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  • Enchanting Moon
    Enchanting Moon 39 minutes ago

    Iv seen so many paranormal things in my life that I think its funny that people are so ignorant to the obvious . Smashed that like button 👍

  • Marianna Simonné Kiss


  • Blkwidow Tarotguru
    Blkwidow Tarotguru 2 hours ago

    Great selection I've never seen these videos before 👍👻

  • fred Burns
    fred Burns 2 hours ago

    These shadow people are not ghost, they are either demons or beings from a the shadow Dimension. Be wary

  • mzoggy
    mzoggy 3 hours ago

    I reckon a few "Bismillahs " would've been handy for the warehouse guy....

  • The Gray Ghost
    The Gray Ghost 4 hours ago

    Number 4 looks like a paper cut out flying around in the wind.

  • Jon Taylor
    Jon Taylor 4 hours ago

    The lady in the first video with the back rimmed glasses is Sally Jones a tv psychic in the UK.

  • Stanton thorne
    Stanton thorne 4 hours ago

    This was my favorite reaction vid of your only because you did it in the dark which is awesome!! Hope you do more like that seriously extra scary

    • looknowtv
      looknowtv Hour ago

      TY for the feedback. I did a few like this without the candle though. One where I was eating chips. Heh I will do more like this for sure!

  • Black Ninja
    Black Ninja 4 hours ago

    i did

  • John Jay
    John Jay 6 hours ago

    #4 is Peter Pan. I think it's actually a sky light window.

  • Rosa catazolla
    Rosa catazolla 7 hours ago

    HI Rick honey!!!!!! 💕🤗👍🏻 I'm creeped out watching this alone 😨

  • Samantha Dean
    Samantha Dean 8 hours ago

    AAAh, I feel SOOOO much better now. My favourite channel with yummy Rick by candle light and lots of spooky ghosts and weirdness vids. What a fab way to start a Friday!!! By the way, #2 is a prison. I've seen another vid of this that lasts a little longer and the figure they see shouldn't have been able to gain access to that position. It stands there motionless for quite some time. They track it across as it starts to move and you can vaguely see it in your vid before it melts into the darknes. However when they checked it out because they needed to known who the hell had gained access to that location, they found nothing!

    ABEL LOPEZ 8 hours ago

    What up Rick ? Once again you give us a Great Video Bro 👍 Right from the beginning I Creeped out with that face 😱 , I was like dang I haven't even got comfortable in my sofa when I nearly jump off it 🤣🤣🤣 . Thanks Bud 🙏

  • Mark Reid
    Mark Reid 8 hours ago

    Alien tall white alien face

  • Bambino Fulgencio
    Bambino Fulgencio 9 hours ago

    #4 looks like a cardboard cutout. Notice it's right-hand does not change as it lands on the window. the same can be said with the bent leg.

  • AverageAmerican2019
    AverageAmerican2019 10 hours ago

    The candle bro. ..nice

  • WingZero616
    WingZero616 10 hours ago

    I think alot on this and I dont understand why ghosts and stuff just “run by“ in a corner or so but doesnt confront direct or come to us so they only look like an illusion or a fake.

  • Daniel Vecchi
    Daniel Vecchi 10 hours ago

    Technology what a wonderful thing thank again Rick this sighting are all real real well done 👍.

  • Pete's Vlogs
    Pete's Vlogs 11 hours ago

    Thanks alot Rick now I can't sleep it about midnight.

  • Ari Sistance
    Ari Sistance 12 hours ago

    So unbelievable. Now why have the whole left shoulder only recorded.

  • Lexxie Bodine
    Lexxie Bodine 12 hours ago

    You Could've left out #4, tho Rick* 😒😒😒

  • ModernDH
    ModernDH 13 hours ago

    I've seen similar ghosts with white eyes.

  • Tommy Shoemaker
    Tommy Shoemaker 13 hours ago

    The ceiling one is odd but there is no for real movement of any limb I say cardboard cutout of some sort

  • Benjamin Breeg
    Benjamin Breeg 13 hours ago

    The great deception has been hiding all this stuff and more, but what will happen is the awakening and death of modernity.

  • Stephanie Hamilton
    Stephanie Hamilton 13 hours ago

    The woman in glasses in the first video is a well known psychic called Sally Morgan.

  • Deepika Chauhan
    Deepika Chauhan 13 hours ago

    Hii rick good Morning have a lovely day ❣ how r u

  • Benjamin Breeg
    Benjamin Breeg 13 hours ago

    I saw a van fade into noting one time about 40, 50 feet away.

  • Tom A
    Tom A 13 hours ago

    7:20 for 1 thing why are they standing there filming the roof for no reason then the doll thing just happens to come....

  • Allison McDonald
    Allison McDonald 13 hours ago

    #6 what’s the sound effect tho? 7:41 the right hand you can see that it’s a piece of wood where the fishing wire goes into. It’s a puppet! 10:48 it’s her reflection and it looks like she’s holding something up and she has glasses on. Take a screenshot and then zoom in. Look at the door knob it’s reflective. Do you see it now? 12:12 it walks behind the wall. Also it’s a jail and their filming from inside and the writing is on the door. #1 could be done remotely but I believe there was something there.

  • Tom A
    Tom A 14 hours ago

    why are idiots still filming vertically , that is the real question !!!!

  • Kat Alday
    Kat Alday 14 hours ago

    The #4 video reminds me of those Halloween decorations of full bodied cardboard tape ups, with moving knees/elbows of vampires, scarecrow, ghosts, witches, etc. blowing in the wind or else being pulled by a string.

  • Jennifer Magura
    Jennifer Magura 14 hours ago

    #2 is a prison yard. They issue big canvas/denim coats in cold weather. I was in fed prison. One night i saw a face flash past the room too fast for a human. I said nothing. Next night, my bunkie screamed!! She saw same thing!!

  • Christine
    Christine 14 hours ago

    Ty so much Rick for actually doing a legitimate posting. I see some fake ones out there that are done half-ass. You are detailed and you Circle and highlight. a lot of people don't do that. Have a great night looking forward to your next posting

  • Pelvic Splanchnic Ganglion

    The footage of the face is in different stops in separate clips. One is very close to her hair and the other is further away. By about a foot. Why ????

  • Pelvic Splanchnic Ganglion

    The first clip with the face, that doesn't look like a window. it looks like a TV or some sort of screen.

    • Laura Juranek
      Laura Juranek 13 hours ago

      I thought the same thing. Maybe like a home theater screen.

  • Cristal Centeno
    Cristal Centeno 14 hours ago

    Barking don’t work everything don’t work what should we do!

  • Cristal Centeno
    Cristal Centeno 14 hours ago

    I get nightmares about tornado’s I’m scared of them😭

  • Y Liberal
    Y Liberal 15 hours ago

    The very first one to me looks fake! Why is the camera too far to my views right? The last one was definitely real!!!

  • sinmore11
    sinmore11 15 hours ago

    The best modern day paranormal footage caught on camera was the iPhone vid I took of my friend’s eyes going reptilian... When it happens to you, and there is ZERO explanation and you know it’s so real is the best

  • Jerry Eisenmenger
    Jerry Eisenmenger 15 hours ago

    Those eyes are so freaky looking. Human eyes don't look like that. Very freaky

  • Jerry Eisenmenger
    Jerry Eisenmenger 15 hours ago

    Not sure what that is in the ceiling, but I'm like you Rick, who has the time and desire to fake something like that knowing people are going to really going to check this video to the extreme to figure out what they have done!!!

  • Jerry Eisenmenger
    Jerry Eisenmenger 15 hours ago

    Rick, that face is so scary. I truly believe it was paranormal. No doubt

  • aethershade
    aethershade 15 hours ago

    Rick! You crazy sonofab*tch you did it again! Love It!

  • Kimberly Knighton
    Kimberly Knighton 15 hours ago

    Hey rick, your videos are the best! Love the commentary and your reactions.

  • Rene Paez
    Rene Paez 15 hours ago

    Ghost in the warehouse?????? Have any of these ghost harmed anyone????????? I know it's something unusual, but once you get passed the oddity, do they mean anyone harm???????

    • dm jeni
      dm jeni 13 hours ago

      A LOT of entities ...do! And try! But ...can't! :)

  • Stacy Adams Board
    Stacy Adams Board 15 hours ago


  • Joyce Williams
    Joyce Williams 15 hours ago

    I love his voice

  • randog w
    randog w 15 hours ago

    Ohh by the way my friend love your videos keep it up

  • Licha Kuka , Gonzalez
    Licha Kuka , Gonzalez 15 hours ago

    Hay Rick my hubby and I really enjoy watching you and your video's you need to put your baby on the screen more your cat he is so beautiful we need you to know your ace and keep up the fabulous work cheers licha and Giovani and our baby Lasha

  • Baxter Stockman
    Baxter Stockman 16 hours ago

    Also the shadow man by the wall is taken from a prison compound.CCTV footage. There is another video with the guards are watching and taliking about the entity on the tv and then it just vanishes

  • Vu Kyle
    Vu Kyle 16 hours ago

    Like and sub!!!!!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • jacob kabay
    jacob kabay 16 hours ago

    @7:14 could be a frog

  • Billy Shity
    Billy Shity 16 hours ago

    looknowtv 🕯️👌

  • TheKillerBots144
    TheKillerBots144 16 hours ago

    The Paranormal is gonna hunt Thanksgiving soon

  • scottuz!
    scottuz! 16 hours ago

    1st one is a British Medium, so the face would be real, and probably something to do with the person she was talking with or maybe even giving a reading too?

    • looknowtv
      looknowtv Hour ago

      TY 4 letting me know that I had no idea. I enjoyed analyzing the video. AWESOME!

    • Stephanie Hamilton
      Stephanie Hamilton 13 hours ago

      @Steven Parr Sally Morgan, I just commented about her too!

    • Steven Parr
      Steven Parr 14 hours ago

      Sally something her name is, can't remember surname.

  • C. Rasool Curry
    C. Rasool Curry 16 hours ago

    The Doll on the Roof is one of the WORSE EVER The Shadow Man looks As If he Simply STEPPED BACK Behind the Corner of the House/Building the Guy in the Warehouse is Doing the Complete opposite of what SCARED PEOPLE DO,,, GO LOOKING FOR THE Sπ!+ That You're SCARED OF

  • Valiant Loony
    Valiant Loony 16 hours ago

    Another awesome video Rick LookNowTV you always give us a great show, and I loved the creepy candle lit commentary Rick.

  • Sweetpotato Johnson
    Sweetpotato Johnson 16 hours ago

    15:19 kinda looks like someone hanging off the shelf (top right)

  • merced121
    merced121 16 hours ago


  • T.L Hill
    T.L Hill 16 hours ago

    The face was outside her window and i think it was a Bigfoot, with it's hand over it's face. The Bigfoot almost always puts a hand over it's face to break up its facial profile, and it works very well for them.

  • Barry! giddey
    Barry! giddey 16 hours ago

    Great video Rick-strange unexplained phenomena-Thanks for that!👻

  • Smokey McPot
    Smokey McPot 17 hours ago

    Totally loving these longer videos, especially the extra commentary. Keep up the great work dude. Rick rocks 🎸

  • Jean Gentry
    Jean Gentry 17 hours ago

    She's wearing glasses in the doll one.

    • Jean Gentry
      Jean Gentry 55 minutes ago

      @Rene Paez yep

    • Rene Paez
      Rene Paez 15 hours ago

      Glasses and some kind of green flashlight.....Right???????

    BUDDY L 17 hours ago


  • Amanda Clayton
    Amanda Clayton 17 hours ago

    Man I just love u and ur videos and the other channel ❤️

  • randog w
    randog w 17 hours ago

    The second one looks like a suspended doll from like fishing line being lifted and moved around

  • ShannonGalligan
    ShannonGalligan 17 hours ago

    Rick I love your show...look forward to it every day.

  • Occam's Razor
    Occam's Razor 17 hours ago

    5, we see a side of a face. 6, See it, it looks like it walks away. 4, at 6:27, is a cutout blowing across the roof. 10:48 is a little girl with a modern striped shirt, blue jeans with her hand in the left pocket and right hand on her right cheek. Was she supposed to be there? 1, a night watchman, he sees this all the time...

  • Roy Carson
    Roy Carson 17 hours ago

    #3 is so staged. Just randomly taking a video of a couch then look over and all of the sudden there’s a ghost girl? Oh and btw the ghost girl doesn’t move and inch. Just sits there. It’s a doll!

  • randog w
    randog w 17 hours ago

    Looks like someone on a bike outside the window with some reflective clothes on for protection

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 17 hours ago

    No 2 is Bruce Willis ,film unbreakable.

  • Damarys Dingui
    Damarys Dingui 17 hours ago

    You are right.. All the clips from this video are interesting, entertaining and scary all at the same time.. Thanks for the awesome and creepy content..💖

  • QueenBee Bargains
    QueenBee Bargains 17 hours ago

    Hi Rick😊IMO,all these were legit! And if someone trys to say the lil boy at the end was fake,they definitely can't explain away the dolly! Never seen any of these,GREAT VLOG!! Question: Would you ever go ghost hunting by yourself or with some friends??

    • looknowtv
      looknowtv Hour ago

      Yes! I looking for UFOs and other things worldwide. A serious ghost hunt I would go on for sure!

  • Sub or you are against Trump in 2020

    She wasn't shocked enough to get up. I'm a believer but I'm also skeptical of every video I see she seemed very disingenuous

    • berniedmj1
      berniedmj1 13 hours ago

      Sub or you are against Trump in 2020 How do you know I haven’t experienced anything? LOL. If I hear people screaming because a crazed lunatic was stabbing people in the mall, you think I’m going to jump up & check out & go where the crazed lunatic is doing the stabbing?!? Here’s the part you didn’t recognize. She did check her surroundings by looking around after she saw the ghost appearing on her phone. When the ghost appeared on her phone and saw it were went, she looked in that general direction to where the ghost went. She didn’t have to “jump up” to check it out since she was in her living room or her bedroom.

    • Sub or you are against Trump in 2020
      Sub or you are against Trump in 2020 13 hours ago

      @berniedmj1 obviously you've never experienced anything the first thing you would do is go check you wouldn't worry about if someone saw it you would drop everything and go check it out.

    • berniedmj1
      berniedmj1 13 hours ago

      Sub or you are against Trump in 2020 I don’t get what you’re saying by checking the area? She could be at home. Plus she was recording herself while talking someone or she’s facing timing someone. I don’t think she was ghost hunting.

    • Sub or you are against Trump in 2020
      Sub or you are against Trump in 2020 14 hours ago

      @berniedmj1 or in her case you don't even get up and check the area at all because she knows what it was.

    • berniedmj1
      berniedmj1 14 hours ago

      Sub or you are against Trump in 2020 well, it’s evident that this topic is subjective, but have you ever thought she was more surprised than being scared? I mean, her slow facial expression says it all & you don’t have to jump up right away to make that key point reaction.

  • Jacqueline Friman
    Jacqueline Friman 17 hours ago

    Don’t talk during the video bro, show us the video without interrupting, I love you content but I hate not know who to focus on while you are constantly and you at the same time is playing the video? It sadly destroys this whole thing.

  • Mint animates
    Mint animates 17 hours ago

    I’m sorry, but #4 IS ABSOLUTELY FAKE! 💯💯💯 you can just tell, it’s absolutely positively fake.

  • danny d
    danny d 17 hours ago

    2 things are for certain and one thing is for sure......Vales verga man!

  • Obito xshinobi
    Obito xshinobi 17 hours ago

    0:22 when I always hear that music it always freak me out like someone is staring at me the mannequin looks fake you can see like a string pulling its butt😂🤣

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 17 hours ago

    In 2 the guards also went out to check,if anyone was there.and there wasn't!!! Scary

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 17 hours ago

    2 is a prison or jail.someone appers,shadow person...then disappears.

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 17 hours ago

    3 supposed to be their dead grandma

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 17 hours ago

    4 supposed to be a puppeteer above a bathroom

  • Natasha Vampy Snider
    Natasha Vampy Snider 17 hours ago

    Hey rick sup

  • Baxter Stockman
    Baxter Stockman 17 hours ago

    What is the name of the first video with the face? I want to see the entire original video

  • Dai-jae Morgan
    Dai-jae Morgan 17 hours ago

    #4 is really fake

  • Eliyassie Elijassiapik

    Im watching this dude after a long year not watching this channel it feels good to Be back watching this channel

    YAMATO 17 hours ago

    Look's like a face to me

  • legendary yeet
    legendary yeet 17 hours ago

    hey where first

  • Mercery Forerunner gamer

    Cool video 👍

    KIINGSYZE 18 hours ago


  • BruceWaynes Girl

    Sonic's gold ring he forgot to grab...

  • James Turner
    James Turner Day ago

    I have had dreams with tornadoes

  • Stacy Adams Board

    I see a shadow under the door someone did it

  • Yeetes Beetus
    Yeetes Beetus Day ago

    Fun fact the 2nd one was garaa

  • Jerry Eisenmenger

    Poltergeist is so interesting to watch. If you go into it believing in it then it makes it real hard to bebunck things that you know no one is doing these things but spirits. People are too lazy to go to such links to fool people. I believe!!! 👻💀👻💀👻💀

  • Jerry Eisenmenger

    If a real person is trying to be funny about things, there's nothing funny about rocking an oxygen tank. If it fell it could blow up. Are those patients in bed? If so this was done in the worst taste ever. Therefore I believe it's all poltergeist. Very scary stuff Rick!!! 💀👻💀👻💀

  • Craig Kerklaan


  • Harley Taylor
    Harley Taylor Day ago

    I see the loch ness monster before 1000 times

  • manisha biswas
    manisha biswas 2 days ago

    Very excited video