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A Very GMan Encounter
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Original Sin
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Red's Rhetoric responds!
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FNF [#32] MCToon vs. RTH
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The Emperor of Bigotry
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  • Andrew Geahan
    Andrew Geahan Hour ago

    This guy just loves to hear himself talk man. Jesus get over yourself.

  • Michael one
    Michael one 8 hours ago

    Jeran’re amazing dude!!!! And you didn’t even flipped once ....well done dude !

  • Science Guy
    Science Guy 12 hours ago

    There is a shit ton of religious troll accounts AND comments.. its funny as hell

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 13 hours ago

    Hmmm interesting.

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 18 hours ago

    I use and love science unless it disproves my silly disc idea, then science is a scam.

  • JesusIsKing
    JesusIsKing 23 hours ago

    You guys all blind to the fact that the moderator got in on the debate? 2 on 1.. Seems fair eh.. Everytime Kent was on to something they attacked him so he couldn't speak. Scared little men..

  • rikter22
    rikter22 Day ago

    Refraction is is like the god of the gaps to them

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes Day ago

    Unknown unknown knows nothing about everything and everything about nothing

  • Bri W
    Bri W Day ago

    That annoying rainbow gay guy is annoying.

  • Matthew Vollmer

    All you can do is shake your head at the pure stupidity of Kent Hovind.

  • Sunnypsyop
    Sunnypsyop Day ago


  • Matthew Vollmer

    Yikes the world a favor and go become a janitor so you can mop up your BS.

  • Matthew Vollmer

    I about spit my coffee out when the Dr said not to use 4 letter words and Aron yelled FUUUCK!!! GROW UP! LOL

  • TR Abner
    TR Abner Day ago

    Kent Hovind did not answer the question at all .

  • TR Abner
    TR Abner Day ago

    Kent Hovind was really schooled!!! Wow !!

  • Matthew Vollmer

    Here's a fact for ya! You sir Dr Grady McMurtry are an idiot if there ever was one!

  • Matthew Vollmer

    If this guys a Dr anyone can put those letters in front of their name.

  • Matthew Vollmer

    Sooooo if a hurricane comes through and the block I live on floods, it's ok for me to claim it was a worldwide flood that wiped out all life except for my family and two of every kind of animal I could fit in my Toyota Camry??? This makes Noah's flood story true? That's the point the apologist is trying to make. That because there was a flood in Mesopotamia at one time that makes the entire embellishment of the bible story true.

  • Anson McDonald

    I LOVE Aron, but sometimes his debating style is SOO insulting.

  • Tatiana Ferreira

    There was a time when natural selection would take care of these fools. Unfortunately, we evolved so much, that now we have ways to keep them around. So, they are basically our cross to bear.

  • Jonathan Herr
    Jonathan Herr Day ago

    haha! eat a dick kyle!

  • Loki Arthurson

    Wow I actually agree with George Lujack on one point. That young earthers like Hovind and Ham have probably caused lots of people to become atheist because their views are ridiculous. After that... sorry George.

  • Stefan Mud
    Stefan Mud Day ago

    Lujack has absolutte no knowlege when it comes to geology and oil.

  • Slater50
    Slater50 Day ago

    Love how secular humanist base their premise through science. And when data from science doesn't support secular humanist but religion for this debate topic, they don't want to use science anymore. Both sides have great and flaw ideas, but it seems Religion is a better foundation for society. My only concern is that when atheism became popular in the 19th century it caused more human deaths in one century the all of the previous centuries combined of human history. And when this argument comes up with atheist they say what Matt does that they weren't real atheist because they weren't secular humanist. But when people from certain religions say the same idea that they do not agree with other religions who do bad things. Strangely people like Matt don't allow religions to be separate like secular humanist from Atheist in the 19th century were. Seems hypocritical to me. And Matt says you can't find a bad idea in their ideology so it's better then religion. But can you find any bad ideas from anything that Jesus taught? The point is not matter how perfect an ideology is many people from that are going to bad things under that ideology and eventually give it a bad reputation. Just like the different secs of Christianity who say they follow Jesus teachings but end up twisting the interpretation and do bad things and then label the religion as bad.

  • Jaqui Rox
    Jaqui Rox Day ago

    Good job Mike! Always respectful, logical, and level headed. This was an interesting video to watch. Would def enjoy more. ♥️

  • Smile
    Smile 2 days ago

    The clown of Christianity and the clown of atheism...2 hours of that. I think I’ll pass.

  • Kristin Wright
    Kristin Wright 2 days ago

    Hmmm. I just had a dear friend who was a really challenging nihilist drink his entire retirement away and when he was terminal he took the assisted suicide option two weeks ago. Tell me why nihilism is a good thing?

  • Kristin Wright
    Kristin Wright 2 days ago

    We made it with hate? WTF?

  • MagCynic
    MagCynic 2 days ago

    How come all flat Earthers seem to be too close to their camera all the time?

  • DeadlyRivfader
    DeadlyRivfader 2 days ago

    Going from theist to sovereign citizen to flerfer and then the big finale as a piss healer. I didnt know Russianvids had competition of being an obvious troll.

    VALAKALAV 2 days ago

    Bless these flat earthers. they thought they'd got this shit on lockdown with that cringiest of cringe court style presention.........then got FUUUUUUUCKED UP.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • futureboy
    futureboy 2 days ago

    So, Kyle. Was it worth it?

  • futureboy
    futureboy 2 days ago

    You can always tell when Kyle isn't on good footing with his statements when he starts swivelling in his chair like a madman.

  • Mr. Didymos
    Mr. Didymos 2 days ago

    Isn't the pea size of brain in Kent's skull an evidence against evolution?

    • Steven
      Steven 10 hours ago

      @Mr. Didymos Nice Ad Hominem, clearly you have nothing to counter anything Kent is saying. It must suck trying to defend your religion of evolution when you have no evidence or science to support you.

  • frankos rooni
    frankos rooni 2 days ago

    Taking this cunts firearms away was a public duty People like him shouldn't be allowed sharp cutlery

  • rikter22
    rikter22 2 days ago

    this fucker's brain is broken

  • karina pique
    karina pique 2 days ago

    From the show "The Doctors" they are all real doctors but most of us can't afford them

  • kyuubs
    kyuubs 2 days ago

    The more George talks the stupider he sounds. He really should've stopped talking when they got to Richard Sandrak, good god.

  • Jason Harrington
    Jason Harrington 2 days ago

    All you idiotic atheists still can't explain pine trees and elephants

  • Emmanuel Tomes
    Emmanuel Tomes 3 days ago

    Jesus, Max Kolbe is a fucking twit

  • Rei Coman
    Rei Coman 3 days ago

    The number of flat earthers in the chat blows my mind. It makes me sad that so many people fall for such credulity and dismiss science as "brainwashing", but then enjoy the luxurious lifestyle that same science alone makes possible.

  • Chas Charlton
    Chas Charlton 3 days ago

    You fucked up Kyle, and all in the name of greed

  • J H
    J H 3 days ago

    Is this idiot eating during the debate? Idiot.

  • J H
    J H 3 days ago

    Notice flerfers design the dumbest experiments. It is almost as if they have no interest in finding the truth, and just want answers that comport with their beliefs. Hmmmm

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 3 days ago

    But the pine tree aron, the piiiinnnneeeee treeee.

  • Rob
    Rob 3 days ago

    How do you know your wife is female as you so confidently stated? Were you there when 'she' was born? She may have been born male and had sex change op on the QT!!!! How do you trust the evidence if scientists can't trust the evidence of the Big Bang (I.e. CMBR).

  • Rob
    Rob 3 days ago

    This dude is obsessed with bestiality!!! He knows to have sex with his 'female' wife (slight tautology there) and not with his dog... this creases me up!!!! It's all over from that point (not that it ever really started)!!!

  • Nicholas Quinton
    Nicholas Quinton 3 days ago

    Its sad watching these old videos with the knowledge that Kyle turned out to be such a cunt.

  • lynnhart
    lynnhart 3 days ago

    I can hear Lost hero's and friend's tears from here. They now sit in shame for their blind faith and ignorance.

    • lynnhart
      lynnhart 4 hours ago

      @Lost Hero Your "waiting for evidence" is so funny and shows you willful Ignorance or just plain dishonesty. You've been shown mountains of it and countless signs of Kyle lying and even after he is found guilty you still won't admit he did something wrong because 1. It'd make you look like a massive dumbass for not seeing the evidence in front of your face 2. Because you have such a hate boner for Steve. Then we have Tax Fraud thing I know for a fact is a straight out lie and not even possible in the way they described. I've personally seen Steve's Taxes so that's bullshit. God the irony that this channel used to debunk Flat Earther's and now here you are being as willfully ignorant as one XD.

    • lynnhart
      lynnhart 4 hours ago

      @Lost Hero Lol he finally responds after all this time XD. It does prove claims I've made so I could say the same about you. You say you wait for evidence but you haven't given me any evidence of why Steve is such a bad person and why you hate him so much. So I'd like to ask if Kyle didn't backstab Steve and break the law then why wouldn't he show? If he has a lawyer what kind of lawyer 1. Wouldn't contact the other side when this is the first thing lawyers do and takes the smallest effort and time. 2. If Kyle didn't do the things Steve said then why wouldn't his lawyer advise him to actually show in court? Then we have very clear laws that show that yes Kyle has broken laws. You say you are waiting for evidence, yet throughout you still supported Kyle even though you don't know if he did some really bad shit. And you were so lazy you can't take the time to look into these laws that kyle himself and everyone around him knows he has done. Even Jimmy admitted Kyle lied and cheated Steve. God I missed you are your stupidity good to see you again.

    • Lost Hero
      Lost Hero 11 hours ago

      You would be wrong about that. There is no shame in waiting for evidence. You clearly never actually read my comments because you were so blind in your vigilanteism for McRazie. Take a comprehension class. You need it. P.S. A no show proves nothing about your claims. It just means McRazie won by default. But I'm sure you will get all histrionic about this comment just like you did all the others. But feel free to wallow in your shallow gloating. It suits you.

  • One Zook Nation
    One Zook Nation 3 days ago

    Is it safe to assume that Kyle was possessed by a demon shortly after this? Should we call the Winchesters?

  • Nathan Hood
    Nathan Hood 3 days ago

    How are all the Kyle supporters going to hide their shame now Kyle has lost? As usual 'truth will out!'

  • Tom Sotiriou
    Tom Sotiriou 3 days ago

    Aron Ra the sun God wow your pride has blinded you respect Dr Grady and stop inturupting Dr you wasted your time with Ra he believes he is a God

  • Rei Coman
    Rei Coman 3 days ago

    Gman is the most disrespectful person I've ever seen Aron have to put up with. He puts even Kunt Koresh to shame

  • Brooke Barnes
    Brooke Barnes 4 days ago

    Stop giving this guy airtime it’s literally like talking to a retarded cat.

  • J H
    J H 4 days ago

    Fuck these flerfer idiots. Level does not mean FLAT.

  • George Simoni
    George Simoni 4 days ago

    Learn is an idiof

  • 0Akeldama0
    0Akeldama0 4 days ago

    Kent always throws in his little threat

  • Andrew Boothe
    Andrew Boothe 4 days ago

    Yes, of course they did... I would like the opportunity to argue my case, and I posit the argument that the Logos is Logic is the Word of God, by definition. It's obvious to me me that Logic cannot be defeated, and that the only way to oppose Logic is by being illogical, and, therefore, wrong. I believe that Logic is God; specifically, Logic is the only thing ever created by God, and all things which exist came into existence by and through Logic; without Logic, nothing has come into existence. I believe that Truth is undefeatable; that the only way to oppose Truth is by being false, and that opposition is simply the creation of more Truth. In other words, if I were to resist what is True, then my resistance would also be True, therefore, resistance is futile. I posit the argument that Logic is Christ; that atheists who invoke Logic, Reason, and/or Truth are invoking "Christ" unknowingly, because they have not drawn the correlation in their belief system between Christ and Logic, as many others have, including myself. These concepts are well defined, and well documented. The word "Logic" comes from the word "Logos" which was written as "the Word" in the Bible. It is not that the Bible is the Word of God, as many falsely claim; it is that Logic is the Word of God, which is evidenced by its self-evident correctness and invincible nature. Steve asked, "What do you mean by 'logic'?" Logic is defined as, "reasoning conducted according to strict principles of validity." The Logos is defined as, "the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ." In other words, Christ was seen as the embodiment of Logic, as Logic existing within humankind. The fact that most people don't know this, and that most Christians don't equate Christ with Logic is irrelevant; they've been deceived and/or misguided over time. It's obvious to me that Logic is salvation for humankind; without Logic, we have no hope of being anything other than illogical. That should be obvious to anyone who knows much of anything at all about Logic. Here are the etymological definitions of "logic" and "Logos": logic (n.) mid-14c., logike, "branch of philosophy that treats of forms of thinking; the science of distinction of true from false reasoning," from Old French logique (13c.), from Latin (ars) logica "logic," from Greek (he) logike (techne) "(the) reasoning (art)," from fem. of logikos "pertaining to speaking or reasoning" (also "of or pertaining to speech"), from logos "reason, idea, word" (see Logos). Logos (n.) 1580s, "the divine Word, second person of the Christian Trinity," from Greek logos "word, speech, statement, discourse," also "computation, account," also "reason," from PIE *log-o-, suffixed form of root *leg- (1) "to collect, gather," with derivatives meaning "to speak," on notion of "to pick out words." The Greek word was used by Neo-Platonists in metaphysical and theological senses involving notions of both "reason" and "word" and subsequently picked up by New Testament writers. Like I said before on Twitter (which I've left, probably permanently, because it sucks), whoever is uneducated regarding the Logos is unfit for the conversation surrounding it in any capacity other than learning about it. It is useless to try to refute something about which you know nothing. If you don't know anything about the Logos, then how can make any claims against it? If you don't know how Christ was seen as the embodiment of the Logos, then how can you effectively oppose the concept? You would basically be trying to navigate unfamiliar territory while fighting against phantoms that you couldn't even perceive.

  • Gary g
    Gary g 4 days ago

    I feel bad for Schrodinger's cat, this is like the 3rd or 4th debate of his I've seen and his opponents never seem to bring much beyond screaming things like "Your making assertions!" when clearly, to any sane person, he's providing evidence

  • djarm67
    djarm67 4 days ago

    Hand the channel back to Steve and pay him.

  • Capsicum Onion
    Capsicum Onion 4 days ago

    Can someone say if this before or after the Winger vs Dillahunty debate? The Winger guy got lawn mowed there so don't wanna see him present those same comments in case it was before it.

  • J H
    J H 5 days ago

    Del and gav are intellectually dishonest. Don't waste ur time with ppl that just play word games and have no interest in truth.

  • Bobby Houdini
    Bobby Houdini 5 days ago

    Show him the books. Give him his money. Now.

  • KIMBO 134
    KIMBO 134 5 days ago

    Thing about it is, neither side don't know what shape the so called earth is...😐

  • George Simoni
    George Simoni 5 days ago

    What does this have to do with the SHAPE OF THE EARTH,THAT WE CAN SEE , it has to be a visable sphere shape! Final answer, no question!!

  • Shaun Mcgregor
    Shaun Mcgregor 5 days ago

    Blah blah blah blah blah

  • Christian Slayer
    Christian Slayer 5 days ago

    ...No, it's not OK to say night is day, 2+2=8,476, and males are females. Not unless you're psychotic, which the Bible baboon plainly is (i.e., with his paranoid delusion of the most gigantic of all imaginable conspiracies).Truth is intollerant of falsehood -- one of the few things Carl Popper got right.

  • Wounded Child Story

    The notion that we can deconstruct the religion and replace it with some structure that is equal to or better is just a presupposition. We need to explore the evidence of which structures can at this point and on the broadest level MOTIVATE people to construct a better world.

  • hypoxia
    hypoxia 6 days ago

    jeranism is just .... takes actual effort to be so deep in denial

  • Jayson Bleakley
    Jayson Bleakley 6 days ago

    I think that guy is just there to bog down the discussion.

  • seventhSabra
    seventhSabra 6 days ago

    We all come from heterosexuality........ except Jesus, because 'special.'

  • seventhSabra
    seventhSabra 6 days ago

    So, you can't give someone a dream, but you can give someone a tangible truth? WhaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAt?

  • Rei Coman
    Rei Coman 6 days ago

    This guy is a piece of work. I'm sorry Aron had to waste his time with him

  • Cousin Kyle
    Cousin Kyle 6 days ago

    awww, cheer up sport, you haven't lost everyone's love, I'm still here aren't I? How bout we go and ice cream cone champ, you'll feel better

  • Jarvis Gandy
    Jarvis Gandy 6 days ago

    The Boy did not win this debate About God Almighty. Sorry sinners

  • Muckan
    Muckan 6 days ago

    The best model for a globe Earth, is the one your standing on.

  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue 6 days ago

    If Matt believed non-religious people can and have lived better moral life than religious people, wouldn't he expect the data to back him in this or bring something to showcase that that is the case? I'm pretty sure most people that have been listening to debates for a while know that personal experiences shouldn't be used as an example for the majority.

  • Choua Vue
    Choua Vue 6 days ago

    Just have faith... something I didn't think a nontheist would ever say.

  • Zeichen
    Zeichen 7 days ago

    @44:05 😂😂😂

  • seventhSabra
    seventhSabra 7 days ago

    Space is NOT a vacuum, and space DOES have physical properties... LISM (Local Interstellar Medium). The human Vestibular system CANNOT exist as it does on a flat earth, it evolved to operate with a globe earth. If the earth was flat, and we still had our current Vestibular system, we could not function..... and if we could somehow function at all on a flat earth, we wouldn't be able to travel to higher or lower in latitudes as someone living at the edge of the disk-world will travel at greater velocity than someone at the center of the disk, and thus would develop separate vestibular systems... and we didn't. Ask any flat earther about "P" and "S" waves which cannot exist on a flat earth model.

  • James Davis
    James Davis 7 days ago

    Come back with the flat earthers.

  • Mickey Finn
    Mickey Finn 7 days ago

    There is no evidence that giant humanoids once inhabited the earth but FTFE is evidence giants may well exist today ;))

  • HearthCricket
    HearthCricket 7 days ago

    Why does that woman feel the need to look from side to side to side and only very uncomfortably look AT the camera? She’s soooooo awkward on camera shit. I ONLY am just hearing about all the drama as I had watched this show only quite s bit ago & wasn’t impressed then so I’m guessing they won’t be quite impressing me anymore 🤣

  • Nosfrat Tirek
    Nosfrat Tirek 7 days ago

    Holy shit, I'm only 22 minutes in and so far this guy is almost as awful and dishonest as Kent Hovind. Nothing but lie after lie, he contradicts himself multiple times within a few minutes, flat out refuses to answer any question and his monotone voice is dripping with ignorance and deception... what a truly disgusting human being. Edit: "Number one, I'm not gonna have a conversation with you where you're gonna throw out four-letter words, period." "Oh, fuck. Grow up. *sips beer*"

  • My Dear Watson
    My Dear Watson 7 days ago

    1:42:41 “None of us dodge questions” COMIC GOLD

  • J WILL
    J WILL 7 days ago

    Aron Ra debates ALWAYS suck!! He just gets drunk and yells and slobbers! However, it is very amusing watching him turn red and attempt to insult others but, it does get old after awhile. The fact that he can’t follow simple instructions from the mediator or pronounce the docs name right speaks to his competence, or possibly blood alcohol level!🙄

  • My Dear Watson
    My Dear Watson 7 days ago

    We can’t go to the moon with our technology today like they did in the 60’s but it’s still better.

  • cmac brown
    cmac brown 8 days ago

    There is no scientific or mathmatic proof we live on a spinning globe

  • In Possibilities
    In Possibilities 8 days ago

    You’re on par with being a competitor against John Edwards for the biggest douche in the universe competition. It was a close one. Maybe next year.

  • In Possibilities
    In Possibilities 8 days ago

    Hey Kyle, I’ve always hated you. You douche bag.

  • Daniel Velazquez
    Daniel Velazquez 8 days ago

    Scientists that visits satanic temples that's a red flag for me. Trevor goes in to silly mode when real shit starts popping up. This cat is a puppet and a joke.

  • Daniel Velazquez
    Daniel Velazquez 8 days ago

    Trevor is a puppet!!!

  • Dave Holmes
    Dave Holmes 8 days ago

    George going up against aron with that argument is like walking into a gun fight with a dildo

  • Nzpure
    Nzpure 8 days ago

    How stupid do you kyle supporters feel now? I mean after kyle didn't show up to court. Obviously didn't have a lawyer and while this is yet to be seen. No doubt has spent all the money. This is not a natural end to the NSS, this is you robbing Steve, Bool and all of the patrons and subscribers. You're a liar and a thief, i take no joy in this. Its just the truth, you're despicable.

  • seventhSabra
    seventhSabra 8 days ago

    The human Vestibular system (our own internal gyroscope) has evolved specifically to work with a globe earth. If the earth was flat, our current Vestibular system WOULD NOT and COULD NOT function and maintain our balance if the earth was flat. If the earth was flat, our current Vestibular system would mean we couldn't stand, walk, drive, fly, play sports, not be constantly sea sick, and more... humans could not function and we would have gone extinct tens of thousands of years ago, if we evolved at all.... there's a high probability that humanity would not be able to develop as we have. Imagine getting hammered, then doing the spinning bat game, then jump on the teacups at Disneyland, after eating a giant bowl of fettuccine alfredo and egg nog.... then jump in a centrifuge at NASA... and we would feel like this non-stop... after just one day we would all be committing suicide if we hadn't already died off trying to drive, use a chainsaw, or defuse a bomb. Water does not seek its level and is NOT flat when at rest... google "meniscus dip/bulge." Do the science experiment that every 7th grader does where you see how many water drops you can fit on a penny... or look at dew. Choose a spot and insert a rod into the ground on winter solstice and summer solstice, note the difference in angle and length of the shadow that is case by the rod... you can also find North and South with this method and basic geometry to bisect the angle. Buy an airline ticket where you can fly as many times you want as long as you go in a constant direction (let's say East), eventually you will circumnavigate the earth. You can also just look out your window Explain how at the poles you can have a month where the sun never sets, and at the other pole the sun never rises. If the earth was flat, we wouldn't have our magnetosphere, and we'd all be incinerated by gamma radiation like in Terminator 2 in Sarah Conner's dream. Explain a global compass, my Suunto MC-2G for instance. Explain the different constellations in the northern and southern hemispheres. "A 15 degree drift." Hadley Cells Geostationary satellites. Photon scattering. Solar and Lunar eclipses. "P" and "S" waves. Volcanic drift like in Hawaii. Deserts which for the most part are created by the sun's rays entering our atmosphere, some of those bounce up at an angle then reflected down at earth's surface. This is why the equator has dense jungle and as you move towards either pole, you encounter deserts around the 15-35 degrees latitude. The difference in time between two Chronometer grade watches, both of which circumnavigated the earth, one going east, the going west. Use a sextant.... ... and your brain.

  • Bri W
    Bri W 8 days ago

    As a closeted bisexual I can 100% relate to you Kyle! I really started watching Non Sequitur show for you. You're in Charlotte NC? You should come chill with all of us other rejects in Wilmington at the coast. Nothing but love bro!👍

  • Shiftace
    Shiftace 8 days ago

    JFC how much speed did Gman snort before this???

  • illuminated cosmos
    illuminated cosmos 8 days ago

    Unfortunately, the flat-tard is right about the goal of the debate. They messed up when they agreed to his terms in the beginning. He said he was in this debate to have the globe proven to him by his opponent and they agreed. The weak foundation he's standing on is at least valid. However, he is still a tard and he is still EXTREMELY intellectually dishonest.

  • piccolo917
    piccolo917 8 days ago

    1:29:00 Wait, we expect to find fish lower than birds in a global flood? In previous debates, you always said that fish were fine and didn't die during the flood, so how the hell does that work?

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi 8 days ago

    Not Aron's strongest showing. He fell into the Spaghetti Monster followers trap and never got out of it. Big fan of Aron's though.