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  • Paul Kirby
    Paul Kirby 2 minutes ago

    We have 6 Peugeot lwb versions of this at work. All with 6 speed petrol engines. The main problem is nsf suspension failure on all of them. Some of them twice. Also there is no traditional handbrake. It's a tiny dash mounted lever. But it is a very slow and dimwitted system. . And it likes a drink. In 2500 miles , it's averaged 28mpg.

  • Diablo66six
    Diablo66six 11 minutes ago

    The back of it is so dull, god this might be the most boring car design ever.

  • Pro Driver
    Pro Driver 20 minutes ago

    Goes on about how great the wrangler all test but is still gives it to discover hmmm 🤔 no back handers there 💵

  • JD Mogol
    JD Mogol 36 minutes ago

    The stuck on screen, any size, going on across all manufactures is obnoxious.

  • VetteMan
    VetteMan 42 minutes ago

    every so many years mustang does something stupid with there cars. hate it!

  • who are ya who are ya
    who are ya who are ya 43 minutes ago

    Bought one today love it ...

  • MrKeefrichards
    MrKeefrichards 45 minutes ago

    better than a mazda they suck!

  • lewis4642011
    lewis4642011 46 minutes ago

    Can you still steal them with a fork?

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson Hour ago

    Looks fantastic 👍

  • raven scott
    raven scott Hour ago

    wow , now my Great Dane can have great nap time.

  • Frederico D'Andrade
    Frederico D'Andrade 4 hours ago

    I love this car

  • Dove Rock
    Dove Rock 4 hours ago

    Laughable..buy an old mondeo and stick an iPad on the dash.. all ev's are garbage.. overpriced unreliable BUILT to break..just my opinion.. GOOD ADVERTISING THOUGH .. ya do know All these car channels are to promote sales of cars and get the proletariat believing they represent good value.. ! Industry pushers . Truth is the car market is shockingly corrupt. All cars are 50% at a minimum overpriced .

  • pudmeister69
    pudmeister69 4 hours ago

    Want one, but I've no way of plugging it in to charge it at home.??!!!

  • Lene og Lars Bisgaard

    Look nice, but agree with many others huge mistake to use the Mustang brand

  • tr 20
    tr 20 6 hours ago

    Audi is not luxury so make it easier, 7series vs S class only

  • jdonalds2001
    jdonalds2001 6 hours ago

    1st electric car to rival Tesla.

  • Ike Evans
    Ike Evans 6 hours ago

    I do not approve of this.

  • bryan
    bryan 6 hours ago

    Dam near 40k as tested !! No wonder plumbers charge a fortune.

  • Christiaan Bonthuys
    Christiaan Bonthuys 7 hours ago

    Terrible review. Terrible woman

  • Brian Stirland
    Brian Stirland 7 hours ago

    welcome back edd

  • Ken Craver
    Ken Craver 7 hours ago


  • Andrew Smithy
    Andrew Smithy 8 hours ago

    love it..........embrace electric vehicles guys......they are not going away!

  • raven scott
    raven scott 8 hours ago

    nice video. cheers.

  • Chef Yogi
    Chef Yogi 8 hours ago

    What is mpg for 1.3

  • Richard Mann
    Richard Mann 9 hours ago

    Not pronounced Mac. It's pronounced MAAACH. Like the speed of a jet.

  • Giorgos Ioannou
    Giorgos Ioannou 9 hours ago


  • Marco Jansson
    Marco Jansson 10 hours ago

    No thanks.

  • Daniel Schloss
    Daniel Schloss 11 hours ago

    I'm not a great fan of the touch screen. The nobs and dials are much easier to operate.

  • jake Stevens
    jake Stevens 11 hours ago

    These are not sell phones or iPads, touchscreens have no place in cars they are difficult to use and dangerous.

  • Tareq Ahmed Mojumder
    Tareq Ahmed Mojumder 11 hours ago

    Supeeer 😄😊👪🌈🌍

  • Mick Pinches
    Mick Pinches 11 hours ago

    Get rid of the music, it's just a distraction!

  • Haroon Hussain
    Haroon Hussain 11 hours ago

    Itsa shithole

  • siniša jakus
    siniša jakus 12 hours ago

    Najlipši mali auto

  • Bruno Smith
    Bruno Smith 12 hours ago

    Certainly a brave move by Ford to radically re-shape the entire concept of one of their most iconic brands. But it's a good move, imo. The car is not intended to appeal to the (now ageing) band of Mustang loyalists (including me), who, alongside ICE technology, are in the twilight of life and resigning ourselves to the inevitable - but to a young generation who prefer EV, and are increasingly entering the market with the capacity to buy these expensive cars. Had Ford not transitioned this brand now, the Mustang name would have disappeared by 2025. Us oldies may nostalgically look at its ancestry, but a younger generation will keep it alive.

  • Dead Cat
    Dead Cat 14 hours ago

    soooo, the tail lights make it a mustang? >.<

  • Mark Zimmerman
    Mark Zimmerman 14 hours ago

    one good thing it makes the mustang II a true mustang now

  • Wild and Survival
    Wild and Survival 15 hours ago

    At last, they have renewed the beast! 👌🔥

  • Auto Löffler
    Auto Löffler 15 hours ago

    Tolles Video! Wir haben auch ein schönes Video vom neuen Peugeot e-208! Schaut es euch doch mal an ;)

  • Russ B.
    Russ B. 15 hours ago

    No. Not interested in any electric car much less a ford built in Mexico. Start selling those batteries to power our homes since Tesla can’t seem to get that job done.

  • Daniel Cha
    Daniel Cha 16 hours ago

    the looks and the infotainement screen being google/android is enuf to buy this car

  • Hadtobe
    Hadtobe 16 hours ago

    I believe What car is UK based. Did you bother to mention there are no plans for a RHD model in the Mach E. No wonder you are flogging the ICE model.

  • L Daddy
    L Daddy 16 hours ago

    Honda’s IMMD hybrid system is faster(in real test), smoother, and more efficient than Toyota hybrid system, which is admitted and be highly praised by toyota official

  • rhysenna
    rhysenna 16 hours ago

    The future was supposed to be better than this. What a load of wank.

  • M J
    M J 17 hours ago

    Great car, great pris in Sweden 👍🏻👍🏻

  • fernando dasilva
    fernando dasilva 17 hours ago

    This car will save the planet. Also is so nice

  • gang gang01
    gang gang01 17 hours ago

    Dont look good

    Tim CAMPBELL 17 hours ago

    So when are they going to build the wireless electric car

  • Todd Combs
    Todd Combs 17 hours ago

    Nice Car! But someone in marketing needs to be fired... mustang means sports car...Not SUV! Ford just harmed their own Mustang brand with this stunt.

  • Nasr Sayed
    Nasr Sayed 18 hours ago

    Mustang-E looks nice in a few years I will be considering it. Nice job Ford please increase range in the coming years...I own a Model 3D and Forester Sport now but would love to trade one out in 3 years or less.

  • Kevin Trye
    Kevin Trye 18 hours ago

    Looks like a Ford focus with a weird grill

  • Frankie Reyes
    Frankie Reyes 18 hours ago

    ..... looks to compact, and wish they use better built materials. But when compared with ev cars like Nissan leaf it's great. Model 3 for me is much preferred.

  • Bert Austin
    Bert Austin 20 hours ago

    I'm on my 3rd mustang and finally a mustang I don't want

  • Wayne Bolton
    Wayne Bolton 20 hours ago

    We knew ford is getting desperate, but to create a low-range, fat, SUV that is a failed attempt to copy a Testicle electric car, and laughably call it a "mustang" (which belongs to a classic muscle car) not some ugly, birth-defect fat, ugly, electric SUV, this is proof that ford is falling to the demands of the snowflake, global-warning millennial leftist libtard degenerate pussy-boy and feminist girl.Oh look... this youtube post about the Mach-Emo has more thumbs DOWN than thumbs up. Maybe this will put ford in the grave where its headed.

  • Omar Karr
    Omar Karr 20 hours ago

    You talk too much and you don't know a lick about off roading. I can talk a car on that test track you pick. This was garbage.

  • SANDOCHEESE45 sando
    SANDOCHEESE45 sando 20 hours ago

    Ermmmmmmm nah. If he was that good he'd have is OWN show. Transit customs has been here for decades Ed. Not resent as you stated 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • 3 name changes allowed every 90 days.

    Why dont they call it "My little retarded pony" I think that suits it better. Whats funny is that all the manfactuers are copying teslas engine wheel drive. Ford and Volvo so far that I know.

  • 2W3X4YZ5
    2W3X4YZ5 21 hour ago

    “We don’t want to write “Ford” on it, because if it flops or has quality/reliability issues, we can just cancel the Mustang altogether, just become ‘F-150 Motor Company,’ and be done with it.”

  • BesiBuruk Official
    BesiBuruk Official 21 hour ago


  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 22 hours ago

    4:25 *Suspect as much like your latest xPhone with a battery life of 20 hours, you will need in reality to recharge after 7-8 hours use. "Can be charged at a rate of up to 150 KWh in 38 minutes," Yea Right - if you can find an available charge point. To home charge on 3 KWh Charge would I suspect take several days and you would incur a massive Electricity Bill. EV's for you ? Not me at present thanks as very happy with my Mercedes B200 CDi Sport AMG which has done an incredible 74.3 MPG over a 90 mile trip in the UK and 143 mph top Speed on Germany AutoBahn (not at the same time mind you, although over 20K Miles shows 52.4 mpg !)*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 22 hours ago

    1:10 *The Ford Mustang V8 2019 arguably looks the best, however utterly guzzles loads of petrol, and will cost you an absolute fortune in running costs and depreciation, as all cars by 2040 will be EV's and by then any ICE Vehicle not worth a single carrot, as Governments will raise taxes to a level no one but Royalty can afford to fill up one with horrible CO² creating fossil fuels that are destroying the Planet. One wonders how they are to recover the massive Road Tax and Fuel Duties from, when EV's are "All Free Today" and even attract substantial Government Subsidies and Grants.*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 22 hours ago

    00:02 *Looks great in Blue but not sure of other colours, somewhat disappointing in white as reminded me of **_Darth Vader or The Stig._*

  • MaKos2004
    MaKos2004 22 hours ago

    Ford MOMstang

  • Jack bassman
    Jack bassman 22 hours ago

    My two favourites were the cx5 and the Peugot 3008, I ended up with the Peugot 3008 gt line auto and I'm very pleased with it although I still love the looks of the Mazda.

  • David Gers
    David Gers 22 hours ago

    I would laugh, but it's so horrid it makes me violently Ill!

  • fitnesspoint2006
    fitnesspoint2006 23 hours ago

    Looks like a toad with wheels.

  • Beyond Media
    Beyond Media 23 hours ago

    What Car? doing all they can to convince an audience looking at an electric SUV to buy a petrol muscle car through their website... yeah, good luck with that! Know your audience guys!

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 23 hours ago

    Have to disagree with you on this one Edd. This van has a ride that I can only compare with a boat. I really can't stress this enough, it's that bad it really effects handling as well. This barge seems to bounce around in corners leaving an unsettling feeling in the steering. Never a problem on the last 3 models of transit. The trim feels like it won't last up to any sort of serious punishment, just feels like this thing was thrown together on a budget and some serious compromises have been made. I've been lead to believe that the realibilty has dropped off (although this is only what I've been told, seems pretty good to me so far). And may I just say, I'd expect a better, longer review by the legend that is Edd China.

  • Scott
    Scott 23 hours ago


  • Troy Fall
    Troy Fall Day ago

    That is a very attractive car in my opinion. It reminds me of the new Acura RDX on the outside and a Tesla on the inside. Ford is on the right track with this kind of styling. I am not a fan of the ford focus but I would buy this car, especially if it came in a gasoline version with 30+ mpg.

  • Allan allan
    Allan allan Day ago

    I like suv Mustang I support America I support mr Trump

  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie Day ago

    1:22 this would of looked cool as the rear

  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie Day ago

    Mock E

  • Russell Petrie

    you kind of get the feeling there going to do away with the focus and mustang

    • Russell Petrie
      Russell Petrie 4 hours ago

      @jorgey4 I think its good there figuring out nre ew ways of getting about but feel the emission laws are to strict

    • jorgey4
      jorgey4 18 hours ago

      it's because of the US EPA standards. they kept turning the screws on how fuel efficient a car was supposed to be but because things like the ford escape still classify as a truck/SUV you don't have to be so stringent on them. the costs associated to make something like a focus as fuel efficient as you can makes it less profitable. then again if you did the reverse to not double-standard this you couldn't get a truck to make the power necessary to do the work functions or be as reliable as they'd be expected to be.

  • Robert Leather

    Oops. I already have a Seat Ateca 1.0 TSi and it's really impressive. So replacing it is always going to be a pretty tough challenge.

  • Tizzy P
    Tizzy P Day ago

    You can almost get a Lincoln suv, nearly the same price with a gas engine.

  • Ray
    Ray Day ago

    Skoda Superb far superior to the Mondeo in every way, but if you can't afford a proper car buy a Ford.

  • Big T
    Big T Day ago

    A spectacularly lame Pony

  • Stonedcamel
    Stonedcamel Day ago

    why only give half the information?? spend less time fishing for likes and give full facts

  • Nick002
    Nick002 Day ago

    Ill keep the V8

  • Arif Ramzan
    Arif Ramzan Day ago

    Don’t the A3 gets released same time as the Q3 ? I’m waiting for the new facelift of the Audi A3 but not sure when it’s available to order or even the month it gets released .

  • G1zm0 abizmo
    G1zm0 abizmo Day ago

    I would love to have her come with the car , wouldnt get her out the back seat lol

  • Harry R
    Harry R Day ago

    This is bloody awful! it looks more like a Mondeo and is no way deserving of the Mustang moniker. WTF!

  • J Lem
    J Lem Day ago

    I thought it was a joke when I heard Ford was coming out with a Mustang SUV, I guess the joke is on the Mustang legacy. it just makes me sick

  • Melissa Garrett

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Its as ugly as I dont know what. Leave our Ponies alone!!!! You have ruined the mustang name with this piece of shit idea,

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith Day ago

    You forgot to mention how easy the door locks open up and lose all your tools.

  • biscaya08
    biscaya08 Day ago

    Why film from the outside and side while showing the interior? Useless

  • Nelson Fernandez

    Watt car?

  • jeffrey price
    jeffrey price Day ago

    Is there a spare wheel ?

  • doyle201206
    doyle201206 Day ago

    Simple badge abuse

  • Mud Plugging
    Mud Plugging Day ago

    Ignore all the specs, it still looks shite.

  • phoreal22
    phoreal22 Day ago

    Get rid of that door handle, it just looks lazy.

  • Jamie Pickles
    Jamie Pickles Day ago

    My personal view Is that It a great looking Fully electric SUV

  • evo
    evo Day ago

    Its just the security that's crap. Good review Edd

  • Space Cowboy 45

    Fords going through “that” phase again with the Mustang.

  • rares sarmasan

    Pistonsare are made from plastic👍🏻

  • J G
    J G Day ago

    That thing looks like crap.....then associate it with the mustang name?!👎 WTG FORD! You Just killed the Mustang.....the 2dr muscle car one that is!🤬 Just what every hardcore Mustang brand name enthusiast wants to hear, that their high performance 2 dr muscle stang car is also going to be an EV SUV. What's next Ford??!! An EV garbage truck (gt) mustang??! Man Ford, you guys are so desperate! Better start hiring new designers & Visionaries with new names & sculptured vehicles ASAP...hopefully leaving The Real engine & exhaust sound mustang alone,( not some fake piped in cabin sound in a EV with the mustang brand name on it). What a joke! I can see it now, desperate Ford in a couple years trying to sell these things going with a Shelby mustang Garbage (GT) & and Shelby Mach E SUV's next?! Say goodbye mustang, we hardcore traditional enthusiasts for 55 years strong will miss you terribly!😡😢 Time to shop elsewhere! Mid-engine Corvette here I come! How pathetically sad!🤬👎 Ps- those fake EV grills are soo cheap & laughable! Call it something else FORD!

  • Mikowai
    Mikowai Day ago

    Delete Mustang logo :)

  • Nocturnal Astro

    I literally watched this video for her.. not for the car.. her presenting style and accent, and her beauty.. she has won me..😍

  • Roland G
    Roland G Day ago

    Can we please stop comparing new electric cars to TESLA? They’re not in the same class

  • Jonathan Alcala

    If they wanted to make an electric car with the mustang body that could compete with the Tesla, they should have made made the Mustang Fox. Bring back the old Notch body and Fox body mustangs and make them lighter and faster. People would dig the Fox body brand name because a Fox is slender, light on the feet and kills with deadly silence. They should have never gave this SUV a Mustang Brand. 2021 Mustang Fox All electric competitor to the Tesla