower to mother the cub until he could take his place as king? Plus if Scar isn't a legitimate member of the pride, like what you said about Kovu being an orphan, what if Scar is the orphan? It would definitely be a loophole around Disney's issue of incest. I mean there is actual incest and incest in name (ie: people are raised as family but have no actual blood relation and incest between them is because they share the same name) I know this is long and your busy, but what are your thoughts?

  • Tarenda Twyman
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  • Galaxy gamer wolf
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  • Riley Martin
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  • Hannah Skeldon
    Hannah Skeldon 21 hour ago

    I think that Merryweather's gift would have been, wisdom, courage or bravery. Most likely wisdom though. Since she was to become Queen one day.


    That's how i felt

  • Shaina Holder-Nixon
    Shaina Holder-Nixon 21 hour ago

    🌹 🥀

  • Mathew Pérez Sánchez


  • Gmoney Bullock
    Gmoney Bullock 22 hours ago

    Kuvo father Is scar

  • Galaxy gamer wolf
    Galaxy gamer wolf 22 hours ago

    And I ship woody and jessie

  • Tiffany Sopko
    Tiffany Sopko 22 hours ago

    You should check Aladdin tv series it actually goes into the origins of genie and the little mermaid. The tv shows were canceled due to funding and airtime allowances.

  • Xx Elemental gacha xX
    Xx Elemental gacha xX 22 hours ago

    and if you look into the movie corps bride you can tell that victor has some type of power on other hands how would have Emily just appeared out of the blue that wouldn't make any scene unless victor had supernatural abilities

  • Xx Elemental gacha xX
    Xx Elemental gacha xX 22 hours ago

    but jack skelington can also be victor from the Tim Breton move that corps bride and it could be possible that There is a connection between the two movies since they are both made by the same person

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 22 hours ago

    The nicelanders kind of reminds me of how kids treated when I was in the 5th grade

  • Scifi Fan
    Scifi Fan 23 hours ago

    It have been that the good jinn's trapped the bad jinn's in lamps. As punishment kill or change the faith of people. One of the rules is genies can't kill, bring the dead, or make people fall in love or even grant their own wish. Maybe he violated one of these rules. Which in jinn culture would be a heinous crime. I do not think the genie killed anybody. But I do think he tried to change the faith people.

  • Noah Simon
    Noah Simon 23 hours ago

    SCREW YOU BOOGEY MAN aka Pitch Black

  • Noah Simon
    Noah Simon 23 hours ago

    ❤️ I think she loved him because what human being wouldn’t love their dad

  • Noah Simon
    Noah Simon 23 hours ago

    Miguel’s mom in coco is extremely cute

  • Katiepinks
    Katiepinks Day ago

    How many times have you said 'Varian' *I COUNTED ABOUT 51*

  • Blue vortex 805


  • CutieMoli
    CutieMoli Day ago

    What do you mean "explained"? This needs no explaination.

  • Natalie Rice
    Natalie Rice Day ago

    he was jack sparrow

  • Jessica Pagan
    Jessica Pagan Day ago


  • r a t
    r a t Day ago

    *Top 10 Saddest Anime Betrayals*

  • Ale Igarabide
    Ale Igarabide Day ago

    4:38 They forgot to BE PREPAAAAAARED

  • Douglas Buchan


  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson Day ago

    The story writers wrote Woody out. And wrote how Bonnie would behave. Plus Woody (Because of the script.) Chose to leave. Bonnie didn't lose him. Place the blame on the culprits. Not the characters. The writers are to blame.

  • Pat The Cat
    Pat The Cat Day ago

    I love mama odie. She's funny

  • Emil Hedström


  • Vii
    Vii Day ago

    Andy and Woody belongs together TT__TT I was fine with the ending of TS3 cause it was bitter but also sweet. But TS4 broke my heart... Woody deserves more

  • Matt H
    Matt H Day ago

    I think he is still underneath the bell because no one went to get him out

  • Pat The Cat
    Pat The Cat Day ago

    i 100% ship them

  • Jeremiah Fortune


  • Pat The Cat
    Pat The Cat Day ago

    Astrid and Hiccup is the best relationship

  • Anonymous Acc
    Anonymous Acc Day ago

    Maleficent is my favorite animated character ever..... I just luv and adore her

  • Hanna Pacheco
    Hanna Pacheco Day ago

    À Cancelar e OK

  • Hanna Pacheco
    Hanna Pacheco Day ago

    Cancelar OK

  • Pat The Cat
    Pat The Cat Day ago

    i can't wait for season 3 of ducktales

  • Pat The Cat
    Pat The Cat Day ago

    gotta give it to Doof, he doesn't know when to quit. Which is a good thing. Doof is my favorite character by far

  • Mo AlZaben
    Mo AlZaben Day ago

    They should really make a season 4 because season 3 was really not the proper ending I mean everybody wants to know what happened to Kion and Rani and the rest of the team Am I right ? Edit: btw anyone 2019 season 3 explained everything of y he was not in lion king 2

  • ritah Kweya
    ritah Kweya Day ago

    I love avatar the last airbender

  • john hunst
    john hunst Day ago

    So which one of her ancestors banged a huge fire bird? Just curious. Sounds painful.

  • SevenTailedWolf72 ft. BLACK*ROCK Studios

    I love Maleficent 💚🖤

  • wolf meow and
    wolf meow and Day ago

    The son of Simba is name Kion he will be leader of the lion guard

  • Rudy Fermo
    Rudy Fermo Day ago

    She wanted to rule with Ursula then overthrow Ursula

  • TKnHappyNess
    TKnHappyNess Day ago

    S.H.U.S.H. is acknowledged. In the appearance of the classic Darkwing Duck, there's a billboard that references it